Hi it's Albert from Flamingo!\n\nWe play all kinds of games but we really like to play Roblox! Make sure to subscribe to let us know you like it too!\n\nBusiness only email: [email protected] (Run by my manager Scott, not me!)

  • nonno is cool
    nonno is cool

    I like your skin not even joking 😊

  • PointlessEntertainment8

    the *pin n o w*

  • Nikka Joyce Quindo
    Nikka Joyce Quindo

    Lol dont blame albert blame the one who made the game pass lolz

  • Oleksei Charest
    Oleksei Charest

    You are cool flamingo

  • Azra Atmaca
    Azra Atmaca

    You make me evreyday happy i laugh evreyday of your vid and i like your skin in roblox 😂❤️

  • Carol KorchikC
    Carol KorchikC

    It is good but I still dc

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    𝕀 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥

  • Emerito Sanchez
    Emerito Sanchez

    His name is glitch trap

  • Reece Doucette
    Reece Doucette

    It was like among us they were all trying to find the imposter

  • bom _ban03
    bom _ban03

    You don't know how to speak, but rather Arabic

  • Callieplayz

    My cousins left today :(

  • Carol KorchikC
    Carol KorchikC


  • Coledayeet

    Invert Colors

  • Undertale last breath AU'S
    Undertale last breath AU'S

    Nice mrflimflam I hate everyone Mrflimflam can you kill everbody

  • Shane20008

    Brain blast

  • Wise nugget
    Wise nugget

    when your playing a story game and a person leaves so it’s only you or only you or someone and u feel sad that they left for some reason even tho u didn’t talk to them or know them :(

  • nonno is cool
    nonno is cool

    R.I.P headphone users😂😂

  • nonno is cool
    nonno is cool

    R.I.P headphone users😂😂

  • Ying Ly
    Ying Ly

    Albert swearing

  • myatthar mg
    myatthar mg

    Really cool your car

  • Jake Plays Roblox
    Jake Plays Roblox

    Albert's not fat he's pregnant!

  • 10.000 Luchtballonen
    10.000 Luchtballonen

    Haha TPN game go viral brrrr

  • Magdalena Olejniczak
    Magdalena Olejniczak


  • Cameron B
    Cameron B

    0:31 *Are you sure about that?*

  • { l i l l y } { L o r y }
    { l i l l y } { L o r y }

    Lucky- He is friends with all of the Famous robloxtubers Wait- is robloxtubers even a thing-

  • Nigo Cam
    Nigo Cam

    wat game?

  • thekidwholikescheeze

    Albert how is it being in the star program

  • naruto god
    naruto god

    Ikr it's funny

  • Elshaday Hadgu
    Elshaday Hadgu

    wait wait tommy said he will get band from the web site 😯😯

  • bom _ban03
    bom _ban03

    There is someone who understands what he was saying was meant words [Sit] جلس too [her house was burned]احرقت منزلها

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays

    My friend got banned for calling someone who was hacking a gay exploiter.

  • James Hughett
    James Hughett

    Mia: U.U. Me: I can do better then that Ꮚ˘ ꈊ ˘ Ꮚ

  • King Chill
    King Chill

    well he is in the star program now just check

  • Xav Battig
    Xav Battig

    I n v e r t c o l o u r s

  • Lena Opdenacker
    Lena Opdenacker

    Bless you.

  • Carl Adas
    Carl Adas

    Flamingo can u plz play emily a horror game not on roblox

  • Aurelija Mankute
    Aurelija Mankute

    Oh no oofy is only Y without the oof


    make a reaction vid pls

  • Trent Kochanski
    Trent Kochanski

    Albert: kindly gives free water The game creators:let's ban him

  • snowflake

    I remember being a guest

  • colton joke
    colton joke

    ): I hate my life :(

  • Cassius Young
    Cassius Young

    wanna was a good day and I was just going to give you a heads out of my car to see the car I was going home to see the car I had a car and

  • Sayulz


  • Wise nugget
    Wise nugget

    and it’ll scan the - hits- it’ll scan the

  • 冰冰冰淇淋

    Flamingo is da best lol 🌚👌🏻

  • Lily Roe
    Lily Roe

    My friends say u scream more then Albert that is prob right

  • Reece Doucette
    Reece Doucette

    Get him to make a gunship

  • loly cookie tiger owo
    loly cookie tiger owo

    11:04 me call 911 I need holy water this looks very disturbing to me now

  • shadow fake bunnie
    shadow fake bunnie

    Anyone hear the undertale music death by glamour?

  • • Sofia Sapphire •
    • Sofia Sapphire •

    Albert makes it NOT scary

  • Zavier Leverty
    Zavier Leverty

    my name mr cheese

  • Sans Boy
    Sans Boy

    I speak Norman

  • Janice Liptrot
    Janice Liptrot


  • Mustafa Klis
    Mustafa Klis

    U can become alt seller xD

  • Deeznuts Zho
    Deeznuts Zho

    When they copy a real game 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶🥶 they r the same game

  • Dirk GT#2
    Dirk GT#2

    Play doomspire! I want to see your gameplay

  • Ranan abo ahmad
    Ranan abo ahmad

    i have 8m kids in flamingo is basment i think the are all daed :->

  • Madiandbob Gaming
    Madiandbob Gaming

    i have no idea bur when i see a noob thats kinda dumb i like to yell at them and i have no idea why

  • Rights

    0:17 scared me ngl

  • Bacon on EGGS
    Bacon on EGGS

    I like when he said its flee then facilty but its rlly scp :') \ Oogly scp tato will kill u for hurting fire mans feelings

  • Pineapple play's
    Pineapple play's

    Y u don't defeat pink leaf Albert 😑

  • B E A R X S O
    B E A R X S O

    The introductions make me laugh and give me ✨serotonin✨

  • Trent Kochanski
    Trent Kochanski

    Any restaurant I go to I get water without Asking

  • Zabrina Prentice
    Zabrina Prentice

    Emma and Norman: oh crap

  • Evan Albino
    Evan Albino

    Flamingo, why are you a sore looser? (8:44)

    • Evan Albino
      Evan Albino

      I mean 8:43

  • Minecraft Magazine
    Minecraft Magazine

    I give u perm to ruin my game bc soon I make 1 I ordered an computer today its coming in 2 days join the group gio Jackson official fan group it will be an millatary game I'll give you like the highest rank known to man

  • Zabrina Prentice
    Zabrina Prentice

    Conny: I am ded

  • Kliney Hicks
    Kliney Hicks

    watch this animie idk

  • ヨッシーFilipe


  • wHy U nO
    wHy U nO

    Santa is trash *Gets blown up* Flamingo: merry Christmas of what left of u :)

  • XboxTrollz

    Flabby Fabio will turn 100 in 4 days

  • Yusif Ajah
    Yusif Ajah


  • *Tulip’s Tears*
    *Tulip’s Tears*

    The orange is eating sammys teeth Me realizing I’m eating strawberries rn

  • Djordje Dimitrijevic
    Djordje Dimitrijevic

    8:27 it's 1ik just peeing everywere

  • LennyTheFace

    0:07 lol

  • Keyboard Nineteen
    Keyboard Nineteen

    can you do this again??? this time I wanna be in it!

  • channel daus hensem
    channel daus hensem

    Give robux plz

    • channel daus hensem
      channel daus hensem

      It's good

  • Nabella Bellaz
    Nabella Bellaz


  • axis bacolod
    axis bacolod


  • 张万龙