Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

WHATS UP?! Im Jake Paul.
23 y/o pro boxer / musical artist
Instagram: jakepaul
Twitter: jakepaul
Snapchat: jakepaul19
Oh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349
Business: [email protected]

  • Rice Dogg
    Rice Dogg

    If Gucci had this instrumental to himself the song would be go hard

  • Lina Weener
    Lina Weener

    KSI can beat u up in a second mate, and ur a white weak little worm. KSI FOREVER❤️ (wakanda forever )

  • Brayden Edris
    Brayden Edris

    Dude I am really feeling the beard good job jake keep it up love you man

  • Eren K
    Eren K

    When u act like ur drunk just to sound cool and though. Its like throwing some small B-bombs at school to look like a gangster. Real sad

  • Alanna Peoples
    Alanna Peoples

    why is this actually...fire

  • Vg_astxro

    U make me feel sad to be American

  • Vg_astxro

    U look homeless

  • Ayden Norhsham
    Ayden Norhsham

    Deluded af

  • Nequinton

    Idk what the fuck I just watched

  • Yakisho

    U are an actual clown


    bro ksi gon whoop your ass back to calabasas bruh

  • WinPotGamer

    Jake Paul VS Adam Saleh pls

  • Brennan Cohen
    Brennan Cohen

    luv u

  • yusuf Ahmed
    yusuf Ahmed

    Shut up Jake paul

  • Brennan Cohen
    Brennan Cohen


  • Jack Henoff
    Jack Henoff

    Jake PauW

  • -:

    Who the hell is on his left? Is he on a bed with his mom? Plus why’s he talking about KSI making bad music when this the dude that gave us its everyday bro. smh such a disappointment.

  • EdwinGreen F1
    EdwinGreen F1

    This guy is literally dripping in drugs

  • Josh Dowling
    Josh Dowling

    Why is he in bed with his mum

  • BonJoGame1

    what a weird video. wtf.

  • Wacky Backy
    Wacky Backy

    I love you jake ❤️😊

  • luca rooney
    luca rooney

    jake: stop making it about the money ksi. Also Jake: we can get you a decent amount of money but obviously im getting more

  • CTG_ Anaki
    CTG_ Anaki

    notice how jake is high as fuck and cant comprehend that hell get knocked the fuck out first round

  • Christian Cale
    Christian Cale

    A side a side like shut up you goon

    • Anti Satan Pro Life
      Anti Satan Pro Life

      Can't be calling other people goons with that pic

  • Blac Potato
    Blac Potato

    I am here for the memes

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan

    Fakest laugh I heard

  • JUST a G33K
    JUST a G33K

    14:19 Who recognised the sound ?

  • NOTaGaemer yt
    NOTaGaemer yt

    Pride has gotten the better of him and just with some money he's got fkn twinkle toes next to him at this point there's no difference bw him and morgz

  • Hat

    i cant take this seriously

  • Brittanico

    hahaha i love that she added a "Mariah" voice to this troll video

  • Arben Gashi
    Arben Gashi

    Plzzz winn ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • gospodar pticek
    gospodar pticek


  • Jordan22 05
    Jordan22 05


  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore

    "I just became the biggest prize fighter over night"lmfaoooo bruh you beat Nate robinson and won 600 bucks lmao y'all ain't fighters at all

  • Christian Florida
    Christian Florida

    1:25 is it just me or does that guy sound like Mordecai from regular show

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    Lol mr beast has 20 million than him now but still 5 million in 6 months

  • Soft Quick
    Soft Quick

    jake are you drunk

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy

    Also Nate got nocked the fucked out 😂😂😂

  • Drew Wilson
    Drew Wilson

    Why would anyone be scared of that?

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy

    I like how this is better than eny than his songs 😂😂😂 but a it’s still good though

  • Lukman Kaduji
    Lukman Kaduji

    So when’s this boy being locked up behind bars again?

  • killachinzzo


  • WhittyWhat

    Yeah jake be looking so Gangsta with his mommy next to him.

  • Jamie Grimes
    Jamie Grimes

    This man is now calling out a former UFC champion

  • karel clay
    karel clay

    Ssj2 gohan r u serious

  • Abyss

    If he thinks, that this was somewhat cool/scary/KSI´s confidence destroying message... then thats just sad. Poor mother.

  • Kokonut Animations
    Kokonut Animations

    Hes calling KSI stupid but this guy had a party in the middle of a pandemic/quarantine

  • Riley Pillay
    Riley Pillay

    Bruuuuuu wat yo ma doin

  • loly Thepotatogirl
    loly Thepotatogirl

    Dude if I was Jake Paul mom I'll definitely Get the hell out

  • Kidney


  • Beazt Orbz
    Beazt Orbz

    This guy thinks he’s sick but he won a fight against someone who has no experience fighting and he thinks he can beat anyone. But guys watch out his mum is there cuz that’s one of his only friends

  • Rain Boy
    Rain Boy


  • Spooky spike
    Spooky spike

    jakes mom after the vid : lil Jakie who were you talking to?

  • Neonヅ

    Anyone here after the Jake vs Nate fight. 👇

  • sandwich699 sefsdf
    sandwich699 sefsdf

    man what you on, if front of your mom

  • Sandal Begum
    Sandal Begum

    He thinks he's so good after beeting up a retired nba player who's never had a boxing match before lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂 what a joke

  • Japoz


  • hatti

    when you have to call in desiigner to make a hit...

  • Kayde n
    Kayde n

    Jakes gonna be more invisible then his fucking ghostwriter after jj beats his ass

  • Anthony Surber
    Anthony Surber


  • Its Umgozy
    Its Umgozy

    Why am I watching this

  • GodlyTurkey7


  • TheJediSoldier 1995
    TheJediSoldier 1995

    Better than lil xan and blueface

  • Jacspoks 26
    Jacspoks 26

    Well done u managed to knock out somone 5 ft who never boxed before

  • Bluebubblegum 428
    Bluebubblegum 428

    Who else thought when he said my name is Nate he was going to say my name I Jeff

  • shomel

    i think even his mum hates him and wishes she got that abortion

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez

    White people think they all that


    I am the 69th K dislike

  • Brezza Cazares
    Brezza Cazares

    Minnie jake Paul :your a bad vloger Me: 😂😅😂😂😂

  • Mariama Barry
    Mariama Barry

    Hi my name is Boomer I love your videos

  • Syclix loves Target
    Syclix loves Target

    Jake is high asf

  • tamer sayyad
    tamer sayyad


  • tamer sayyad
    tamer sayyad

    Ayyyy 🤣🎯💪🏽

  • Project Edits
    Project Edits

    *The dislikes being 10x the likes* Me: Perfection

  • Bag Of Bubbles
    Bag Of Bubbles

    If this was a message to just K5I, why did he post the video to everyone. Why didn't he just dm him?

  • Underground Asylum K.M.K-ULTRA
    Underground Asylum K.M.K-ULTRA

    How about jake Paul vs Enzo