Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

WHATS UP?! I'm Jake Paul.
24 y/o pro boxer / musical artist

Instagram: jakepaul
Twitter: jakepaul
Snapchat: jakepaul19

Oh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349

Business: [email protected]

  • Benjamin Macdougall
    Benjamin Macdougall

    Why also drugs why

  • Rijad fetahovic
    Rijad fetahovic

    Dis sh*t is fu*ken stupid 😤


    hi there!

  • Bloodmoon194 Official YT
    Bloodmoon194 Official YT

    I laughed so hard on this part 11:02

  • Rijad fetahovic
    Rijad fetahovic

    Avie day dis fock is maken a video

  • Jasmyne Farmer
    Jasmyne Farmer

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  • James Maddock
    James Maddock

    You have 900k in 1 day, KSI has 4.8 million in one day. You are EEEEEEE

  • Natalie Junová
    Natalie Junová


  • Janece Janae Williams
    Janece Janae Williams


  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    Yay Mini Jake Paul is Back

  • Wippo's Son Roblox
    Wippo's Son Roblox

    why did u fucking splt tydus and their family up

  • MIX_ pIzZa
    MIX_ pIzZa

    hello im in the futures

  • Quiort - كيورت
    Quiort - كيورت

    who else think that short videos would be better for making GOOD content...

  • Game Advise
    Game Advise

    മലയാളികൾ ഇവിടെ വരു ❤️

  • Squeckity

    you are more cringe than morgz mum :)

  • Maca Harkness
    Maca Harkness

    Jake I would never watch this vid at night because I have nightmares

  • musabzgames10

    17:05 thank me later

  • temjensosang imsong
    temjensosang imsong

    Make us download the video then I may sub...

  • J Slapit
    J Slapit

    Deadest “pro fight”😂😂😂

  • Ruby Flemming
    Ruby Flemming

    He probably did this to get money from mr beast 🙄🙄

  • lazarbaba

    My god that song in the background is annoying asf

  • MadsChronoツ


  • Faze Sharky
    Faze Sharky

    Wow get better

  • munkhu tamira
    munkhu tamira

    who's the fooking that guy

  • Mu00dylan Mu00
    Mu00dylan Mu00

    Chanel dead it’s more dead than fall guys

  • Oliver Kelly
    Oliver Kelly

    I used to like you man. But you have changed

  • Jonathan Hostetler
    Jonathan Hostetler

    I bet Jake wishes he could say the n-word

  • Badass Nick
    Badass Nick

    0:40 what ??? Snoop Dogg ?

  • Jonathan Hostetler
    Jonathan Hostetler

    Love Jake paul!!!

  • Everything Basket Ball
    Everything Basket Ball

    if ur hear in 2021 then u have bad taste for music

  • Kalais B
    Kalais B

    and then i had to gave them tickets

  • Kalais B
    Kalais B

    my brother went to jail and i said jake paul is my brother and they let him go so fast and said jake paul is are fav boxer

  • Alexis Zapai
    Alexis Zapai

    Are you good bro why go and clap same ass 😂

  • Jerry jr Sy
    Jerry jr Sy


  • Johnny Monday
    Johnny Monday


  • Parrell Apex
    Parrell Apex

    Welcome to Florida.

  • Lizzy Ahmad
    Lizzy Ahmad

    More dislikes than likes LMFAOSOAOAOA

  • Eric Peña
    Eric Peña

    You really sent those two *FANS* to CANELOS fight for attention common dude

  • Zacob Playz
    Zacob Playz

    This didn’t even happen what the hell

  • Mia Burford
    Mia Burford

    I'm sorry for you being hurt these sad

  • ShRiNgLeTiNgLe

    you really are a horrible person you are the reason humanity has no hope

  • Thebig brain
    Thebig brain

    I was hoping to hear a South Park sample!!!!🙄😴

  • Sceptix ا
    Sceptix ا

    17:05 Your welcome.

  • Jerome Graham, Jr.
    Jerome Graham, Jr.

    Well... Them 2 get along swell! Lmao they have more of a bond with each other more then I do with my brother lmao... All them damn hugs and kisses lmao!

  • Sceptix ا
    Sceptix ا

    Imagine having that many dislikes lmao.

  • Cardi b Is trash
    Cardi b Is trash

    Why just why

  • norberto paulo bento
    norberto paulo bento

    King of SLtoos

  • Kirsten Ness
    Kirsten Ness

    Close friends I am join the club

  • damachi damachi
    damachi damachi

    Please Jake Paul comment on my comment PLS

  • Yuvanraaj Naidu Pradishwaran
    Yuvanraaj Naidu Pradishwaran

    Let go jake paul

  • Cardi b Is trash
    Cardi b Is trash

    No one loves you jake Paul

  • Los Pollos Hermanos
    Los Pollos Hermanos

    17:05 thank me later

  • DMS

    How much did he pay her


    Erika is hot


    Erika iš hot

  • Travis Liu
    Travis Liu

    "Mum, can we pls have the Pewdiepie and Marzia wedding?" "We already have the Pewdiepie and Marzia wedding at home." Pewdiepie and Marzia wedding at home:

  • pricetag

    Even the Paul brothers fans are leaning towards KSI on the music side

  • LUKY


  • kedus chuchu
    kedus chuchu

    this is lit

  • Callie Converse
    Callie Converse

    But bro jake knocked out Nate Robinson

  • Retarded Asian
    Retarded Asian

    17:05 Thank me later buddy

  • kim TV
    kim TV


  • IljaK04

    Did he just say why KSI won’t fight in a pandemic?! Jake needs to stop taking them drugs! Any way would jake fight KSI, he will embarrass hisself again and lose! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Der Popper
    Der Popper

    short conclusion: two weak boxers - robinson even weaker - 80% hugs and cuddles in the ring

  • kim TV
    kim TV


  • ImNotHus

    20 mill subs 20 mill idiots

  • 41d3n_

    Jakes getting a hair transplant

  • ImNotHus

    20 million subs 20 million idiots

  • kim TV
    kim TV


  • Avery Lowe
    Avery Lowe

    He should get a go T

  • Fullysik 6
    Fullysik 6

    So shut

  • Der Popper
    Der Popper

    ggod boy