we´re cancelling the wedding...
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we´re cancelling the wedding...
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  • LeeStunts

    It sounds like a dude

  • Michelle Callioux
    Michelle Callioux

    Hey jake pul I rait you to come to my school because my friend said you are trash

  • Absolute monkey
    Absolute monkey

    Lmao no

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    sharon Hengstebeck

    Sharon Hengstebeck love and jake paul boyfriend girlfriend ex boyfriend girlfriend yes bo no wedding prop dance music

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    joseph daniel



    Sharon jake paul boyfriend galfriend 16 17 18 19 20 21 wedding later

  • Just Random
    Just Random

    Click bait master they're so thirsty for money, the wedding all that just to get dough

  • qnnikq

    So what happend to all the money? Did you just take it for yourself?

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Good luck to u both

  • Big Mack
    Big Mack

    Why are there so many 8 year olds liking this video do they realise it Jake Paul your watching right

  • The amazing spooder-man J
    The amazing spooder-man J

    They don’t enough for any wedding

  • Team Ab5tract
    Team Ab5tract

    We are cancelling the wedding, SLtoos: *This Is A Fundraiser*

  • Honey Garlic
    Honey Garlic

    The Asian guy who paid for the wedding 👰🎩💒 didn’t even get clout from this AHAHAHA

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    LilYoungG7_ FN

    Where’s the omg counter at 10:09 all the way to 10:31

  • grdn rs
    grdn rs

    lmfaoo Jake: "yes queen go awf" still funny quirky adorable Jake

  • It’s Wasna
    It’s Wasna

    This is how many times Tana said oh am god

  • Nis 3r
    Nis 3r

    Do you have an extra three seats on your jet? Sit in the back of our van and shut up :s

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    iVus GT

    What name of the shades that jakes wear (i just like it haha)

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    Toby Muchmore

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    Mlg the prankster


  • Gwenesia McQuay
    Gwenesia McQuay

    It really is the fakest relationship ever

    • Gwenesia McQuay
      Gwenesia McQuay

      Like why

  • Gwenesia McQuay
    Gwenesia McQuay

    Why cacel

  • Ava Sanz
    Ava Sanz

    3 seats in the plane lol I feel u blue

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    Holly Terpos

    Click bait

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    Dezz Biddle

    Way did you broke up with your ex

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    Chloe and Clara Lulu and Layla

    Are you actually buying that house and living there because if UR I want to go to Vegas

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    Shiro Kurokawa

    Why u cancelled a wedding

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    Don’t put lies in the title

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    Michelle Lopez

    Me my cuz we’re spilling tea

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    Roblox Sweat

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    Constatino Frog

    Yo everyone on SLtoos is so old now and they be getting married this is depressing lol

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    - Emily

    None would kiss his face .-. It’s dirty

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    Ronik Imeri

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    Betim Halluli

    The title is clickbait

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    Michael Carter`

    This guy is so fucking corrupt with money and lies it’s crazy.

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    Cal War

    She looks so fat lol

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    Diane Brown

    You found a girl real quick you should go look for error code it’s so sad that you broke up😭😭😭

    • Diane Brown
      Diane Brown

      It sounds like so sad I wish I will get back together but other days it was fun but no break up that’s so sad😊😭

  • Angelkiss 5
    Angelkiss 5

    If you guys ever break up I will cry my eyeballs out so you guys better stay together forever and ever I’m watching you Jake😂😂

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    That shit fainted hell

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    Daryl Knowles

    I dont like ur channell PEWDIEPIE Is much more better than ur as* 🖕🏻

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    The Savage Aubry

    At 3:49 you can see the guy that let them on his plane to go to Vegas. Wow Jake congrats you played yourself

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    Ashley Lanier

    There isn't a wedding to cancel. You just had a public unofficial nuptual as u did with your ex lol. You two need help

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    D5o5m 1


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    Derek Mythical

    Where’s Erika

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    Olugbenga Babatunde

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  • Olugbenga Babatunde
    Olugbenga Babatunde

    I'm surprised this guy has 19 million

  • Olugbenga Babatunde
    Olugbenga Babatunde

    I like jerika better

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    nowsh azad

    Stop hating on Jana if u don't believe them keep it to yourself nobody cares


    1 like 1 saviour for clickbait

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    Clutch Builds

    Gold digger

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    bedroom bleach


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    Malia Henry

    I don't like you no more

  • chillaq-

    jesus u are stupid u needed to pay 50 dollars for the wedding but it was a prank how stupid do u need to be for that kind of "prank"

  • JohnnyTV

    Pewdiepie is realli good you are in reall live gayyyy

  • Nathan Delaney
    Nathan Delaney

    Wow. Jake Paul found someone who matches his level of unintelligent. Good for him.

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    kurdney brooklyn

    just like Ericka Costel you both will get a divorce .I'll give this relationship 5 years tops

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    Eli Alan

    How did brendon end up at the car "before" they got on the jet tho hahsbdhahah

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    Roblox Lover

    I also have a small channel

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    Blaze Phoenix

    I stopped watching you bc ya didn't reply to my comments so plz reply cuz im back

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  • chou gaming
    chou gaming

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    Madabilata Singha

    I love how the title says "we're cancelling the wedding" but in the description box the first thing is the link to watch their wedding live. Ah the irony.

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    So2007lo Ok

    Jake Paul did you make the dab

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    Brooke Vorherr

    hi jake my sis was a fan and i am one now for 3 years i have been but i am trying to mesege u plz pick up

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    Dina Erreda


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    Shamefur Dispray

    Imagine wanting to marry someone who was supposedly shagged with a toothbrush

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    *JAKE -- please make a video about the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls.*

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    If your racist like this comment u rlly pressed read more

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