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Today I share some things I don't normally talk about. Thanks for watching and joining my family. We love you

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  • Atomik Nuke
    Atomik Nuke

    I collect anything antique but mostly old bottles and coins

  • Henry Kilgallon
    Henry Kilgallon

    has anyone remembered the givaway

  • bigfish On fire
    bigfish On fire

    Where’s the GT-R’S

  • Ashley Sillas
    Ashley Sillas

    i like making video edits

  • Tristan Arnold
    Tristan Arnold

    Dude what you mean I love coin collecting

  • Ean Rhoades
    Ean Rhoades

    I collect sports cards

  • Julian pilkerton
    Julian pilkerton

    forgot how entertaining these vlogs are

  • GotSnacks


  • Pokémon Catcher
    Pokémon Catcher

    You know I love doing I love watching you guys I think you guys are really good SLtoosr and keep it up I believe in you guys🙂 and stay safe😷 love you guy

  • Dan Manton
    Dan Manton

    I love to play rugby 🇬🇧

  • Baljooter

    Riding and filming bike content ‼️💯

  • angus charles
    angus charles

    I collect shell

  • Chloe James
    Chloe James

    My hobby is to ride scooter, bikes and motor vehicles

  • Kaden Boatright
    Kaden Boatright

    Collecting hot wheels and working on shitboxs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • catcher burditt
    catcher burditt

    Dirt biking is my hobby


    Watching you guys and collecting coins

  • Angie McQuaid
    Angie McQuaid

    Karin brush you’re teeth

  • Izaiah Courtright
    Izaiah Courtright

    My hobby is buying stuff 😂

  • C LW
    C LW

    i collect silver and gold bullion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your best video yet woww had no idea! thank you MAMA ATWOOD WE MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU

  • Ragg mufin
    Ragg mufin

    Wait, Roman is a Stacker??!!

  • Yo boi Noah
    Yo boi Noah

    You should do freeze dried skittles

  • Mitch MTVew
    Mitch MTVew

    Fishing is my hobby I love fishing smile more

  • Tom Clarkson
    Tom Clarkson

    That freeze dryer machine looks sweet. Want to see what else you put into it. I'll bet you could do some awesome back packing meals.

  • Keelan Bennett
    Keelan Bennett

    Life is my forever hobby


    I have one from 1912

  • Austin McCormick
    Austin McCormick


  • Marius M
    Marius M

    Thank you so much! Silver is most used commodity after oil.

  • Zachary Parker
    Zachary Parker

    My favorite hobbie is riding roller coasters!!

  • Ndog 47
    Ndog 47

    When I grow up I wanna be a golfer

  • melissa childers
    melissa childers

    I love painting, anything to do with crafts really

  • hunter case
    hunter case

    Making model cars and trucks and I like fishing

  • Sam Stone
    Sam Stone

    I love making stop motions ! Just for fun tho!

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden

    Right when I had no more motivation, you guys came back and I once again gained the will to get my life back together

  • A _Texan
    A _Texan

    Every year I buy my kids a silver dollar on thier bday. It's good to see you getting your kids into it.

  • A _Texan
    A _Texan

    The time for collecting silver has passed. The best time for buying silver was in the 60's - 80s.

  • A _Texan
    A _Texan

    The 1921 morgan is the most common coin in that era.

  • 4legends

    playing football with my friends and and spending time with my family make me happy

  • Randi Krohmaly
    Randi Krohmaly

    Something that makes me happy is rescuing cats or helping an animal in need.

  • Chris Hathaway jr
    Chris Hathaway jr

    i love cooking with my mom

  • jadennn


  • Aaron Frasher
    Aaron Frasher

    I like golf

  • Ace Ranson
    Ace Ranson

    LOL I just came back from two years ago I don't even remember you other sons name and where is he?

  • silas Kelley
    silas Kelley

    my hobby is watching your videos as sa anty suicide ad your videos saved my life

  • Abraham Guzman
    Abraham Guzman

    Ive always enjoyed collecting pokemon cards but being but a child, it can get quite expensive. probably gonna start collecting japanese cards instead.

  • Wian Van Rensburg
    Wian Van Rensburg


  • Ying Yue
    Ying Yue

    Where was Noah in this video?

  • TheLifeofWill


  • Hannah Simpson
    Hannah Simpson

    Cooking and baking are my hobbies

  • Joseph The Ring
    Joseph The Ring

    I love cow tales


    I want one of those freeze drying machines

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith

    I just had a idea start a Atwood bank for all your fans 😂

  • cynjim88

    LOL... I collect “littles” anything littler than it’s original size

  • cynjim88

    My husband collects coins and silver

  • sam clevenger
    sam clevenger


  • Peet Janse van Rensburg
    Peet Janse van Rensburg


  • Silas Burrow
    Silas Burrow

    Running my dirt bike and watching the hat wid family

  • Andy Ward
    Andy Ward

    Can you please tell us where flash is or if he is ok as you haven't mentioned him since you moved house and came back to you tube

  • Claire Marie vlogs
    Claire Marie vlogs

    Things make me happier is talking my boyfriend and my hobbies is colouring in books and gaming

  • Sky AUTHER
    Sky AUTHER

    Dirt bikes and bmx

  • Riley Tierney
    Riley Tierney

    My hobbies cricket and afl (I’m from Australia and wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of these sports)

  • Anthony reieo
    Anthony reieo

    This smart guy been out here investing

  • mmanda515

    Hobbies these days? Son & I, merely tryin' to survive each one after finally becoming free of a 26 yr toxic marriage. Then, bam.. pandemic. An unexplainable whirlwind since. As for investments, someday those options will return, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family & life.. truly brings light when it's needed. ~ Stay safe & be well! :)

  • Stoehn Hayes
    Stoehn Hayes

    Where’s flash

  • fe11y

    I've been watching for 8 years and Brian making a convertible dose not surprise me lol

  • jordan boatright
    jordan boatright

    My hobbies are playing baseball and fishing

  • Parker Bull
    Parker Bull

    I collect shot glasses

  • Newage

    !GIVE ME THE CAMERA GIVE THE CAMERA😡😤 that went 0 to 100 real quick

  • Dawn Smith
    Dawn Smith

    Love the coins, so fun❣️

  • David Pereira
    David Pereira

    i invest in sneakers! @corpssneakers on instagram

  • Jack Faulk
    Jack Faulk

    I have very few hobbies, but the one to make me happiest is writing. I write in my free time and have been for years now. I love you guys, glad you're back at it!

  • Kyle Wenk
    Kyle Wenk

    8:04 NOO DONT PIT IT BACK!! I love it

  • EdTheWolf

    I love to build Gundam Model Kits!!! It's a great hobby, I suggest people take a look at it on youtube and get into it, it's a lot of fo fun!!!

  • JD Dunham
    JD Dunham

    You mentioned my favorite hobby, Pokemon!!

  • Tiger_Katten

    One of my weirder hobbies is collecting Lego minifigures :D

  • rimraf

    Very smart to invest in gold and silver. They have essentially been the backbone of currency & commerce since the beginning of civilization, and they are certainly not going to be losing value in this lifetime.

  • Austyn Kephart
    Austyn Kephart

    Baseball makes me happy

  • ayechill bro
    ayechill bro

    how are the 1964 quarters worth $5 ? its not like its legal to melt them down for the silver?

  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith

    Watching you when you post

  • Logan AMMERMAN
    Logan AMMERMAN

    I love woodworking

  • Iphone XS
    Iphone XS


  • FYP Logan
    FYP Logan

    Playing with my friends

  • m4ns art
    m4ns art


  • Rachel Goucher
    Rachel Goucher

    Love the new house

  • lou uk
    lou uk

    personalised tshirts/jumpers/hoodie for adults and kids is what i like to do x

  • Denis Cotzajay
    Denis Cotzajay

    cars ;)

  • visionpotato519

    IDK what my hobby is

  • Tyler Robertson
    Tyler Robertson

    I love collecting coins

  • disrespect

    Does the the kid brush his teeth

  • Daily dose Of LEGO
    Daily dose Of LEGO


  • Tyler Mcdonald
    Tyler Mcdonald

    My hobby is motorcross

  • LyfeKill -Yt
    LyfeKill -Yt

    Miss your old house

  • Brandon Yo
    Brandon Yo

    Took 6 years to double your investment not much of a return let’s be real

  • Bode Gaffney
    Bode Gaffney

    Your mom would be very proud of you Roman of how far you’ve gotten in life

  • Trenton Stout
    Trenton Stout

    my hoby if motersports

  • pinay caregiver USA
    pinay caregiver USA

    Hi new friend here from California stay connected ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex Spencer
    Alex Spencer

    Can we just make Romans “I love coins” into a meme? 3:55

  • Mr NutellaBomb
    Mr NutellaBomb

    I collect wine bottles i have about 4000 of them now

  • Ciara Zitzner
    Ciara Zitzner

    what happened to Noah lol hes never on the vlogs anymore:(

  • Yoshie


  • Carl Grimes
    Carl Grimes

    I love skiing

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