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      Bring it to the uk and i will!

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      i would if there was a place near me in north Carolina

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      @Steve hi bot

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    Maryam Yasar

    Jimmy AKA MR. BEASTS my name is Abdullah Khan I live in Pakistan if you don't now about Pakistan has a Rs 10 to a 5000 our in pakistan we have a we have Eid-ul-azha, Eid-ul fitr and Eid-miladol nabe

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    I wish I was born with you😭

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    lamborgghini dream car minecarft

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    When you have a mansion and the same Lamborghini AHAHAHAH😭

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  • Jhanson Ramoss
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    Kit Kat boi

    I’m the Kit Kat can you make a Kit Kat car plz I think it would be cool

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    Shavonta Martin

    Mr beast I demand to get a chance to meet you

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    Avi Snow

    Where's the bruh meme car?

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    VIETNAM Iloveyou mrbeast

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    Knighten 2

    5:09 Depending on how much they cost I’ll take four

    • Knighten 2
      Knighten 2

      I’ll take Karl Chandler Chris and I’ll take dream

    • Knighten 2
      Knighten 2

      PS I’ll Karl Chandler Chris and I’ll take dream

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    Matthew Honey

    Ill do anything for a 22b sti wrx Make me Mrbeast famous haha

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    Killer frog gaming

    Lol my house is 3m so lambo go vroom vroom Um it’s a joke bro

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    dogafett 88

    How did no one realize the first car is a delorian

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    Paul Ellis

    cause according to my friends, imma derp

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    Paul Ellis

    I subbed, am i a real gamer now ?

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    SKARSHALL lover Marshall lover

    One of mr beast burger is in minnesota yay but i hope it is in Minneapolis😥

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    Ebrahim Momin

    u should make the beast burger out of lab grown meat dat would be cool

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    How do I get notified first? I want to be very very very first to all of your videos. Every single one! How the heck can I do that?!?

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    Youtube Gamer

    6:15 . Mr beast made a Ben 10 reference of Alien X.

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    Ravi raj

    Iam. Your big fan

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    Random thing I noticed: When he said "5" at 5:18 he was five seconds away from being five minutes away from the end of the video.

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  • Military Update
    Military Update

    Don't give up! Sorry for coming late my friend

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      Fisher who can game


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    Yeah it does cost more than my house because we're renting

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    BH Junix

    0:00 bill gates be like are you sure about that

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    Cody Meckes

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    Quinton Leander

    This isn't Mr. Beast. Jimmy, Karl and Chris only let bad references win

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    Nouh Mohammed

    omg mrbeast he comment somthing

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    Nouh Mohammed

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    bye bye karl u are wired

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    It most definitely cost more than my house, considering that I’m living out of my minivan 😂😂

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    This isn't a rodeo this is building cars

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    Jørgen Nielsen

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    Craig Marshall

    The sad thing is that there was none bru meme cra

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    Pranjal FF

    y he spent money

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    I bin sub but I didn’t know he had a gaming channel great vid

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    RadLester [GD]

    OMG! I had this toy car when I was like 7 years old! 0:38

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    You litery coment to gouls why would you coment to gouls 😝😱😰😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😱👊🏻😱😰😰😰

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    Linda Betts

    Jimmy’s a genius, Gallardo’s are cheaper than most regular cars now, but Lambo’s get views. (This is my Mom’s account I ain’t called Linda btw)

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    Clover man

    Mrbeast can you add a beast burger restaurant in iceland pls

  • Nulan & Selini Vlogs
    Nulan & Selini Vlogs

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    mixalis nikolas

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