Temptation Island is still mental
I catch up on Temptation island season 2.
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  • Gavin S.
    Gavin S.

    Casey is just awful

  • kristianna Robinson
    kristianna Robinson

    NOT CUCKTRON 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rae Sijuwade
    Rae Sijuwade

    The amount of cognitive dissonance David displayed during the show was crazzyyy

  • Give Me Your Thots
    Give Me Your Thots

    Check out Casey's instagram page. Dude went on a steroid binge after losong Ashley 😂😂😂 Whatever helps you cope i guess.

  • D. S.
    D. S.

    This guy is hilarious. I laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Anita Qian
    Anita Qian

    Please do season 3

  • L.C B
    L.C B

    not bitch taker lmaoooo

  • Nikta Fay
    Nikta Fay

    Love the commentary Noel!

  • Kayla Donovan
    Kayla Donovan

    “you could keep driving on it but i wouldn’t😬” lmfaoooo

  • cinnamonroll

    just 7 minutes in but oh man why didn't ashley get the first kill, it would have been so satisfying to watch with her having the time of her life after her condescending asshole of a boyfriend basically talked her down with how hard it's going to be for her. like this dude is exactly the type of guy that likes to have a girl next to him that he can control, that has no confidence etc. and that he can therefore manipulate more easily and when the girl ends up standing up for herself and break up he spirals bc his ego is hurt and his self worth is going downhill bc it's defined by how he is soo needed by a girl while he doesn't need her, gosh i really hope this ashley girl gets some type of revenge; also the dude that said this captain shit, is not even remotely attractive like wtf how but yeah ashley just wanted to revenge the cheating so i don't care for her cheating

  • Patrick Compton
    Patrick Compton

    I’ve watched this video at least 5 times, pure comedy through the whole thing

  • Kat Arias
    Kat Arias

    LMFAOOOO nah I’m fucking dead 🤣

  • phanfinger

    As a person on the asexual spectrum, I truly do not understand how people can act like this??

  • Clayton Flowers
    Clayton Flowers

    Grinding their butts all over him.

  • daniela cabareda
    daniela cabareda

    He should watch the spanish version of this show. On the first season one dude ran towards the ocean while screaming his gf's name bc he wanted to swim to the other island to stop her from cheating on him so much. They are still together now tho

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    This was brilliant. Hahahaha

  • Luis Cordova
    Luis Cordova

    How could you not mention the threesome ?? lmao. Part 2 ??

  • Tessa Garcia
    Tessa Garcia


  • Zenen Himes
    Zenen Himes

    You can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in half

  • chacha rane
    chacha rane

    Pleaaassse do season 3 🙏🏾😭😭

  • Stephanie Bridges
    Stephanie Bridges

    Can you do a video of season 3

  • Dinky Dino
    Dinky Dino

    I swear to god, Noel had me creasin in this. Fuckin hilarious

  • Allison Reed
    Allison Reed

    Tearful twerking

  • Joachim Pearson
    Joachim Pearson

    Thank you for watching so I dont have to

  • Adrianne Currie
    Adrianne Currie

    U should react to the latest season of temptation island S3?!!

  • sonializbeth

    Dog fresh out the bath twerk. IM FUCKING DEAAAAAAAAD

  • Joe Collns
    Joe Collns

    This sounds like a professor and I love it

  • SendTheAsteroid

    This is gold! Thanks for watching this so I don't have to lol

  • FactsOnly

    It’s funny cause I watched the show and all his jokes are on point lmao 😂

  • Agent Migs
    Agent Migs

    "Im here to take your bitch" hahaaa

  • Organic Juice
    Organic Juice

    My first time watching your videos. Your voice is very soothing and the jokes are landing good work bro!

  • Mike_Hawk

    This was HILARIOUS. My guy make a series!!

  • dancincoolkid

    "you don't own anyone. everyone is human at the end of the day, and they have value, and they'll find it. you can't treat people like that" we stan.

  • FrAnka DanKa
    FrAnka DanKa

    dude hahaha you are great!!!!!!!

  • Fukutaicho

    wt season is this?

  • Piggyskull Ham
    Piggyskull Ham

    These people are all horrible and I think it’s hilarious

  • Speax

    Never watched this show in my life but you sold it to me!!!😂

  • Elena Roberts
    Elena Roberts

    casey looks like a ginger brendan urie

  • kurt cocaine
    kurt cocaine

    10:55 the sound that he made tho

  • itszsonasty j
    itszsonasty j

    DO SEASON 3! YOULL LOVE IT! I started watching this because of you, Noel. Fuck you. I love it.

  • Tony Kaye
    Tony Kaye

    Your hilarious man! I Love your videos! This shit had me rollin 😂

  • Declan

    thank you so much for introducing me to this

  • mohammad siddiqui
    mohammad siddiqui

    i feel like noel finds a new sound fx every episode and only uses that one sound fx for the rest of it

  • naomirhoja

    When Casey’s crying and banging on the bathroom shower, I lost it 😂

  • Hayden Cox
    Hayden Cox

    You gotta watch love island (US, UK, and AUS)

  • Petey C
    Petey C

    I never understand how these people don’t end up as a “looking for a third” couple...

  • Carter Marrero
    Carter Marrero

    what's the show he's talking about in the end.

  • Adri Anomaly
    Adri Anomaly

    “Reality” tv is buck wild

  • Life of Luis
    Life of Luis

    Esonica though....

  • gabe gonzales
    gabe gonzales

    noel iron your pants!!!

  • Archer Candy
    Archer Candy

    I keep waiting for a plot twist like "Actually we're poly and we came here to find our perfect match" lmfao

  • jesse s
    jesse s

    David is a "robot" I am convinced lol "I have just cried for the first time"

  • Paul Shea
    Paul Shea

    I couldn’t stop laughing with the Palpatine scenes. Oh man, well done.

  • Clhoty Muteb
    Clhoty Muteb

    You definitely have to watch the Dutch version, it’s worse than US. 😂

  • dryl cmpl
    dryl cmpl

    the perfect tim and eric edit

  • jo

    BRO WHAT😭😭😭😭😭

  • heida gyðudóttir
    heida gyðudóttir

    Casey seemed super abusive to me, not physically but emotionally

  • Brad Willard
    Brad Willard

    idk what it is but something about his voice is so soothing

  • Hunter Hamilton
    Hunter Hamilton

    What shirt do you have fam?

  • João Marcelo
    João Marcelo

    its crazy how I did the dude face before you described it lol

  • West Fall
    West Fall

    100 yard line?

  • burper2000000

    Rick Ashley

  • Props Inc.
    Props Inc.

    can you do a spoiler full review version and tell us everything.

    • Alex Kateryna
      Alex Kateryna

      I would watch the shit out of this

  • Keenan Robinson
    Keenan Robinson

    This show is fucked.

  • Syvan Syribouth
    Syvan Syribouth

    this is the best video ive ever seen lmaoo

  • Alex Fraccaro
    Alex Fraccaro

    please do season 3

  • Robbie Csuti-Royea
    Robbie Csuti-Royea

    Just subbed to this page man you are so funny

  • Autumn Dawkins
    Autumn Dawkins


  • Tejas Chandrasekar
    Tejas Chandrasekar

    They call him KB cos the ladies say he has that killa bite ;) ;) (i'll show myself out ffs)

  • Conor Meehan
    Conor Meehan

    Noah’s editing has gotten so complementary to Noel’s humor

  • Jordan Rich
    Jordan Rich

    Yo, KB with the Captain Phillips reference is actually hilarious. He has great self awareness.

  • pria glenn
    pria glenn

    I really don't know if David has ever had one (1) emotion. Like. EVER in his life

  • Mr_ Tinez
    Mr_ Tinez

    Noel hosts next season of temptation island

  • Harry Wilson
    Harry Wilson

    I reckon this is the funniest Noel Miller video of all time

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    the best intro that has ever graced my eyes, please recreate this energy bro

  • Maria Sato
    Maria Sato

    ‘dog fresh out the bath’ twerk 💀 dead

  • SlicRicFlair WOOO
    SlicRicFlair WOOO

    This new season currently running on TV is sooooo boring compared to all the other ones

  • jillian

    Not the Star Wars reference 💀💀

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    I watched this series a year or two ago and this is the best summary I've seen anyone do!!

  • Sleipnirseight

    Yo Casey seems toxiccccc

  • Evan Lauer
    Evan Lauer


  • Marcos Bensadon
    Marcos Bensadon

    Are there any Spanish viewers? Noel would frick up with the Spanish edition of this shit

  • Esky On the fly
    Esky On the fly

    Hilariously 😂😂

  • Ashley Prentice
    Ashley Prentice

    what was that intro--

  • Caleb Gosselin
    Caleb Gosselin

    i actually feel bad for that guy

  • kayliz90

    Casey is a straight up sociopath. There were no tears in his video to her, he wasn't upset with anything she did until it was clear she'd let him go, and almost literally said manipulating her into loving him again would be like keeping a rat from chewing its way out of a box

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    The editing and storytelling works do well together this had me dying 🤣

  • Isabel Flohr
    Isabel Flohr

    Asking people to like the video before you even do anything is fucking gauche

    • Alex Kateryna
      Alex Kateryna


  • Cam Cuel
    Cam Cuel

    Please deliver every storyline from this season just like this I was dying. You watched it so we don't have to

  • Dalton Edwards
    Dalton Edwards

    Yo cucktron straight said this is mine. Then turned and said nah girl I got what I needed go back to your man. Lmao nooooooooo

  • fiona pontin
    fiona pontin


  • fiona pontin
    fiona pontin

    i would watch live stream watch parties of crying women tv with noel commentary. i think this is an excellent idea.

  • RachRev

    I got this show confused with too hot to handle and I was confused beyond my wits for the first couple of minutes

  • Emma Federer
    Emma Federer

    I want another video doing the other relationships!!!

  • Emma Federer
    Emma Federer

    Not the Star Wars reference

  • Emma Federer
    Emma Federer

    I want another whole video on this specific season oh my god

  • Emma Federer
    Emma Federer

    My fave video you’ve made yet :)

  • Jo p
    Jo p


  • Tia McCurds
    Tia McCurds

    A couple that is open or likes mutually being cucked would win.

  • gamer man
    gamer man

    Oh it's gonna be it alright