The BIG FIGHT At Monster HIGH SCHOOL In Minecraft!
Oh no! A fight in Monster High School! Will a zombie girl be able to face a whole big Ender Dragon!? 💀🧟‍♀️
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  • Chloe Coomans
    Chloe Coomans


  • Dianna Little
    Dianna Little

    Aroon and you look so cute together🐺💜❤️

  • Vanessa Afton
    Vanessa Afton

    Ein: anything you can do i can do better i can do better than you Aphmau: no you can't Ein:yes i can

  • Vanessa Afton
    Vanessa Afton

    Me: OI piss of aphmau ein aphmau is Aarons not your only Aarons got it bud Ein: No

  • Pete Venth
    Pete Venth

    Me realizing how much I love non and pierce

  • Maria Stef R.
    Maria Stef R.

    Ein bad gg

  • Melanie Moskopp
    Melanie Moskopp


  • EdgeRank



    People that dislike are jeluse of Aphmau

  • J Val
    J Val

    6:43 Did Ein Just call her Cute?!

  • jolly red giant
    jolly red giant

    ;3 aaron is a wolf and aphmau be a wolf pls

  • Latisha Nguri
    Latisha Nguri


  • Zubair Khalilullah
    Zubair Khalilullah


  • Amira Hadas
    Amira Hadas


  • Quadriyah Walker
    Quadriyah Walker

    He said date that's what he said


    Not evil Ein that's fight Aaron

  • PINK

    Ooo the tea is hot in this video

  • Rhonda Dickerson
    Rhonda Dickerson

    Ein: cooties! Me : jumps into game and says ein is a GIANT bully of pooooooooooop

  • Savannah Duke
    Savannah Duke

    Rip soup 2021-2021

  • Jazmin Favela
    Jazmin Favela

    I like channel

  • Crystal Cooper
    Crystal Cooper

    Ein: i heard you talking smack about my soup Aaron: yeah well your soup was dumb Me: BURN EIN GET OUTTA HERE

  • Albert Quita
    Albert Quita

    how how how how how

  • Captian KellyJelly
    Captian KellyJelly

    10:54 i am dead.. i am alive but I am dead

  • Ali Waheedh
    Ali Waheedh


  • Jessica Fuglsang
    Jessica Fuglsang

    Can you plese make more vid with aron

  • Irish Gomez XD
    Irish Gomez XD


  • play with Aya
    play with Aya

    Ein how do you know?

  • Odelon ll Mangayao De leon
    Odelon ll Mangayao De leon


  • Gisel Castellano
    Gisel Castellano

    In all the video all are sawing you 0>0

  • i like it abareta
    i like it abareta

    Wait a min ender's don't like water and ein is a ender dragon

  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson

    One question what type of monster is noi supposed to be?

  • Paula Kiersey
    Paula Kiersey

    Aphmau add me as a friend Aidan6445

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl


  • Yareli Morales
    Yareli Morales

    I like how Aron said "its werewolf to you"

  • Marlon Luzuriaga
    Marlon Luzuriaga

    Keep respect for our ships Aphmau x Aaron Zane x Kawaii Chan lastly Travis x Katlyn

  • Marlon Luzuriaga
    Marlon Luzuriaga

    Hmm Aphmau are you and War n are fating n monster high if you are oooo

  • Jörgen Köllner
    Jörgen Köllner

    Cute Copel

  • Matthew Haines
    Matthew Haines

    Me: 💗 uhh I um I ein: umm hi me: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ruben Robles
    Ruben Robles


  • ekard omacra
    ekard omacra


  • steven chiu
    steven chiu

    Etc ekth

  • Nick Guest
    Nick Guest

    Just saying ein is a jerk as his self when he is not a mob and I mean any mob

  • Nick Guest
    Nick Guest

    In a vid can u be the ender dragon and be the school hero and take down the meany idc what mob is the meany

  • alanoud albaz
    alanoud albaz

    the zombie and wolf's are the best mobs

  • Ying Ying An
    Ying Ying An

    It’s only some soop

  • Riku Suzuki
    Riku Suzuki

    Your insulting yourself- Roast by Aaron

  • Jingrence Heart Magcalas
    Jingrence Heart Magcalas


  • Derrick burke
    Derrick burke

    I like this video I watched it by 5 hours

  • PSM Coman
    PSM Coman


  • Rita Roberts
    Rita Roberts

    Aphmua: he called me a cow.... and he’s throwing salt Me; can’t stop laughing


    World war 4 dragons vs ultima werewolf’s does anyone agree???

  • Umu Hyacinth
    Umu Hyacinth

    Hi Aqui I will get you if you don't let's the boy wine The fight haha haha hahaha

  • SoSdot

    Aron looks awesome

  • I Love Sweets
    I Love Sweets

    Shadow temple:he souped you!! Me:hahahhzhza

  • Rachel Hann
    Rachel Hann

    Hello hello my name is uncle Joe bro no that's my favourite poem

  • Rachel Hann
    Rachel Hann

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkokkkkkkķkokokokkkkkkkkokokokokokokokokokokokokokkkkkkookokokokokokokokokokokokokkokokkkkkkookokokkkokookokookkkkkookkookookokokokokokokokokokokokokoom Pp Llll

  • RobloxSkyJayden Orellana
    RobloxSkyJayden Orellana

    Wow aphmau i hope on the driving one because its going to be hard

  • XxmidnightxX And xxwolfiexx
    XxmidnightxX And xxwolfiexx


  • Lynx Idk
    Lynx Idk


  • Qq Qq
    Qq Qq

    who ike fight? or boxing! i love boy vs boy i dont like boy vs girl thats boring and girl vs girl i dont like girl fight but not real so i perisheyed to you fight ahpmau :))))))))) defent that evil dragon👎👎👎👎👎 ahpmau ahpmau defent that dragon!! But real i love boy fight not girl fight i dont like secerem like this aaaaaaaaaaaaaa do you see in wwe and i dont like secerem so i love boxing real life boy fight

  • Saskia Anindya Pratiwi
    Saskia Anindya Pratiwi

    Hey, there is something missing in this Monster High School.... WHERE IS THE SPIDER STUDENT?!

    • Jörgen Köllner
      Jörgen Köllner

      And tee ÄnderMan

  • Elsa Nodora
    Elsa Nodora

    Aphmau your skin is bad werewolf skin girl aaron werewolf

  • thoon yati linn
    thoon yati linn

    I love aaron

  • vicky chis
    vicky chis


  • vicky chis
    vicky chis


  • Mia Gatacelo
    Mia Gatacelo

    I hate ein

  • vicky chis
    vicky chis


  • vicky chis
    vicky chis


  • Zhowie Delatorre
    Zhowie Delatorre

    It look good

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen

    Here with you but I'm a monster

  • Nailed It
    Nailed It

    **le gasp** " He CaLlEd Me A cOw! auHgEHUguHe"

  • Pakiso Marabu
    Pakiso Marabu

    go aphamu...

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali


  • Mel Buckley
    Mel Buckley

    "And will the creeper student learn how to explode" Well that's random😗

  • alanoud albaz
    alanoud albaz

    i mean nervous

  • alanoud albaz
    alanoud albaz

    when I see Aaron I am shy cause I am ner

  • Haley Hosley
    Haley Hosley

    Aphmau I was crazy

  • Pam Cat
    Pam Cat

    like in creeper school they only learn how to explode XD XD XD


    😃✋ tell me this is you childhood SLtoos without tell me

  • Clairicorn3000

    Ein is stupid

  • xdlexicrozier123

    Hiii aphmau your videos are awesome but since I don't have enough money to get Minecraft so I can't play

  • Jasmine Mata
    Jasmine Mata

    EN they are not babies

  • Lauren Guy
    Lauren Guy


  • N H
    N H

    You know I like the other guys who have been in a lot more years

  • Zauhuja abdullah
    Zauhuja abdullah

    Apmau HA IFA uwuywk0jajoaknajahnahjbvhajn

  • H. P.
    H. P.

    SLtoos: APHMAU GOT 3 SUBS!

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda

    0:45 the soup is already on the floor lol I dont mean to point out the flaws but I just cant ignore them.

  • amofai roblox & Minecraft
    amofai roblox & Minecraft

    Aphmau x aaron is so cute

  • James Leonard
    James Leonard

    MONICA !!!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Van Soom
    Tamara Van Soom


  • Parker Chu-Ba
    Parker Chu-Ba

    Watch 3:19 it’s funny

  • Dorota Tomczak
    Dorota Tomczak

    Ein I,s no gud😒

  • kanmeet

    Is Ein a mutant enderdragon or what.His scales should be gray if he was a normal enderdragon

    • Swaraj Gurung
      Swaraj Gurung

      The first one. the first time in the morning. I'm sure that the best. if I could get to see the difference in price

    • Swaraj Gurung
      Swaraj Gurung

      Me too

  • memes 1121
    memes 1121


  • ClezylL Gabane
    ClezylL Gabane

    9:33 Me: I'm scared the height But I remember Mystreet Season 4 Emerald secret Aaron and Ein battle in Episode 16 "Always"

    • Fatimah almaliki
      Fatimah almaliki


    • Nailed It
      Nailed It


  • Xavier Blackwood
    Xavier Blackwood

    did anyone else notice arron peeking in for 1 whole mi inute

  • Wongsaphat Sriruang
    Wongsaphat Sriruang

    Jump down and you not be scared

  • Wongsaphat Sriruang
    Wongsaphat Sriruang

    Just kick it in the dragon

  • Wongsaphat Sriruang
    Wongsaphat Sriruang

    Me exactly I am her biggest fan and I always listen to her song and by the way my name isEarth

  • Wongsaphat Sriruang
    Wongsaphat Sriruang

    Just slap him in the face2 Time