Rest In Peace
So much in this video. Thank you for always being here.

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  • Caelin Smith
    Caelin Smith

    Roman i would be the weirdo to buy the chicken arm and I don't even have chickens i could give them to my friend

  • Cody McNeil
    Cody McNeil

    I've been watching him since the beginning he has been thru alot with people suing him and animals dieing he is a very strong role model to fallow after stay strong thru these hard time everyone and love you roman and you family you are the best you have got me thru a lot of tough times

  • stian johnsen pettersen
    stian johnsen pettersen

    When are the next vlog coming ?

  • Diesel FIX'R
    Diesel FIX'R

    I remember when Roman said "we will Never recover we lost are viewers". Well Roman we're back you haven't lost us and never will.

  • kody anderson
    kody anderson

    I got lost in the woods for 16 hours after crashing an atv

  • Shelby 500
    Shelby 500

    ……and he’s gone for another 6 months

  • Ewick Cruz
    Ewick Cruz

    Last I was watch you I was 7 years old

  • Alden h Pryotechnics
    Alden h Pryotechnics

    Did Roman leave again

  • Jay Gotthesauce
    Jay Gotthesauce

    Clapping cheeks In the woods sounds fun Roman 😂😂😂

  • colin rushton
    colin rushton

    He we go again lol one year later we get another vlogs lol. Only joking. Waiting for the next vlogs

  • Rogeball PB
    Rogeball PB

    I am embarrassed for you Roman. Having camped solo many, many times in National Forests, there is quite literally nothing it scares me out there. Watching y'all freak out made me laugh, but you do need to turn in your man card. 😅

  • G2K

    Can we get a full house tour?


    Is he gone again

  • shiplabi


  • Ricardo González
    Ricardo González

    You are a non trustworthy posting tube it's not serious for you.

    • BrendenRAGE

      He has a life with 4 kids. I mean smh. Just stfu

  • Jayden LaPaglia
    Jayden LaPaglia

    What happened to the husky

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Where's the GAToR'S??

  • Ultraman Dyna
    Ultraman Dyna

    I am a og and I remember Zeus he was a good dog

  • auuq

    where’s flash

    • N1TR0 CLAN
      N1TR0 CLAN

      pretty sure its with his dad..

  • SANDHU5911

    Wheres flash ?

    • N1TR0 CLAN
      N1TR0 CLAN

      pretty sure its with his dad..

  • Neva_Âsked

    where’s big country

  • Pizzazz

    Is the channel over?

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    Wow lol

  • Relax Viper6159
    Relax Viper6159

    Date night = walking on the beach

  • Matt's Horsemanship
    Matt's Horsemanship

    Where you guys at. I'm worried we might get another year of nothing

  • FN-fun

    360 vid if you a og👉

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce

    2 weeks roman we need another video

  • Kyle Honn
    Kyle Honn

    Shout out to you Roman! You encouraged me to start a vlog! Thankful for you!

  • -Söft Møçhâ-
    -Söft Møçhâ-

    I loved watching your video ever since I was in elementary but love your videos and it’s great you guys are back 🤗🤗🥺🥺

  • Plxdo


  • Hugo 2hard
    Hugo 2hard

    Where’s flash

  • Get_I_Flicked

    Can we please get a house and property tour please I’m begging

  • aaron webster
    aaron webster

    Roman is a vampire

    • uhh okay
      uhh okay

      ??? Tf

  • Martyn Cox
    Martyn Cox

    What happened to flash the dog

  • Snowbear Life
    Snowbear Life

    Thank god I thought flash pasted

  • Lyric Peake
    Lyric Peake


  • Lyric Peake
    Lyric Peake

    Golden corral

  • My Life As An Alexander
    My Life As An Alexander

    Today I have my dance recital and yesterday I got a attendance award

  • Rene Padilla
    Rene Padilla

    bro ya are little chickens lol

  • TaroKun Life
    TaroKun Life

    Wow. This did not show up in my subscription list.

  • ibrianda


  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    Why even come back every 6 months for a handful of videos? At this point it's just to inform the retards that buy your walmart merch

    • BaKeDbEaN

      If you had taken the time to watch his video explaining someone stalking his family and involvement with the FBI it would explain a lot.

  • Malachi Surgeon
    Malachi Surgeon

    I came back to this channel and my favorite online animals are dead I grew up watching this

  • Steven Strickland
    Steven Strickland

    My perfect date night is the movie

  • Nzgearheads

    Where’s the vids at roman

  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community

    I was more thinking who’s body did they find out in the middle of the woods 😂😂😂

  • Sylvie Catellier
    Sylvie Catellier

    Why would new viewers subscribe,, you are not consistent!!!!

    • Sylvie Catellier
      Sylvie Catellier

      I know that my subscription will not make you richer then you are from SLtoos ,,, and,, It Make me angry and sad at the same just feel heheh like is one more :)

  • 1zzy L
    1zzy L

    OGs will remember Brit in her leggings 😛

  • Alejandra Chavez
    Alejandra Chavez

    They had another baby?

  • Renzo Rocca
    Renzo Rocca

    there are good guy why they were gun for

  • Mason Gaming
    Mason Gaming

    Baby 5 coming soon

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Dude you need to make more vids

  • Eli Cade
    Eli Cade

    Bring back country Roman 🥺 anybody else

  • Kayla Mc Dowell
    Kayla Mc Dowell

    Is your new house also on a farm? 🎈

    • Ramsey Bonny
      Ramsey Bonny

      Hey Kayla 🌹

  • Ktesch03

    How is flash

  • Beauty

    I’m 16 and I’ve been watching since like 2013 that’s actually so crazy to me

  • Banjo Bear
    Banjo Bear

    "don't ever say that again" hahahaha roman is based

  • Professional Nude sender
    Professional Nude sender


  • Shaggy super Sawaggy
    Shaggy super Sawaggy

    I’ve been pretty sad recently and seeing Roman again makes me feel so much better. Wish I could go back to when he did daily up loads

  • David Seufert
    David Seufert

    Is that real ? The ghost maybe it's the camera?

  • surafel and yedidiya kichen 2
    surafel and yedidiya kichen 2

    Long time no seen I am a og from 2 years

    • Mason

      I e been a fan of Roman for like 6-7 years now I really miss when he did daily vlogs

  • Dylan Cool Dude
    Dylan Cool Dude

    Imlove roman

  • boyfog121 roblox
    boyfog121 roblox

    i have been here watching ur vids for like 7 years i swrear i love u bro im sorry yall have been going thru so mutch i wish u the best im an og fan as allways smile more schh

  • outdoor adventures
    outdoor adventures

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me my dog died and then about 10 days later my cat died after my dog passed away my cat wasn't the same then he pass away 😥

  • Calibur Noble
    Calibur Noble

    shawn wasabi likes my music so go chek it out

  • Tammy Saunders
    Tammy Saunders

    Only ogs remember when roman was pranking stealing gas from people

  • Jennifer Carter
    Jennifer Carter

    I know where you can have a date at in Callahan Florida at the sh eke

  • Kashton Rihn
    Kashton Rihn



    Roman come back I love you

  • Richard Jordan
    Richard Jordan

    LMAO dude came back to get the merch sales back now hes gone again. HAHAHAHA

  • U Y
    U Y


  • Antony Slavinski
    Antony Slavinski

    I won't to jon

  • Hannah Colon
    Hannah Colon

    anyone else miss Zeus 😞 Ik it was my dog but I was there everyday and it felt like I actually knew him 😭

  • Lil Wop
    Lil Wop

    What happened to flash

  • LilChicken Beyer
    LilChicken Beyer

    Maybe they got COVID no hate Ik it sucks someone hit my dog as a puppy

  • Hasan Al-Jarrah
    Hasan Al-Jarrah

    forgot his name, but your 2nd eldest son sure has grown up

  • calvin black
    calvin black

    Such a vibe sleeping the in woods 💯

  • Maddie Lynn
    Maddie Lynn

    I love the Atwoods. Been watching since I was 16. Which I am now 23 years old. They have helped me with so many Bad days. Watching their videos have made my life so much better. Along with seeing all the kids grow up. Love them so much. ❤️ stay safe Roman Atwood family.

  • Kaila _girl307
    Kaila _girl307

    This family is precious I miss the good old days of watching them

  • exzoticdrako

    who died

  • Itsjust _JTK
    Itsjust _JTK

    Who was here since Zeus ?

    • Shadow M
      Shadow M

      @Itsjust _JTK Who the hell replies to themself?

    • Itsjust _JTK
      Itsjust _JTK


  • Shredded Skating
    Shredded Skating

    Me miss them

  • FaTe_ArEu

    Where’s flash?

    • FumingMonkey

      Go and watch other newer videos

  • XanderEynoso

    Bro are you deadass why have this dudes kids been little forever ☠️ I swear nobody on this channel ages

  • Rajiv Doolam
    Rajiv Doolam

    only ogs will remember hen he pretended to let his son go on the atv and it blew up at the ramp

    • Jackson Newark
      Jackson Newark

      @Christopher Jackson??

    • Christopher Jackson
      Christopher Jackson

      Bet you buy their walmart merch smh, keep waiting for your monthly commercial

    • Rajiv Doolam
      Rajiv Doolam

      It's been like five years since that happened and if you didnt know welp...

    • Rajiv Doolam
      Rajiv Doolam

      @John Jay yessir

    • John Jay
      John Jay

      That’s a real OG memory

  • BrianYT

    I cried when Zeus died 😕

  • U K
    U K

    I have never ever heard of a dog falling over and dying at 5 years old

    • Shadow M
      Shadow M

      Well that's kind of specific so why would you have heard of it? 😂

  • Captainn

    Bro I Miss Zeus :(

    • Shadow M
      Shadow M

      It's been years. You're not over it yet?

  • Bryan Isbanioly
    Bryan Isbanioly

    Love you guys!!! Luv the chicken arms!!

  • DujmFTW

    Where is Flash???

  • Fazer Gamer
    Fazer Gamer

    here we go again, the disappearance

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure

    I literally watch to many camping video horror videos to pass judgment on yals fear🤣🤣. Tyfs God bless you

  • julia trushin
    julia trushin

    Does anyone know where flash is?

    • Ramsey Bonny
      Ramsey Bonny

      Hey Julia 🌹 how're you ❤️

  • PurpleMANZ

    How it was millions of years ago 6:27

  • Zachary Berner
    Zachary Berner

    Where did Flash go?????

  • Troy Dixon
    Troy Dixon

    I am an real fan of this he is so cool

  • Bryton Compton
    Bryton Compton

    I went and weedeated

  • Bobby Dong
    Bobby Dong

    What happened to flash

  • Konnobi Gaming
    Konnobi Gaming

    Hey Roman can you please tell us about your tattoos? That would be a cool story

    • Shadow M
      Shadow M

      He has talked about them several times before.

  • Yuan Mardy
    Yuan Mardy

    This Chanel is my childhood 😭

2 mio.