The reason im LOSING my BEST FRIEND... (EPISODE 8)
The reason im LOSING my BEST FRIEND... (EPISODE 8)
in this episode we have party drama, and jake has to say goodbye..
Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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  • kalem baker
    kalem baker

    so to brandon , real og

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jaek morning and thanks Joel Your Paul

  • Johann Calyx Cruz
    Johann Calyx Cruz

    I'm miss you the old team 10 Chance Anthony Kade Erika Martinez Twins Justin Tessa Nick Chad Nathan 😕😕😟😟🤧🤧 edit: lol 9 months ago me was oml- ew team 10 🤢🤮🤮 I'm miss you the old team 10 Chance Anthony Kade Erika Martinez Twins Justin Tessa Nick Chad Nathan 😕😕😟😟🤧🤧 edit: lol 9 months ago me was oml- ew team 10 🤢🤮🤮

  • Johann Calyx Cruz
    Johann Calyx Cruz

    I'm miss you the old team 10 Chance Anthony Kade Erika Martinez Twins Justin Tessa Nick Chad Nathan 😕😕😟😟🤧🤧 edit: lol 9 months ago me was oml- ew team 10 🤢🤮🤮

  • Johann Calyx Cruz
    Johann Calyx Cruz

    I'm miss you the old team 10 Chance Anthony Kade Erika Martinez Twins Justin Tessa Nick Chad Nathan 😕😕😟😟🤧🤧 edit: lol 9 months ago me was oml- ew team 10 🤢🤮🤮

  • aggro playz
    aggro playz

    Did he say gang bangs ?😂

  • Maylin Thompson
    Maylin Thompson

    Spamm comment

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    Shouldn’t the person that wants the party be paying?!

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    No wonder Cole is confused, he has like sooo many managers

  • Topota Madre
    Topota Madre

    18:53 this didn’t aged well 🤦‍♀️

  • Valen Britez
    Valen Britez

    Who else mises the old Jake and team ten. I don't like how Jake is putting Tydus in his stupid crap and how the dad let's his son be with a- holes😡

  • Valen Britez
    Valen Britez

    Bangtan song tho Saram *AGUST D D-BOY* Srry just BTS. fan

  • Alka Patel
    Alka Patel

    Dude I really miss the old team ten with the twins and everyone The OG team

  • Shanecia Clarke
    Shanecia Clarke

    Cole kinda looked like a clown

  • Judd C
    Judd C



    Anthony îs leavs FOR cole carigon căuș cole wanted a room

  • Royce Vailan Dsilva
    Royce Vailan Dsilva

    Who likes these version of vlogs

  • Uzbek

    Anthony everyone gonna miss you bro😢😢😢

  • LucidXotiic 22
    LucidXotiic 22

    26:03 looks like a fucking joker "I dont look like a clown I dont act like a clown"

  • Adam Chartier
    Adam Chartier

    Guys is Anthony dating Justin mom Still lmao 😂

  • Adam Chartier
    Adam Chartier

    Guys that why Paolo isn’t a part of the scene anymore ! I’d fire him lmao what a dick you got 6.9 million house

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    I love the TV show vibe

  • Logan Harkness TIHWB is the best
    Logan Harkness TIHWB is the best

    Yo I was crying coz u guys have been together since the start

  • Loreign Abrencillo
    Loreign Abrencillo

    Please back the old team 10 🤧😕

  • Melanie Grunert
    Melanie Grunert

    I feel like Anthony is more settled and healthy and Jake feels so restless. I hope he knows he doesn’t always have to constantly get bigger. Hope they stay close. It would be worth it 💛

  • schrvirsky wynnzm
    schrvirsky wynnzm

    The pinky hoodie the guy is wearing saying team 10 x jake paul Did anyone realize? All this time he separate himself to team 10 Now his all alone Team 10 doesnt exist anymore all members left

  • Erin Akkermans
    Erin Akkermans

    No no Anthony

  • Robert Joseph
    Robert Joseph

    who stil watching durring qourtine

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    I'm sorry Jake

  • Rosa Martinez
    Rosa Martinez

    I cried when I saw that anthony was leaving we will miss u Ohio


    Jake worries about coles post and having a clean image hires Armani the pimp women beater from Vegas.... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Michelle Weigele
    Michelle Weigele

    Who is that clown looking dude that is Jake’s constant shadow?

  • The Téysév
    The Téysév

    I legit cried at the intro at the lambo drive cuz i thought myself of all the team 10 members and that they left and the memories and the old team 10.😭😭😭😭😭

  • Vanessa Sanchez Franco
    Vanessa Sanchez Franco

    Hi I like your

  • Kevin Rasmussen
    Kevin Rasmussen

    This isn't team 10 anymore it's u and your new friends bring the old team 10 back and I will be soo happy pless Jake pless

  • GetaSquadFan

    Jake I’m crying to I’m miss old team ten

    • The Téysév
      The Téysév

      I cry all the time about that and i always look back on it.Dang that nostalgia strikes all the time.

  • Jayne Kucharski
    Jayne Kucharski

    armani is disgusting

  • Zulmy Cruz-silvan
    Zulmy Cruz-silvan

    So dis is a fucking reality show? Tf really

  • Jerne Martin
    Jerne Martin

    My question is why they got 4 jars of peanut butter

  • james joseph
    james joseph

    jake paul gay

  • Iftikhar Khan
    Iftikhar Khan

    I want the Ohio trios to reunite ❤️❤️

  • Theresa Rojas
    Theresa Rojas

    This isn't really "Team 10" Anymore.

  • Meagan Meachum
    Meagan Meachum

    it is my B/day today leave a like

  • Jaybe Asis
    Jaybe Asis

    I really miss them so much

  • Jaybe Asis
    Jaybe Asis

    I miss the old team 10 bring them back😢

  • Bryanna O'Connor
    Bryanna O'Connor

    His hips don't lie!!

  • JuicyGloss

    5:05 look at the dog 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • ClaBBz

    Anthony was my favorite member

  • Titus Doan
    Titus Doan

    My name is Titus too

  • Pancake666 Cake
    Pancake666 Cake

    He said he nice achol

  • Pancake666 Cake
    Pancake666 Cake

    Hoo wons the old Jake Paul back

  • alex balan
    alex balan

    Bring back old team10 video idea

  • alex balan
    alex balan

    Bring back the old team 10

  • Dave McCallister
    Dave McCallister

    What wave is Anthony on lmao...

  • Charlie May
    Charlie May

    26:03 i dont look like a clown what have you painted onto your face then 😂

  • YoutubeUser

    8:10 that guy looks exactly like drake

  • Canvas 2
    Canvas 2

    Why the hell does everyone say 'Like' so many times

  • Camryn Cone
    Camryn Cone

    Is cole gay

  • Lyricbey beauty
    Lyricbey beauty

    I miss chanthony

  • QPMC

    This channel has became like inappropriate for kids... thats why i unsub bye

  • Kymani X
    Kymani X

    we only see Jake on team 10 uncut :(

  • imax014

    Who are these new boring people calling themselves Team 10?

  • Alyssa Villarreal
    Alyssa Villarreal

    is it just me or does Anthony look like he blazes hella weed on the daily

  • Si yo no Foood
    Si yo no Foood

    I don't even want to be your fan even more

  • Chaney Nenam
    Chaney Nenam

    I miss the old team 10 😥🙁😔

  • Nubawihi Hauzel
    Nubawihi Hauzel


  • Maja Mitrovic
    Maja Mitrovic

    I feel like Jake is kinda hurt by Anthony leaving. Anthony was the only reason for me watching this 😂 kind of the saddest part about this whole video

  • Kristen Enos
    Kristen Enos

    This video makes me sad cause anthony Is one of the only team 10 members who didnt just leave you and took everything from you and then throw you away, anthony was a true friend. He was a great person,

  • Gabrielle

    I miss Anthony and Tessa

  • Reyes Cruz
    Reyes Cruz

    you peaked in 2017-18

    • OutSmarteddd

      Reyes Cruz and then fell off, one of my favorite days

  • Grace de Carle
    Grace de Carle

    I don't understand is Erika costell and Anthony and chad and sunny still apart of team 10

    • Izzi Lawhead
      Izzi Lawhead

      Grace de Carle I just saw a vid she did on it

    • Grace de Carle
      Grace de Carle

      @Izzi Lawhead no they didn't at least erika costell didn't

    • Izzi Lawhead
      Izzi Lawhead

      Grace de Carle they both made videos on their channel saying why they left

    • Grace de Carle
      Grace de Carle

      @Izzi Lawhead Technically Erika and Chad didn't say they were leaving and Jake didn't ask them if they want to be apart of the new Team 10

    • Izzi Lawhead
      Izzi Lawhead

      Grace de Carle no they left a long time ago

  • NBA gang
    NBA gang

    I don’t like jake Paul SLtoos challen anymore I like the old jake pual

  • pika pi
    pika pi

    'we have a big responsibility to the world beause we have the entire world tuning in' how can people take themselves so serious xD

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa

    Love you guys and the energy you bring to SLtoos ❤️

  • Mayra Flores
    Mayra Flores

    You and the old team 10 should collab

  • Jordan3H26

    I'm Sorry You Two, I miss the Old Team 10, RIP Jake Paul | Anthony Trujillo FIRENDSHIP ❤💔.

  • Trishs Husband
    Trishs Husband

    Hey look the worst youtube channel

  • Dave Yarrington
    Dave Yarrington

    ice cream ice cream we've been making ice cream

  • thea moss
    thea moss

    all I got to say is I like this uncut series I wasn't really big on the whole team 10 of jake paul. but now that ive been watching these videos of uncut. I kinda digging what hes trying to accomplish keep it up. I hope you do more episodes.

    • thea moss
      thea moss

      also to all the production and the managing that goes into all this. kudos for yall too.

  • fortnite videos
    fortnite videos

    We miss you anthony

  • Harmonie Kawaii
    Harmonie Kawaii

    Jake: all these rappers just be talking bout smokin weed and popping xans, think about the influence that has over the young impressionable fans Tana: used to drop them panties now you drownin in them xanies

  • Finley Crunks
    Finley Crunks

    Thor at 5:07 ❤️❤️

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey

    Song in intro?

  • Kay Nation
    Kay Nation

    Intro song????

  • Juliane Hauberg Krabbe
    Juliane Hauberg Krabbe

    i just cried everytime they mentioned anthony leaving he was my ALL TIME favourite team 10 member all the way its the saddest to see him go after such a long journey

  • Juliane Hauberg Krabbe
    Juliane Hauberg Krabbe

    and the OG team 10 i officially over im gonna miss it so much i really don't like this new team at all

  • sarah adams
    sarah adams

    lmao didn’t know guys starved themselves to look good too 💀

  • sarah adams
    sarah adams

    The Adam and Eve analogy 😂😂😂

  • Новичок

    am i the only one who thinks that Loren is pregnant?

  • Lhee Lopez
    Lhee Lopez

    That's what he also said when Chance left.

  • BahamianLily

    I really felt for Jake when his friend was talking about moving on.

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez

    You get the earring and then he thinks his like very cool

  • Jocy

    What wrong choice changed everything? I miss the old team 10.. I wonder how different things would be if things didn’t change so much. I’m gonna miss Anthony the most, he’s awesome 😞✊❤️

  • tanthony kissing
    tanthony kissing

    Do y'all guys think that jake paul will ever reunite with the old team members and I just want the old team members back they mean a lot to me

  • Chloé B
    Chloé B

    Jake and Anthony is the best friendship 😭😭

  • Chloé B
    Chloé B

    You hips don't lie Brandon 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  • Kadince Seuren
    Kadince Seuren

    I have that Jake Paul tour hoodie

  • April Walker
    April Walker


  • Toxic FN
    Toxic FN

    Stay Anthony you are the og member of team 10

  • Shania Motilal
    Shania Motilal

    I’m so tired of seeing everyone saying they miss the old team 10......yes we get it. The point of team10 is to keep adding honestly MOVE TF ON

rip maverick
13 mio.