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  • amayrani cruz
    amayrani cruz

    bro this dude what he do with his life

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia

    Who tf are these people

  • Malvin Melo
    Malvin Melo

    Maybe instead of exposing the hype house you should expose your self

  • Mark Sallo
    Mark Sallo

    Jake change a lot.

  • Manuel Ferreris
    Manuel Ferreris

    Erika costell

  • subhan qayyum
    subhan qayyum

    I feel like jake Paul is 30 but he is still on his early 20’s

  • sshlice

    geezus christ all he does is clickbait or put it at the very end

  • Ray Adventures* 1
    Ray Adventures* 1

    I heat you but I love tana

  • RheanJannell Vlogs
    RheanJannell Vlogs

    I haven’t watched Jake paul since I became a kpop fan and then I came back to his YT ACC wtf is he even doing now bruh?

  • alexis munoz 661
    alexis munoz 661

    I haven’t watch this dude in years and man he got worse

  • Anonymous Life
    Anonymous Life

    Wtffffff has happend tf

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson

    Do you remember when you were in Bizaardvark


    🤮🤮🤮 lixo

  • Top Internet Comments
    Top Internet Comments

    Jake Paul: *releases a video* Everyone: *scrolls down to comments*

  • Jupiter Galaxy
    Jupiter Galaxy

    Stop watching jake Paul once Erika & jake Paul broke up and wow jake change a lot

  • Maric Bilagody
    Maric Bilagody

    Bring back tydus😂

  • Mr Ferny
    Mr Ferny

    Yeah sure kinda how we exposed your mansion being raided for planting a bomb in a nursery

  • Eva Dooley
    Eva Dooley

    This vid was posted the day my mom died


    An American saying tiktok is the same as a Scotsman saying tictac

  • Shelly T.
    Shelly T.

    I have watched the boxing video so many times on different channels.

  • Alexus Fant
    Alexus Fant

    Boooo the Sray house I,m sorry the hype house all day everyday LETS GO

  • if I’m ugly then sis look at you
    if I’m ugly then sis look at you

    I haven’t watched him for like 2 years- and I know no one 😻

  • Noe Muñoz Is best
    Noe Muñoz Is best

    He said he was a pro boxer

  • Alexander Alfaro
    Alexander Alfaro

    Jake paul had 20 million for the longest time now

  • Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders

    Ksi is better than Jake at everything they both do. For example: SLtoos, boxing, music, charity events, acting... ext. Jake is nowhere near as successful as ksi... so stfu Jakepaulers

  • Emma Slinn
    Emma Slinn

    Jake what are you doing

  • Emma Slinn
    Emma Slinn

    What the 🖕

  • FaZerage

    I miss the old Jake paul honestly..

  • Kianna Broomfield
    Kianna Broomfield

    i miss jake and erica

  • *Crystal Fam *
    *Crystal Fam *

    ;-; did he really shoot it? NAH they just use another ball and plopped it in the hole-

  • Alex

    Lmao when tanner and Jake are so rich that a shattered car window is like as mc Donald’s meal to them

  • BGaff

    Being a skinny beaatch with abs doesn’t mean you are in “shape” and I think this video proves that...look it fruity boy huffing and puffing after a 60 second fight....


    Where is Charlie

  • My0r

    Trying to hit 1k subs before my birthday on October 13. Ik it’s selfpromoting but it would really make my birthday 🎂 👌 cheers👍🏽

  • Playzwithperigee

    True facts gotta have fun in quaritene

  • JustTeo

    wow they really cant fight..

  • Javhi Vlogs
    Javhi Vlogs

    I miss the old funny jake paul

    • yes yes
      yes yes

      When was that? Cant think of that ever being a thing

  • Yassine Bouhdad
    Yassine Bouhdad

    Jake paul is simp

  • Marki's Vlogs
    Marki's Vlogs

    Charli left the hype house😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖 HOWWWWWW

  • Satisfy1k


  • Carlos Hutchison
    Carlos Hutchison

    sup jake paul

  • Loqo inc.
    Loqo inc.

    Dude perfect will still be better than jake Paul lol

  • Russell Pamphile
    Russell Pamphile

    Where’s team 10

  • Yeymy Sofia Reyes
    Yeymy Sofia Reyes

    The fact he uses girls 🙄💩🖕🏻

  • Dump the Turd Nov 3rd
    Dump the Turd Nov 3rd

    This house smells like COVID-19.

  • Prachit Kadali
    Prachit Kadali

    Dude stop comparing yourself to dude perfect they make better content

  • Zack Y
    Zack Y

    OK Sorry ASA

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min

    wow perfect match 😂😂😂

  • Rez

    I love how they lied about they hit baskets

  • Elmer Delgadillo
    Elmer Delgadillo


  • chloe

    i love how he’s talking and someone’s just destroying a car in the background

  • *-_Hoodie Studio_-*
    *-_Hoodie Studio_-*

    I just love tayler holder

  • Txunamy Dihawa
    Txunamy Dihawa

    You used to be so sweet

  • Gaming Mario Unbox
    Gaming Mario Unbox

    Bring back Uncle Nathan, your old Videographer.

  • Kid Mamba
    Kid Mamba

    Jake Paul with Coronavirus

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert

    Video idea:exposing yourself and trying to get a girl that isn't a gold digger

  • GøøB


  • Jyotirmoy Roy
    Jyotirmoy Roy

    Jake starts TikTok Tiktok banned😂😂😂

  • Jolly Rotten
    Jolly Rotten

    So much fun partying with these guys yall raise the roof! Let the haters cry in their diapers they cant touch you bro

    • yes yes
      yes yes

      Is this sarcasm

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum

    A r m

    • TekosyyMcBowPvP


  • IAmBREAD1832

    7:13 cringed

    • TekosyyMcBowPvP

      You're mother cringed when you were born LMAOOOOOOO JAKE PAULER ARMY FOR LIFFFFFF

  • Adam Burnoski
    Adam Burnoski

    You made me cry

  • Adam Burnoski
    Adam Burnoski


  • Harry Prior
    Harry Prior

    Hey guys stop writing mean comments..... I’m getting tired of liking them all

    • Vivana Salian
      Vivana Salian

      How original 😞

  • Lil Hooper
    Lil Hooper

    Bryce says it takes a real man to get into the ring and he won’t even box this guys who is literally smaller then him

  • Kikk Dev
    Kikk Dev


  • Cryxbaby Bunny
    Cryxbaby Bunny

    I was so interested in his videos I would watch them everyday as he got kicked out of his old team 10 house I grew out of watching his videos I just find them boring now he’s grown as a person but I think he’s really changed most of the old team 10 left him /: and honestly they were a great help to his vlogs especially Tessa,Erika,chad and more /:

  • jerome washington
    jerome washington

    jake paul i like your new song

  • SocialAnxietyCow

    I came back cause of Thor LOL

  • IamJusAmore

    these mfs funny as hell😭.

    • ŇΩvค ᗷŁΔzє
      ŇΩvค ᗷŁΔzє


  • EpicEgamez

    Jake is a randy savage bru

  • Nate A_
    Nate A_

    hype house is so cringe they live in the old clout house

  • dawson pacholec
    dawson pacholec

    Is that kill Jasper

  • HeYSoaR

    1 Sub Before 2021?

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Wow this was so funny i laughed so hard when he broke the window on the car so funny hahaha and when they fight it was funny omg haha so funny i cant stop laughing so funny haha omg so funny

  • Naseer Playz
    Naseer Playz

    You keep saying f***k

  • Aaron Mubiru
    Aaron Mubiru

    Took a break after the last 2019 video .....I come back for 2020 and everyone I know in team 10 is gone just like that 💀💀

  • Isabela

    i love tanner

  • ImZachh

    Armani is a criminal

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    damn someone still watches jake paul?? havent watched him for months

  • Analee Ortega
    Analee Ortega

    Tony Lopez is hot

  • Katlyn Parks
    Katlyn Parks

    Anyone been wondering where jakes yellers are ?????

  • Hollie Hunter
    Hollie Hunter

    Good morning

  • Indy Stapleton
    Indy Stapleton

    Hi I'm a biggggggg fan

  • Hiii

    Literally missed the old teamten... Never thought it would fell apart :(

  • Malcolm Fisher
    Malcolm Fisher

    he has gun i he showed me

  • Ps4 Account
    Ps4 Account

    Soft ass TikTokers 😂😂😂

  • Evva Beaulieu
    Evva Beaulieu

    My sister like one of you she 20 years old

    • Evva Beaulieu
      Evva Beaulieu



    I am the 9000th dislike😊

  • Dixon Cider
    Dixon Cider

    Jake Paul’s videos are as relevant as giving an amputee a soccer ball.

  • феникс кикс
    феникс кикс


  • Møurn Reaper
    Møurn Reaper

    Jake pauls content is garbage just like the dust bin.

  • Andrew Derry
    Andrew Derry

    Haa ha trump banned Tik Tok so No more jake

  • sushi gamer
    sushi gamer

    Bro are you really drunk

  • Tyler Harvey
    Tyler Harvey

    I have no fucking clue who anyone on this video is I just saw a fight

  • Justin Beiber
    Justin Beiber

    Who else sow that gun

  • Justin Beiber
    Justin Beiber

    This is what tanner gets for messing around with My bro

  • Kian Woodcock
    Kian Woodcock


  • Sakshi Sule
    Sakshi Sule

    9:40 nobody noticed Jon walking in slo-mo with same hands and feets

  • Amelia McCarty
    Amelia McCarty

    I haven’t watched his videos in a long time and....who tf is living in the team 10 house anymore??

i won.
4,1 mio.