My New Favorite Hobby
it's not just a hobby it's a lifestyle!!!!
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  • zoë

    "no you whould naht"

  • Unripe Tomato
    Unripe Tomato

    i read a comment yesterday telling me to watch Cody when high. i can confirm that you should watch Cody when high.

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato

    Some of those jumps were actually epic and this is the kind of thing I would do as a kid

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato

    This gives off irl quidditch vibes

  • Bubbijs

    Yeah, ya know, it’s obviously strange. But felt kind of messed up for that news anchor to be laughing at children who admitted to already getting made fun of

  • Zoe Price
    Zoe Price

    I mean, hell I can’t even judge them. They all seem so genuinely happy and engaged, and a lot of that shit is actually pretty impressive. It’s not as if regular sports are a whole lot less weird, like, let them have this

  • bigXnose

    Wouldn’t it be fakie not switch?

  • Akio Aslan
    Akio Aslan

    Damn, the world can be so random

  • a-yo

    shit i didnt realise how short he was until i saw him on the horse

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    I was doing WONDERFULLY until that girl was bucked off her horse 😐😐

  • Ashton Holtzen-Riley
    Ashton Holtzen-Riley

    What goes wrong in your life that leads you to hobby horsing? Not sure what’s more embarrassing, explain to your family your a SLtoosr or your a hobby horse ridder.

  • : 3
    : 3

    My friend does this and I’m not gonna say I didn’t laugh when she told me

  • Patrick O'Regan
    Patrick O'Regan

    This should've been a that's cringe lol

  • ari_lapis

    Pony play v2

  • sophia

    Jesus loves you

  • tylerthecreatorisgoat

    shit cody knows his skateboarding shit

  • OneStrangeRedditor

    why Europe? I thought we were better than this

  • J RICH
    J RICH

    But dude u was hella out of breath

  • J RICH
    J RICH

    Cody I love your content. Don’t you ever stop my guy.

  • Donairsauce

    bro that switch front gallop is nbd

  • 0Definition

    wtf did i just watch

  • Stephanie 123
    Stephanie 123

    Only white people🤣🤣🤣 (this is one reason they laugh at us)🤣

  • Dani

    I don't think you could look more 90's grunge, it's glorious

  • Jojo Schwartz
    Jojo Schwartz

    What’s the edm song called?

  • Shannon K
    Shannon K

    I've never laughed at my computer screen before but "javelin" sent me LMAO

  • شيف فى المطبخ
    شيف فى المطبخ

  • Adeline Hefner
    Adeline Hefner

    7:52 Cody's judging results: Cantor form is excellent, but a little stiff. 7/10 Sloppy start with extreme cantor but evens out nicely to great form: 6/10 Backwards cantor has *beautiful* form and execution: 10/10 Kickflip is simply amazing: 10/10 Heel flip could use work, sloppy and incorrect form: 3/10 Sloppy form for 360, but still executed acceptably: 5/10 Excellent chicken run: 9/10 Amazing reverse pony, excellent form and execution: 9/10 Javelin throw is weak: 4/10 Pony putt has *amazing* form, sturdy and very nicely done: 10/10 Final Results: 7.3/10

  • olivia fuoco
    olivia fuoco

    Fun fact my friend acc broke her leg trying to do this

  • Selma A
    Selma A

    loved the post malone cameo at the end

  • Sara Tubishat
    Sara Tubishat

    cody being sarcastic about this horse thing is worse than the actual hate comments lmao i love it

  • Sanaa Aaron
    Sanaa Aaron

    Why have I never knew ab him and why is he so funny

  • Shae Butter
    Shae Butter

    Imagine the kids are like “mom I’m on tv!!” Only to be absolutely demolished by the news anchors 👹cackling laughs👹 in the background

  • The Robo hoe
    The Robo hoe

    Bro when he did a pop shuvet on his hobby hoarse, chills actual chills

  • Siiri Lahtinen
    Siiri Lahtinen

    Kai se sit olis että torilla tavataan

  • Camden Ewing
    Camden Ewing

    3:01 no cody, you cant use that music, im having flashbacks and bone cracks are ringing in my ears

  • Clara Lavrador
    Clara Lavrador

    "what's something that feels both gay and homophobic at the same time?"

  • five pips
    five pips

    I love when people are scared of horses

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith

    7:50 funniest part of the video

  • Mynxiish

    So.... is this meant to teach them about dressage?

  • Nosmo90

    8:12: 360 nosebag!

  • Nosmo90

    0:34: KoJack Horseman?

  • GuyExe

    The 10s of people watching you 😂😂😂😂.

  • Ingrid Ellis
    Ingrid Ellis

    Cody this video was HILARIOUS

  • cyphertaehyungie

    this is just hurdles holding a stick

  • ZAYA

    the pop shuv-it really had me

  • G Frost
    G Frost

    Horse people... man

  • Peter Gregory
    Peter Gregory


  • Lauren H
    Lauren H

    I literally screamed at 8:15. I fucking can’t with you Cody.

  • Ryan Cornwell
    Ryan Cornwell

    I feel like this takes little to no skill except for the girl who jumped her own height

  • hannahb the nightingale queen supreme
    hannahb the nightingale queen supreme

    btw cody, that trainer was horrible, literally the worst person that decided to work with horses. as an equestrian, we don’t claim her

  • Attila Kovač
    Attila Kovač

    I understand how this hobby works on another level...

  • Jesyx

    Can somebody tell me the air guitar song name in the background

  • Adri Anomaly
    Adri Anomaly

    This video is so wholesome

  • Azidoazide Azide
    Azidoazide Azide

    Is this all you do now?

  • Olivia Minniefield
    Olivia Minniefield

    king I love u. u always know how to make me laugh

  • Muhd Haziq
    Muhd Haziq

    Why is this a thing? Wtf

  • Isabella Chesterfield
    Isabella Chesterfield

    just think ab the fact ur kids and grandkids will one day watch this as a memory of their dad 🥰🥰

  • Khapri

    4:05 that child was unfortunately put down after that, one too many races

  • Sonia Rose
    Sonia Rose

    If it was adults I’d be okay with them laughing and stuff, but it was kind of sad since it’s little girls. Imagine you find out you’re going to be on the news as a like 10 year old kid and all the news anchors are laughing at you. That’s kinda fucked.

  • eqyqtian !
    eqyqtian !

    Not flawless cantering by some magical steeds 💀💀💀💀

  • Nicholas Maia B.
    Nicholas Maia B.

    Cody is looking so much like those early 2000s rock stars I can't even pay attention to anything else

  • hila louis
    hila louis

    it starts like this then turns into pony play (a reference to a that's cringe episode)

  • VictoriaVictorialand

    I want to play. Will they let me bring my Hobby Falcon? We fly. But we can trot if need be.

  • Dyorah Panko
    Dyorah Panko

    ok but some of those jumps are like olympic style like those are high poles

  • Grace Myers
    Grace Myers

    But why does he look so pretty in this vid

  • Angelica Valladares
    Angelica Valladares

    ok lowkey some potential track stars tho...

  • Waylon Elliott
    Waylon Elliott

    Those news people were lowkey disrespecting another culture and nations sport

  • Selina Shiny
    Selina Shiny

    Horse man

  • J Freeman
    J Freeman

    I would put my kid up for adoption if they genuinely wanted to do that

  • Allie Verbeke
    Allie Verbeke

    can't stop thinking about cody alone in his office recording this

  • Rachel Antidormi
    Rachel Antidormi

    somethin must be up? all those people that were on the news had blond hair.......😳

  • Arsi Canada
    Arsi Canada

    Who gave you the cowboy tattoo?

  • hobby hooves
    hobby hooves

    Hello from a fellow hobby horser😅your extreme canter had me🤣

  • SgtMonkeyPants2

    I wish Cody would’ve made a that’s cringe on this video with Noel

  • StumStumStummy


  • this is SUHweet
    this is SUHweet

    ah yes. our very own mr hands.

  • spicychickenburger

    cody is officially 35


    Codyyyy plzzzz restock ur merch website hun!!! I NEED the new tan hoodieeeee ! 🤍 plezzz

  • Needy Watamelon
    Needy Watamelon

    thank you cody, for enlightening us mortals on this fine evening.

  • Hahaha Kay
    Hahaha Kay


  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Ngl that news anchor is a terrible news anchor. He should be fired.

  • Dakota Stirneman
    Dakota Stirneman

    "With the booming roar of tens of people watching you" got me good lolol

  • Jon Medlin
    Jon Medlin

    8:03 camera light 📸 synced w the reverse trash truck beep

  • Sam Wakimoto
    Sam Wakimoto

    These kids will grow up to be professional pony-players

  • Jessica Laing
    Jessica Laing

    I cannot believe this man exists.

  • Makayla

    Someone please give this man a haircut

  • Birnie98

    It does make me cringe but im glad they are doing what they love

  • Izzy Pocius
    Izzy Pocius

    me: cowboy Cody: horse man

  • David Machuca
    David Machuca

    Pls bro

  • Elaina Rodgers
    Elaina Rodgers

    how to honor hobby horsers in a god honoring way

  • BahbieVee

    7:53 you truly and honestly are THE fuqqing best 😂👑😂👑

  • Eva Jerris
    Eva Jerris

    That's not a trot that's a walk yo

  • Lindsey Thew
    Lindsey Thew

    bro he really cut to him riding a hobby horse like a skateboard

  • sandwhich lover
    sandwhich lover

    Oh no, Next thing you know you gonna see Noel react to Cody's horse role play

  • Joseph T
    Joseph T

    No offense codester, but I had to click off the video 5:08

  • Jake Motionless
    Jake Motionless

    Cody's gonna be a good dad one day.

  • Tx Doxie
    Tx Doxie

    😂😂 hobby horse?

  • Elizabeth Gammon
    Elizabeth Gammon

    even the judges were laughing c'monnnnn

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    OHMYGOD those kids doing the stick horse race is one of the cutest things I have discovered this year!

  • huum0r1

    Finland also arranges Air Guitar World Championships....