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  • Anomaly

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    • Sparkssy

      Ppppp piopppppp poipppp I pippppip

    • Sparkssy

      @Hyper Shots pppl Pio

    • Sparkssy


    • Aqib

      the whole story is fucking depressing

    • PootisBirdYT

      Wait why does GLYHGASP sound familiar?

  • вαм вσσz
    вαм вσσz

    The best honkai impact promotion😂

  • Magnus Mont
    Magnus Mont


  • halil ibrahim sünnetci
    halil ibrahim sünnetci

    İt isn’t hogwarst tower dude 🤦‍♂️. İt’s Galata tower

  • Herodoblin

    9:22 gave me goosebumps getting hs'd by a P250 upclose.

  • agent 64
    agent 64

    Dont harrass Czech republic and Slovakia man

  • Rosevolver

    0:33 sending personal information to the turkish government

  • Lajgertinom

    00:32 turkish 😂🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Recon

    2:14 That scared the fuck out of me ahahahaaah

  • Balli Somon
    Balli Somon

    Türkler kendine özgü oyun yapmazlarsa yabancılar böyle yorumlar işte :/. Abi adamın yorumunun sonuna kadar izledim de cidden utanıyorum o oyunu yapanlar adına. Vatan haini falan demeyin ha, bunlar gerçekler sadece...

  • Atzumo

    try point blank

    • Atzumo

      @ً XD

    • ً

      Red Team Win Blue Team Win Lmaooooooooooo i really remember 9 year ago i spent alot of money on that game just to get a fuckin' kriss vector

  • 弥栄行脚

    cuz AWP in the Counter Strike is not the exact original

  • The cool HAMBURGER
    The cool HAMBURGER

    This is what she said 9:02

  • Enes Nexi
    Enes Nexi

    Türk oyunu laaan 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • NeonGifs

    0:33 Installing Bitcoin miner XDDD

  • Kaiden

    0:33 pause it it says installing bit coin miner LOL

  • Hür Şimşek Torun
    Hür Şimşek Torun

    the galata tower

  • Hür Şimşek Torun
    Hür Şimşek Torun

    its called tge galata tower my friend and pls search turkish Culture then talk

  • Sodium Copy
    Sodium Copy

    Anomaly try blackshot its a literal dogshit copy of cs

  • Velly Talas
    Velly Talas

    3:42 they predicted the future!

  • Dalia Roy
    Dalia Roy

    I bet anomaly will be the best sabotaj player:)

  • 635

    Im sorry but if a game has an awp it doesent mean it has to be ripped of of cs. Same with running faster with the knife, thats in like every game ever

  • zexo tube
    zexo tube

    He dont khow there we have something we called a potato pc

  • Kocicak CZ
    Kocicak CZ

    Ok today we Are playing boot leg Czechoslovakias csgo Bruh We Are Czech Republic And Slovakia

  • DancingEnginier

    Czech-slovakian counter strike lol, but wheres the slivovička

  • engineer gaming
    engineer gaming

    Pause at 0:34 it says installing Bitcoin minor

  • ZAZI

    i think that Sabotaj it pretty good even do its a copy

  • PB Spinach
    PB Spinach


  • bagguete24

    Thumbnail sauce pls??

  • Furkan

    bule line = Ak-47 Vulcan hsassashashshshashshashashashassajsjasjashshasasajsahsahsha


    seni türkler ne yapar biliyomun maskeli emmi

  • TRY- Kayzer
    TRY- Kayzer

    ım watching this video as beeing a Turkish and 0:19 his ''oyunu oyna'' saying is too funny 🤣

  • Yellow Pot
    Yellow Pot

    Theres like 5 different turkish games that are stealing from cs:go and then nake them turkish regions like safranbolu and shit As a turk i hate that there are even people who defend these games The most famous of these is zula which is pay to win.

  • Tobias gaming
    Tobias gaming

    This is mé when i get frigher oh no a bich

  • The Retarded Cat
    The Retarded Cat

    The fake dust 2 looks like it could actually be good but set in a different area

  • Maz

    3:49 "elimizde" means "in our hands" in turkish. Not "eliminate".

  • Randomii666

    "Chernobyl? It looks like Cache!" Maybe because Cache is literally meant to be in Chernobyl...

    • Tunca Arslan'ın Fedaisi
      Tunca Arslan'ın Fedaisi

      Its aztec not cache

  • nub

    Bro i am turkish boi but toxic kiddos play sabotaj cuz its have turkish soldiers *I SELL CARPET*

  • young skrub
    young skrub

    anomaly when he sees awp in other popular games and renamed as the l96: they copied this from csgo and the renamed it when some one stepped on a keyboard

  • xDTuber MLG
    xDTuber MLG

    2:14 what the hell was that sound

  • Ádám Gál
    Ádám Gál

    0:32 ''installing bitcoinminer'' xD

  • HüseyinMert Özçelik
    HüseyinMert Özçelik

    Bro its Galata tower

  • Şuursuz Buen
    Şuursuz Buen

    Oyunu oyna

  • Denny

    when i watched this video i was ashamed of my country

  • Kung Fu Boi
    Kung Fu Boi


  • ChundeR

    Sabotaj looks way better than CS no cap


    4:39 "CS:GO Global Offensive"

  • mrfrickinhedgehoggay

    My brother was spawn killed I mean What brother?

  • Matthew Nathanael
    Matthew Nathanael

    I feel bad for anyone who decide to have sponsor with anomaly...

  • virusENERGETIC

    "fps game exists" Anomaly: oMg ThEy CopYed CsGO

  • iivisxble ಠ_ಠ
    iivisxble ಠ_ಠ

    Pause at 0:35 *wot*

  • Arda :c
    Arda :c

    Sabotaj 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷


    anomaly dont woory ım from turkey

  • bye bye
    bye bye

    Oyunu oyna means play game and sabotaj means defuse

  • parsa akrami
    parsa akrami

    Weeeeeeeebooooo anomaly go wash your mouth

  • ShaunDelier

    "You guys know CS is free now right?" *cries in shitty laptop*

  • StxSaryusプロ

    dude u should "zula" thats worse than ever

  • Vatalin


  • Uno3000

    Is it just me or Sabotaj looks like more modernized version of CS:GO?

  • arifin tekmelediği kertenkele
    arifin tekmelediği kertenkele


  • Kaan Kolas
    Kaan Kolas

    Play zula its shit

    • arifin tekmelediği kertenkele
      arifin tekmelediği kertenkele

      nice greek comment🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Bready Mold
    Bready Mold

    I assume modern Warfare 2019 is a csgo ripoff now since you run faster with lighter weapons and you can inspect your weapons

  • gamerplays gamerplays
    gamerplays gamerplays

    sponsor was in middle of video fuck u my ear bleed

  • heartbreaker

    İts galata tower bruh

  • Vincent Olsson
    Vincent Olsson

    alla vapen är inte bara från csgo, awp är ett känt vapen.

  • Erdem Çelik
    Erdem Çelik

    0:29 lmao Oyun+u Oyna Play the game

  • look to edit
    look to edit

    SaboTaj 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Goran Novakovic
    Goran Novakovic

    You should do ca online 2 cuz its been revived

  • Pederessy Blyad
    Pederessy Blyad

    as a turkish person you are right there is not that much of game developing studios here and the those exists are just making shitty rip offs of the popular games :D

  • Nicholas Oks
    Nicholas Oks

    When csgo is free

  • NMRD

    Are we going to ignore the fact that sabotaj looks 5 times more dope than cs?

  • Gabriel D
    Gabriel D

    You should try cs extreme

  • -_fłøw _-
    -_fłøw _-

    Pls test "fan of gun"

  • Ø D Ï Ñ
    Ø D Ï Ñ

    Sabotaj looks like csgo and cod mobile had a child and it was kind of ok ish

  • Yes. No.
    Yes. No.

    you realize just because the awp is in a game doesn't mean its a cs copy

  • Lipe

    Copy maps no, copy guns.. no, makes you run faster with a knife thats thats is the worst lol

  • Doğah aD.
    Doğah aD.

    sabotage better than zula, csgo better than sabotage but zula is shit you should play zula

  • Memelonian

    “MAÇI KAZANDIN!!!!!”

  • Neomizo

    the best free rip off of csgo is csgo non prime.

  • Somebody Faraway
    Somebody Faraway

    2:04 HOGWARTS TOWER LMAO It's Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower) and it's a pretty famous tourist attraction in İstanbul, Turkey

  • Somebody Faraway
    Somebody Faraway

    LMAO as a turkish person the beginning of the video was fucking hilarious to watch lmao. You pronounced "Sabotaj" perfectly by the way. Also, "oyunu oyna" means "play the game" lmao im dead

  • OnyxT3mp

    "Why are they playing arabic music next to the bombs, I think they're racist" hahahaha Im dedd

  • Namy

    But Counter Strike GO already free?

    • Rick More
      Rick More


  • Jasulister

    Aiigghtt heeii, I can be ur Turkish translator if you'd like to my brotha, just let me know!!

  • Andrius Tulušis
    Andrius Tulušis

    Its funny that the whole game is just better csgo

  • NyZe '-'
    NyZe '-'

    Play critikal ops

  • big floppa fan
    big floppa fan

    The csgo awp got so popular the us military stole it

  • Gary Roach Sanderson
    Gary Roach Sanderson

    Why Point Blank is not in this vid Point Blank is fuckin' trash cs ripoff

  • Bonox Gamer
    Bonox Gamer

    Google Cs online club Its real Cs 1.6 on Google It works try

  • Nega n
    Nega n

    As a Turkish Person i didn't get offended by that

    • brahman sucks
      brahman sucks

      Azerbaycan serveri yok oyunda galiba bu urun ulkenizdr gecerli digil yaziyir

    • Scar and Harry
      Scar and Harry


    • Mío Fratello
      Mío Fratello

      By what

    • Erdem Çelik
      Erdem Çelik

      @Nega n it is, like always :P

    • Nega n
      Nega n

      @Erdem Çelik it is funny though

  • Javs Javs
    Javs Javs

    Anomaly noob

  • Block Craft
    Block Craft

    Hi can i get some freě cs:go skins i dont have a lot of móney and cs:go is really fun. If yes pres write on this comment.

  • KappaKappaKappaKappa

    Sabotaj looks pretty good

  • Vain

    You played so many f2p cs but you've never played CS Xtreme. My disappointment is immeasurable.

  • Alouis Schäfer
    Alouis Schäfer

    lul al of these games are kryptominers if not worse

  • Lazyretard

    lmao valve stole the map from some other creator tho so its not "csgos" map

  • pigeon.

    Dust in sabotaj be better than the real one doe :flushed:

  • 弥栄行脚

    It's like an alt world without you, what if you wake up in the morning without the used scenery but everything works the same, you can use your experiences in it, just how it feels like to see the world.

  • Sanji vins
    Sanji vins

    this is literaly copy right but bruh this kinda dope im gonna try this soon

  • Yasin Candan
    Yasin Candan


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