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  • Yanhe Lu
    Yanhe Lu

    No offense. I pretty like ur accent !!! and ur videos! Regards~

  • Milos Pavlicevic
    Milos Pavlicevic

    Bro.... your hair :D :D :D :D

  • Bogateanu Andrei Silviu
    Bogateanu Andrei Silviu

    How do you manage to 3mark so many tanks... to 100% even...

  • Bert Vanzier
    Bert Vanzier

    I like the realistic live battles more then the epic ones. Isn't it better to place the improved rotating mechanism in the first slot so you get a little extra bonus?

  • Solothkar of Trinsic
    Solothkar of Trinsic

    The games I enjoy the most is when skill4ltu is playing and talking. That was easy.

  • Mike Cimerian
    Mike Cimerian

    Will you introduce us to your cat?

  • Eshelion

    Mm with 3 M44's is still better than mm with 3 lefhuis... I like both realistic battles and "best of" (although imo it should be done so, there is more live battles than epic battles) - it's nice to see great scores from time to time for a change, but watching them everyday would get boring.

  • Rodder

    25:30 we can only dream

  • TheMind

    But Skiiiiiiiiiillllll 2 out of 3 is not half. :)))))

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell


  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Counter into you buddies creates a flank to encircle enemy aka lost battalion lake RIGA SKILL

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Ditto on your sentiments on state of game BREADCRUMBS buddy


    hi; very very very lol

  • Marcos Braga Choma
    Marcos Braga Choma

    On a daily basis, I take a pause, come here, watch some cool gameplayz and then go back to work. Thank you skill! PP raised - nothing we can do about it!

  • Native American
    Native American

    Game is so rigged.

  • TheScalysnake

    love to see your live games skiiil

  • Aka_Nocci

    skiiiiiiiil m103 and t110e5

  • farmer oz
    farmer oz

    The lives battles are the best as j feel I learn something new and get a constant reminder to be patience in the battle (I'm a very aggressive player)

  • Alex Irinel Tudor
    Alex Irinel Tudor

    Realistic for me too

  • Dominik Włusek
    Dominik Włusek

    Live battles are much better!

  • G

    live battles, we call it GONZO wot

  • Eryk Lande
    Eryk Lande

    I like all your battles as I can always learn something. Whatever the final score is, I always benefit. Although I usually die trying to repeat your bold moves. But that's fine, no complains, no regrets. Thanks for great content, Skill!

  • Michael Hildebrandt
    Michael Hildebrandt

    About your question: I like LIVE gameplay with realistic battles.

  • Piotr Bednarek
    Piotr Bednarek

    Raise your guns! I like the real games with hardcore pressure ;), which eventually might lead to the epic results!

  • Danny's Videos
    Danny's Videos

    Realistic Live Battles is the best. Great Job mate :)

  • Commander Goosey
    Commander Goosey

    Day 20 asking for TVP VTU :)

  • Krampus

    @skill4ltu Why do you always say let's teleport to the other battle, but you always return to the end of the current one? 😞 😁 Hugs and kisses from Croatia! Love you man!

  • mees baudoin
    mees baudoin

    emil 2 i didnt enjoy as much as karnvagn

  • Piotr Staniszewski
    Piotr Staniszewski

    but but but skillll day 21 without t95 :)

  • Joe Meadows
    Joe Meadows

    I like the live gameplay...but I don't mind the best of games once in a while.

  • Gerry H
    Gerry H

    Realistic in WoT? How about 35 losses in 40 games? Top damage in Grand Battle (loss), top half for damage in 3/4 of battles. 4/5 times weekends are always (always) at complete nightmare. Two days later winning streak. Every time. Must just be my luck - not rigged at all.

  • Dino Dzinic
    Dino Dzinic

    skill i too recently came across ur channel and i instantly became adicted... love the realism in ur videos, please keep on making live videos much respect from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Kevin Tóth
    Kevin Tóth

    Day 1 without Emil I Bububububu but skiiieeeel.... no emil 1 video on the channel. How dare u🦍

  • steve thomas
    steve thomas

    Realistic battles always Skill

  • Georg Sch
    Georg Sch

    realistic games are the best whenever you tell us why you do this and that :)

  • Alexandru Teodorovici
    Alexandru Teodorovici

    I also like the realistic ones with a bit of intro to tank equipment and map spots to best perform. 🤘😉🍌

  • DiCE

    I like when you do live gameplay, im not very good so I appreciate when you tell us what you are thinking in your pigeon head. I've learned a lot from your live games that I wouldn't know with just the best games. But I enjoy the best games videos too.

  • Jelle Van Huizen
    Jelle Van Huizen

    Live games are the best although the occasional best of is very nice too, like the 50tp video

  • feflofeflic

    ... most usefull is to view realistic (sometimes good, sometimes bad), but not epic battles (on SLtoos is a lot of epic battles, but they can show nothing about real abilities of tank)...sorry for my bad english...

  • Bauer Limited Production
    Bauer Limited Production

    TURBO!!! Add a turbo, mainly for backup speed and quicker rotation.

  • GizzmoD

    I loved the emill 1 (pre nerf) but hated the emill 2... that gun trolled the banana's out of me... then anyone with a brain doesn't fight an emill 2 or krangvarn hull down... irritating tank to play these days imo

  • Jan Hanák
    Jan Hanák

    Attempt 9: FCM 50t

  • Gabriel

    I like the live battles when you explain many things, if I want to go for epic battles, I can watch a baby channel who shows other people replays.

  • FirestreakRodimusPr

    Skill Tiger 1 vs Tiger P

  • Calum Young
    Calum Young

    Some French light tanks eated too much and got fat and migrated to Sweden.

  • Boris Manzov
    Boris Manzov

    Skeeel Day 1 video without amx 13 90

  • P. Griffith
    P. Griffith

    I like both types of videos. Epic ones for how to maximize that tank and live ones for an overview of it's strengths.

  • Podkriznik

    I love live battles! Easier to get a realistic feel of the vehicle in hands of a good player instead of cherry-picking good RNG and good teams setup battles that happen once in 100 games. "Best of" battles after finishing 100% MoE on a tank is also a nice recap of the streams. Keep it up!

  • HeroKiki

    That's weird tho. I have optics vents and stabs and I have 80% hit ratio in Emil 2

  • Krystian K
    Krystian K

    3 Years of premium is a dream xD

  • Hannes Woiton
    Hannes Woiton

    As your realistic battles are allways close to epic - at least in my eyes - stay with it!

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    SKIILLLĹLLLL "No medicine FOR stupidity"

  • yosh

    Day 17: Crusader

  • Hichko Petkov
    Hichko Petkov

    Real battles !

  • Marylin Bradford
    Marylin Bradford

    Realistic is the best not quicky badly cherry picked games filled in with nonsense talk. How to dominate on the battlefield.lol

  • Ved Ran
    Ved Ran

    4:22 your shadow look like a pee-pee

  • Raclette Power
    Raclette Power

    Always sad to penetrate 2 out of tree 😢🌳🌴🌲

  • Ivan Markovic
    Ivan Markovic

    Took most fun by pressing uninstall...

  • ohmy godd
    ohmy godd

    Artillery is definietly not fine in this game. It is the reason why I stopped playing it

    • ohmy godd
      ohmy godd

      I definietly blame people playing arty. If everyone would just stopped playing it, the game would be much better.

  • Mads Dalsgaard
    Mads Dalsgaard

    What is the name of the outro music ?


    Realistic games please!

  • Tommy

    I removed a stabilizer and put a turbo charger and for me this is good idea.

  • C. B.
    C. B.

    Realistic Games pls

  • Beta'nın Fötr Şapkası
    Beta'nın Fötr Şapkası

    real tankers shoot in the air

  • Victor Dumitrescu
    Victor Dumitrescu


  • Andrija Brankovic
    Andrija Brankovic

    I hated this tank with passion. Rage sold it couple of weeks ago...

  • Got 'em Fish
    Got 'em Fish

    Tx again skill

  • Mak Tripalo
    Mak Tripalo

    Realistic battles are the best

  • Szász Sándor
    Szász Sándor

    20:50 absolutly real life gameplays are more enjoyable for me, keep it up baboon king (and ofc kylarz

  • T.A.P. Gaming
    T.A.P. Gaming


  • Andreas Busse
    Andreas Busse

    Live decison gameplay are the best!!!Not ecic replay.So we can better understanding why and when you do this or this....Er Love you King! !!!!!!

  • Andrei07_ 2
    Andrei07_ 2

    Can make again a video with e100?

  • Hayder Ali
    Hayder Ali

    Day 6 without Obj 277

  • Giorgi Shavgulidze
    Giorgi Shavgulidze

    that hair and that beard looks like u havent slept for days XD

  • Hamletor

    Such a toxic gaming session - people raising their pee-pees (including enemy arty, but to shoot :)), team play, some balanced battles ... Disgusting :D!

  • hubbiethehammer

    Day 6 asking for an IS-7 video ❤️

  • Antoine Ducoulombier
    Antoine Ducoulombier

    realistic battles are the best

  • Gunars 111
    Gunars 111

    Realistic battles please!

  • Riley Lamb
    Riley Lamb

    Thank you for the tutorials Skill, I prefer the in-game dynamic decision making.

  • bate _
    bate _

    Personally i like both, the live vids and the epic replays, its just that the live vids are better for kind of everyday conten where epic replays is cool once in like 3-4 days, but in general both of the videos are much fun. Keep up Skill !

  • Thai Le Photography
    Thai Le Photography

    Definitely the realistic ones. The epic ones all the replay channels show shooting gold don't help any., and love the why what and hows going on.

  • Geerlig Lecluse
    Geerlig Lecluse

    I like the realistic games more, because the reasoning and explanation how to play and what to do or how to (try to) fix a situation is teaching me a lot to improve my own game. Epic games are amazing to watch, but less of a learning experience for me.

  • milos stefanovic
    milos stefanovic

    the way you do it now is better

  • Starfall

    That move at the last game with the 430 was awesome!

  • O2MEND

    Good day Skill, I like the epic and the live gameplay when you're not sure of the outcome. Both are good and the way you explain what and why you are moving into certain positions has really helped my gameplay.

  • b6s4shelter

    Realistic, just send it, 3 in a row of king baboon!

  • Joshua Thiel
    Joshua Thiel

    The live realistic games are fun to watch!! Skill we know your good and you have nothing to prove. It’s just more enjoyable to see you have to use your brain and your vehicles strengths as you play!! Keep up the good work and thank you!

  • Steven Gibson
    Steven Gibson

    I like your realistic battles the best by far. Understanding your thought process and why you do (or don't do) what you do is a much better learning tool. Great channel and keep up the good work from Texas.

  • Francoo Di Falquinho
    Francoo Di Falquinho

    Attemp 15: skiiiieeeel can u play with the Udes 14 5 pliiiieees reeeeeeeee

  • Mike McAllister
    Mike McAllister

    Hey Skill, I am new to PC WOT EU - Refugee from console.. (A moment of silence for WOT Console-All That Grinding Waisted) Explaining where you go and why in realistic games helps me a lot. The maps are much different from console and I do see a lot PEE PEE's raised on the EU server. Thanks for the great content.

  • Chris Z
    Chris Z

    I prefer your commentary over live battles, so you can show us that you're human! LOL

  • Coolyman Foolyster
    Coolyman Foolyster

    Your realistic games are definitely better! You are a very good player but you do not set unrealistic expectations for performance. That is a rare and valuable thing in the WoT community.

  • Sgt_BiNghia

    Are you winning, Emil 1 ?

  • Aussie Arcade
    Aussie Arcade

    Live battles are the best, have learnt a lot.

  • The Omiyo
    The Omiyo

    You are right.

  • Chuck Murdock
    Chuck Murdock

    I enjoy the live games but if you want to do recorded games I can send you some and you can do commentary on how I am bad and should feel bad 😃

  • Shady Slimm
    Shady Slimm

    this thank is brutal , i have 51 games in it 900xp average , i played 2 days in a row wiht 2.5k-3k average dmg , this tank is a beast and some guy played really good with it i got once 1900 base experience and i didnt get an ace tanker so im pissed out

  • Toni Cardoso
    Toni Cardoso

    Realistic battles !

  • MassBreak james
    MassBreak james

    Skillatu we are simple men when we see 🍉🍑 🤤

  • Erik lastname
    Erik lastname

    Live gameplay is great but also love the occasional best of ... videos

Sem SDS-ovec???
45 tis.
Sem SDS-ovec???
45 tis.