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  • robert mosquera
    robert mosquera

    The silky profit postsynaptically touch because dance pivotally borrow forenenst a hot huge cemetery. modern, safe organ

  • benjirussPRO

    Kon carried this bid

  • Efrain Hellen
    Efrain Hellen

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  • Sidemen_Tekkerz 10
    Sidemen_Tekkerz 10


  • oh waou
    oh waou

    16:30 lmfaooo simon mimicking talia is the best thing ever

  • QuickMaths

    The wine that they didn't know about was called 'Moscato d'Asti'

  • Ella Mitchell
    Ella Mitchell

    i think the wine theyre talking about is moscato d'asto

  • Modigliani

    7:12 of kon and kirsty is literally couple goals hahahah lovin it

  • Will Millet
    Will Millet

    I never knew kon was so funny

  • Danny Hustle
    Danny Hustle

    Talia is attention seeker imagine choose 50 cent nelly and thierry henry as crush. Try to be woke women.

  • yeah yeah
    yeah yeah

    simon is so attractive omg


    Kons bird was cheating, you could see her laughing when kon was saying the story about him farting

  • The Tastiest Jam
    The Tastiest Jam

    Im from the US and had never heard of the tweenes so I just looked up Milo. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK TALIA

  • Aaron Howard
    Aaron Howard

    One of the best videos of 2020

  • mr mars
    mr mars

    Are they in scotland

  • Aaron Doran
    Aaron Doran

    can we get a version with randy and his wife!!

  • StevoB

    Kons couple song😂😂

  • Omar Abdirahman Ali
    Omar Abdirahman Ali

    thought it was ethan ffs

  • The Chair King Steer
    The Chair King Steer

    Kirsty’s laugh...

  • Diamondsnipe255 55555
    Diamondsnipe255 55555

    Simon and talia vs jacksepticeye and Evelyn has to happen 🙏

  • Thomas Farrugia
    Thomas Farrugia

    Moscato D'asti

  • Oscar Watson
    Oscar Watson

    Kon and Kirsty are actually really funny ngl

  • LifeOfSharkie

    Kon is the most underated man in the Sidemen production company

  • Pvp Fox
    Pvp Fox

    I clicked because I thought I saw Simon doing a video with mumbo jumbo

  • Doctor magnum
    Doctor magnum

    IF YOU SAW SLtooss comment, click on the profile

  • Tash

    Simon: Mario Let Me Love you Kirsty: Oh they make looove also Kirsty: we fuuuckkk!

  • Mursal mirza
    Mursal mirza

    DID TALIA JUST “🤮” AT TOBLERONE?! M8 that’s mad

  • Brody Carlin
    Brody Carlin

    let me love you is a bop. change my mind.

  • Ronnie Boi
    Ronnie Boi

    Simon should do this against josh and freya

  • Jumper Gaming
    Jumper Gaming

    7:15 bruh💀💀💀

  • kSpades

    The banter of Kon and Kirsty certi😂💯

  • Mahmoud Hamra
    Mahmoud Hamra

    Bruh of Kon loses the Wright he’d be smokin!!

    • Mahmoud Hamra
      Mahmoud Hamra


  • RG Tutorials
    RG Tutorials


  • Szythe play's
    Szythe play's

    do this wiv josh and freya

  • Santox_Digitalx

    7:15 🤣😂💀

  • BigMan 2.0
    BigMan 2.0

    Talia how are you scared of spiders I am younger than you and I am not

  • Elliot Van Wagner
    Elliot Van Wagner

    quite frankly im a huge Kon fan ngl. i wish i was friends with this dude IRL

  • Lorenzo Feri
    Lorenzo Feri

    To answer the question, pewds and marzia

  • Graeme Sommerville
    Graeme Sommerville

    the voice crack at the end tho

  • Abdulrahman Al Masfari
    Abdulrahman Al Masfari

    for a sec i thought that guy was ethen


    Wait,where is jj

  • Tyler Frye
    Tyler Frye

    Jordz and his massive voice crack at the end of the vid LMAO

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele Rosecrans

    Who listens to Megan the stallion anymore?

  • Arjun Ramdhan
    Arjun Ramdhan

    tell kon 'moscato d'asti' Happy New year

  • King Leo
    King Leo

    I don’t see any couples 😂

  • Zain Zain
    Zain Zain


  • Æ Œ
    Æ Œ

    Kon is Ethans long lost twin brother they look and speak the same

  • Leo Matthews
    Leo Matthews

    Dislike just for the daim. They are top tier

  • Mc.Nialler

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  • Erion Hala
    Erion Hala

    The wine is called Moscato Dasti

  • joshua leonard
    joshua leonard

    Talia wins and I don't even need to watch the video. She is one of my biggest crushes on the internet🤣🤣 why can't we have British girls where I live 😍😪

    • joshua leonard
      joshua leonard

      @Matthew Andrew if that is a man where you live than I really need to move. You should see the girls where I live. I won't even talk to them.

    • Matthew Andrew
      Matthew Andrew

      She’s a man bruh

  • Speedy20

    2:27 I didn’t even know she had a YT channel😂😂

  • FireWood


  • Hi Hey
    Hi Hey

    Kirsty and Kon are hilarious 😂

  • Ike Duruibe
    Ike Duruibe

    Anybody wanna get saved? Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

  • Hiba Dandah
    Hiba Dandah

    17:20 the way she said Scottish was so 😂

  • Rishit Murarka
    Rishit Murarka

    what is the song that kon plays for Simon?

  • eugene donaldson
    eugene donaldson

    Talia look sexy af

  • briarfr

    Simon get her a car

  • Quick Bots
    Quick Bots

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  • Ferazy

    Ethan from the deepweb

  • Moe The Child Predator
    Moe The Child Predator


  • Alice Everglow
    Alice Everglow

    Next do it with Josh and Freya

  • Sooshians Ezati Amini
    Sooshians Ezati Amini

    do this with pewdiepie and marzia

  • Kxng S4f3
    Kxng S4f3

    Need to get big josher and freya

  • Beast Vegan
    Beast Vegan

    ☝️☝️☝️☝️ Alhamdulah

  • Haye

    Talia has a new nose every video


    0:08 wtf was that sound

  • captain ackerman
    captain ackerman

    simon you said best couple you brought talia instead of jj


    20:26 voice crack

  • James bailey
    James bailey

    Change a screwdriver

  • Logan Alberto
    Logan Alberto


  • Lee cook
    Lee cook


  • lil omm
    lil omm

    Simon and ksi is the best couple on you tube

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    Kon and Kirsty because the other two aren’t really a couple 😂

  • Rohan Balan
    Rohan Balan

    Anyone found the dessert wine yet? 😂

  • Just your Average gamer
    Just your Average gamer

    oi kon actually has an amazing sense of humour yet he seems so serious in the sdmn channel vids

  • Vs Dabz
    Vs Dabz

    Everyone knows who the best couple is : . . KSImon

  • Vix Stewart
    Vix Stewart

    Kirsty is fuckin extra and I'm here for her. She's amazing!

  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez

    Yo is that Ethan

  • беца

    I dont mean this in any bad way, just saying that nose alteration, even the smallest one can change your whole face as whole, before, Talia had somewhat distinct face, now is more generic, not memoriable. Not in a bad way, just an observation.

  • Ethan Topkin
    Ethan Topkin

    Jordz is so gay

  • Adam Ehling
    Adam Ehling

    Dude Khon is a fucking vibe

    • Adam Ehling
      Adam Ehling

      And Kirsty them together

  • DoubleUz

    do this with DEJI and DOUNJAH

  • Tom Llewellyn
    Tom Llewellyn

    Simon looks so old

  • Nao Tomori
    Nao Tomori

    34:49 rental girlfriend????

  • Louis clark
    Louis clark

    yooo ma girl reppin the irn bru

  • JSPB Tactical
    JSPB Tactical

    Never heard of con and Kirsty

  • zach caruana
    zach caruana

    moscato d'asti

  • WashedMax V2
    WashedMax V2

    JJ was ill this day

  • Hugo Parra
    Hugo Parra

    Do one against Ethan and Elz

  • RFL LJ
    RFL LJ

    21:08 Huh ?

  • Domenico

    Talia, what have you done with your pretty face? :(

  • Weird Salad
    Weird Salad

    I saw this video when it came out and there was nothing wrong here, I wonder why he had to cover it? 1:07

  • vmuv

    haha should get jj on this


    Who else thought Kon was Ethan in the thumbnail????

  • Teigan Walters
    Teigan Walters

    Kirsty is so funny idec !!

  • julia piecun
    julia piecun

    do this with willne and mia

  • Aden Wills
    Aden Wills

    Why did Jordz have to say “Food Cuisine” when he asked that question...lol

  • ??

    I thought Kirsty and Simon was the same person on the thumbnail