tydus STOLE my credit card... (bad idea)
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tydus STOLE my credit card... (bad idea)
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  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar

    why does jake have a credit card is he broke

  • Friendly And gaming holds
    Friendly And gaming holds


  • MOCHI알렉스 팬 픽션
    MOCHI알렉스 팬 픽션

    I wish I had a brother like Jake🥺

  • Adri Demrovsky
    Adri Demrovsky

    I love you guys so much

  • Digvijay Rana
    Digvijay Rana

    Are the so cute loving got three puppies and tidus and rye Rye was there in the boat so cute

  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher

    i went join team 10 with you guys my name is John

  • Shirrfffgley Bowers
    Shirrfffgley Bowers

    I love your chanle

  • Ben Montgomery
    Ben Montgomery

    I wish he was still like this today 😭😭😭

  • Jennifer Ellis
    Jennifer Ellis


  • Maricar David
    Maricar David

    The edit that you made that was tydus flying was funny hahahahhahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha

  • Malena Pitassi
    Malena Pitassi

    that's probably mini jake paul's best day of his life

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Trav and cor Titus Jake ryry and your family and your other friends you got Titus a giraffe???

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    🔑🔑🔑🗝🔑🗝🗝🔑🗝🗝🛏🔑🗝🔑🚪🔒🔒🔒🔓🔓🔓🔓🔓🔓🔐🔐🔐🔏🔏 I wish I can live with you guys

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Awesome 💶💶💶💶💷💷💷💷💰💰💰💰💳💳💳💳💎💎💎💎💴💴💴💴💵💵💵💵💸💸💸💸

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Yo Jake you rich man you got a Lamborghini and a team 10 house how the hell did you get both of them rich 🤑 rich rich rich rich 💶💷💰💸💵💴💎💳💳💎💎💎💴💴💴💵💵💵💰💰💷💷💷💶💶💶💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💳💳💳💳💳💎💎💳💳💎💳💳💳💳💳💳💎💎💎

  • Jose Chavarria
    Jose Chavarria

    Jake paul i love randy savenge

  • unspoken 57
    unspoken 57

    idk if this makes me a bad person but that is funny

  • Carter Slocum
    Carter Slocum

    jack can i have a discount code for a team ten chan.

  • Karen mansour 23
    Karen mansour 23

    Covid anyone--->

  • Jason Beckingham
    Jason Beckingham

    Jesus how are you doing this jake Paul you are the best SLtoosr

  • Scott Eilmann
    Scott Eilmann

    Pimpit83 Pimpit83 o 😩 😩😩📻 to🌻😂📻📻 Unlucky it jjmfjrjr

  • Le'Mya Jones
    Le'Mya Jones

    Love you try happy birthday

  • L Garcia
    L Garcia

    Jack is dumb but I like Titus more!

  • Jeannie Gorce
    Jeannie Gorce

    I love your chennol

  • Neverland Kio
    Neverland Kio


  • nisa bahl
    nisa bahl

    who else watching in 2020 lol but like tydus literally is the cutest and very sweet he brings out he best in jake! he should be in his new vlogs i miss him! and tydus brings out the father in jake!💖💖



  • AJC gaming Garcia 2 Garcia
    AJC gaming Garcia 2 Garcia

    Poor mini jake his face when u broke them😭😭😭

  • Amanda Nelson
    Amanda Nelson

    Jahrome is the a and

  • Amanda Nelson
    Amanda Nelson

    Th e J ahrome

  • Scott Mclaren
    Scott Mclaren

    Jake: I wound never break your toys 14:37

  • snakeboi gaming
    snakeboi gaming

    6:20 poor ryry is like help me get me off him lol she is so sad😓😓😓😓

  • Jaime Keppler
    Jaime Keppler

    Happy birthday Travis🥮🥮🥮🧁🧁🧁

  • Erica Bell,MPH
    Erica Bell,MPH

    That’s so cute jake

  • Aaliyah Venible
    Aaliyah Venible

    That's so sweet of you Jake

  • Aaliyah Venible
    Aaliyah Venible

    Happy Birthday Travis

  • Squad

    jake ur a bad ass

  • The hood Presents
    The hood Presents

    Lol that shop keeps should have known that was the most money he could have made

  • Adamjoshua Joshua
    Adamjoshua Joshua

    Jake can you play among us

  • Lau Henry
    Lau Henry

    Jake can I say WTF i said that because are you crazy

  • Dakota Tackett
    Dakota Tackett

    That is nice of Jake to give him new toys!!!😃😃

  • Roberta Arballo
    Roberta Arballo

    Jake do you now a girl name is jeame she is my techer in sierra

  • Chymaine Brown
    Chymaine Brown

    I was almost in tears 😭. Cus tydus was like “that’s kinda mean jake”. when he saw jake taking all his toys it seemed like jake was taking away tydus’s childhood

  • Jurdion Coenraad
    Jurdion Coenraad

    LoveYou Jake Paul

  • H4f1z NFS
    H4f1z NFS


  • Devon Jeffreys
    Devon Jeffreys

    Jake Paul I’d like your videos



  • Cindy Daniels
    Cindy Daniels

    Bruh it's a prank Jake Paul I gave hime a 100

  • Frederickia Perry
    Frederickia Perry

    Thats mean for breaking his toys then buy him some new ones




    Fgd f d

  • Eromonsele Monday Idebaneria
    Eromonsele Monday Idebaneria

    13:42 Tydus hands in pocket and shaking his head lmao

  • Skyler Walker
    Skyler Walker

    Cool lol mog love

  • Cody Bodden
    Cody Bodden

    He with should take your credit card

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson

    The bat man cave one really hurt me I feel for him I had the same toys as a little kid😢

  • Henry Ramirez
    Henry Ramirez

    Really cute

  • Mike Wazoski
    Mike Wazoski

    Bro Armani got f tackled so hard it’s funny lol 😂

  • swag pŕïncess
    swag pŕïncess

    I am a big fan

  • Jakob Lavoie
    Jakob Lavoie

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁 tyduse

  • Nit Taman
    Nit Taman

    I was like 😶😶

  • Marsean Xxx
    Marsean Xxx

    Hi Jake Paul Jake Paul you're the best best best rapper and the best video

  • Brinina A Howard
    Brinina A Howard

    10 / 10 video its every day bro

  • cherlien tamer
    cherlien tamer


  • king alex mojica
    king alex mojica

    I love you so moche

  • Jayden Sanchez
    Jayden Sanchez

    I love your vids

  • yee vang
    yee vang

    anyone will never love me

  • Dora Enriquez
    Dora Enriquez

    I fell bad for ryry


    Sup Jake Paul

  • Tracy Schweinle
    Tracy Schweinle

    I was crying 😭 😭😭

  • Leonel Guevara
    Leonel Guevara

    Happy new year

  • Martha Mchugh
    Martha Mchugh


  • liam killer
    liam killer


  • Damien Keefe
    Damien Keefe

    😢😢😢 it made me cry

  • Lj Burke
    Lj Burke

    Why did you broken Lucas and Marcus house they teach you how to do a backflip

    • Josan Beat
      Josan Beat

      They did it to

  • Onorato Gaitan urive
    Onorato Gaitan urive

    Him Mi. Tos. For. Mi

  • Moises Maya
    Moises Maya


  • Onorato Gaitan urive
    Onorato Gaitan urive

    Tares. Ai. Giviyu. Your. Soperas. Tares. 🤩😎

    • Onorato Gaitan urive
      Onorato Gaitan urive


  • jero rijase
    jero rijase

    Ok jaek cool to that lembo

  • Irfan Hafiy
    Irfan Hafiy

    You are like a dad to tydus

  • kelly tellez
    kelly tellez

    love you

  • HoneyMan

    Your t-shirts colours are from my countries flag🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹

  • Joshua Tobiasz
    Joshua Tobiasz

    Biografía del presidente

  • Haleigh Sutton
    Haleigh Sutton

    I love you Jake Paul ❤️

  • Haleigh Sutton
    Haleigh Sutton

    I am a Jake Paul fan❤️

  • Thkra Jazraiw
    Thkra Jazraiw

    Jake Paul I love you

  • Ethan

    Tydus sounds like elmo lol

  • Dan N
    Dan N

    Happy birthday to you

    • Dan N
      Dan N

      I am

  • Kelli Brett
    Kelli Brett


  • Clarence Chun
    Clarence Chun

    He is cool

  • Dreamin Alone
    Dreamin Alone

    he destroid tydisis tys bruh

  • Elíseo Gonzalez
    Elíseo Gonzalez


  • TheGamer_ Dude
    TheGamer_ Dude


  • Carmen guerrero
    Carmen guerrero

    1:26 l ol lhow did u edit dat?

  • Alberto Flores
    Alberto Flores

    The way Armani hold his head 😂😂😂😂

  • lance jdigop1321 njg
    lance jdigop1321 njg

    Super cute

  • Roblox_dude3445

    Lol! Tydus IS The next figters

  • epic guy
    epic guy

    jake changed a lot in 2020

  • Not Carl the rolblox gamer
    Not Carl the rolblox gamer

    Littest 5 year old

  • Zach Cervantes
    Zach Cervantes

    Ł P

  • Mollie Williams
    Mollie Williams

    Jake what the hell man that's mean