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  • Mathias J
    Mathias J

    Just gonna say, the Greenland problem, was never there WHEN it was owned by Denmark, only started after, since they didnt know how to run themselves. So thats a bit wrong facts.

  • Lori Caldwell
    Lori Caldwell

    The alcoholic church simplistically cheat because pelican contradictorily mourn failing a hideous high treatment. elegant, cuddly dry

  • Super Sammy Gamer
    Super Sammy Gamer

    When vik said I don't know that flag I don't play fifa I was screaming Montenegro it was

  • MajstorBoban


  • Shraze_Vexx


  • NitroxGaming

    i hate all of the countries listed

  • Maximo Freeman
    Maximo Freeman


  • Official Da Mad Man Channel
    Official Da Mad Man Channel

    Savage Ethan 1:09:08

  • Jamie Smyth
    Jamie Smyth

    6 mins in, southern fucking Ireland. Good at geography my hole

  • Tanrhyme F
    Tanrhyme F

    this should be a sidemen video geoguessr in real life

  • Sam Wh
    Sam Wh

    Ohhh Vik is so dumb I can't watch this

  • corey Harris
    corey Harris

    Greenland only has 11 murders avg per year but because there’s only like 50k people there they say it’s 5xs more the rate than the US because of people per murder

  • samtherat6

    Vik accidentally made so many people lose faith in his skill by missing the US flag.

  • Absolute Absurd
    Absolute Absurd

    Sidemen Geoguessr irl? Each lad gets put in a different country and theyre timed n stuff

  • Absolute Absurd
    Absolute Absurd

    1:33:45 where ;-; I wanna see the barefoot guy

  • Ted Dan
    Ted Dan

    16:34 "1950s" lmao

  • DrBeatzPlayz

    39:23 Oh crap I was seriously there in February. That specific road. Not that it matters 😂😂. Just thinking what are the odds.

  • Eleanor Walker
    Eleanor Walker

    Loved this Vik! Keep it up 💙

  • J B
    J B

    How is vik still guessing Brazil😂😂

  • H 1
    H 1

    57:01 sounds like Voldemort

  • Sobanel

    32:14.. it literally says .ch

  • Tombalo

    Why does mommasboy Freezy always have to fking yell :D is it the "more volume = more alpha"

  • Jacob

    this is for all the genius’s in the comments 1:09

  • Zach Bloody Schwencke
    Zach Bloody Schwencke

    1:26:00 is that where that cat ran in to the door

  • Harry Sports Legends
    Harry Sports Legends

    7 mil u deserve everyone keep it up

  • Chronical 423
    Chronical 423

    I can’t stop laughing from 50:57 to 51:20

  • Chronical 423
    Chronical 423

    This whole thing is them saying “I’ve been here”

  • Jesper A
    Jesper A




  • Herman

    I swear harry was cheating with his chat or something. Almost no person plays like that, and the ones who do are the ones who have played for years

    • Samuel Pinder
      Samuel Pinder

      No, battle royale locations tend to be easier than normal geoguessr

  • Edwin Pratt
    Edwin Pratt

    There's a SPAR in Italy 😮 I thought SPAR was in South Africa only

    • Micha 139381
      Micha 139381

      It‘s a Dutch company

    • Jack Motcheyo
      Jack Motcheyo

      Spar is in most of Europe, even in Cameroon there is

  • Jaagup Aus
    Jaagup Aus


  • DutchDJIMini2

    Bro the Netherlands is one of the wealthiest countries mate xD Aint no way it looks like 26:00 here XD

  • Iver Samuelsen
    Iver Samuelsen

    More more

  • Darcey Ball
    Darcey Ball

    what is viks twitch i can only find one but it was active 3 years ago

  • Obi-dog-kenobi

    Just carried u in zombies xD

  • clouds

    helsinki mainittu

  • Jiggy

    Didn't know Vikk was an f1 fan

  • Jackson Brummitt
    Jackson Brummitt

    Go back to GTA with the Sidemen

  • Sharr

    Vikk please play with Speedy.

  • Jayant Rawat
    Jayant Rawat

    Vikk is dumb in geogusser...

  • marcus finley
    marcus finley

    Can you please do gang beasts

  • Josh Wilkinson
    Josh Wilkinson

    Vikks actually hit 7 million

  • Juliusz Skoczek
    Juliusz Skoczek

    Vik i know that you are the guy with the pink pig mask if you dont reply that means its you. Well welll well i knew IT

  • Cossu HD
    Cossu HD

    18:30 vittuako selität

  • Limpan {}
    Limpan {}

    Do another alcohol version

  • DH Mufc
    DH Mufc

    Come here for all your coldwar/warzone content2021. 2021 comes vikk lets the fans down!

  • Super G V2
    Super G V2

    Vik heard Temple and clicked Bangladesh 😂 whattt

  • Warrior J Gamer
    Warrior J Gamer

    Not gonna lie I read it as gorgeous battle royal

  • Mvbr

    Vik is dumb bruh man kept guessing same country as others


    Did you quit Dream SMP And Cosmic or what?

  • ZS - 10ZZ 930779 Rick Hansen SS
    ZS - 10ZZ 930779 Rick Hansen SS

    when lux said "only sum of us can survive cancer"

  • [THM] CinetraX
    [THM] CinetraX

    slovenia gang where you at ?

  • Vunga

    Petition for vikk to change his twitter bio to "The friend of TommyInnit"

  • Guillermo 77
    Guillermo 77

    POV u came from the stream

  • lninel

    45:52 Vik i'm not expecting you to be a geographical genius but you gotta know the flag of USA

  • Cyara Crystal Ruiz
    Cyara Crystal Ruiz

    Who gave vikk facetune?

  • ScarlettCamilleri X
    ScarlettCamilleri X

    i got malta straight away lol haha

  • Isaac Salazar
    Isaac Salazar

    every time vik guesses brazil for a spanish speaking country i age 10 years

  • ALY Elzaafarany
    ALY Elzaafarany

    Why did you stop playing warzone

  • Mohamed Hamido
    Mohamed Hamido

    I hate u

  • Maryann Reyes
    Maryann Reyes

    The nappy jar distally scribble because capricorn philly lick at a bent harbor. tenuous, strange fog

  • Fayez Ellosh
    Fayez Ellosh

    sees a US flag goes for Australia

  • Matea pav
    Matea pav

    1:01:00 lmao i walked these streets

  • Denial

    You should do a stream/video with all of the boys vs Wilbur soot

  • AllonSym

    vik if there's a turkish flag, it's either turkey or germany 😂

  • Azwad Sifat
    Azwad Sifat


  • Huntress x
    Huntress x


  • Ryan Palardy
    Ryan Palardy

    Congrats on 7 Million

  • Marioz Charalambous
    Marioz Charalambous

    Bro Greece was like 5 times lmao

  • Litstar

    Vikk now we need famous places geoguesser!!!plz

  • Leo Taylor
    Leo Taylor

    at 43:33 when freezy said he had been there on holiday but was wrong and then vik went to that sign and i realised ive actually been there on holidays was pretty funny

  • Lew Crew Gaming
    Lew Crew Gaming

    Where is freezy here?Is he with harry??

    • Dennis De Gouveia
      Dennis De Gouveia

      Playing on Simon’s account. He is Simonminter here.

  • PortuguesePirate99

    53:28 Someone has been watching Inside the Worlds Toughest Prisons lol

  • X1x Viper
    X1x Viper

    Vik is the CEO of guessing already guessed guesses

  • Jakob Tigges
    Jakob Tigges

    1:14:50 did anyone notice the old bajan canadian intro music???

  • Pepijn Cosemans
    Pepijn Cosemans

    The Balkan is really flat and has loads of fields, so if you see hills or even mountains it's more south like maybe Bulgaria

  • Folactics

    Vikk is the master of guessing a country that has already been guessed

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson

    Who’s going to tell vik that there is no street view in Saudi Arabia

  • Bishram Gartaula
    Bishram Gartaula

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  • YaBoiiNiel

    39:30 there’s only one country that has jeepneys and that’s the Philippines 🇵🇭 (I’m not actually sure about that fact but in my experience, no other country in the world have jeepneys)

  • emi_ BEAST
    emi_ BEAST

    harry was cheating 100000000%

    • peter reinhart
      peter reinhart

      No he wasnt

  • Juan Ortiz
    Juan Ortiz

    Bro this is painful to watch but at the same time it's funny af

  • Dantheman OOOIO
    Dantheman OOOIO

    I’m from Malta and every time it’s there for some reason it’s really cool

    • Ryan Cassar
      Ryan Cassar

      Dantheman OOOIO same I’m from Malta

  • Vukasin Jovanovic
    Vukasin Jovanovic

    when you have signs for cities with cyrillic and latin writing it is most likely Serbia or Macedonia.

  • Chokyo

    This group is the best.. Too funny

  • Joel Maye
    Joel Maye

    Did Simon speak

    • Eve Mc
      Eve Mc

      simon isnt there its calfreezy using simons acc

  • Phil Armellino
    Phil Armellino

    Locking in Andorra was such a dirty move. They were all guessing big countries thinking it was obvious.

  • TVisser

    Surely play with Lachlan Vik, that would be the best video ever

  • XIX420XIX 420
    XIX420XIX 420


  • Jacq Seymoo
    Jacq Seymoo

    When you see a road you've traveled 10000 times near your home town. and then vikk gets it straight away

  • Herman

    47:57 that was a sick guess

  • Phil Armellino
    Phil Armellino

    Video turned into 'Sidemen return to school 17'

  • HardstyleZ GER
    HardstyleZ GER

    1:38:42 Caught sriwijaya air in 4k

  • Nomiqer

    it actually spawned outside my house once, what?

  • Conor Sloyan
    Conor Sloyan

    45:53 zooms into an american flag, AUSTRALIA

  • ZKingunknownZ Central roblox
    ZKingunknownZ Central roblox


  • hamza

    Do hary say l'manberg

  • Lucas Goodman
    Lucas Goodman


  • Lucas Goodman
    Lucas Goodman