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  • ItsYaBoiJacrispy

    And people say josh has no personality😂😂

  • Qadi

    Funnest imposter game omds i spat out my tea aswell ffs🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosie Watts
    Rosie Watts

    Josh is actually hilarious 🤣 😭

  • ZS - 10BL 930779 Rick Hansen SS
    ZS - 10BL 930779 Rick Hansen SS


    • JR

      He has a video on it

  • Rovin Korale
    Rovin Korale

    Josh was amazing lol

  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P

    Josh literally knew it was Simon when he saw Simon kill callux in security but didn't utter a word. He helped Simon get a video. (He randomly guesses Talia, got it right, he got her out since he wanted to be the impostor with simon, he didn't want NaTalia as the 3rd wheel). His perspective : sltoos.info/for/3Zh8k8uHoo-enIY/video He knew it was simon the whole time.

  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P

    Imagine being in Ellum's position 😂. That man has got a different level of patience. He saw Simon kill 3 crew mates in front of him, he knew it was Simon but most didn't trust him. At the end he died 😂.

  • Zoe Davies
    Zoe Davies

    Josh is a true friend what a G

  • n dapshi
    n dapshi

    Josh is so funny man😂

  • SANDRO Chubinidze
    SANDRO Chubinidze

    i love that nobody noticed that simon was faking asteroides even tho its a visual task LOL (jk i hate that they didnt notice it)

  • Clemmie Atkins
    Clemmie Atkins

    That is literally the best among us game I have watched


    I don’t speak English

  • Benji T
    Benji T

    Maybe Simon really is josh's best friend

  • Vardhan Dhat
    Vardhan Dhat

    omg the best part was when josh cleared simon🤣🤣🤣

  • ChappyOh

    See this explains the strong relationship between the sidemen

  • noelage95LFC

    Josh causes the best content from this game

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson

    Freaking love josh he’s so funny

  • Martin Henstock
    Martin Henstock

    I watched this video on Josh's channel but it was him helping you win

  • Dontpressonmyprofilepic

    Claim your "here before a million views" ticket here.

  • Kaleb Magill
    Kaleb Magill

    Can we talk about that Simon: HECK YEAH I WAS

  • Amritpreet Singh
    Amritpreet Singh

    This is one of the funniest among us videos I’ve seen man Simon is jokes

    • Tokyo Blade
      Tokyo Blade


  • Pz

    The whole crew: JOSH REPORT THE BODY! Josh: Fuck no

  • Asma Sultana
    Asma Sultana

    Ahhh man best oneee

  • Lazy KaY
    Lazy KaY

    guys come check out my new vid

  • Known factor Yt
    Known factor Yt


  • JustKIRN

    A stone cold killer and your boy still backs you. That's friendship!

  • ChesskingPin 1
    ChesskingPin 1

    Do not fake weapons, trash and Medbay scan because there is animation. If someone does not see animation they will know you are imposter

  • Walid Rifai
    Walid Rifai

    josh you're a legend

  • Vihaan Jain
    Vihaan Jain

    Yo simon , next when u are the impostor don't stand at weapons if the visual tasks are on Because others can see if you are doing the task

    • Vihaan Jain
      Vihaan Jain

      @Dylan ya bro sorry I realized it later 😅

    • Dylan

      Bruh they never play with visual tasks on it's always off

  • Azion

    I personally find it cringe and just ded now with Josh excessively third impostering.

  • Lauren Salisbury
    Lauren Salisbury

    Wow this was a mega game 🤣😭

  • Emmanuel Ekundayo
    Emmanuel Ekundayo

    Josh is actually the best

  • Meet Patel
    Meet Patel

    i was the 541,500 viewer.

  • Ramil D
    Ramil D

    funniest game

  • Chrys Matt
    Chrys Matt

    This was funny

  • Isabelle McLeod
    Isabelle McLeod

    Game idea: only ghosts can talk but can’t name names or colours

  • JoeY Bro
    JoeY Bro

    It gets so quiet sometimes I wonder if my sound is on

  • Taher Ahmed
    Taher Ahmed

    I love josh 😂

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor

    Great play that Simon lad😂👊

  • Scott Farrell
    Scott Farrell

    Josh when the game ends and Simon is impostor: “Whaaat? Nah I never knew that”

    • Samyak H P
      Samyak H P

      He was being sarcastic, watch his perspective from the link in above comment. He knew it was Simon the whole time.

    • Tokyo Blade
      Tokyo Blade


  • Mur de Berlin
    Mur de Berlin

    03:50 yo the way cal said stuttering is funni hahaha

  • Milkymanz

    literally the best game I have ever seen

  • BluePlaysFN

    Simon y did u fake asteroids its a visual task:)

  • little_muslim brothers_vlogs
    little_muslim brothers_vlogs


  • weebabyshakeus

    Josh ruins the game. He’s sits and watches people’s steams like chode.

  • Mozart Tis Bach
    Mozart Tis Bach

    Josh came in with a clutch

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful video 💯💯

  • Mustafa The king
    Mustafa The king

    This is the best game i have ever saw

  • Bossman kb Awesome
    Bossman kb Awesome

    How tf did Simon get away with that? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 talia is so shit at the game 🤣

    • Polly

      talia isnt shit at the game.. Josh was just lying and said she vented... he's done the same thing in previous games.

  • Sarthak Vora
    Sarthak Vora

    This was legit the most -10000 iq by Simon

  • forget it
    forget it

    bruh, the voting is so random lmao XD

  • Jack Barber
    Jack Barber


  • Cheap Ship
    Cheap Ship

    Josh; the CEO of 3rd imposter

  • Radek Vachtl
    Radek Vachtl

    THE best video

  • Jamie

    Sidemen buy $200,000 dollar pokemon box would only cost them 28k each

  • Odh Ran
    Odh Ran

    Josh is so funny 🤣

  • Andy mackie
    Andy mackie

    I beg people go and watch Josh's video showing this exact game from his perspective (if u haven't already)

  • Taxable_ Trophy
    Taxable_ Trophy


  • Taxable_ Trophy
    Taxable_ Trophy


  • Taxable_ Trophy
    Taxable_ Trophy


  • Alexander Nikitenko
    Alexander Nikitenko

    I subscribed

  • KCfitness


  • Gathering The Magic
    Gathering The Magic

    Hahhaha I wanted to see if from Simons point of view after watching joshes vid yesterday 😂

  • Aden Yau
    Aden Yau

    Fun Fact about Among Us : Asteroids has an animation of the gun shooting outside of the ship , Trash Chute in storage has an animation of the trash going into space

    • Arjanit Shala
      Arjanit Shala

      Most people play with visual tasks off so it doesn't really affect the game

  • Matthew Cohen
    Matthew Cohen

    Big Josher needs renaming to Big Thrower

  • Satvik Jain
    Satvik Jain

    Josh da besst

  • Lwazi's Vlogs
    Lwazi's Vlogs

    I cannot watch among us videos if jj isn't in them

  • Sherren Don
    Sherren Don

    josh giving titles for everyoneee let's goo

  • 1K Subscribers Before I Die
    1K Subscribers Before I Die

    Imagine scrolling down then you find this comment May God bless you

  • Yes My schlimez
    Yes My schlimez

    This my friends..... is content

  • TFG Packers
    TFG Packers

    This is why we love Josh he can joke around it's great

  • cusifeltlikeit

    What actually was this game 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • tati gaming
    tati gaming

    My needga semioneeeeeee

  • Beatz OT
    Beatz OT

    What app do they play among us on on pc

    • Captain Mystic
      Captain Mystic


  • P MAN
    P MAN

    I was wondering when you'd release this vid after I watched Josh's vid 😂

  • jayman691

    Josh was HILARIOUS .. This has gotta be the weirdest but funniest game of Among Us I've ever seen in my Life😂

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Was josh doing it on purpose or ?

    • Jacktails25

      You obviously don’t watch these lot alot

  • Tendo

    big ups josh mannn

  • Jeremiah Alhassan
    Jeremiah Alhassan

    Simon mate...dont fake weapons task with the shooting meteors ...its a visual

  • RaMii

    Best wing man ever 😂😂 Josh gave Simon Big peepee energy

  • d1mpz Guy
    d1mpz Guy

    Please do an among us with CorpesHusband.

  • Richard Naujoks
    Richard Naujoks

    it's gettin obvious theyre bored with the game

  • Zakiyah Tasnim
    Zakiyah Tasnim

    I couldn't stop laughing oml 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelvin Cody byrne
    Kelvin Cody byrne

    First video on the internet when I laughed at Josh

  • Muhammed Yasin Ortakaya
    Muhammed Yasin Ortakaya

    That was the game i laugh most maaan, so f**ing shameless :D

  • Thalanir7

    Among Us Ideas: • Among Us but the impostor cannot vent, sabotage or report a body (this will mean that the only way to win is killing everyone, and the crewmates either vote them out or complete tasks. Additionally it will give greater incentive to find a body and report it as since no self-reporting is allowed anyone who reports a body is a crewmate which adds another level to this ‘gamemode’ • Among Us with Safe Zones (There are certain rooms (e.g. cafeteria, O2, Office) which impostor can not kill anyone meaning it is a little more difficult and crewmates can run to these room for safety. • Among Us Task Race (the crew all have the same tasks and must complete tasks quickest doing MedBay last if its a task. The first crewmate to complete tasks wins. The Impostor can sabotage or kill or maybe just be a spectator • Among Us But everyone must stay together (incredibly hard for impostors, best bet is to call lights, stack kill and sabotage. If too hard limit vision aswell) • Among Us blindfolded (IRL get someone to give you directions while you play blindfolded. It also makes it difficult in meetings as you can only find information on alibi’s and who you saw through ‘the director‘ telling you. During meetings you can lift your blindfold and the person giving directions cannot say anything. This will be even harder when playing as impostor) • Among Us but you must self-report everybody you kill (should increase suspicion and make it harder for you to win as impostor) • Among Us but the impostors can talk to each other. • Among Us but everyone’s name is a colour of another player (if 4 players with colour Red, Black, White, Green then Black would have White, Green or Red, Red would have Black, Green or White. Just be sure everyone’s name is a different colour. Additionally during meetings you must refer to people by their name or colour and cannot specify if you mean the colour or name when saying, (e.g. White killed Black). Should be very funny and confusing) • Among Us but you can only say one word (during meetings everyone else is normal but you can only say one word. Lazarbeam did this saying the word, ‘interesting’) • Among Us but you say nothing (during meetings you must leave your microphone unmuted and say nothing. Try your best to not get voted) • Among Us Task Roulette (The impostor reveals themselves at the start and has a 5 second kill cool down. Everyone else has 5 secs to run and once the 5 secs is up the impostor can start moving. The crewmates must complete 1 task and make there way back to the cafeteria, while the impostor tries to kill people. Can the crewmates complete there 3-5 tasks/rounds before they are all killed?) • Among Us but you must tell the truth (you can’t reveal if your imposter or if name is red, etc and people can ask questions such as where you were or who were you with and you must tell the truth. If asked what task, the impostor can lie.) • Among Us but you must use chat (use chat to communicate in meetings, no discord) • Among Us but you accuse the other impostor (it would be a 1000IQ play as you’d be crazy to) • Among Us but you streamsnipe. • Actual Hide & Seek (whoever is imposter has lowest kill cool down and must wait 30 secs at spawn while others hide. When you find someone, kill them. Last to be found wins)

    • god pop
      god pop

      It'd be stupid with the imposter not being able to self report because you'd know its them for not reporting

    • ISH ISH
      ISH ISH

      A lot of these ideas are stolen from other creators without you giving credit

  • Ali Joya
    Ali Joya

    Why do i feel like i have already watched this on Simons yt channel. i think this is a re upload

    • Ollie

      It was from Josh’s I think

  • Sam Hirschmann
    Sam Hirschmann

    These videos are making me realise Josh is actually the funniest Sideman 😂😂😂

    • LifeOfLewis


    • Tokyo Blade
      Tokyo Blade


  • v j
    v j

    Josh... like zerka josh

  • Jodie Harding
    Jodie Harding

    Josh’s humor is so underrated, he made me laugh the whole time

    • Tokyo Blade
      Tokyo Blade


  • Adam A-H
    Adam A-H

    Yes Finally this map again I hate watching the other one

  • Royal Fists
    Royal Fists

    I still don't understand how they haven't realized how Simon is always quiet when he's the imposter

  • Stupid Video Creations
    Stupid Video Creations

    Me: clicks on the video! Sees JJ isn’t in it Me: now leaving the video

  • jãçøb

    this Is the most entertaining thing I have seen in years since i watched...

  • Dxrk Clan
    Dxrk Clan

    You should do this with lachy

  • Amaan Alikhan
    Amaan Alikhan


  • EagleShotYT

    2:34 what the hell did cal and josh do?

  • Ollie Gavin
    Ollie Gavin

    Josh is actually so funny

  • Eshan Race
    Eshan Race

    can ellum actually stfu we get it you're laughing lol

  • Advaith Srinivas
    Advaith Srinivas

    3:19 I swear.. I swear on the lights😂😂 best line I heard all day

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