How Different People Hold a Baby.
Here are just few of the different ways that people holding babies.
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  • Sophia Ysobelle
    Sophia Ysobelle

    Why is these so accurate?

  • Najaf Ahmed
    Najaf Ahmed

    Baby sitter was funny

  • Rimsha Yadav
    Rimsha Yadav

    This is why grandparents are the best!❤️❤️❤️

  • Yuzuru Ch.
    Yuzuru Ch.

    can you impersonate me when im carrying my big brother when he still baby

  • demon crasher
    demon crasher

    Hey what about the baby's sister?

  • Cuty Beauty
    Cuty Beauty

    0:05 *_If you'll do this, you'll never become a Dad_* 😂

  • Mini Bear
    Mini Bear

    0:38 that's literally how my sister holds me

  • Bird Boi Cyrus T
    Bird Boi Cyrus T

    The grandpa one was the correct one. And they say old people are unsophisticated...

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer

    The last one though😂

  • xBr0k3n II
    xBr0k3n II


  • Kar Jar
    Kar Jar

    0:31 as a 13yr old big brother of a 1 year old girl i can aproove that this is literally how i hold her ,i always yell at mon whenever my little sister hugs me while im holding her. Luckily i never dropped her.

  • G Ninja
    G Ninja

    2:50 thats actaully me five years ago :D

  • Yamuna Shanmugam
    Yamuna Shanmugam

    The baby s comfortable only with grand parents

  • Ilung Hiekha
    Ilung Hiekha

    I'm convinced, this guy was born to do these kinda stuffs. What a calling!

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer

    in his every video there's no one who can't relate with him.....great man....hats off to him🔥🔥

  • Stxwbxrry mxlkshxke
    Stxwbxrry mxlkshxke

    When i was a baby i experience that and got me so dizzy.

  • Google Account
    Google Account


  • BIR BAHADUR Khadka
    BIR BAHADUR Khadka

    Soo ture

  • XKittyMasterX

    The grandma was so true and everything else :)

  • Ashwani Sharma
    Ashwani Sharma

    How can be someone so accurate.. Hatsoff to you Sir Daniel 🔥🔥❤️❤️#LovefromINDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • JustAnArtist

    I guess grandma loves the baby most

  • Harchester

    I am a big brother, and my little sister rarely touch the ground when i hold on to her.

  • Aryan Tiwari
    Aryan Tiwari

    This is the 14th k comment 😁

  • Ashley Cardenas
    Ashley Cardenas

    Ok But the Grandparents one is accurate 😊💖

  • Ninja Wolf
    Ninja Wolf

    Hmm i feel like only the granpas and granmas actually know how to hold a baby other than my granpa he dropped me when i was a baby my granma said 🤣😂

  • Own little creatures
    Own little creatures

    Legends videos are always less than one minute

  • L I S A
    L I S A

    Fake baby

  • Tasha

    This is so accurate 😂

  • Asia Anderson
    Asia Anderson

    Why was this whole 50 second video so accurate. LOL

  • Tori Lindsay
    Tori Lindsay

    0:35 😂😂😂

  • Arunava Saha
    Arunava Saha

    Gramps ❤️

  • Itz_Raku

    0:20 I feel insulted.

  • •SunFlower Hope In LandFiction•
    •SunFlower Hope In LandFiction•

    At least Granpa is like the normal one...right?😭😹

  • Kim Jong - Bean
    Kim Jong - Bean

    Experience matters Proved...

  • Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay
    Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay

    How my dad holds a baby: throws it over his head and catches it

  • shahad al saleh
    shahad al saleh

    Bruh yesss


    This is my house totally like this

  • Mishmal Adnan
    Mishmal Adnan

    the middle school girl is really just like me

  • Mishmal Adnan
    Mishmal Adnan

    Man she/he really got me. She/He confusing.

  • Shaila Gaikwad
    Shaila Gaikwad

    Grandpa is the best

  • Ashhab Khan Pathan
    Ashhab Khan Pathan

    Some big brother are cunning minded

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar

    Part 2 please

  • Aarti Chate
    Aarti Chate

    Babysitter 😂😂😂😂


    My is the risky and the riskier dad.

  • Pomegranate Rising
    Pomegranate Rising

    Dammit i aint no granpa lol

  • Morganite

    Lol I love this

  • rirhas ari sharira
    rirhas ari sharira

    according to me only grandfather who carried him well

  • Pokemon Master Z
    Pokemon Master Z

    The grandma would have been funnier if you just said here’s $100

  • ButterflyPlays

    Grandma is incorrect- It’s should be: *holding baby, drops baby*

  • The Dynamic Dachshunds
    The Dynamic Dachshunds

    Hahahaha so trueeeee

  • Naufal Ibrahim
    Naufal Ibrahim gandma the best

  • Aadil Aadil
    Aadil Aadil

    Yes i do

  • Ash Aragon
    Ash Aragon

    My grandma is like that🤣

  • punit srivastava
    punit srivastava

    So true

  • nomanullah sahito
    nomanullah sahito

    Middle school babysitter was the best one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Likith Liki
    Likith Liki

    Bro u are awesome. From india

  • Midnight Dragon Wolfie
    Midnight Dragon Wolfie

    The mom was so cool PEOPLE IT'S SERIOUS SKILL

  • I sell Hobi Water
    I sell Hobi Water

    That middle schooler baby sitter is like a 'Typical Indian Aunty'🤣🤣

  • Empenguin M
    Empenguin M

    gucci gucci gu??


    I didn't hold by nephew when I was 10 like that

  • Dua Ahmed Isa
    Dua Ahmed Isa


  • Divija Sharma. 5002.7A
    Divija Sharma. 5002.7A

    So funny.😂☺😅😃

  • ArnavGamer X
    ArnavGamer X

    He is most talented person I have ever seen

  • Krish 007
    Krish 007

    The grandpa was most caring

  • Euri

    I'm 18 and I think I'm a grandpa already.

  • Kevin Bruse
    Kevin Bruse


  • yashika agnihotri
    yashika agnihotri

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣very very very funny

  • seán 2.0
    seán 2.0

    so be like the grandpa

  • ugly scp tato
    ugly scp tato

    Everyone: *Watching them holding the baby* The baby: *life is meaningless and I only feel pain.*

    • 4 days and
      4 days and


  • dakayla belhumeur
    dakayla belhumeur

    Wow so true

  • Ozyth

    The doll: * visible confusion *

  • Simpily cookie
    Simpily cookie

    I'm probably the middle school babysitter


    So this guy is really a great observer. I appreciate....

  • Rabeya Chowdhury
    Rabeya Chowdhury


  • Ester Tapia
    Ester Tapia

    Middle school babysitter was precise👌🏽

  • Hummi Riri
    Hummi Riri

    Middle school babysitter🤣

  • Amin Lotfi
    Amin Lotfi

    I am from Iran and we have a really different culture, but this video is true about us 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Eixel Pixel
    Eixel Pixel

    grandma be liek:gucci gucci gu and some more gibberish

  • Joey Blacky
    Joey Blacky

    And my Family after I hold a baby:"Fumble!"

  • Cute Ideas
    Cute Ideas

    I am legit laughing so hard because of the middle school babysitter

  • z tao maria
    z tao maria

    he is the most relatable person in the universe🤯

  • shinobu kawakami
    shinobu kawakami


  • 《•Nozomi Karachi•》
    《•Nozomi Karachi•》


  • Thumbnail SPEAKER
    Thumbnail SPEAKER

    0:20 thumbnail

  • PrettyfulShop Philippine Handicrafts
    PrettyfulShop Philippine Handicrafts

    Take care child SU GOOD

  • PrettyfulShop Philippine Handicrafts
    PrettyfulShop Philippine Handicrafts

    I didn't know grand parents take care I child or I grandchild ;-;

  • Orion

    I'm going to have a little sister in a few weeks, I don't think if I'm going to hold her, I'm really scared of accidentally dropping her or something 😔

  • Renuka Govindpurkar
    Renuka Govindpurkar

    Seriously 😂😂

  • Mushiibeår

    The grandma tho-

  • Cherry


  • Løvêly QueeN
    Løvêly QueeN


  • Tushita Sharma
    Tushita Sharma

    Lol I went to the market and saw one dad holding the baby like the first one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Coco Girl
    Coco Girl

    What about the big sister who acts like a second mom ? (me)

  • ÆPhantom

    0:36 LoL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Levi Danuseputra
    Sean Levi Danuseputra

    You forgot the athlete. The one who holds the baby with one hand

  • _Jennifer _
    _Jennifer _


  • HeavenlyWally

    He had to of started laughing after the cut 0:46

  • Reed Hew-Len
    Reed Hew-Len

    That’s so trueer

    • Reed Hew-Len
      Reed Hew-Len


  • Jane Hopper
    Jane Hopper

    I wanna say a specific one is accurate but they all are 😂

  • Bat dragon Plays 123
    Bat dragon Plays 123

    So true