Avoid This Man In The Desert 🇺🇿
🇺🇿 Beautiful Uzbekistan...I had always dreamed of visiting its ancient Silk Road cities and exploring its magnificent history. I never expected to be doing in-between bouts of violent and explosive diarrhoea squirting out of my back passage also over the beautiful desert.

  • Trent Dawg
    Trent Dawg

    One of the best bald episodes yet, I can't help but to smile the whole time I watch your videos, no shame in this man's game......he walks in a store full of beautiful women asking for the strongest diarrhea antidote possible with a straight face........my man!!!!

  • Atlanna Elkins
    Atlanna Elkins

    Sponsored by imodium 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Mrx D
    Mrx D

    Bold mate you atta have made the hotel manager never forget you by saying " Oh mate this Mans Nickel pot has sprung a leak" Mind if I come to the lobby in a few because I've got to take a shit worthy of the queen mother's audience. His eyes would bolge wider then the crest of the moon over the sahara desert.

  • Mariano Cerda
    Mariano Cerda

    7:23 lmao music from Dominican Republic

  • extane gautham
    extane gautham

    i cant believe you keep leavingy your passport and cash in the car....i couldnt do that...round me neck...

  • Explore With Ahsan
    Explore With Ahsan

    Beautiful old architecture of Khiva!

  • Explore With Ahsan
    Explore With Ahsan

    yup, Imodium is always handy for diarrhea, and Motilium for nausea.

  • Cristão restaurado
    Cristão restaurado

    Loved the first person headbob dump

  • carlos jurado
    carlos jurado

    OMG bro you are hilarious I'm sure if we meet we will end up pretty good friends! I totally got your sense of humor!!!! you are awesome!!!! if you ever come to the venezuelan-Colombian border give me a poke and I'll show you around!!

  • Walter Burr
    Walter Burr

    Is it true that it hasn’t rained in that long?

  • nyd

    Thank you, bald. I will avoid this man in The Desert.

  • T.

    Alternative title: Getting all dripped up in Uzbekistan market

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones

    Have a shit in the desert ticked off the bucket list..

  • Blow Fly
    Blow Fly

    "Alright then"................Lol.

  • Shane 7771982
    Shane 7771982

    What a grand adventure. Complete with bouts of tidal wave diarrhea. Lmao

  • Sunshinegirl

    I love the architecture. The people seem very friendly too.

  • Olivér

    Uzbekistan is so fucking beautiful.. i wish I could go there one day

  • Max Mansurxonoff
    Max Mansurxonoff

    5:00 My credits to shouting Uzbek taxi driver!!!

  • D R
    D R

    African American's Minds being blown at 8:42 after finding out nearly all other races have been and still are enslaved.

  • Loretta Heavner
    Loretta Heavner

    With all the potty talk I think we missed that is the most amazing hotel I have ever seen. 😁

  • Adrian Macik
    Adrian Macik

    Listen carefully where the origin of the word slave comes from. And I have never heard Slavic people crying about it like black people do. One thing is for certain. If you know the history, then you know that slavery of black people was nothing in compare with slavery of Slavics.

  • Wicked Wizard
    Wicked Wizard

    I just watched a man, take a shit in a desert

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    I’d watch this man go through a desert with nothing surrounding him than another vlogger going through any major tourist destination. His energy and bubbly personality is contagious. It also feels incredibly surreal to see so many kind people surrounding him. You know what would happen if I said hello to a random person on the street where I live? I would be ignored or would receive some awkward answer.

  • tlipovsek

    I laughed my head off. Your hilarious. You made my day!

  • CneqCS

    bald the only guy to vlog himself shitting on the silk road

  • William Swenson
    William Swenson

    Keep a bottle of Pepto-Bismol with you, Bald. It really works.

  • Baltimore

    In every episode I ask myself: How is he travelling with such a small backpack?

  • Louis

    Uzbeki food give you diarrhea? No way!

  • Microwave Casserole
    Microwave Casserole

    Maybe he was just pretending to have diarrhea To do the ad for the sponsor of this vid Which is actually very smart ngl

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary

    I learn sooo much from you. Slaves: Slavs. You're not only a man of culture, you're a man of all cultures. Can't wait to see where this channel is going... Japan? China? The whole world?? I'm so excited!

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary

    I simply can't stop watching your videos.

  • Mosh Mage
    Mosh Mage

    the thing has a bloody jaccuzi! for $15? neat!

  • SellusionStar

    Now I finally got that you meant yourself by claiming "avoid this man". That took long.

  • mistik thikness
    mistik thikness

    873 ignorant BLM victim good snowflakes don't like that Slavic means slave....duche bag's 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Paul Appleby
    Paul Appleby

    PANOS is the word!

  • Kenny

    Your history lessons are superb!

  • TheRageWay

    Man living in America you would think only black people were slaves.

  • Zmeu MD
    Zmeu MD

    lmao who the hell is thinking " hmm lets make a video about me shiting " ahahah

  • hickyhojo

    love this man

  • yous el
    yous el

    You re taking that enterol like candies

  • CosMedix c
    CosMedix c

    can you REPEAT that plz for the WOKE Black community where the word Slave comes From.. i didn't here a white guy! fact check plz.. Finally someone who does his research before talking stupid!...

  • You know My first last name
    You know My first last name

    4:33 its not immodium or tablets from Uzbekistan. Its enterall

  • Rafal Otreba
    Rafal Otreba

    Hope running sh..ip was sorted. Subscribe is going to you for fluent russian. Not because I am russian but because you have master a foreign language so well🤝🙂 Stay save and...many Toy-Toys on your way🙂

  • Deathx Tv
    Deathx Tv

    Bald with diarrhea 🙈

  • priyank patel
    priyank patel

    You must visit Surat India I will show you how diamonds are polished in factories

  • mooseot

    I had this experience in Egypt once where I just had to freeze in the middle of a Cairo street market because if I took a step, I would fully shit my pants.

  • Killerbee

    They had seen their opportunity for fame, and they took it!

  • FlashyLight

    Ahh yes, finally a sponsored product related to the video content.

  • Ahsan Mohammed
    Ahsan Mohammed

    Thumb nail shows the bald dude and the title says “avoid this man.”

  • BloodyVikings

    8:33 "I got to push on"... and push out.

  • Artesian

    Haha love the dig at Simon

  • Aviroq

    Was waiting for the heaving joke

  • Iridescent Seraph
    Iridescent Seraph

    Wait you payed this guy 400 bucks to be at your beck and call for half a day?! Dam can i be your driver?!

  • WiseCool

    Weren't you down with diarrhoea once somewhere in Mayanmar ? You crossed over from north east India I remember.

  • Go Mango
    Go Mango

    Took a swirl for the cause...

  • Paul Osborne
    Paul Osborne

    This is why you should've ordered the JIZZ... Lamb and potatoes would've stuck to your ribs a bit better. What a bloody beautiful city though!

  • John Burnett
    John Burnett

    Thank God for the Czar and his Empirical Army.

  • theo janssen
    theo janssen

    Bald i am from Holland, i like your videos. Its verry intresting.

  • Warlord Ryan
    Warlord Ryan

    That old town looks amazing!

  • TonyRedunzo

    Driving in a tiny cab at high speed over potholed roads whilst suffering from a bout of Montezuma'a revenge! What could go wrong? Ben should title this video: "As you get older, Never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on, and never trust a fart"

  • Nikos Kasapis
    Nikos Kasapis

    Taking a Shit at the silk road thats a lifes experience mate cheers

  • Abduvaqqos Tojiddinov
    Abduvaqqos Tojiddinov

    Bloody plov :0

  • oaktrick casey
    oaktrick casey

    are you a leftist? i dont care i really love the content. just wondering.

  • dev dev
    dev dev

    Went to Cambodia for 2 months. last month there had constant diarrhoea. Lost 15kg (30lbs) in bodyweight, looking back glad i did not die lol. How you find toilets? Everything is toilet if you got diarrhoea.

  • Scott

    This is only the 2nd video Ive watched of this guy, but Im already onboard to go to the toilet with the runs with him, and I dont bat an eyelid. I guess he is charismatic

  • Philippe Beaulieu
    Philippe Beaulieu

    Have you tried to trink 2 liters of Kraut Juice?

  • TheSearaider

    bald has left the desert a fertile place with his manure a bald green revolution

  • Mr. CardGuy
    Mr. CardGuy

    He really just said "get myself dripped up"

  • Sibukop: Visual Storytelling
    Sibukop: Visual Storytelling

    So awesome to see you walking around home sweet Uzbekistan. :) Hope your stomach feels better

  • sunelven

    Baldly brilliant!


    The ending was priceless hahahahaha Brought to you by Imodium

  • Andrew Humphrey
    Andrew Humphrey

    How fitting that I should be taking a shit while watching this video 😂

  • Human Entity
    Human Entity

    Uzbekistan looks very clean. India, please take notice, especially Indian government.

  • Nestquick_o

    Uzbekistan screams Bald: Ohhhhh...

  • Kostya Davis
    Kostya Davis

    Not gonna lie.. wasn't expecting that quality of hotel room :p

  • elmo bel
    elmo bel

    i feel you man i had diarhea when i was cycling through bosnia, one hell of a trip

  • Akhmed Antar
    Akhmed Antar

    The Balls this man has to Travel with Diarrhea ! Salute !

  • Anatole Arakelov
    Anatole Arakelov

    Oh, so you’re the man to avoid in the desert

  • Joeri

    lol official sponsor ;d

  • Oleg Vorkunov
    Oleg Vorkunov

    It was the longest and the most brutal slavery of Russian people back then. And someone here in the US is complaining about slavery?!?

  • Dr.Mordecai Cassius Marcellus Jones
    Dr.Mordecai Cassius Marcellus Jones

    They guy has handled a pill bottle before .

  • Gemcor

    Anyone else watching this video from the toilet?

  • liam celt
    liam celt

    If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is for ever Bald and Bankrupt

  • Marian Alin
    Marian Alin

    So u were the man we need to avoid . haha

  • Dilmurodjon Turayev
    Dilmurodjon Turayev

    How wonderful! I highly recommend you to come to another city of Uzbekistan, Termez. I deem you will have some spectacular experiences here. But I am a little bit disappointed with the negative comments on the comments section. My advice is: Just ignore them. If you come to my city I would appreciate it and we will have crucial opportunity to prove that our people are really hospitable. Good luck, bro!

  • zandr

    How tf did you wipe your arse in that sand dune 😭😭😭😂

  • glasslinger

    Cheese will stop you up good! Eat about a pound of any strong cheese!

  • Carmelo

    i do not understand why hes not using the main channel, wth

  • Jay Shukla
    Jay Shukla

    What happened to main channel ?

  • Hennabry 79
    Hennabry 79

    Haha...love watching your content!...insightful, interesting, knowledgable...and absolutely crying all at the same time! 🤣🤣

  • Dow Jones
    Dow Jones

    Лысый рулит! 😆🔥 Food ingredients in Uzbekistan are more organic and natural, hence the traveler's stomach disorder. I'm Uzbek live in West, when I'm back in motherland, same thing happens every time for few days until organism adapts. Vodka really helpful in that situation to wash down and as disinfectant, as a sedative 😁

  • Eleven

    Thanks for the fun fact about the word slave. According to people in the USA, the only people to ever have been slaves in this world at any given time were people of color.

  • Exploring With Caelan
    Exploring With Caelan

    I didn’t know you had a second awesome saw you in the recommended tab xD subscribed

  • Nobody

    Bananas and honey. 4 years of backpacking middle East to South East Asia taught me this😉👍💖

  • M M
    M M

    since Uzbekistan economy is inconsequential, the country wasnt a target of those waging war with the corona virus weapon

  • Where R U Maria
    Where R U Maria

    Even with diarrhea you still look good. Very interesting video. Thank you for so much information.

  • Captain Nemo PUBG
    Captain Nemo PUBG

    WTF! Did you change your channel's name???!!!

  • Elmurod Odilov
    Elmurod Odilov

    Hi Mr.Bald. I'm in Uzbekistan Thank you for visiting our country and I'm happy about that. I apologize for some inconvenience in our country. Good luck with your next journeys

  • Zurkster

    @Daily Bald How can you get lost anywhere in the world, with Google maps and live translation on most smartphones?

  • Darek Bowman
    Darek Bowman

    Lol I got a ad for toxic poop saying something about colon disease