Jake Paul Vs. AnEsonGib WEIGH IN (Official Live Stream)
Jake Paul Vs. AnEsonGib WEIGH IN (Official Live Stream)
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  • Louis Balogun
    Louis Balogun


  • XxDed BotxX
    XxDed BotxX

    They caught gib we he pushed him

  • Grinning Donkey YT
    Grinning Donkey YT

    Why did they even fight

  • WillyB3606

    It was at 38:00

  • Macie Funk
    Macie Funk

    Jake is gonna smash gibs face in

  • DaB MasTer
    DaB MasTer

    I was waiting for the 2 chicks in the back to make out

  • Hazemoreno

    41:06 nose comparison 😭😭

  • GOD 1
    GOD 1

    fuck jp

  • Elleigh Molinar
    Elleigh Molinar

    Go jake good move

  • Mary Ellen Wall
    Mary Ellen Wall

    Jake can you please please try to win

  • Mary Ellen Wall
    Mary Ellen Wall

    Jake can you please please win

  • CRAZY Monkey1x1
    CRAZY Monkey1x1

    Dade county

  • sugarflyhigh19D

    QUIT STEALING CONTENT FROM ThatDenverGuy You talentless butt-wipe... You are trash who has to survive off of other people's talents... YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayden Gordon
    Kayden Gordon

    I like your songs and I like you can you come to my house someday

  • Yo fat Mum
    Yo fat Mum

    38:00 your welcome

  • Ebrahim Khalil
    Ebrahim Khalil

    OMG jake paul why you just pushed him and start screaming

  • Lil Ted.e
    Lil Ted.e


  • Richard Avalos
    Richard Avalos

    everyone vote for team jake Paul 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Richard Roderick
    Richard Roderick

    Jake paul

  • Secko 75
    Secko 75

    شتانسغ 😜😜😜😜😜

  • Benjamin Turner
    Benjamin Turner

    Why do people like this idiot

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    you greedy fuck

  • Derek Bennett
    Derek Bennett

    Goof. Your a fuckin goof.

  • kailey tidmore
    kailey tidmore

    Your video’s aren’t fun to watch anymore

  • Millie _
    Millie _

    I’m here I don’t know why, the fight was weeks ago I just thought, maybe Jake needs some views coz this video doesn’t even have 1 million, just being nice, I just wanted to say how annoyed I am coz gib didn’t win but well done Jake, I just found the sidemen shouting, who are ya, who are ya, who are ya?? So funny

  • jaco7672 jaco7672
    jaco7672 jaco7672

    Conner mcgregor wanna be

  • Matthew Alissa
    Matthew Alissa

    Na but for real good dub jake peopole hating To much

  • Isaiah George
    Isaiah George

    No starts at 38:21

  • ryan

    You need to fight Wolfe has to happen he has already called you out

  • Michelle Diciurcio
    Michelle Diciurcio

    does Jake look big than him?

  • Dream Life withs Psymaniac DIOGO SANTOS
    Dream Life withs Psymaniac DIOGO SANTOS

    Bro it's every day... But the truth is,since you trein to that figtj wigth that twisted-nose you never made new videos for your channel again! I Just came HERE to leave this message because the team 10 for me it's the TOP of all the top's on all youtube. So I hope jake paul will return to being the jake we all like to see make crazy videos , funny stuff, music bro make whatever you want!! but do something with your team 10 channel. It's every day bro. You rock bro Im from portugal just to let you know that you have many supporters and followers here in portugal My name is DIOGO SANTOS aka psymaniac am producer of psycadelic trance fullon and I love to see your videos bro. Peace

  • animal gamer
    animal gamer


  • Kyle McAvoy
    Kyle McAvoy

    Pake jaul

  • Coco Life
    Coco Life

    i think you have PrObLeMs just like me

  • Mike Russick
    Mike Russick

    I live in a basement apartment and work a 9-5 job, but I wouldn't trade my life for yours for even one minute of one day. I do kind of wonder what it's like to only have friends, or get any pussy because of the amount of money I have, but the intrigue ends there. You suck, you're awful. Buy a helicopter.

  • Moose Olivera
    Moose Olivera

    Pake Jaul

  • L

    Jake paul team❤ Love chuu

  • Tcr AaronIbrahim
    Tcr AaronIbrahim

    Pake jaul innit

  • Hkd Scarf
    Hkd Scarf

    Pake jaul

  • Crystal

    How embarrassing...

  • Leilan Halvorson
    Leilan Halvorson

    I just ask Alexa who Annie saint big is And she doesn't know!

  • V3ctor C
    V3ctor C

    Pake jaul

  • αλεξανδρος τσακμακας
    αλεξανδρος τσακμακας

    pake jual

  • KeanBro The StickBro
    KeanBro The StickBro

    Pake Jaul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KeanBro The StickBro
    KeanBro The StickBro

    Pake Jaul!!!

  • KeanBro The StickBro
    KeanBro The StickBro

    Pake Jaul!!

  • KeanBro The StickBro
    KeanBro The StickBro

    Pake Jaul!

  • KeanBro The StickBro
    KeanBro The StickBro

    Pake Jaul

  • Cutsies Simmer
    Cutsies Simmer

    19 mill subs can't even get a mil views 😂😂

  • • WhiiteRøses •
    • WhiiteRøses •

    Omg boys were stripping!! Jk jk

  • Hugh Warner
    Hugh Warner

    How the fuck are you still semi relevant

  • Beatrice Kalang
    Beatrice Kalang

    Jake can fight ksi?

  • Jaeson Hunt
    Jaeson Hunt

    Get a kill already Jake. I don't think much of him 6big hits to the other guys head and he's dead. Let's see it. U still goona send it...

  • Slackegg EGG
    Slackegg EGG

    Sub to slackegg egg on SLtoos

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha


  • Slackegg EGG
    Slackegg EGG

    Sub to slackegg egg on youo

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha


  • Erin Robledo
    Erin Robledo

    23590 park South st calabasas CA 91302

  • lil’ cheese
    lil’ cheese

    I’m serious I have a talent you haven’t seen before

  • Abdullah Bilal
    Abdullah Bilal


  • Sophie Hart
    Sophie Hart

    Oh jake must of hated how much more low key his event was compared to logans haha

  • Allisson Pardo
    Allisson Pardo

    My boy jake paul

  • The Dodge Ram Guy
    The Dodge Ram Guy

    Ivan feltsan before ksi

  • The Dodge Ram Guy
    The Dodge Ram Guy

    Jake you gonna win fight me please..

  • Saimonas Saimis
    Saimonas Saimis

    Best fihgt - jake paul invites gib for coffe

  • OhMyGoshOlivia

    Jesus Christ what is he on 41:11

  • GabisLP- ganjaman
    GabisLP- ganjaman

    See my videos and subscribe me.please!!! I smoking weed and hash and mushrooms!!!

  • Per-Ive Bridholm
    Per-Ive Bridholm

    JJ is gona knocked you're as out and you're also gay

    • Chops2006

      Per-Ive Bridholm That is a fact

  • Kirollos Kamel
    Kirollos Kamel


  • K K
    K K


  • Zizou burger
    Zizou burger

    KSI is beat you up

  • Ghorban Ali
    Ghorban Ali

    You changed my life jake

  • Cloudz

    Bro when jake push him he all most fall

  • brozgonemodding _78
    brozgonemodding _78

    Victory jake Paul let's go

  • lakk sss
    lakk sss


  • Eric Samano
    Eric Samano

    Wanna be Conner mgregor 😂

  • NoLoveforKP

    Go connar walk after the fight

  • Chase Phillips
    Chase Phillips

    Kai likes to talk shit even know that he will get knocked out in the first round he will still say that he won... redemption time Jake and good luck in your boxing Career

  • Heartless

    I have the fight

  • Hannah _Soccer
    Hannah _Soccer

    Gib got scared to 💀

  • gold King goat
    gold King goat

    Jay get back with Erica

  • Derpygamer

    Yo is the brunette girl in the back her smile frozen ?

  • Daniel McMunn
    Daniel McMunn

    Rematch deji

  • Sam

    Jake. Paul - ahhhhhjhh

  • MPA

    Gregor junior

  • Christopher

    JAKE! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE! FIGHT ME! Please please please! I have only been UFC trained, so you will have a certain advantage! I won't even take a purse! I'm 5'8/160, right handed! Or put me on an under card vs your brother! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

  • ContPug


  • caino gamer
    caino gamer

    Who’s her after the fight

  • sammybailey

    I'm getting your merch it has team 19 on it

  • Fozijeger Zigzag
    Fozijeger Zigzag

    41:05 Jake is a fucking pussy

  • dweeboi

    If I'm being honest I was team Gib but Jake did put up a good fight and win. So GG

    • Don Riempp
      Don Riempp


  • dweeboi

    GG Jake

  • MKTP


  • Jeffrey Miller
    Jeffrey Miller

    Good job Jake Paul I knew you were going to do it as soon as I seen the High Altitude training and the dedication and all the months passing I knew it good job

  • Kevin Garduza
    Kevin Garduza

    Yayyy you won!!!! 😆😆😆

  • X-GHOSTS_235


  • The Outdoor Collective
    The Outdoor Collective

    Jake, we’re the same weight. Live an hour apart. Let’s spar, I will humble you.

  • Patthecat 1400
    Patthecat 1400

    Jake Paul why do you try to act like Connor McGregor


    Let's go jake u won my man

  • Sebko Cmalik
    Sebko Cmalik

    Jake wins it boooom gib

  • Dylan Petty
    Dylan Petty

    Fuck jake paul

  • Dylan Petty
    Dylan Petty

    Fuck jake paul