I LEAKED TANA'S NUMBER! text her!! (310)-870-3349
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I LEAKED TANA'S NUMBER! text her!! (310)-870-3349
Tana's gonna be pissed off...
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  • hotwheels and radom stuff
    hotwheels and radom stuff


  • John Derocher
    John Derocher

    I went join Team 10 with you guys my name is John

  • nickolasshwaga13

    I cant help it... u love jake paul... no matter what

  • Chris Babinetz
    Chris Babinetz

    Hi Jake pie I love you videos ❤🎥Cheyenne

  • bik boi idk like tall MAN
    bik boi idk like tall MAN

    Jake has changed

  • Shirlene Beldon
    Shirlene Beldon

    He answers

  • Ian Herbst
    Ian Herbst

    Am I flipping my mind or sum Bc he fr answered the call dude 💀 I hung up immediately after he said hello bc I’m mind blown

  • Dallas Kerby
    Dallas Kerby


  • Trystan Dezalia
    Trystan Dezalia

    U still answering people

  • Error sans :p
    Error sans :p

    I literally did it right now and he just texted me OMG

  • Jamie Linden
    Jamie Linden

    Hi Jack Please over new House Please from Jamie Linden Relley Jack

  • Jack Fedell
    Jack Fedell

    wow it says to join the community

  • Kaydin Smith
    Kaydin Smith

    Jake Paul text me if you are even the real Jake Paul I'm a big fan you're Savage

  • Christina Sims
    Christina Sims


  • Riley Thuo
    Riley Thuo

    omg instea for me jake answered

  • Jaydee Zuniga
    Jaydee Zuniga


  • levi king
    levi king

    The is how many times jake said His wife tannas number 👇

  • MajorDeaf

    Yo i called tana and i pissed her off

  • Markaylia Brown
    Markaylia Brown

    Don’t call it I tried it and it was jake

  • Love Janae
    Love Janae

    It cake



  • Nicole Chatham
    Nicole Chatham

    Can i call you

  • Kenlie Barger
    Kenlie Barger

    That’s yours

  • j rami
    j rami

    Jake Paul actually answer the phone i tried it!!!

  • Justin and Selena Gomez
    Justin and Selena Gomez

    Jake Paul it’s your number

  • stevie McLaughlin
    stevie McLaughlin

    Your fack

  • melley Thornton
    melley Thornton


  • Jolene Fuchs
    Jolene Fuchs

    Darren Fuchs

    • Jolene Fuchs
      Jolene Fuchs


    • Jolene Fuchs
      Jolene Fuchs

      Jake Paul vs Darren Fuchs

  • Jolene Fuchs
    Jolene Fuchs

    Darren Fuchs 3AM

  • Caden Maddox
    Caden Maddox

    Thats yours you dumb dumb

  • Naomi Hallman
    Naomi Hallman

    So why would we just call it

  • Naomi Hallman
    Naomi Hallman

    Jake you never answer your phone though 😠

  • Andrew Hubbard
    Andrew Hubbard

    It won't let me but I did text and it said click the link

  • Elite runner Gaming
    Elite runner Gaming

    I called u can u start answering your fans calls

  • Donovan Worshell
    Donovan Worshell

    I called that number but it wasn’t them

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco

    He answerd the phone

  • Aaron West
    Aaron West

    Hi jake I tried to text you and you didn’t respond

  • Addilyn Boyles
    Addilyn Boyles

    I am Senegal

    • Addilyn Boyles
      Addilyn Boyles


  • Meeshell Brooke Water
    Meeshell Brooke Water

    Jake the phone number doesn’t work and I can’t text you😂

  • Meeshell Brooke Water
    Meeshell Brooke Water

    Jake Paul the phone number doesn’t work

  • Arthurin Arthurian
    Arthurin Arthurian


  • Mr_ nata
    Mr_ nata

    Bro I called and jake answer

  • kayden is cool
    kayden is cool

    Jake you up

  • Bear Fish
    Bear Fish

    Jake Paul can u please get a apple phone so that I can text u

  • John Gossard
    John Gossard

    what your number

  • Saul Gonzalez
    Saul Gonzalez

    I called him he didn’t answere

  • Marcela Calderon
    Marcela Calderon

    I texted you

  • mew john
    mew john

    why do I feel bad for Jordan?...

  • Aaron Bolak
    Aaron Bolak

    my name is c a y d e n Ali I call you I call you Jake Paul

  • Aaron Bolak
    Aaron Bolak

    I'll call you my name is K. Lee I call you

    • Aaron Bolak
      Aaron Bolak

      My name is Cayden Ali I call you Jake Paul

  • Cortnie Fackrell
    Cortnie Fackrell

    It doesn’t work in the uk

  • Milika Musuka
    Milika Musuka

    I called you

  • Diane Daniel
    Diane Daniel

    ‘Goin thru some shit bro’lmaooo

  • Ahmed Abaashan
    Ahmed Abaashan

    I just called that number

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe

    13108703349 is jakpaul lisiscayden loveu jak

  • SOŁ亗 craxontax
    SOŁ亗 craxontax

    This is how many times he said her name 😂

  • A'Mairi Hall
    A'Mairi Hall

    Why don’t you answer you text message

  • Lynn Demas
    Lynn Demas

    Jake ansoas massajis

  • TheLifeOf Whitney
    TheLifeOf Whitney

    Call me

  • Teena Wayman
    Teena Wayman

    i called you my name is Brennan I'm your biggest fan please answer your call

  • Luis Rios
    Luis Rios

    Jake Paul I hope you can read this I called you and you didn’t answer what happen please call me back I’m texting you so please

  • aysharn griffen
    aysharn griffen

    can i have a shout out jake in next video xoxo

  • Treasure Wiggs
    Treasure Wiggs


  • Bobtheblueberry

    When the comment section is more interesting then the video itself

  • Tomas Amaya
    Tomas Amaya


  • Knapple


  • Knapple


  • Miya Batemon
    Miya Batemon

    I called it omg

  • Ellixe


  • Ellixe

    Lol second time I text him again and asked for a iphone11 lol he didn't asnswer

  • Ellixe

    He sent me. A link

  • Ellixe

    I texted him he answered

  • Human Man
    Human Man

    The legendary SLtoosr, The i of the Dubbbz will be pleased for I will harass your wife with "Say....."

  • Instagram Lives
    Instagram Lives

    Jake : I wish we don’t get devorced Later in 2020: gets devorced

  • mine Flores
    mine Flores

    It worked

  • mine Flores
    mine Flores

    It wored

  • Jumper Gaming
    Jumper Gaming

    Your making us pay

  • ArminGTAKID5 k
    ArminGTAKID5 k

    LOL 😂

  • Felisha Vasil
    Felisha Vasil

    Lmao that’s ur number

  • Afiyah Desmier
    Afiyah Desmier

    Your Jake my name is eesah I am 7 and I am trying to text your number but I can't because I'm from the UK and I have to pay to text you

  • Afiyah Desmier
    Afiyah Desmier

    Jake Paul my name is

  • Afiyah Desmier
    Afiyah Desmier

    Jake. Am

  • Afiyah Desmier
    Afiyah Desmier

    Your Jake I'm 7 and my name is mum's name my name is called Muhammad Ali I'm hope you can text back on the comments

  • Afiyah Desmier
    Afiyah Desmier

    Yo. Jake l. Am from.the uk. I'm trying to text your number

  • axel ramos
    axel ramos

    I’m scribe do you take

  • axel ramos
    axel ramos

    Thank you Jake for licking her number

  • save_the_ chickens
    save_the_ chickens

    Isnt no one going to talk about how expensive the paper was. It was $30.00 dollars

  • Lucas Pham
    Lucas Pham

    Jake you’re my favorite SLtoos I always watch you you always make me smile😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • felix hernandez
    felix hernandez

    i called u im a fan of you

  • felix hernandez
    felix hernandez


  • vibe with me
    vibe with me

    nick crompton

  • baby Yada and county girl
    baby Yada and county girl

    I called her but she didn't answer

  • Wazzup Owo
    Wazzup Owo

    I tried putting in her number...and it didn't work!

  • Aubree Lemesany
    Aubree Lemesany


  • Aubree Lemesany
    Aubree Lemesany


  • Georgie Gonzales
    Georgie Gonzales

    I did I called you and asked is this jake paul and you hung up

  • Marco The gamer
    Marco The gamer

    I add that number

  • Sherrie Robinson
    Sherrie Robinson

    Ayy what up sorry my phone is broken but I only call I text sometimes

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    JAke u lied

  • Jonathan Cannon
    Jonathan Cannon

    Your address is on the internet