David Dobrik Showed Up At My House...
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We built the tallest toilet paper pyramid, Jon almost outran a professional K9 dog & David Dobrik pulled up to my house with the Hype House squad, ruined my driveway and launched his friend into my pool. SUBSCRIBE!
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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough)! The situations, subject matter, and content from today’s vlog are exclusively for mature audiences only!! If you are under the age of 18, we’ll see you next episode when the subject matter is more age-appropriate. On occasion, and by design, Jake Paul Vlogs will explore subject matter exclusively for audiences 18 and over; this is one of those occasions.
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  • Ella Chavez
    Ella Chavez

    Where is apolo

  • savage bros
    savage bros

    I miss old jake paul

  • Liam Ltc
    Liam Ltc

    David Dobrik showed up at my house now That some good Clickbait

  • Da Moon
    Da Moon

    no one has toilet paper why did you do this jake paul

  • TheAnnoyedApple

    Why would anyone want to willingly go to his house 😂😂

  • Lucifer

    Me: mom can we get David dobrik Mom: we have David dobrik at home David dobrik at home:

  • Manuel Ferreris
    Manuel Ferreris


  • caden Patterson
    caden Patterson

    Give me all of the tilit pare

  • Jeremy Rivera
    Jeremy Rivera

    jk it just for fun

  • La Nouvelle
    La Nouvelle

    When did you get outta custody?

  • Carmen Cox
    Carmen Cox

    this dog has more likes with that talent

  • Space Dot
    Space Dot

    Knock off David Dobrik

  • Eric Langi
    Eric Langi

    Bro stop click bating to get views

  • Brittany Ortiz
    Brittany Ortiz

    Honestly who even watches Jake anymore all he post about is “hot”girls what happend to his old content 💀

  • xXBlue JXx
    xXBlue JXx

    he does “monthly anniversaries” because he knows that he can’t last a year with anyone

  • zylix

    1:43 that was da literally the first time i laughed at Jakes vlogs

  • cybord rv
    cybord rv

    so very is your robbotic volg cam

  • Døminic M
    Døminic M

    Jake: We’re donating all this toilet paper to charity Also Jake: *jumps on top of all the toilet paper*

  • Debanga


  • deadshotconnor

    Well he is kind of losing views

  • Richard Borek
    Richard Borek

    tt the tolit peer

  • Diane

    Donating toilet tissue that’s been touched by the whole house

  • Moosa Aly
    Moosa Aly


  • YT Christopher
    YT Christopher

    Yep more click bait

  • Jefferson Cookie
    Jefferson Cookie

    what the dog is dog damn

  • Iqra Iqbal
    Iqra Iqbal

    Alex looks original in front of jake

  • Mya Diggs
    Mya Diggs

    Sir are you wearing mascara 😂😂


    Yeah I want the old Jake Paul back when he was kid friendly

  • The Ree Kid
    The Ree Kid

    Ok and

  • AmazingXking

    New channel aproved the dog

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia

    Like david will see you

  • Mohammed Zameer
    Mohammed Zameer


  • Lily Haushahn
    Lily Haushahn

    I miss his old crew

  • Draqnna Draq
    Draqnna Draq

    Hey jake nice songs now i aprishiate you

  • Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis

    i saw david dobrik in the title and said lets see what alex did today

  • Sirren Loves s
    Sirren Loves s

    Hi jake did you break up with your girlfriend the new one

  • nick 1
    nick 1


  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez

    I know

  • Paloma enriquez
    Paloma enriquez

    I wish I was your daughter

  • lsabella's life time fun
    lsabella's life time fun


  • O M E N
    O M E N

    thavidyaan puuulaaaa a aaa aaaa aaa a a a a a a a a a aa

  • InfᎥnity ッ
    InfᎥnity ッ

    You guys really cant take a joke

  • Peyton Dodson
    Peyton Dodson


  • Ashley Eskew
    Ashley Eskew

    That was asome

  • Caleb Perryman
    Caleb Perryman

    Jake you r best youtuber on the planet


    Un subbing

  • Lux Ech0Z
    Lux Ech0Z

    Alex warren?

  • Isaac Michaan
    Isaac Michaan

    David Dobrik Showed Up At 7:02

  • Kyle Hird
    Kyle Hird

    Nice to know Jake watches Ross smith

  • Michael Stark
    Michael Stark


  • Andres Jaquez
    Andres Jaquez

    Wow. Kayak, Ramp, and pool. This is just what david did except without a car. f u alex

  • Jonah Sopan
    Jonah Sopan

    Why are SLtoosrs video short hmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 inspire by David probably

  • Avenge Misery
    Avenge Misery

    Wow clickbaiting david for views. Ksi was right about you

  • Eli Loksen
    Eli Loksen

    Click bate

  • lucky luckylucky
    lucky luckylucky

    Jake works for Qanon

  • lucky luckylucky
    lucky luckylucky

    Jake works for Qanon

  • lucky luckylucky
    lucky luckylucky

    Jake works for Qanon

  • lucky luckylucky
    lucky luckylucky

    Jake works for Qanon

  • lucky luckylucky
    lucky luckylucky

    Jake works for Qanon

  • Rayan Gabel
    Rayan Gabel

    Jake Paul is such a bad person ngl

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    Border collies are fucking smart dude

  • GoofyPlayz1426


  • jack angerer
    jack angerer

    dude im sorry but thats a pussy stunt me and my friend did sketcher stunts then this

  • Saul Smith
    Saul Smith

    ppl who clicked bc of david dobrik

  • Edward Rodriguez
    Edward Rodriguez

    When Shaq had hidden nudes be like

  • OK big mamba
    OK big mamba

    Only OGS REMBER apolo

  • Jorge alejandro Flores Mena
    Jorge alejandro Flores Mena

    I dont know why the 135k people that like the video still dont kniw this JAKE PAUL= C L I C K B A I T

  • Cris Da plug
    Cris Da plug

    I love how Jake instead of showing David dorbrick he’s shows the off brand David dorbrick 😊

  • Huw Kenna
    Huw Kenna

    Jake why did u waste all this toilet payer when’s there’s a pandemic going on and hire a rapist manager

  • Kaitu

    Wtf i was here just for david dobrik STOP CLICKBAITING JAKE!

  • Be Heuy77
    Be Heuy77

    My god you even did a shitty Larry enticer

  • Be Heuy77
    Be Heuy77

    Ok Alex warren isn’t David dobrik lol he might sound like a shitty David but he sure as hell isnt

  • L2_giants

    Who else thinks ksi is better

  • Steven Richards
    Steven Richards


  • Paddy Gee
    Paddy Gee

    waste of a human being this dude..

  • HmmmYeahRiiiiiight

    guess who else just showed up at your house......LULZ

  • Alexander Rivero
    Alexander Rivero

    nobody: jake paul: LOOK IT HAS THE WIDE TIRE BODY KIT LOL

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    I clicked this and the fucking next video is David Dobrik

  • Andrew Sleep
    Andrew Sleep

    Same and I don’t know how to respond

  • Pixel Matter
    Pixel Matter

    So this is where all the toilet paper went it's a joke

  • Anthongy Deleon
    Anthongy Deleon

    I hope the people u donate the toilet paper likes it crushed :>

  • gamer legend
    gamer legend


  • Chalton Campbell
    Chalton Campbell

    This is how much people on Jake Paul to post every day

  • Julita Santos
    Julita Santos

    Dude I didn't see david

  • Cody Jose
    Cody Jose

    Clickbait for views huh

  • april K
    april K

    Is he really still trying use David for clout. It’s been like a year.

  • crystaldj2488

    I don't like Jake Paul I like the old Jake paul

  • Prince Jeron Vlogs
    Prince Jeron Vlogs

    Remember when David hit you in the head? Maybe that hit changed Jake's brain and it all went to shit.

  • Derek Aleman
    Derek Aleman

    Way to use David dobrik has your title and instead use the wannabe David

  • •VIcTheChip•

    Me when my brother aka cousin looks like jake paul ( nOw WHat???)

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith

    this is oof

  • Eric Clemente-Rojas
    Eric Clemente-Rojas

    Every time I check his channel his picture changes 🤔

  • Tashony Paul
    Tashony Paul

    Who’s going to want to use that toilet paper after all that

  • Ashton Wall
    Ashton Wall

    Jake yyour an asss hole

  • Alex Escalante
    Alex Escalante

    I can take care of your Pressure Washin needs, I'm only a couple hours away. I own a Pressure Washin Business. Let me know.

  • KevinAteUrMomUp Fast
    KevinAteUrMomUp Fast

    Goes from its every day bro to every Thursday in the afternoon acaisionally if there aren't any boxing or training matches

  • Audline Marura
    Audline Marura

    Jake I have never seen a good person like in youtube channell

  • Sabina Yesmin
    Sabina Yesmin


  • Itz Nawailah
    Itz Nawailah

    Who's the girl lmao I haven't watched jake in years and he CHANGED a lotttt wth 😭 I'm glad I don't watch him still and using people names for clout yikes 😬

  • Antonio JacksonJr
    Antonio JacksonJr


i won.
4,1 mio.