Forced Off YouTube - Full FBI Story
Over the last year we have been forced off of SLtoos. This video will help explain why we left. Thank you for your support.

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  • James Connors
    James Connors


  • gameplay guy
    gameplay guy

    OMG I hope you guys are safe I love yall so much I've been watching your channel for about 8-9 yrs I love yall 💗💖💓💕❤💛💗💖💓💕❤💛💗💖💓💕❤💛

  • Fabian


  • Zistoe

    Those monsters just made 15 Million people really, really mad

  • Whistlin Diesel
    Whistlin Diesel

    Ok I come back 5 years later to this if they ever show up to my farm they gonna get it

  • Mamba

    I can find the stalkers I hack but for good reasons not bad reasons

    • forn log
      forn log

      lmaoooo ur a fortnite kid u aint no hacker what language do you hack in?

  • Carter Ward
    Carter Ward

    I’m sad no Christmas vid

  • Dazua

    Sorry that happened to you guys

  • Sarah De'Ath
    Sarah De'Ath

    I hate those stalkers why did they have to choose you!

  • Noah Dickerson
    Noah Dickerson

    Ummmm that's why you have a gun.

  • Chris Brutyan
    Chris Brutyan

    I’m so sorry about this I hope it can be solved you are such good people and positive, I hate to see this.🙏

  • Mandy Tanti
    Mandy Tanti

    Bro if that stalker was outside I would beat him with a bat

  • Kazzae

    LETS BRING THEM PRANKS BACK BABY !!!!! Fresh start means MORE FUN !!!

  • Half Ash Covers
    Half Ash Covers

    we’re still here man. love you guys so much.

  • Tyler Rahr
    Tyler Rahr

    If I was in the army I would contact you to talk and protect you but I’am not I’am just a kid

  • nz music
    nz music

    "hes not used to the camera yet" aww he always looks grumpy.... yeahhh that also makes me just as uneasy

  • ibra

    Just came back to watch roman after 3 years 🐐

  • Anthony Hallett
    Anthony Hallett

    So where u at now

  • Billi Webber
    Billi Webber

    Are you coming back to youtube? I thought that due to this video we would see more of you guys? Just wondering....take care and see you soon!

  • John Dawg
    John Dawg

    Those stalkers deserve to go to hell

  • Rionnation

    Its gonna be all good someday man

  • jcastanza

    You guys are like the most positive and fun content producers on SLtoos and always have been, how could anyone possibly have a reason to do anything but be nice to you? Did something finally happen to bring an end to it?

  • StealthyArcher1

    Imagine threatening a family for not much of a reason or at least no reason.

  • RevSpawns

    How many stalkers were they?? Did they get caught?

  • C R
    C R

    I know this is a very sensitive situation that happened to your family & im deeply sorry to hear this. You should collab with @MrBallen to tell your story, only if you're comfortable with it

  • TheLloydyb99

    Whats in his right cheek.. like a hamster?

  • what ever
    what ever

    Which channel was slowly turning into look how much money I have anyways

  • Mat_esl

    je n'ai pas les mots mais bon courage pour la suite

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips

    I can’t believe this

  • Toqa

    whyyy?? just why

  • Mark Abraham
    Mark Abraham

    I'm very sorry to hear that Roman. It's unbelievable and I can't even fathom what y'all had to go through! This is such an eye opener - I would've never imagined that someone would ever do all that. Some people are truly just disgusting and evil!!! You're such an amazing person with a big, loving heart and you've ever given us is positivity and love and this is the last thing that should ever come even close to you. How can one even hate such a person?? How???? It must all be jealousy that you're wayyy better than them. What a disappointment. God bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing with us. I bet it was very tough. And I wish your family the very best and y'all will be in my prayers. May God protect y'all from evil. Stay strong and don't let them stop you from being who you always are! Much love brother!!!

  • Melanie Deacon Kelly
    Melanie Deacon Kelly

    Wow!! I’m so so sorry to hear that there are truly sick demonic people trying to hurt you and your family! I pray that this stops and they are caught and prosecuted. Stay safe ❤️

  • Dj Ruffin
    Dj Ruffin

    Get your guns ready outwood

  • Murphyboyyt

    Hope they get what they de deserve

  • Quinn Phillips
    Quinn Phillips

    Im soooo sorry guys, you have been my lifetime favorite youtubers. I am so glad you and the family are okay

  • Micha Bell
    Micha Bell

    Well this was a waste of time I want the past 14 minutes back

  • Jakob Bamberger
    Jakob Bamberger

    Roman u good bro trust me those losers are sum hall of fame school threats that haven’t lost they vCard yet and jealous asf of yo fame big dawg stay up and let these weirdos get they fun until they get caught up with the feds

  • Cade Richards
    Cade Richards

    hey i've been a fan for 3 yrs and my mom we always enjoyed u doing trick like in the lake and stuff thank u for making me put on my smile when i was in my deepest area

  • Lauda Lasun
    Lauda Lasun


  • Lil_Head_ Joe
    Lil_Head_ Joe

    Wish the best to y’all

  • Riley Hutchins
    Riley Hutchins

    I wonder whether they are still stalking them to this day

    • KritterDoggo :/
      KritterDoggo :/

      I cant imagine they'd be posting if he still was

  • Cal Travels
    Cal Travels

    Ready when you are, patiently, to be finally back together again and ready to be free again, the community you guys have built will be able to support you, as you do us, the humble viewer, and your family and other channels. Move to Australia.

  • Brandon Madera
    Brandon Madera

    I hope everything gets better

  • Ayden

    I wish hell upon these people

  • The Jacob Salinas Comedy Wonderland
    The Jacob Salinas Comedy Wonderland

    Dude they're blackhat hackers

  • 1zzy L
    1zzy L

    I thought he was a gun lover and had a lot of them, too afraid to use them?

    • Nashawn Varner
      Nashawn Varner

      It doesn’t matter like shut up

  • TechFollower

    That's why batter avoid showing your personal life and things on internet

  • Nolan Keenan
    Nolan Keenan

    I know no one will see this but who else remembers the little time Zeus and flash had together. Those where the fun videos. But this. Who would be so demonic natured

  • Jenny Jenny
    Jenny Jenny

    Wtfffff those people are sick

  • Trigby

    I hope you feel better and start posting more soon you really brighten up my day every time I watch your videos

  • Seth St.clair
    Seth St.clair

    you guys bring me happy ness every day i wach a video and do something new after i do i have been throw a lot in the last munth and all i did was wach the china movie and dubi one and made me think i am better than the haters

  • Person person
    Person person

    So you Quit youtube

  • Knox Ransom
    Knox Ransom

    Me and your new son have the same name

  • All around Me
    All around Me

    God bless all of your family

  • Felicity

    dang guess no more roman

  • Gaming With will
    Gaming With will

    Are you guys coming back

  • Grant Rose
    Grant Rose

    I’m praying for you 🙏

  • Jujupop Smids
    Jujupop Smids

    How sad, I'm so terribly sorry for what has happened to you all!! Is it jealousy? Dear Lord! You should have people praying the Blood of protection of Jesus Christ over your family, Hes very Powerful! We will pray! It sounds like these people are demented, possessed, :/ ....

    • Timba Tee
      Timba Tee

      Most likely someone who knows them well. A neighbor, a "close" friend. A family member. Someone they would never suspect.

  • Shhayys B
    Shhayys B

    That is absolutely horrible and your family and no family deserves to be violated like that . Your fans are always here regardless how long your away and I’m so sorry you guys had to go through that .

  • Mackayla Thomason
    Mackayla Thomason

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through that I couldn't imaging something like that happening no one deserves to go through that but I'm so glad that you guys are starting to figure stuff out I love you guys so much I have been watching u guys since I was like 5 I thin and I'm 13 now so you guys mean a lot to me especially when I am going through my anxiety and depression I hope everything, in the end, is all good have an amazing day- your biggest fan Mackayla

  • Ark master
    Ark master

    I would say just pray I'm sorry you guys have to go through that.🙏🙏🙏

  • Brandon Figueroa
    Brandon Figueroa

    Serious question. How did Roman refrain from not baiting these people into a situation where he could erase them? Genuinely curious.

  • Val Vodeb
    Val Vodeb

    I don't understand why people would do that to the Atwood family.

  • Suliman Al khaled
    Suliman Al khaled

    Hope you guys stay well and safe

  • BB GUN King
    BB GUN King


  • theflyingpenguin

    Nah. Don't believe it.

  • TrainKidStudios

    This kind of behavior is unacceptable. I honestly can't understand why people do this. Its like you said "at the end of the day, we are just a normal family". I honestly hope that whoever is doing this, will pay for what they are doing. You guys can get through this and I will support you all the way, no matter what. You guys were a huge part of my childhood, (I've been watching you guys since I 2012). I can Understand mean comments and hateful people, and I'm a small channel with (at the time of writing this comment) 354 subscribers, this level of hate is absolutely awful. Screw the kind of people who think that this is a good Idea.

  • Margaret Collins
    Margaret Collins

    It aounds like cause of the amount of money and fame they would exspect u to join there society and it happens to all famous people they give u a choice and if u piss of the wrong people people of power. They will intimidate and im only saying its them cause realistically who has the power to sit and turn someone power on and off or house alarm . i hope its got nothing to do with the occult.b

  • Eeyore Claps bones
    Eeyore Claps bones

    SLtoos isn’t the same with guys😥

    • Sith Enthusiast
      Sith Enthusiast

      [Without you*]

  • Nea Tolonen
    Nea Tolonen

    That's so scary and not normal... We understand you, you have a family and sometimes you have to put your family in first place. ❤️

    • Nea Tolonen
      Nea Tolonen

      Always family first❤️

  • Ameer Almarzooqi
    Ameer Almarzooqi

    FBI Open up

  • scheemboy wiz
    scheemboy wiz

    Love from 🇯🇲glad u guys are Back🙏

  • Dennis Wekd
    Dennis Wekd

    I've been watching you since j was 5 these stalkers needs to stop this youtuber is a good guy

  • E D
    E D

    Praying for your families safety

  • Cynthia Esquivel
    Cynthia Esquivel

    I literally have chills and feel sick to my stomach listening to the pain in your voice. I feel so bad for your family you don't deserve any of that.

    • crazy Russian
      crazy Russian

      @Cynthia Esquivel because he has lied his whole career

    • Cynthia Esquivel
      Cynthia Esquivel

      @crazy Russian Why would he lie about that and let's just say he is why does it matter to you.

    • crazy Russian
      crazy Russian

      He is lying

  • Dawid Gesikowski
    Dawid Gesikowski

    I hope you are all good but this is the reason why I'm against making your private life public and selling it for free online

  • Nibras Yunus
    Nibras Yunus

    summary: they got threatened

  • Toxicity Gaming
    Toxicity Gaming

    Really!?!?!? Bomb threats? Who ever it is disgusts me

  • the cowboys
    the cowboys

    I haven't heard that voice in years

  • Nicholas Zagami
    Nicholas Zagami

    Wtf. This gave me the chills

  • Joseph Foley
    Joseph Foley

    Hey man sorry for this happening to you bro hope u get better. Guys he’s gone again

  • Super Vlogger Last Edition
    Super Vlogger Last Edition

    i knew it was something like that but i thought it was a person threatening you guys

  • Navy

    Everybody gangsta till the stalker comes to there house but we're gaurding them.

  • Jesse Kimery
    Jesse Kimery

    When will u start back on SLtoos

  • Artorius Proctor
    Artorius Proctor

    Bro stalkers are so weird. Basically hackers that are stalkin y’all 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • David Esquerra Douglas
    David Esquerra Douglas

    Put your faith in God , he will do the rest. Ephesians 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • John Sheridan
    John Sheridan

    roman you and your family made my childhood and im 14 now and life gets hard but you taught me to forgive and forget you do what ever you need to keep your family safe best wishes my man

  • Jack Lamberson
    Jack Lamberson

    I’ve been here for so long and through so much and I understand what needs to happen to become whole again❤️

  • Kaden Willingham
    Kaden Willingham

    Use a encrypted account

  • Kaden Willingham
    Kaden Willingham

    This is why people have guns

  • Dan Ress
    Dan Ress

    You put your family life out for internet so it is your fault.

  • carameltequila

    This is insane...

  • BRENNAN Hiranaka
    BRENNAN Hiranaka

    Sorry you guys had to go through all that . Btw I love you guys and I miss Zuse

  • Trap Latino Mix
    Trap Latino Mix

    damn, i remember i subscribed nd actually used watch roman like 4 years ago, honestly i forgot bout u guys but much love that u keep doin videos! 💯

  • BioMass Regional6VlogsTV
    BioMass Regional6VlogsTV

    Roman, I hope you understand that I am here to support you just like any old fan would. I hope these stalkers just stop and leave you guys alone for good.

    • BioMass Regional6VlogsTV
      BioMass Regional6VlogsTV

      I mean, I have seen you on SLtoos during 2012-2013 to right now. You and your family is so wonderful and awesome to show these cool crazy videos.

  • Melissa Jimenez
    Melissa Jimenez

    Dude to realize your literally my child hood I would just watch you and Minecraft you tubers and to hear this breaks my heart you’re the first person I ordered merch from stay safe love y’all even the Roman army

  • Legendary Kickz
    Legendary Kickz


  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker

    So, something must gave changed for you to try again. What was it? What happened?

  • Nate .T
    Nate .T

    Go get jake Paul or someone who is a douche you little stalkers

  • Braden Bemis
    Braden Bemis

    Get a concealed carry for the both of you guys