Minecraft Live: The Nether Update Encore
Move over, Swan Lake. The Nutcracker, your days are numbered. A third ballet should also be shaking in its slippers. There’s a new show in town courtesy of Element Animation and it features Nether mobs delivering the performance of a lifetime. Literally, if you stay in the Nether too long.

  • jhonsillo sanchez
    jhonsillo sanchez

    The music's great

  • Marina Marci
    Marina Marci

    Its orchestral suite not swan lake

  • Pixel mega Ser blanco
    Pixel mega Ser blanco

    Minecraft 1. 18

  • Alan Skonczony
    Alan Skonczony

    Emmm... pigstep?

  • Playstore toto
    Playstore toto

    Dawload minecraft 1.17 plsssss

  • Killer Ch
    Killer Ch

    i love minecraft >w

  • glitch Signal
    glitch Signal

    1.14: big nose 1.15: ya like jazz? 1.16: *DOOM* 1.17: not the cave noises

  • gameon 115
    gameon 115

    The cave update? :(

  • Familia Ramirez Reyes
    Familia Ramirez Reyes

    Is cool 😊

  • Seño Olguis
    Seño Olguis

    1:00 wow

  • Richelle Palmer
    Richelle Palmer

    Does this actually happen in the nether because if it does I’m rating 5 stars

  • Maraditox

    Es hemoso una obra de arte

  • TheAmazing Calf
    TheAmazing Calf

    Oops shouldnt had left them with that gold.

  • zizzy

    Me encantó pero quiero el tráiler de Minecraft 1.17.0 xdddddf

  • among us
    among us


  • among us
    among us


  • Todoroki :v
    Todoroki :v

    1:17 no ones gonna talk about that crafting table fused with the furnace, thats hella trippy

    • Todoroki :v
      Todoroki :v

      @HaveByte 983 look at the bottom right

    • HaveByte 983
      HaveByte 983

      Wait wait, What

  • Bailey 0106
    Bailey 0106


  • Joas Sembiring
    Joas Sembiring

    Soooo Cute

  • Mharia Vitrola
    Mharia Vitrola

    QUALITY animation

  • Juan Galvan
    Juan Galvan

    Don't mess with piglin brute he get mad

  • Facundo Santos
    Facundo Santos

    Seems like the Ghast didn't like that thank because they were al crying



  • Alicia Matunog
    Alicia Matunog

    in the end the furnace is a crafting table

  • Etg Sur YouTube
    Etg Sur YouTube

    It’s Technoblade’s people !

  • Douglas-sola

    1:10 só eu que percebi que a craft table ta bugada?

  • TeenJa

    whats the music name in the start

  • Sweder Van Rosmalen
    Sweder Van Rosmalen

    For anyone who' s wondering... the song is called: Baderine by Bach

    • Elijah Ho
      Elijah Ho


  • Luana Abigail Barrios
    Luana Abigail Barrios


  • Thiago matias Carrasco mantilla
    Thiago matias Carrasco mantilla

    Soy el único que Abla español

  • Trenty Boi
    Trenty Boi

    Now imagine enderite...

  • Brandon Mahalovich
    Brandon Mahalovich

    The music if from J. S. Bach

  • Aegis Playz
    Aegis Playz

    Wait that's illigal.

  • Qod1 POn
    Qod1 POn

    I’m playing mineCraft

  • David Lobos Cerda
    David Lobos Cerda

    I love this animation and the music. I want to listen to this for hours

  • Miguel Ryan Orayan
    Miguel Ryan Orayan

    poor piglin and hoglim

  • Бекжан Осмоналиев
    Бекжан Осмоналиев

    cool animations

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee

    Where are the wither skeletons and zombified piglins

  • i am beluga
    i am beluga

    the thumbnail has old sword textures,

  • william0551

    0:37 que hace una oveja en el nether

  • wolf cheem
    wolf cheem

    *bootiful* 🤧

  • mr. sparkle time
    mr. sparkle time

    Amazing as simple as that also do sheep randomly spawn in the nether now or...

  • creeper

    hey mojang

  • トロールの王


  • Santiago Ceballos Longas
    Santiago Ceballos Longas

    The most rare video what i see

  • Isra Arshia
    Isra Arshia

    This animation is an accurate example of what I thought music class was gonna be like

  • Faris Kuningan
    Faris Kuningan

    What sheep in a the nether

  • Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña
    Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña

    What is the name of the music?

  • Blazej Czujko
    Blazej Czujko

    when magma cubes gonna be like trampoline...

  • JJ_ Falcon
    JJ_ Falcon

    This is cannon to the minecraft lore

  • Iker De La Cruz
    Iker De La Cruz


  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson

    Great vid makes the update even better

  • Aditya Srivastava
    Aditya Srivastava

    Imagine Minecraft having same type of graphics as they show in trailer by Mojang

  • Mocca Us
    Mocca Us

    Que hacia una obeja en el nether

  • R1C4RD0 53K3H
    R1C4RD0 53K3H

    Music used: Bach - Orchestral Suite #2 In B Minor, BWV 1067 - 7. Badinerie Sorry if wrong...

  • Leaking_boat YT
    Leaking_boat YT

    Wait why are these children getting bullied?

  • pigman

    Imagen if the pigmen that used to villagers existed In the nether with piglins and hoglins

  • netherite sheep
    netherite sheep

    Whats the song?

  • Long TRần
    Long TRần

    I am pigman

  • Andrea Escultero
    Andrea Escultero


  • Sylvia De Prins
    Sylvia De Prins

    When you dropped a golden nugget

  • Reaper YT
    Reaper YT

    Other people : enjoy the trailer Me : wait, a sheep in the nether?

    • netherite sheep
      netherite sheep

      Its me and im not water sheep Im netherite sheep

  • Kawayne Gaming
    Kawayne Gaming

    0:52 I saw pigman Riding on a zoglin

  • Ryqueezy

    Yay!... *ok now we want an end update*

  • Scott Lai
    Scott Lai

    Is that the victory dance (:

  • PandoraPow!

    ¡¿Para cuando el portal al cielo?!

  • Maria Pessoa
    Maria Pessoa

    Muito bom kk

  • A

    I really love these type of animations

  • Dio Brand0
    Dio Brand0

    1. Very cute and awesome 2. Nice animation 3. Plss remove the cave sound

  • OKUMAK Dünyayı keşfetmektir
    OKUMAK Dünyayı keşfetmektir

    Minecrfat herobrine voces

  • Jonathan Martinez Lazcano
    Jonathan Martinez Lazcano

    It has a month and Im still asking why there's a sheep in the nether, like if you ask it too, and i hav another question or point, I dont know, At the beginning it looks like the baby piglin is girl or its me?

    • Jonathan Martinez Lazcano
      Jonathan Martinez Lazcano

      @netherite sheep I say of the p.... nah, it dont matters, and i like your comment, it makes me laugh the final part

    • netherite sheep
      netherite sheep

      Thats its ears and im there too and im not water sheep im netherite sheep

  • Toby Lam
    Toby Lam

    Ha ha IamKevinBB2 go

  • The Good Viking Chieftain
    The Good Viking Chieftain

    Me when i see the rushers trying to rush us in bedwars: 0:23 - 0:28

  • Finley Schultz
    Finley Schultz

    Minecraft is the best game in the world

  • Богдан Чумак
    Богдан Чумак

    music plz

  • charles edward
    charles edward

    Plsss turn your resolution to the hightest and try 2× speed

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy


  • 사람

    0:57 Is that lionking?

    • Kiryu Studios is asshole
      Kiryu Studios is asshole


  • HystericalFoxybears

    Baby piglin and hoglen fell from a high place

  • GamerBroz Inc.
    GamerBroz Inc.

    like the minecraft nether version of timon and pumbaa

  • Joey Herrera
    Joey Herrera

    MINECRAFT why i didn't have an piglin brute in minecraft pocket edition?????.

    • netherite sheep
      netherite sheep

      Theres one lol

  • Herumi Mreko
    Herumi Mreko

    I wish smash reveal has this kind of animation tbh but it's okay I guess :)

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan

    Hoglins and piglins are together But why they hate each other in game

  • Isaac Salazar
    Isaac Salazar

    Doom x terraria 👊😳

  • Isabel Russo
    Isabel Russo


  • Betania FALCON
    Betania FALCON

    Fantastic Mojan!!!

  • Castillo Stevens
    Castillo Stevens

    what nether mobs do when the player is not in the nether. lol

  • Brayden Ross
    Brayden Ross

    is this wap ~callmecarson

  • dewiuu aryani
    dewiuu aryani


  • B3ND9 39O
    B3ND9 39O

    No one : Absolouty no one: Me: strider is Red without lava? Wait that's elligal 0:51-1:01

    • B3ND9 39O
      B3ND9 39O

      @netherite sheep no, that's not shaders fault

    • netherite sheep
      netherite sheep

      Maybe beacause the shaders?

    • The Good Viking Chieftain
      The Good Viking Chieftain

      This is illegal -\(0-0)/-

  • Reena Diwakar
    Reena Diwakar

    0:38 when I enter in nether Ghasts:

  • ishan singh
    ishan singh


  • Creator Who
    Creator Who

    Finest classical of gaming

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Joseph mother

    • Poatik


  • Matthew Iverson
    Matthew Iverson

    Hotline standing upright is so cuuuute

  • PogPig

    great job on this

  • Bobbing Boba
    Bobbing Boba

    Baby piglin and hoglin So Cute ..😆😶

  • Ahmad Malkawi
    Ahmad Malkawi

    I love the music when it’s the end of the video

  • julz z
    julz z

    My Friend's Dreams: Normal Things My Dream:

  • ItsMErobotcraftZ

    0:51 Wait, that's illegal.