The Story of How I Got Arrested...
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  • Shock PC
    Shock PC

    in the end, he actually did get arrested.

  • Rose Ahart
    Rose Ahart


  • Rose Ahart
    Rose Ahart

    You have to be at least 19 to become a roommate Jake Paul because I wanna be your roommate so badly

  • Rose Ahart
    Rose Ahart

    Jake Paul can you be at 19 to become a roommate

  • samnoah jones
    samnoah jones


  • Ace King
    Ace King


  • marchelle58


  • marchelle58


  • SinPrince

    disliking every video of yours

  • Joshua.r Tsweleng
    Joshua.r Tsweleng

    I doubt there is a person out there actually enjoying his videos👀

  • Ki Robert
    Ki Robert

    I am six

  • Ki Robert
    Ki Robert


  • Ki Robert
    Ki Robert

    H l

  • Ki Robert
    Ki Robert


  • The Cartiery boss The Cartiery boss
    The Cartiery boss The Cartiery boss

    Man he uhhh a

  • Jeffrey Goodchild
    Jeffrey Goodchild


  • waleeshay !!
    waleeshay !!

    good prank

  • RustyBoi

    you are a man child

  • Fake Paul
    Fake Paul

    Team 10 is over

  • afss games
    afss games

    Jake Paul should just quit because i agree with his distract

  • DowelFuRY 09
    DowelFuRY 09

    I got clicked baited

  • Deb Eaton
    Deb Eaton

    Dum dum kickboxing Dumbo

  • Señor Snatchworthy
    Señor Snatchworthy

    Totally had Jake and me fooled that this was 100% serious. Idk if it was the editing or the acting or both.

  • Tomáš Kubík
    Tomáš Kubík

    This video is hilarious ngl 🤣🤣

  • Kamijou Touma
    Kamijou Touma

    Mr.stark we won the war Pewdiepie win

  • Rose Edwards
    Rose Edwards

    I'm. 19

  • Ouu! Shit!! Radom video
    Ouu! Shit!! Radom video


  • Yoanli Sanchez
    Yoanli Sanchez

    Yo why

  • Takurukuto


  • Takurukuto


  • James Porquez
    James Porquez

    I feel bad for the inmates

  • Finn K
    Finn K

    I feel sorry for his dog

  • Rajeet Luxman
    Rajeet Luxman

    he said make it more than 10 minutes i paused at 9:59

  • TheFXMaster

    Jake Paul: *gets arrested again* The whole world: *Celebrates all night long*

  • Demon wolf
    Demon wolf

    I have the talent of rouring

  • Jimmys Mom
    Jimmys Mom

    Um. You went to jail?

  • Drop the beet
    Drop the beet

    Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap 🧢 Cap Cap

  • Gamer Girly
    Gamer Girly

    Tbh I think this is staged (edit lol watched the rest of it yeha)

  • jamyboi y
    jamyboi y

    Wow nice clickbait

  • Squibidy The Squid
    Squibidy The Squid

    Good, deserved

  • Angeline Vasquez
    Angeline Vasquez

    I really love jake paul 🥊🥊🥊💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    • Donald Mccarty
      Donald Mccarty

      This is sad.

  • Juice_wrld_999 999
    Juice_wrld_999 999

    Ayo let's get it bro its evry day bro

    • Juice_wrld_999 999
      Juice_wrld_999 999

      @Ebonix33 bro I just want the gas

    • Ebonix33

      With the Disney channel flow

  • Leif Holm
    Leif Holm


  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark

    I wish I can join but I can't cause I am a kid 😂😂 😭😭

    • Donald Mccarty
      Donald Mccarty

      I would gladly call the police.

  • Taco Man
    Taco Man

    Y los paquetes en asheboro

  • Vera Paredes
    Vera Paredes

    Me I am Alex and I am 24🤞🏻🖕🏻

  • Jaxon Dorris
    Jaxon Dorris

    Hey yo my dude I might need the private jet need to get some pounds out of my stomach now make me come to your house

  • Alicia Martinez
    Alicia Martinez

    11 North Carolina a girl

  • Carlos Williams jr
    Carlos Williams jr

    Me please

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones

    amazing content!

  • Jamar Webb
    Jamar Webb

    Good stuff Jake keep grinding

  • rezthepro gaming
    rezthepro gaming

    Jake pool is gay

    • Deleted File
      Deleted File

      Rezthepro is right lol

    • Yitzy Schlesinger
      Yitzy Schlesinger

      Lol what?!

  • lisa

    Why do you trespass in the first place? Edit: oh it was just a prank....

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan Green

    im upset bcs im 8

    • Yitzy Schlesinger
      Yitzy Schlesinger

      Haha kk

  • Monica Pelletier
    Monica Pelletier

    I'm 10

  • Dradekon

    I remember when he used to make kinda good content and censor swearing

  • Moves

    8:45 that dog was loyal

    • lisa

      Aww he was :(

  • Heaven Russell
    Heaven Russell

    who else misses team 10

    • Caretaker


  • Spyder Pig2
    Spyder Pig2

    bro he didnt even wear a mask

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    you are family to me i love you so much jake paul

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    I love you so much

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    please jake paul

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    I watch you every day win i can

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    me michael i´m 12 i want to be on the team because i´m lit

  • Perla Nieto
    Perla Nieto


  • Jm Moski2
    Jm Moski2

    jake paul is coll and the cops are bad

  • Matthew studios
    Matthew studios

    Im very sorry about that but.. you kinda deserved it you've change you made innapropiate videos and content and you never talked to tydus anymore where's the bright side of you? just plz make videos that are kid-friendly

  • B_Xperx

    Jake Paul:the Story of how I got arrested Social Media:Visible Happiness

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney

    I Mac up songs

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney

    Me I’m 9 I’m in lester I love to sing 🎤

  • Amethyst Michael Jordan
    Amethyst Michael Jordan

    No one Jake: dO u wAnT mY aUtOgRaPh

  • That Lol Guy
    That Lol Guy

    Lol go to prison

  • I We
    I We

    remember when jake paul was playing in bizarvark...? Yeah that was a long time ago

    • I We
      I We

      @Douglas Peach yUp it was

    • Douglas Peach
      Douglas Peach

      meh you rigth but it was a good show doe

  • Estefania Rodriguez
    Estefania Rodriguez


  • Maureen Roane
    Maureen Roane

    WHERES YOUR MASK! i hope you get the corona virus and a bad case of it too! have fun being in the hospital!

  • dylan marshall
    dylan marshall

    love u

  • TokyoTenshi

    Omg wow so cool

  • Chance Clay
    Chance Clay

    "Were f*****g idiots" got that right

  • Jeromey Allen
    Jeromey Allen

    Shake and Bake baby

  • Xd IsPro LOL
    Xd IsPro LOL



    is jqke on cocaine

  • Sandip Mandal
    Sandip Mandal

    Nobody Literally Know one Jake Paul gets blown up in front of mr beast

  • Dominic Salamy
    Dominic Salamy

    My name is Dominic and I am 6Yers old I live in san Bruno I really want to john the Hype house

  • Dominic Salamy
    Dominic Salamy


  • karianne holfordsam
    karianne holfordsam

    Does he still have the vlog camera in his arm ?

  • fish man
    fish man

    Hope this was real

  • Rose Lynn
    Rose Lynn

    Does he still have the camera in his left arm ??? 😁

  • Ibrahim

    How tf did Jake Paul get 20 mil supscribers he doesn't deserve it

  • A Living Thing
    A Living Thing

    Describe this channel in 4 words *Your Welcome*

  • Shaunne Rey Daciego
    Shaunne Rey Daciego

    yes yes yes his arrested

  • Lillotte Erlandsson
    Lillotte Erlandsson

    Mai dada is rihe

  • Pedro Lucas Araújo Bandeira
    Pedro Lucas Araújo Bandeira

    He was arrested

  • matthew brown
    matthew brown

    Jake.stay a vlogger please thx

  • ImHonestlyTrash

    well im a helicopter so dam

  • ruby blake
    ruby blake

    im 9 soo i cant

  • Daniel flips out
    Daniel flips out

    Shut up

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston

    This dude is annoying and an idiot.

  • david nowe
    david nowe

    I would be able to but I'm only nine 9

  • NanalovinYou


  • Jason and paige Titanic
    Jason and paige Titanic

    Hey Jake Paul fans Jake Paul is on drugs he's a drug dealer

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