The Story of How I Got Arrested...
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  • レイナ🌸

    Omg wow so cool

  • Chance Clay
    Chance Clay

    "Were f*****g idiots" got that right

  • Jeromey Allen
    Jeromey Allen

    Shake and Bake baby

  • Xd IsPro LOL
    Xd IsPro LOL



    is jqke on cocaine

  • Sandip Mandal
    Sandip Mandal

    Nobody Literally Know one Jake Paul gets blown up in front of mr beast

  • Abe Salamy
    Abe Salamy

    My name is Dominic and I am 6Yers old I live in san Bruno I really want to john the Hype house

  • Abe Salamy
    Abe Salamy


  • karianne holfordsam
    karianne holfordsam

    Does he still have the vlog camera in his arm ?

  • NemekhErdem Gankhuyag
    NemekhErdem Gankhuyag

    Hope this was real

  • Rose Lynn
    Rose Lynn

    Does he still have the camera in his left arm ??? 😁

  • Ibrahim Eyad
    Ibrahim Eyad

    How tf did Jake Paul get 20 mil supscribers he doesn't deserve it

  • l a z y
    l a z y

    Describe this channel in 4 words *Your Welcome*

  • Shaunne Rey Daciego
    Shaunne Rey Daciego

    yes yes yes his arrested

  • Lillotte Erlandsson
    Lillotte Erlandsson

    Mai dada is rihe

  • Pedro Lucas Araújo Bandeira
    Pedro Lucas Araújo Bandeira

    He was arrested

  • matthew brown
    matthew brown

    Jake.stay a vlogger please thx

  • ImHonestlyTrash

    well im a helicopter so dam

  • ruby blake
    ruby blake

    im 9 soo i cant

  • Daniel flips out
    Daniel flips out

    Shut up

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston

    This dude is annoying and an idiot.

  • david nowe
    david nowe

    I would be able to but I'm only nine 9

  • NanalovinYou


  • Jason and Paige
    Jason and Paige

    Hey Jake Paul fans Jake Paul is on drugs he's a drug dealer

  • Dagon Ftw
    Dagon Ftw

    Said college students watch him,nah fam fairly certain only people who watch you are 5 year olds and then the dumbass 10 year olds

  • Abigail !
    Abigail !

    The best part of this video was 10:05 thank me later 💋💋

  • Dede Daniels
    Dede Daniels

    you said you wrote your songs but you really didn't the funny part is the girl in the music video apology to ksi

  • Dede Daniels
    Dede Daniels

    my phone battery last longer than your relationship ima laugh when you get dropped by ksi

  • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    Jake Paul you violated COPPA 15 times and have two gun strikes. The FBI has raided your house you have been swatted 12 times knock this bull crap off or they will bust down your door they will haul you to prison or they will kill you then and there.

  • squiggly ta ta
    squiggly ta ta

    Fr doesn’t deserve anything he has

  • George Finch
    George Finch

    doggo went in the copcar

  • Gabriel Godinez
    Gabriel Godinez

    No one asked

  • robert linke
    robert linke


  • robert linke
    robert linke


  • _ AdultBeverage _
    _ AdultBeverage _

    God is real

  • YT Prozzson
    YT Prozzson

    He should've been at jail for real.

  • Johanne Nunez
    Johanne Nunez


  • Adelie Shears
    Adelie Shears

    Thank you guys who like Jake Paul because I was trying to stop it

  • Adelie Shears
    Adelie Shears


  • Adelie Shears
    Adelie Shears

    So just be nice okay because I am done reading all these bad habits

  • Adelie Shears
    Adelie Shears

    I'm sticking up for Jake Paul are you guys to let's be nice

  • norma sage
    norma sage

    I am 16 years old

  • zusakhe forplay
    zusakhe forplay

    U are so annoying

  • Antonio Infante
    Antonio Infante

    Can I be the crew

  • Lisa Taylor
    Lisa Taylor

    Can i plz because im really funny and i im 8 years old

  • Loke Englund
    Loke Englund

    You 100% deserve it

  • Bryce Myers
    Bryce Myers

    pick me

  • 100 subs bez videa HYPE!!!!
    100 subs bez videa HYPE!!!!

    deji ksi bests

  • Talal Sherif
    Talal Sherif


  • Coil

    Pause 10 left it 33 seconds in

  • Gusdog 500
    Gusdog 500

    When I thought the year sucked

  • Shannon Muzenda
    Shannon Muzenda

    jake : thinks he is smart and good looking Me: just throw the whole thing away

  • abraham stevens
    abraham stevens

    What's up jake Paul bro I'm all of that bro

  • Breah Brook
    Breah Brook


  • jacen ortiz ZX
    jacen ortiz ZX

    I thought he was supposed to be in prison

  • Sphephile Khusi
    Sphephile Khusi


  • Sphephile Khusi
    Sphephile Khusi

    Me me me me me me me!!!!!!!

  • Twana Dixon
    Twana Dixon

    Wow JAKE PAUL THAT is Amazing

  • Jack *
    Jack *

    Ha Jake u deserve it

  • Harmony Graham
    Harmony Graham

    You trynna start yo own hype house🤣🤣

  • Amaan Shah
    Amaan Shah

    I feel sorry for the dog.

  • Vincent Swindell
    Vincent Swindell

    Yo please I need a new roommate this is perfect.

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul

    i saw this as a meme on insta and searched for the video as soon as possible to laugh and be happy but then i realized it was a prank

  • Sazma Dean
    Sazma Dean


  • Cit

    0:49 be serious, there's no one over 8 that watches Jake Paul, and even if there were, he literally insulted every other demografic under 35 yrs old, how is he THAT stupid

  • Iam owesamlmao1985
    Iam owesamlmao1985

    jake paul more like joke poll

  • Mochiii Bunz
    Mochiii Bunz

    If jake Paul gets arrested again- the inmates will be like- no thank you. I'll just pack my stuff and leave.

  • This is the way
    This is the way

    This hurts to watch... That's all I have to say.

  • Addilyn Safley
    Addilyn Safley

    This is his 5,000,000th time getting arrested 😭

  • Patrick Psykod
    Patrick Psykod

    You need a teen roomate🤣

  • Leah Schaab
    Leah Schaab

    me please

  • Brendan Cushley
    Brendan Cushley

    They really ruined talladega nights

  • plushy ducky 102
    plushy ducky 102


  • Nick James
    Nick James

    Y couldnt this be real 🥺🥺🥺

  • The Banana King
    The Banana King

    Roses are red Violets are blue Unfortunately Click bait it true

  • Andy Cormier
    Andy Cormier

    can i join im savage bro

  • Dallana Medina
    Dallana Medina

    Take my son then he LIT lol

    • Dallana Medina
      Dallana Medina

      Just kidding

  • The spooky Madixa
    The spooky Madixa

    I wish he actually got arrested

  • Cry Girl
    Cry Girl

    Please pick me

  • wolfythedrago gaming
    wolfythedrago gaming

    You are so funny

  • Loganplayzツ

    Jake paul: there is like the 8yr olds... Me: How did he find out?

  • Bob aviation
    Bob aviation

    Do I like for the good news or dislike because it’s jake Paul?

  • Payia Lor
    Payia Lor

    Hahaha idiot

  • Kill3rFish

    C’mon 2 adds aren’t gonna pay that bail

  • Keith Woo
    Keith Woo


  • ben benet
    ben benet

    jake makes prank vid about arrested next month got arrseted for real

  • Elena2 Baskerville
    Elena2 Baskerville


  • Anti-ticktick Special Forces
    Anti-ticktick Special Forces

    Oh my god I love this, P.S have a good time with the FBI!!

  • ZackGamez

    That's mean that Jake Paul got arrested what did the prisoners do to you

  • pat belanger
    pat belanger

    Jake is cool

  • Dhdhdhbdbdhd Gdhdhdhdhdhd
    Dhdhdhbdbdhd Gdhdhdhdhdhd

    Facing 6 months if he was black it 6 years

  • _dqrwin

    I’ll come to the if you leave! Arg Arg Arg!

  • Matman YEET
    Matman YEET

    This aged well

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin

    bruv this guy is so rich that when he gets bord he will bye a car

  • Lj Rogers
    Lj Rogers


  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi

    There’s 1 reason I don’t think “all cops are bad” because one of them arrested this cringe ass lol, although tbh I feel bad for the inmates

  • Simply random
    Simply random

    I’m a 12-year-old who can’t really socialize and when scared starts screaming a bunch of comedy shit so count me in the team 10 house i’ll fit right in!!! XDDDD

    • Simply random
      Simply random

      I also have anger issues and cuss a lot so I’m just like a teenager u-U

  • HydraPlaysYT

    pro is him paul jake

  • Ibed Valencia
    Ibed Valencia

    Can I be your roommate

  • Dr Azazel
    Dr Azazel

    the best part was when you got arrested.

    • Destroyer 2099
      Destroyer 2099

      My 7 year old brothers want him arrested aswell I’m so proud of them hating on Jake Paul 😭