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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • Jaxon Cloud
    Jaxon Cloud

    Your child is gonna grow up and know his father saved a ton of lifes

  • brenna Preston
    brenna Preston

    Really didn’t want the song to end...

  • WillTheThrill

    Strange to see him without his makeup.

  • for3alz


  • مفتاح الاسرار key to secrets
    مفتاح الاسرار key to secrets

    this is bast of 10 basy song in live

  • cowboystormchaser

    So this is how the 130-car pileup in Texas began...

  • Andhy

    man you look like jesse from breaking bad

  • Kaden Salas
    Kaden Salas

    this is not the real nf the old one looks why different and sounds different like if u agree that he evolved

    • Kaden Salas
      Kaden Salas

      also im not saying his older stuff is bad real is why im alive along with therapy session

    • Caden Powell
      Caden Powell

      nah it's still the same Nate.

  • Alicia Coore
    Alicia Coore

    why is this so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤

    • Μιχαλης Αθουσακης
      Μιχαλης Αθουσακης

      Every thing he makes is good

  • Caden Powell
    Caden Powell

    The average rapper: seeks to impress with girls, money, drugs, swear words. NF: *Series of unfortunate teleportation*

  • Denaisa Mahone
    Denaisa Mahone


  • Carol Margaret
    Carol Margaret

    I zagnut lyudi drug druga v dugu

  • Liquid Trails
    Liquid Trails

    6 days 7mil views got damn

  • Robinhood 87
    Robinhood 87

    "Rippin the teeth out the back of my mouths, the closest you get to my wisdom" Been patiently waiting for you! Welcome back!!!


    مفسد في الأرض😂

  • Elliott Vaughan
    Elliott Vaughan

    Nf has the coolest merch and logo

  • fnlosinit YT
    fnlosinit YT

    Alright, which goes more hard, CLOUDS or The Search?

    • Μιχαλης Αθουσακης
      Μιχαλης Αθουσακης

      Personally i thing the Search

  • Kingdom Legacy Life
    Kingdom Legacy Life

    For those who disliked this song: I pray for your sanity.. cause you are crazy for overlooking this rare gem of legacy!!

  • xxxXmoćha chanXxxx
    xxxXmoćha chanXxxx

    I- wow this was really good I really dont like other rappers new songs but nf your are really good 😁👍

  • Μιχαλης Αθουσακης
    Μιχαλης Αθουσακης

    nf is just too op man

  • Sebastian

    I don't know if anybody will read this but I just want to tell you that things are not going to be ok, so you better man up and suck it all cause life ain't easy.

  • PedePede

    NF true talent and what makes his lyrics even more powerful is no cursing...rap and cursing seem like a pair but they are not. Cursing is lazy, it’s been done over and over again, adds nothing and takes away from the meaning of a song. Seems like rapping nowadays includes cursing by default...but a true talent like NF it isn’t needed...his lyrics and skills emotionally at times makes you feel like he is cursing up a storm yet amazingly he isn’t. So unique, a rare gem, real talent on display here!

  • DeRecognize 00
    DeRecognize 00

    He throwing some nice subliminal toward Eminem’s way I’ve been waiting for it.

  • Tai Wol
    Tai Wol

    F*cling amazing, like always.

  • liam yamarah
    liam yamarah

    @ 1:17 he looks like shane topp

  • 3Times


  • Keydn

    Wtf App store and Google play ? Dislike

  • Maxaxus Xzues
    Maxaxus Xzues

    I catch myself listening to this song to much and head banging like I first listened to it... help

  • a l mcintyre
    a l mcintyre

    Im so addicted to this song. It is all in my head so much. Omg

  • Drownedz

    3:19 Bro, your laging

  • ѕ ι м σ
    ѕ ι м σ


  • Kerrie Bridges
    Kerrie Bridges

    Is it weird I have already memorize all the lyrics

    • Μιχαλης Αθουσακης
      Μιχαλης Αθουσακης

      Me too

  • Darrap

    This is amazing. Is soo crazy

  • Multi Gastos
    Multi Gastos

    #slowly evolving

  • Aerus Ph.D.
    Aerus Ph.D.

    I love it. The way he just vanishes from the scene and out of nowhere drops some hot shit.

  • catherine fortuin
    catherine fortuin

    fuck... yeah (i calmly said)

  • ruva dodzo
    ruva dodzo

    One of the best rappers out there, no cap

  • Kat Milewsky
    Kat Milewsky

    I relate I get so hypnotized by this

  • Jessica Jose
    Jessica Jose

    I’m been ready!!!

  • Ravephy


  • DeAnna H
    DeAnna H

    This is one of your best ones man 🔥🔥🔥

  • Animulki


  • Bizou Mbi
    Bizou Mbi

    This is phenomenal. Absolutely outta the clouds👌

  • XP flix
    XP flix

    LETS GO FAVORITE RAPPER 🔥 (You deserve a Grammy)

  • mcquade1000

    Tune man

  • Daniel in the Maiden
    Daniel in the Maiden

    He finally changed his style.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      His timbs will be back lol

    • Romeo Cruz
      Romeo Cruz

      He did it in paid my dues too

  • Joshua Lichner
    Joshua Lichner

    Legendary status. All glory to God

  • Barnacleboy3000

    Me: how are you going to make this blow up NF:spitting bars and walking in front of traffic

  • Mac_Aroni


  • Whatkiddo

    nate , you got my back last year with your songs , lets see if you can save me again this year :")

  • Feriel Fifi
    Feriel Fifi

    Am I watching jumper part 2 ?

  • Rybenzæhler

    what a naughty ass flatout m&m copy. hell nah.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      @Rybenzæhler 😂 😂😂 boy you are so off.

    • Rybenzæhler

      @Nikki Mubel doesnt matter if he went for copying for clicks or not, nice that you and others can appreciate what they like, but in my perception its whack ass shit. point in the end is: exposure was the aim and it was reached. therefore im not wrong.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      @Rybenzæhler this artist is a christian. (Not a christian rapper) Never swears in his music. Uses cinematic beats. Usually wears ripped jeans and timbs, has singing only non rap songs and connects his music and albums like marvel movies. This song connects with outcast and paid my dues. Tech 9 is coming on a song with him and has been to NFs show. King Crooked eminems good friend has said he is talented twice now. Eminems younger brother nathan follows NF on twitter and IG. (Yet does not follow MGK) Big Sean paid homeage back to NF in his harder than my demons song. All these people closest to eminem would not be supporting NF if what you said is true. You have to go through his catalog before you judge because this NF is having playful fun and speaking to critics in this song. His music is deep and powerful. I am in my 40s seen eminem when he first came out and NF is not eminem by any means

    • Rybenzæhler

      @Romeo Cruz for clicks and money.

    • Romeo Cruz
      Romeo Cruz

      ? Cadence and humor maybe. Did u get what he's going for? Yeah I see not.

  • Samuel Lux
    Samuel Lux

    Is this eminem

  • J max1 james
    J max1 james

    I just can't stop listening to this song!!!!!!

    • PJC


  • Anas Mohamed
    Anas Mohamed

    This song drops harder than the chances of tomorrow being tomorrow

  • Amirm Kouhi
    Amirm Kouhi


  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    wow sooo good

    • Stevie

      Hi, can we be friends only?🥺🤍

  • Laxya music
    Laxya music

    INSANE! What a legend!

  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed

    يراجل وحشتني

    • Stevie

      وخيرا عربي مثلي يحب هذا المغني ناس راقية 😍🤍

  • new movies, music and video
    new movies, music and video


  • Marshall Swedens
    Marshall Swedens

    Nate is the REAL MUSIC🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ariel Mosquera
    Ariel Mosquera


  • Reza_058 _
    Reza_058 _


  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz

    Man 🤯🤯 this song when hard... can't wait for NF ft Hopsin song come out...

  • MyzTix

    Director: how chaotic do you want this to be NF: Yes

  • Gracia Schoff
    Gracia Schoff

    This song is 🔥🔥

  • Smaylo Tv
    Smaylo Tv

    Eminem zero.

  • nedas125

    Well I'm not fan of rap. But nf change everything

  • redemptionbio essence
    redemptionbio essence


  • Anton Smith
    Anton Smith

    The beat is different. I'm not a fan. Spiritual story is great but the song is too short. It doesn't keep the tune.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      This is connected to his outcast song. Think the only spiritual part was him saying he does not know why God chose him. Too short? 😂

  • • Lincolns_Tru_Zen •
    • Lincolns_Tru_Zen •

    I can’t believe he’s going to be a dad! Omg! I’m so happy, you’re going to be a great dad, Nate! :) good song!

  • Fabian Leyva
    Fabian Leyva

    Nf is like a young Eminem

  • elastic Plastic
    elastic Plastic

    amazing, you never disappoint with them lyrics bro,

  • Paul Evertsen
    Paul Evertsen

    Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh boi🔥

  • R_ iheb
    R_ iheb


  • cringy shouta
    cringy shouta

    Nf we missed you bro...yall better back up slowly

  • ABHOTDOG 369
    ABHOTDOG 369

    Dude the transition are 🔥 👏

  • J Scheller
    J Scheller

    This comment section is cringe

  • Zack Angeli
    Zack Angeli


  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell

    Starting to sound like an older Eminem . Garbage!

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      😂😂 Get out of here with that.

  • Chastity

    Instantly liked, I don’t have to even hear the song to know it’s good


    You’re AMAZING! Great lyricist!

  • kyl89

    Первый раз посмотрел видеоклип и послушал песню NF, и это нечто!Музон, бассы, рэп, клип все на высшем уровне, мурашки по телу аж...

  • Manu Böhm
    Manu Böhm

    Wieder mal ein ein krasses brett 🙏🙏🙏

  • EskiOkuldakiHayalet


  • Bonita Gontus
    Bonita Gontus

    "Too great to mimic" said Stan.

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      He does not swear. Has singing only pop songs. Uses cinematic beats. Is a christian. Connects his albums like marvel movies like this song connects to outcast and paid my dues. Usually sport the timbs and ripped jeans. None of those things equate to copying eminem 😂😂😂😂

  • LJ

    imagine calling NF a 1 hit wonder

    • LJ

      @kidaa indeed

    • kidaa

      The exact definition of "dumb"

  • BBTV Newfoundland
    BBTV Newfoundland

    over a million views a day, madness... guy is too talented

  • Dewitt Padgett
    Dewitt Padgett

    my favorite rapper

    • Dewitt Padgett
      Dewitt Padgett


  • Cbxv

    The Goat is back

  • Stalin Chingozho
    Stalin Chingozho

    Eminem's successor has been born....creative,raps,swag,change of flaws etc he got it all 🔥🔥

  • Dull King Tv
    Dull King Tv

    Realistic music

  • Matias Giunta
    Matias Giunta


  • General Meyer
    General Meyer

    7.1 million in 6 days !!!

  • Shawn Harper
    Shawn Harper

    I like this.

  • niconi 23
    niconi 23

    sigue asi nate serás grande

  • Turtle

    can anyone recommend a good song by this guy?

    • kidaa

      U can't find any bad song but but please check Miss the days, only, options and let you down first, please then u will continue the rest

    • Dave

      All ;)

    • Nikki Mubel
      Nikki Mubel

      Read about why song below but I recommend Why Search and leave me alone to start but they connect like a series so you need to read my details about the why song below first. Balloons are his burdens. All four albums is like a connected series. For instance in his when i grow up song, paid my dues, leave me alone, and why song, the black smile is the fake smile that he mentions in therapy session song. He hides eggs in his videos. In when i grow up song there was two hidden eggs in that song. A black balloon by the trash cans and in burger joint he grabbed at receipt that had the date and time of when his song time was being released. In the search song he had cage in background he rapped in from his outcast song. Here is the song order: Mansion Album: Intro All I have Mansion Wake Up Paralyzed Notepad Therapy Session Album: Intro 2 Therapy Session I just wanna know How could you leave us-have tissues nearby. Grown men reactors have shed tears on this one Real song- (he pays homage to lil wayne in this song feed me rappers or feed me beats) Grindin Oh Lord- this song gets referred to in returns two albums later. Great song Statement (he pays homage to eminem and drake in this song) Warm Up -single (hype song) Green lights (pay attention to what he has written on the notepad at the end) Perception Album: Outro Intro 3 Outcast Know- pays homage to eminem and 21 pilots Destiny One hundred Let you down If you want love Remember this- 💎 Gems all over this track Single: No Name. This gets connected in leave me alone song an album later. Single: Why- he pays big homage to Big Sean as he uses his flow from bounce back in this and mentions Big Seans name and his album I decided. (This isnt nates flow he says) Also he has a ton of eggs like Dont mess with real music written on walls. Pay attention to all the writing. Additionally, Big Sean paid homage back in harder than my demons song he had the black balloons in it among other things Search Album: Whole album should be listened to but you can choose which you would like to do: The search (video) When I grow up (video) Leave me alone (video) Change My stress Nate Time (video) Returns- (hype song) one of his best for flow switches and word play Only Let me go Interlude then I hate myself song I miss the days No excuses (hype song) Like this Options (hype song) Thinking Trauma singing only song. Amazing song His paid my dues song is one of the last songs you should listen to. It was to the awful article rolling stones put out because the writer was a big chance the rapper fan and was pissed NF took number one spot. Over 400 people bashed that writer in the comments lol Chasing -demo he did with a fan. This is the last one to listen

  • Lukas Kminek
    Lukas Kminek

    he looks like a classic doomer..

  • Ryan Waterman
    Ryan Waterman

    yo nf keep up the good work

  • Xuoc

    Eminem 🙄

    • kidaa

      Nah, NF is not like em. Probably Em is better than him lyrically, rhyming words and his flow but NF is just different, for me I can't even pick between them

    • Dave


NF - The Search
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NF - When I Grow Up
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NF - Let You Down
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NF - Time
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