Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream
Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream on the Dream SMP
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him - @Rudylmao

  • TommyVODS

    Reply with your own timestamps! - Rudylmao (Uh Oh)

    • lilac dragon
      lilac dragon

      -17:06 hera in the pjo series be like 🤣

    • Hey ItsArtt
      Hey ItsArtt

      i put up 1.75 speed bcs its funny :)

    • Monis Cheema
      Monis Cheema

      Fuck you tommy

    • YouTuner *
      YouTuner *

      14:55 Tommyinit about to loose a cannon life

    • W is for Winner
      W is for Winner

      @Blooper Dooper how r u here before it’s overused

  • Cardboard

    Tommy- "Look me in the eyes!!" *proceeds to stare at dream's chest*

  • dino

    *Tommy: aproaches the monitor to hear tnt better*

  • Henk Eeftink
    Henk Eeftink

    Dream made the tho make people help escape the prison because he does the same he can say thins in peop,e heads and dan they do it dream made the EGGG

    • Henk Eeftink
      Henk Eeftink


  • Karan Reddy
    Karan Reddy

    7:08 - 7:12

  • Karan Reddy
    Karan Reddy


  • •K0Ta •
    •K0Ta •

    “ we can get out together “- dream Fuck off - tommy

  • mohammad adnan babelli
    mohammad adnan babelli

    thats me: when i watch tommy in dream SMP *problems comes* when i watch tommy on a mod wich is funny *haves fun*

  • Elvis Ficiu
    Elvis Ficiu

    Don't drop the soap Tommy! Dream has been in prison and hasn't seen Sapnap in a long time, you don't know what he might do! 0w0

    • The Void
      The Void

      Please stop talking, every time I see a comment like this I cry, you cause me pain.

  • fluidz

    subbed to all ur channels :)

  • Jedi Remar Pinsoy
    Jedi Remar Pinsoy

    Tommy dont got influenced by the egg. DONT TRUST BBH

  • A filthy casual.
    A filthy casual.

    I swear watching Tommy's VODS are just a way for me to get mad at a fucking problem child.

  • This channel was a bad idea
    This channel was a bad idea

    Looks like everything is going in my favour...

  • flip skynet
    flip skynet

    i dont think i like tommy

  • joshua bronson
    joshua bronson

    tommy this one mad u seem like a real bitch calling dream the monster of the server

    • strawberrylily

      why wouldn’t he though? dsmp!dream literally abused dsmp!tommy to the point of depression/trauma/ptsd, in dsmp!tommys eyes dream literally ruined his life /rp

  • Problox 25
    Problox 25

    Tommy can jump in de lava and respawn at de bed😌


    He gives Tommy the perfect amount of potatoes to fill his hunger bar e v e r y t i m e


      Okay, just watched further into the video and it’s not ALways just mostly

  • flip skynet
    flip skynet

    i fell bad for dream

  • Russianblyat


  • Austin Friend
    Austin Friend

    Holy shit Sam is a beast at building

  • Games4Guys

    There could be a 20 minute montage out of this 40 minute video of tommy saying “fuk u dream” xD

  • StrikeForce_0p

    bro u can just swim in the lava u have right clicked the bed outside the prison

  • Thunder_angel_art


  • HBO_Curse

    just cuss him out

  • Izukrimson

    fun fact his internet shutdown and he is trending on twitter now

  • Quinn Schulten
    Quinn Schulten

    Not another

  • grainy pasta
    grainy pasta

    couldnt tommy just walk in the lava and then respawn in his bed on the other side..?

    • strawberrylily

      no bc in lore that would of taken his canon life

  • Zaxy LP
    Zaxy LP

    Bruh this is just entertainment at times it’s amazing

  • Andrea&Nina Andrea&Nina
    Andrea&Nina Andrea&Nina

    I fell bad for dream come on give him a chance pease tommy

    • strawberrylily

      wh-why would he??? dream literally abused tommy to the point of near suicide, and tommy canonically has trauma/ptsd due do the abuse dream inflected on him/ rp

  • oof poof
    oof poof

    "and they were roommates" "Oh my god they were roommates"

  • Matas Juknevicius
    Matas Juknevicius

    wtf tommy you just can go to a lava and respawn on a bed on other side of lava


    When George said this is the last time I'm visiting you.. dream was so sad O-O

  • Jassim Ahmad Riaz A Roomi Riaz Ahmad Roomi
    Jassim Ahmad Riaz A Roomi Riaz Ahmad Roomi

    I miss u and dream being friends and when he said we can escape together and u said fck off it made me sad

  • orimiwatsu

    is it just me or a i feel bad when tommy throw the books on the lava even tho its scripted

  • Miguel Rio
    Miguel Rio

    i want dream out

  • HeyItzL33e

    Tommy genuinely looks sad

  • Gogesans Alexwolf
    Gogesans Alexwolf

    48:38 Me: hmmm this Reminds me something familiar **Also me rembering When Dream Vanishes when Ranboo visted him**

  • tc.gameclipz

    Tommy should’ve jumped in the lava cuz he would of spawned at the bed where he set his spawn

  • Cloud Basterran
    Cloud Basterran

    was it just me or was there not any or as many crying obsidian in Dream's cell as before

  • Samantha Stenroos
    Samantha Stenroos

    Why is dream in prison!!

  • Gogesans Alexwolf
    Gogesans Alexwolf

    Plot Twist: DreamXD Appears And takes Tommy out

  • Ivan Avalos
    Ivan Avalos

    Yes I tried to watch but this guy is just annoying sorry

  • Samantha Stenroos
    Samantha Stenroos

    I’m sorry I’m confused on why tommy is mad at dream

  • Aniket Kumar Singh
    Aniket Kumar Singh

    Guardian passes by.... Tommy - "what the fuck is happening?......I am seeing shit." Dream - " I have potatoes." Tommy - " I don't want your fucking potatoes mann....." Lmao The Tommy-" I need this potatoes for fighting." Wtf lel XD


    I'm sad you left dream

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong

    why can't tommy forget the past bruh. sure dream blew up l'manberg but cmon. let the man be happy. i feel bad for dream now.

    • strawberrylily

      that doesn’t make any sense????? 1) l’manburg was literally his home and something that made him very happy, he has every right to not want to hang out with dream bc of that 2) did you forget exile? dream literally pushed tommy to the point of wanting to commit suicide, AND tommy has ptsd/trauma due to it. HELL tommy is still trying to get better due to all the shit dream did to him 3) dream literally threatened to kill tubbo, tommy’s best friend and someone he was willing to die for 4) dream threatened the whole server in general, are we forgetting that dream took everyone’s most prized things as a way to continue playing his “game” and 5) the only way dream can be happy is if he’s hurting and manipulating others. It’s SO clear that that’s the only thing he cares abt now. remember how sapnap visited him but dream wouldn’t even acknowledge him but only asked abt ranboo and managed to trigger his enderwalking? even now in this vod we can see that the moment dream realizes he has power over tommy again he yells at him and starts getting happy, he even say it’ll be just like exile

    • The Void
      The Void

      I don't think he's only mad at him for blowing up l`manberg- you know like the whole exile arc was a thing right?

  • Ismael Soria
    Ismael Soria


  • Joelin Rosas
    Joelin Rosas


  • wegondie. _321
    wegondie. _321

    Tommy: has gone through so much trauma Dream: may i offer you a potatoe for you troubles?

  • Matt Naeeata
    Matt Naeeata


  • fumikage tokoyami
    fumikage tokoyami

    Okay theory time. What if the tnt was planned yes by dream but not as like trying to destory any blocks on the outside but one trapping tommy two to try and kill the elder guardians so the mining fatigue will fade and he can mine out

  • Jakku Chan
    Jakku Chan

    me waitin for Tommy to pass out so my heart will calm down and stop achin: (: totally not in pain rn

  • nikhil slayz
    nikhil slayz

    Noooooo Tommy not you

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams


  • Haley Pur
    Haley Pur

    tommy could just die and then he'll respawn at the other side LOL

    • Haley Pur
      Haley Pur

      btw ik its rp I'm just saying its funny to me

  • Dejay Uchiha
    Dejay Uchiha


  • Dejay Uchiha
    Dejay Uchiha

    You know how dream said he was raised by wolfs then how does he a have a sister

  • Thomas Lagarde
    Thomas Lagarde

    um, Tommy... Your spawnpoint is OUTSIDE the chamber!

    • a swag noodle
      a swag noodle

      If he dies its cannon

  • Michael Schwantz
    Michael Schwantz

    I’m not the only one who realized tommy could’ve just jumped into the lava to escape right?

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez


  • Owlie's Gacha Gang
    Owlie's Gacha Gang

    I have a feeling an egg has something to do with this

  • Saadia Kamaal Siddiqui
    Saadia Kamaal Siddiqui

    I feel bad for dream for the first time

  • kyshi fox
    kyshi fox

    Hows he stay serious 😂

  • Damian Baca
    Damian Baca

    Ok this is just a thought but I think that out of defeat tommy will listen to dream and dream will somehow convince tommy to help him

  • ZachTheRipper 00
    ZachTheRipper 00

    Tommy: oh let me listen to relaxing sounds Also Tommy: “ALEICHSNFUBSXJIDSK”

  • Jayden Playz
    Jayden Playz

    Dreams just like- Yeah. Why? Ok. Yes. I did. But. You know. I don’t know. Maybe one day. Same here, except- except without the success part. Just suffering. Maybe one day. Naturally.

  • Alixx Cloud
    Alixx Cloud

    Why is no one talking about him calling out for Phil around 37:30 or somewhere near there-

  • Rjay Debulgado
    Rjay Debulgado

    Are you mom am I adopted

  • WolfBoy11

    37:39 Ranboo is being controlled. dream is escaping. No ones safe... ranboo why the tnt... no. One. Is. Safe.

  • LukaBeBass Plays
    LukaBeBass Plays

    Tommy big fan, your so funny

  • Pidz

    dream said: have a potato, calm yourself

  • BASIR.

    Tommy: Sad depressing noises... Also tommy: you have anymore potatoes?

  • jack

    Tommy kill

  • Ahron Valmoria
    Ahron Valmoria

    i feel bad for dream

  • PatTEMPlayz

    I miss dream


    Child is trending

  • PatTEMPlayz

    I mean dream

  • Fizzii

    Dream came daily to tommy Tommy comes monthly to dream

  • Lynden Norris
    Lynden Norris

    Tommy stared his man period while he was stuck w/ dream

  • Aislinn M.
    Aislinn M.

    Was anyone else yelling at Tommy to put the item frame back?

  • Shyam Dimitrov
    Shyam Dimitrov

    He gone mad

  • Richard Reduja
    Richard Reduja

    Idk What Dream smp But..... Im gonna miss Dream :( 😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Osy Egeonu
    Osy Egeonu

    Who else is a true fan of tommyInnit?

  • hqnnqh bruv
    hqnnqh bruv

    nobody cares but I was humming bellyache by billie and tommy made a reference to her as I started humming it :o

  • Peter Soul
    Peter Soul


  • hi people
    hi people

    Tommy how many channels do you have

  • Gost W
    Gost W

    Tommy:Hear the TNT sound Me:Sound like Dream is going to escape 😗

  • Ibrahim Shaim Saeed
    Ibrahim Shaim Saeed

    tommy is a stupid

  • Aiman Amani
    Aiman Amani


  • Nate Buck
    Nate Buck

    I feel bad for him

  • Rocket The Bunny
    Rocket The Bunny


  • Green Brush
    Green Brush

    I know how Dream is going to escape. One day Drista will ask Dream if she could play with Tommy, Dream says ok, Drista sees on Dreams screen that she's in a giant black cell, she then goes into creative mode and breaks out of the cell Dream takes the keyboard and says thank you for the breakout sister, Drista then looks at Dream with confusion. Dream then goes a secret location where no one would expect and then Ranboo would go to that location and help Dream reclaim his server. Sorry for the bad grammer

  • Ryan McRae
    Ryan McRae

    I could see Tommy being a very good actor when he gets older.

  • Vero Barraza
    Vero Barraza

    Be nice to him be nice

  • Mac Baise
    Mac Baise

    I don’t like the way he drinks water

  • Mystery_friends

    When tommy yelled Sam I spilt my ice cooled water on my self😥 now I don't have water😔

  • Caitlyn Gayle Savella moraga
    Caitlyn Gayle Savella moraga

    Poor dream

  • Mark Ten Ten
    Mark Ten Ten

    It’s kind of funny when tommy talks a lot and makes a big speech and then dream talks for two seconds and he says I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU GET OUT OF MY LIFE! (Because dream can’t get out if he wanted to which he probably does (but I don’t know if he wanted to go to the safest place on the server but I’m assuming not)) Also don’t say dream Stan or something it was just bad conversation skills

  • Endergamervn

    Why tommy didnt kill himself by jumping into the lava???

    • a swag noodle
      a swag noodle

      Its cannon

  • lil_cookie Leilei
    lil_cookie Leilei

    This sucks cause the amount of trauma Tommy has gone through so much with Dream

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