Luka Doncic Cries After Damian Lillard ICES UNREAL Game Winner In Final Minutes!
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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • Chase

    Damian Lillard and entire media and fanboys CRY LIKE LITTLE BABIES after Luka makes ALLSTAR STARTER for the SECOND year in a row!! Something Dame has never done!


    He is over rated by himself

  • jay dineroo
    jay dineroo

    bro tryna make it seem like he crying cause of the winner🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • DFrizzleNizzle

    They need a real center player to back him up like Shaq and Kobe

  • One up One down
    One up One down

    Dame, and Beal will never win a Championship r we here they are at.

  • Young Bull #2
    Young Bull #2

    Luka unleash his game now hes pissed

  • Zhang Yuqin
    Zhang Yuqin

    Don't cry for it, learn what Dame was doing. Never cried and kept moving on!

  • J_Rab101

    Watch the pundits before and after LUKA DONCIC videos. They were sooooo wrong

  • Freerange PH
    Freerange PH

    Mavs should clean their recycle bin and throw the trash Porzingis right away

  • Terry Boba
    Terry Boba

    He was one of them little kids that cuss out they momma 😭

  • BrooklYN

    luka cried becuz he cannot carry his team like lillard

  • Andre Neale
    Andre Neale


  • Adrian Gevero
    Adrian Gevero

    Love him or hate him, you gotta admire the passion on what he is doing.

  • Justin Waters
    Justin Waters

    Luka has had many angry outbursts and y'all let him get away with it. But when Kyrie or KD do it, they're "weirdos" smh

  • AB'S #1
    AB'S #1

    One of the best 3pt player's in the game

  • Bobby Winters
    Bobby Winters

    You good Luka take your time bro you in the era of Dawgs mj Neve been through this 💯💯💯 ever he checked point gaurds and Scottie checked the hardest player on the team bro. You never had what Jordan team had.

  • Rice Davone
    Rice Davone

    That was horrible defense on damian

    • BrooklYN

      Who the game

  • VenomLoki


  • Edgard Torres
    Edgard Torres

    Damn Lillard, MVP for 2021 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Fico

    He deserves better than Dallas

  • III 8 Da Fool
    III 8 Da Fool

    Lucka is only 22 I believe he has a lot of talent he is like a young Kevin Durant but better he just needs another point guard

  • kuya will
    kuya will

    but always he cant make it to the playoffs 😅

  • emer son
    emer son

    i dont know, but you gotta force the ball out of his hands on clutch time. its been three games, teams let him iso on clutch.. as a dame and blazer fan, i am not complaining

  • Xcalibur

    He missed the shot which is the matter most.. that's why he upset.. but its ok.. soon you will get your time.

  • Shinichi Sunikudo
    Shinichi Sunikudo

    Cry baby!

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.


  • Johnny Ali
    Johnny Ali

    Lukas a champ. Dallas is good for the future

  • Arn

    When you're being praised by the media but you can't make a clutch shot.

  • Anime Nation
    Anime Nation

    bet he won't do that in playoffs

  • Randhika Ikra
    Randhika Ikra

    when you release sightly late 0% contested wide open but still brick the shot cause 2k is trash

  • Thành Đạt Bùi Đỗ
    Thành Đạt Bùi Đỗ

    nah,it was Dame Time, not Done Time....

  • Niilaga

    Dame ⌚

  • Slyce

    The step back was pretty but how about melo recognizing the double team getting into the lane and finding the open guy. Clutch.

  • B'alam K'inich
    B'alam K'inich

    I love Luka. But Dame has Ice in his Veins... Dame is a killer.

  • Ad Ant
    Ad Ant

    Why hasn't Portland won a championship yet 😭

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee

    I feel it I feel it.

  • Choi Lang
    Choi Lang

    Damian always

  • Juan Snow
    Juan Snow

    refs tryna give the mavs the ball again

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone

    Doncic actually farted, crying is just a diversion.

  • FoRealz Tho
    FoRealz Tho

    Dame was always a ice cold killer

  • Jep Dell
    Jep Dell

    He just go there and give 10000% everygame

  • Dom Dolaratchi
    Dom Dolaratchi

    Melo wit the veteran move tho 💪🏽, but Luka can’t trip good look just ain’t drop blazers was spared but all in all good game from both 💪🏽

  • Kourosh Se
    Kourosh Se

    Yeah but dame is overrated

  • Stanislav Kotzev
    Stanislav Kotzev

    What a cry baby...

  • CONRACE whatever
    CONRACE whatever

    If he cares too much of winninh, why he mad to his teammates.. he couldnt even win a clutch

  • Nightmaresins

    Missed foul call at 0:44. Some of yall saying Luka flopped. So let me drive my shoulder into your face and see you reaction when you call for a foul. If that were Bron or Harden, they would have fell to the floor holding their face and get a flagrant call.

  • Jack Jia
    Jack Jia

    Passion + too young = not yet a leader

  • DJCalimovement

    Fat boy is out of shape......get on a diet Luka

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT

      And still absolute elite lmao

  • Haaris Haq
    Haaris Haq

    It’s dame..... Luka should stop being such a child

  • BlackMamba 0824
    BlackMamba 0824

    This dude had been showing a lot of emotions lately

    • yougoBoy

      He’s obviously upset about their record and not being in a playoff seeding still. If they don’t get it together, they won’t even make the playoffs this year.

  • M

    mali seronja


    Don’t panic

  • Asspext -
    Asspext -

    That what’s gonna happen a lot dam do not miss game winners

  • Body Soul Spirit
    Body Soul Spirit

    Y’all was just on here saying how this will the matchup for the Lakers because KP has been playing so well now you all turn ya backs on The Mavs lol. Shame on y’all man

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez

    Luka just got mad at his self after missing the wide open 3 , so Dame is Dame and still getting better.

  • Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy
    Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy

    That is LUKA'S problem.... He think he the man and he is not, his team mates be looking at him everytime, LIKE WHYYYYYYY 😬. Keep his ass more than humble y'all 🤣 he needs that to grow....🤣 Luka my ass....

    • BrooklYN

      @Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy facts

    • Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy
      Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy

      @THE WOAT he not that good me, it's not in him...he don't got it, he just thinks he does, and nigga's ain't trying to hear that 🤣....the game is to fast and smoother than him...YOU'LL SEE 🤣 KEEP WATCHING....

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT

      His team mates? The players hes way better than? Lol

  • lilstump55

    Jesus loves you so much that he died for your sins so that you can have eternal life

  • Joe Limbus
    Joe Limbus

    Luka need therapy. He gonna give himself a concussion from hitting himself in the head lol

  • jerm dogg
    jerm dogg

    he was scared Dame was going to go right bye him...

  • MJ1980NL


  • MistaGrim

    wtf with the announcer? "The letter O?" better tell him that's a in zero.

  • robert lawson
    robert lawson

    Damien might be the only player i feel like doesnt even need a ring..his games speaks for itsself much respect

  • Lorenzo Ricciuti
    Lorenzo Ricciuti

    It's always a pleasure see Doncic crying. W Lillard

  • LyNZX

    Now Luka you know what Warriors felt when you hit the 3pointer even though the ball was out of bounce. KARMA

  • Chan -X
    Chan -X


  • Lendiii -
    Lendiii -

    Is it just me or did Luke doncic just change he used to be chill and now he cries and gets mad at every player

  • Moonroof

    Dame Dolla

  • chris carter
    chris carter

    Dame always making this dude cry

  • TomAsh Infinity
    TomAsh Infinity

    People are sleeping on Dame. They should be guarding him like they are guarding Steph Curry. He is getting too many good shots with a good look and his defenders are letting him do it easily.

  • Lalay Sky
    Lalay Sky

    Mavs get jared allen.pls

  • Justin Tindel
    Justin Tindel

    Love this guys energy man.

  • Nathan Spears Jr.
    Nathan Spears Jr.

    Porzingus gives off Hassan Whiteside vibes

  • Justin Barnes
    Justin Barnes

    I thought the nba was easier than Europe Pussy 😂😂😂

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT

      It is lmao

  • trippen ty
    trippen ty

    Trae is better

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT

      Not at bball

  • Lazy Klay
    Lazy Klay

    If u think crying over that ain’t manly. U obviously never experienced how strong you can be through passion

    • Lazy Klay
      Lazy Klay

      That’s what Power is

  • This bitch pulled A Bill Cosby
    This bitch pulled A Bill Cosby

    Cry white boy

  • Tyson Bryant
    Tyson Bryant

    I swear everyone goes wild when dame makes a game winner Eventhough at this point it is expected. Since he has made those shots his whole career. But tell me why doncic was not guarding him

  • koki balboa
    koki balboa

    Even tho DUNKFEST tried to downgrade Luka and glorify Damian , all comments are about Luka . Damian is the one crying every year how he's not an All Star , well he can finally be one after CP3 turned 49 years . Very overrated player .

  • koki balboa
    koki balboa

    You are a racist and obviously Dame fan . It's ok , your Dame can dream of a talent like Luka and he can finally stop crying for not being an All Star bcs CP3 is like 45 years old now .

  • Jon A
    Jon A

    Stupidest youtube channel on here

  • Kederrick Parson
    Kederrick Parson

    Dame time

  • Charles Lavoie
    Charles Lavoie


  • 2nv Solo
    2nv Solo

    At this point, u would have to double team dame at the half court line and tripple team him if he doesnt pass. ANYBODY BUT DAME IS GOING BEAT ME. PERIOD.

  • Roel Jordas
    Roel Jordas


  • BML Kobe
    BML Kobe

    this giving me young goat vibes, gotta battle yourself to beat others

  • Khong King
    Khong King

    smooth and easy... bye bye.... Dame! time! 👌😘

  • Cody Willis
    Cody Willis

    Sorry Luka-it’s Dame time. Go sit down.

  • connor Rahn
    connor Rahn

    Luka ain’t no dame

  • MystrrE

    Tell that to Siakam missing game tying lay up

  • SteveyMamba

    Luka been doing alot of "crying" after a losing a game. I think he signaling that he want out so the Dallas fans wont be mad that he'll just up and leave because he showed that he did as much as he can

  • Felix Flores
    Felix Flores

    It's fine he dropped 44 points

  • Me7ca

    Luka can’t make everyone

  • Tom M
    Tom M

    Luka choked 🤷‍♀️

  • Anri’s Sol
    Anri’s Sol

    Man I love dame and melo, and melo was clutch to draw the d and pass

  • Jesse De Santos
    Jesse De Santos

    What kind of shoes does Doncic have on those are nice ??

  • Raymass Crichton
    Raymass Crichton

    You can tell how passionate Luka is about basket and his brothers. RESPECT!!!

  • Arc Warden
    Arc Warden

    what bot farm are you using bro?

  • quo oar
    quo oar

    If you have never cried for something, you didnt love it. You are looking at a 20 year old kid who is at the same point of his life we are used to seeing in Final Fours where the losers usually cry. The difference is this young man is balling mofos on a higher level and crying , not for a national championship.... but just a game. Stop hating and recognize greatness

  • Cyriel Agas
    Cyriel Agas

    Stupid caption "Cries???"

  • Jones Cleaning Service LLC
    Jones Cleaning Service LLC

    Dame Dolla deserves way more respect then he gets