Family Vlogs Weird Me Out
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  • blood same
    blood same

    hopefully he'll treat both chrildren like his own

  • godepix223

    Are they still together for the veiws

  • Dalton Austin
    Dalton Austin

    Cant believe people willingly put themselves in the Truman Show

  • gdzler

    What in the hell is that kid doing ? 15:35

  • SixthSenseSynesthete

    Meanwhile I thought Shaytards was still the biggest family content...clearly I don't watch that shit lol

  • Matan Shtepel
    Matan Shtepel

    This is fucked...

  • pea nut
    pea nut

    I just doodoo my drawers.

  • Ramsha Kamal
    Ramsha Kamal

    Imagine living a script. A literal script. Where every action and reaction is premeditated.

  • Kaila Waters
    Kaila Waters

    It’s sad that the parents make that little kid get on camera and talk about the dad situation. That really is something that shouldn’t be discussed like that on a public platform until he is mentally and emotionally mature enough to process the weight of that situation. But it’s a dramatic situation that will equal views because people are nosey. I think THAT topic specifically is a hard situation for people to empathize with unless they are the child, and that includes the parents finding empathy difficult too. We didn’t need that child to disclose his absent father. Yikes.

  • Jen W
    Jen W

    It's disturbing because it's like these people had children just to do this, and these kids didn't have a choice to consent to being on camera. Like it feels like they're forced. For their parent's monetary gain. Especially their BABIES. It is so creepy. I would hate my parents if they shoved a camera in my face all day all of my life

  • CANcen

    They wanted another kid just for more content I guess.

  • Khapri

    you guys ever watched the truman show? well this is where it all starts lmao

  • Henry Maya
    Henry Maya

    I hate all the family vlogs

  • simplygamer

    i love how he list like 30 reasons why he doesnt like the vids then says "the second reason"

  • The Other Guy
    The Other Guy

    The prank was pretty fucked up

  • maroulaki

    As Cody said, videos like "oh the first time timmy walked blaha blah blah" i guess thats okay to have for later in life, but these parents iterally film things that shouldnt be filmed, like private stuff. Its so disgusting

  • Your Mother’s Father
    Your Mother’s Father

    What is dhar Mann like

  • Pro SM
    Pro SM

    10:54 Dumb money spending money idiotically, surprise surprise…fany pack

  • Shelly Bolt
    Shelly Bolt

    The Royal Family feels very odd. I watch a family vlog called The Ballinger Family and they aren’t filming moments when their child is in distress. They are very genuine and are fantastic parents. They don’t share their wealth they are just a normal down to earth family. It’s always so cringe when they “say hey royalty fam.” Like in the middle of a blog so weird.

    • Shelly Bolt
      Shelly Bolt

      Omg the baby dropping prank is so sad.

  • Hanna Helena
    Hanna Helena

    Most of their content feels like it's geared towards some rich CEO who always wanted a family but could never find a girl to put up with him, so he watches rich family vloggers to cope

  • Montavi Kidd
    Montavi Kidd

    Just starting watching you man, and your real bro, appreciate the content 👌🏽👌🏽🤞🏼

  • Lucas Gallagher
    Lucas Gallagher

    Let’s gooo

  • Lucas Gallagher
    Lucas Gallagher

    This video got 3million views in a month

  • Robby & Carina Vlogs
    Robby & Carina Vlogs

    Why’d you do us like that!?

  • Maartje Goede
    Maartje Goede

    Review that crazy woman who adopted a boy and then gave him up because he had special needs, which they literally signed up to.

  • genericfirstname


  • Allie Britton
    Allie Britton

    omg can u please react to 8 passengers you’ll be dead!!!

  • Drake Sebastian Gifford
    Drake Sebastian Gifford

    did anyone else notice that when he introduced honey that the hungry shark lv. up noise played

  • LollzTrollz

    Not going to lie a basketball court on the roof is cool

  • Julia Hills
    Julia Hills

    Why does Cody look like wayne from wayne's world

  • shithead

    4:58 LMAO

  • Rachel Papirmeister
    Rachel Papirmeister

    for the love of god cody please put some objects in your still empty bookshelf

  • Karsyn

    you’ve got to give the guy credit for swooping in and helping this mother raise her children.

    • Repulsethemonkey

      *helping her exploit the kids

  • alyk

    Yaaa Ace Family Pyramid Scheme!!!

  • Grace O'Neal
    Grace O'Neal

    My sister watches the cringe fam...on my profile...shes subscribed and I just..idk how to stop her...or just help her through this troubling me

  • millie

    I'm out here trynna grind and these people are just videoing themselves and making millions. I trust the process but not the system at all.

  • Setareh Gil
    Setareh Gil

    this is so funny

  • LuKa

    7:36 DaBaby

    • Tom Park
      Tom Park

      5:09 LESSGOOOOOO 👉🏾😁👈🏾

  • Phelps

    wtf was he doing on that RAILING after he dropped the doll

  • Phelps

    farewell 😢

  • Melina Edwards
    Melina Edwards

    bro the ads i got were a screaming owl from peeta and a really weird animated lion show?? wtf

  • ali Diaz
    ali Diaz

    I hate the ACE family 😹

  • just me
    just me

    If i got 1,000 we be heading to chucky cheese

  • Chiara

    they use their children for money, more kids=more money, this will for sure mess the way these kids are going to grow up, not to mention what a bad example their parents are. it's just the way that celebrities treat kids that disgusts me so much, they marry another celebrity after one year of knowing each other they have kids and then eventually divorce because they do not love each other, they really do not give a fuck about the children, truly disgusting. you have kids if you feel good and ready to rase a human, not as a treat not as a "gift" not as an accident, some people should not have kids at all..

  • Kiki X
    Kiki X


  • Emma Dongelmans
    Emma Dongelmans

    Why is this guy bullying family vlogs they are just trying to do there own thing and they don’t need you hurting there feelings, there already get hate so they don’t need you to make it worse, Shame on you, STOP THE BULLYING!!!!!! Make better content please!

  • killisixVEVO


  • Frixsyz


  • King Spooky
    King Spooky

    7:35 Dababy?!!? LESS GO

    • Tom Park
      Tom Park

      5:09 YEAH YEAH 👉🏾😁👈🏾

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    I feel like the kids childhood is getting ruined

  • the running man
    the running man

    Some of these parents really go out of their way to spoil their kids it's sad

  • Mr_ Tinez
    Mr_ Tinez

    The thing is it's not a set or an office, it's their real home where at any moment their privacy can be compramised. I feel like to start a family channel there should be a psychological evaluation like once every 6 months to make sure the kid is still up for it.

  • TwoOreosOneCup

    F that royalty family

  • Elizab Valeria
    Elizab Valeria

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    14:10 Lmfoa 💀

  • cataclysmic biscuit
    cataclysmic biscuit

    growing up the kids are never going to want to talk about serious things to their parents because they’ll always fear their parents popping out a camera

  • Huimang희망

    God this disgusts me. These people are awful and so completely disingenuous as well, how can anyone watch this? It’s appalling.

  • Cris Ortega 326
    Cris Ortega 326

    We need more of these

  • Boba Phet
    Boba Phet

    Your internet connection peaking in

  • Isidore Aerys
    Isidore Aerys

    Pointing out that modern internet things are unrelatable is SO RELATABLE.

  • Ph M
    Ph M

    Don't you realize it's the same audience that family sitcoms like Family Matters? All those family series showed incredibly rich loving families

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad

    Like one of the top comments said, it's sad because kids will go to these videos because of their life at home. They long for a happy, 'normal' family and it's their escape but coming from someone who used to do that as a kid it 100% just makes it so much worse for the kid because they know they won't ever get the childhood that they saw in those videos. Looking back on the videos makes you feel so horrible for the kids having to live like that daily.

  • ekdud

    the whole act of fun wholesome family shenanigans while they’re all just staring straight into the camera the whole time is so fucking creepy to me. I always get the feeling that once the cameras are off they barely speak to each other.

  • Dindu Aneke
    Dindu Aneke

    Did you know that the royalty family was Andrea channel and their dad was one of her actors

  • Dindu Aneke
    Dindu Aneke

    Did you know that the royalty fam was just the wife Andrea channel and the dad was one of her actors for her video

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan Ridout

    The ace family “home” is not a “home” it’s a US embassy

  • MrKaje72

    Can we get some more good stuff hoodies with the French toast. I literally just got paid this month, I’ve been saving

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan Ridout

    These kids aren’t going to have friends because they’re cool and fun to hangout with they’re just gonna have friends because they’re rich as fuck

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan Ridout

    I don’t get why people think Fanny packs are good and I got a $25 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings for Valentine’s Day not fucking Louis Vuitton

  • Melanie Moat
    Melanie Moat

    I love that I smashed the like button before I agreed to the terms and conditions of the video. Clever. You knew, just like itunes knew.

  • Abigail No
    Abigail No

    all their content is fake. thank you for making this video cody

  • Josh Griffiths
    Josh Griffiths

    these poor kids brains are being corrupted by their parents greed. Turning a child's reality into what is essentially a sitcom for millions of strangers to watch. I enjoy Cody's ability to joke about stuff like this but it is actually quite sickening.

  • Paul Hök
    Paul Hök

    Gets 100 dollar per kill Loads up Doom

  • Paul Hök
    Paul Hök

    This fucking kid is allowed to be home alone for 5 day?? He’s like fucking 9 years old. My parents would never leave me home alone even for a weekend, and I’m fuqqin 16

  • Matt Sanderson
    Matt Sanderson

    They turned off the comments on all their vids too lol I mean the fame is nice n all but it is def super cringe half the time

  • Daniel

    We share the same opinion on like every video you review

  • Ella Hedger
    Ella Hedger

    Yeah they’re rich as hell

  • LorenzoMii123

    I saw videos on them where the kid is "going to school". If you're RAKING IT IN you don't go to school. he either goes to private school (for rich people) or is homeschooled

  • Kylie W
    Kylie W


  • Ronnie Cama
    Ronnie Cama

    Pff im sure recording kids and babies is against Human Rights of children and teenagers....

  • Weston Brown
    Weston Brown

    It feels exploitative of the kids childhood 😓

  • A Girl
    A Girl

    Who leaves kids alone for a week like they ain’t going to hire a sitter I mean clearly they can afford it

  • Nerdy

    i did the math on my calculator and these guys post like every other day so if they make like 50k a video thats 7.2 million fucking dollars a year

  • Grant Wolters
    Grant Wolters

    Why are the cars so ugly ? I get having a nice car but it’s always some ugly obnoxious color .

  • Meganesia Shan
    Meganesia Shan

    The finest, most entertaining family channel is Ladbaby. My daughter and I love your channel Cody

  • Scarlett

    As someone who is an actor this kid definitely knows how to act.

  • RingTossPlays

    14:11 LOOOOL

  • Diana B
    Diana B

    Kids model their parents, I think that’s why the son appears to be a “natural.” He’s mimicking the exaggerated and played up behavior of his parents.

  • Cris Garcia
    Cris Garcia

    7:31 why did he sound like jhontron

  • girl with a channel
    girl with a channel

    Codys natural highlight proves what an amazing human he is.

  • Katie Cusick
    Katie Cusick

    It’s always weirded me out because you know off camera their parents aren’t like that and are probably ignoring them/yelling at them/fighting with their spouse over money,other women or men,and “fame” so the child is just constantly getting fake love and this high almost during the videos and then after they walk away and could care less the child is having to self soothe itself and all that and when they grow up they’ll eventually realize how wrong it was and expose the parents in a video or book lol can’t wait for those episodes!

  • giselda reyes
    giselda reyes

    I hate your videos

  • Claire

    This is why I love nash grier and Taylor’s family, they are so natural and it doesn’t feel like they’re entertaining us it’s more just bringing us along the journey as mal grows up. I know they aren’t a family channel but a lot of their content is about their family. At the same time though you can tell SLtoos is not that important to them, meanwhile family channels like these are making an entire career out of it which explains why they have to be so extra and do the most for viewers

  • Hydra klin
    Hydra klin

    The real way to become a millionaire is to give 1700 people fake tips on how to become a millionaire and have them pay you 600$ a year for it.

  • It’s Meme time
    It’s Meme time

    I wonder what would happen if a REAL emergency happened. Like just imagine: OMG GUYS, MY DAD JUST GOT SENT TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF CANCER. 1 MILLION LIKES AND WE WILL PAY FOR TREATMENT(Gone wrong).

  • Hanna Grozier
    Hanna Grozier

    makes me imagine the kids behind the camera have the perception that the camera is what makes their family perfect. like i refuse to believe nothing bad happens behind the scenes every once in a while. its like, probably going to create this weird dependency on the camera to be happy and loved

  • Truebornseeker

    who the fuck needs to know that you're kid isnt biologically yours? WHO NEEDS TO KNOW THAT IN THE WORLD??? if someone did need to know you either tell them personally, or you make the video by yourselves as parents, telling the story with parental and adult language without making your kid relive that weird-ass experience of changing dad

  • Christina McCord
    Christina McCord

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  • abryant

    It's weird to me because I picture the conversation being like "You wanna continue being rich? You like your toys? You gotta be a part of these videos, we have to keep doing this". But like, even if the kid decides they don't want to? Like I assume the parents want to keep being rich

  • Mario

    Cody explained it almost perfectly: a family blog is someone recording something that is happening, a family channel is someone putting their kids in fake (or exaggerated) situations in order to record AND exploit their reactions. And it really has to make you develop some problems in the future, that time when your parents made your birthday party? Their last video was low on views so they only took you to Disneyland to attract more strangers into the video, strangers that were weirdly interested in you. Ew ew ew

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