Watch this video if you HATE Logan Paul...
Watch this video if you HATE Logan Paul...
im sick of his shit
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  • Braxton Cummings
    Braxton Cummings

    What is wrong the mic

  • David Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYS
    David Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYS

    Stop Using Kids For Money

  • samuel qin
    samuel qin

    are they real facts?

  • SergeantEnderboy

    Why are y'all saying the audio is loud? I can't hear a thing!

  • The Meme Dealer
    The Meme Dealer


  • 100 subs In one month Challenge
    100 subs In one month Challenge

    *99.9% wont see this but if you do stay safe, God bless you and have a great day. Read my name btw* 💚

  • ayo wtf
    ayo wtf

    i dont think i ever laughed at jake before but....

  • Leo愛

    He keeps saying that he's the 'fastest youtuber' Pewdiepie: ArE YOu suRe AbouT ThAt?????

  • Marie James
    Marie James


    • Marie James
      Marie James


  • Dezmurina Gonzalez
    Dezmurina Gonzalez

    Guys he knew what he was doing with the audio I think

  • Ezzy 2
    Ezzy 2

    This is just the music

  • Khula Alarms
    Khula Alarms


    • Khula Alarms
      Khula Alarms

      Big fan

  • Blue Potato
    Blue Potato

    dude this guy has done youtube for so long and his audio is crap

  • Flightier Wolf
    Flightier Wolf

    Vain.... Just saying..... XD

  • Caseythe. gsd
    Caseythe. gsd

    Who else just loves elliot giles 🥺

  • Jutta Eilander
    Jutta Eilander

    Use headphones than you can hear this Like this do more people can see this

  • •Mei Gacha•
    •Mei Gacha•

    *everyone in the comments: WOW THAT MIC, AUDIO, SOUND BRUH *TRIGGERED** *me: can't we just talk about his hat?! i mean bruh---*

  • Cuppy Crystal
    Cuppy Crystal

    the day this was posted was my sisters wedding and my nephew's birthday

  • Mase

    IM UNDER A DOG!!! WIN NOW!!!!!!

  • ilisomu511 !
    ilisomu511 !

    but dee literally blew the heads off of him

  • isaiah chaney
    isaiah chaney

    Cause nobody hates him

  • isaiah chaney
    isaiah chaney

    I wonder why it has 1mill views

  • Hr27

    Guys he probs did this is on purpose cause of copyright or some shit

  • Malixz

    You uploaded this on my birthday and the challenger games where on my cousins birthday

  • saen

    me: jake, your shit jake: *YoUr CybErbUlLyiNg mE*

  • Stacey Harris
    Stacey Harris

    I can't here anyne on that vidio

  • Makenzie Danz
    Makenzie Danz


  • Brittney Bailey
    Brittney Bailey


  • al jori 837
    al jori 837

    him: i Am ThE fAsTeSt YoUtUbEr usain bult: am i a joke to u?

  • Midnightfirewolfgacha

    Don't be so rude your brother loves you but your so rude and treat him like trash so don't be so rude and don't be a hater

  • Freddy Robles
    Freddy Robles

    The only good thing about this video its the audio

  • Nathan Hull
    Nathan Hull

    shit audio - HE CAN DO BETTER

  • Mello Animations
    Mello Animations

    Editor: How bad do you want this video to be? Jake: *y e s*

  • Chloe Hannon
    Chloe Hannon

    Big nose Pinocchio was in that race lol(🖕gib)

  • T-Storm Mcspadden
    T-Storm Mcspadden


  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    fight Deji

  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    screw you

  • Kristen Milton
    Kristen Milton

    I am Khloe butler omg

  • Tizianna Palumbo
    Tizianna Palumbo

    And I can’t hear u jake

  • Tizianna Palumbo
    Tizianna Palumbo

    Y u do this to your brother bro

  • Ibz 731
    Ibz 731

    this mic is worse than the kids who used to join random fortnite squads. man i miss them times

  • Fear 1
    Fear 1


  • Molly Anderson
    Molly Anderson

    You literally got 3rd!!

  • Rawiri Pita
    Rawiri Pita

    Jake is cute

  • Rob i
    Rob i

    Wow wish u spent 300k on a mic instead

  • SSK 926
    SSK 926

    So why did you got 3rd place then

  • KkYT2

    Put earplugs it fine

  • Tanya Gaming Roblox's Mom
    Tanya Gaming Roblox's Mom

    Paul Jake is bad

  • J K
    J K


  • Pravina Raval
    Pravina Raval

    I feel like the editor knew he was getting fired so he edited and trolled the video and then quit his job

  • Mikayla Ellery
    Mikayla Ellery

    The fact that you can see and hear that he's talking but can't actually understand a thing is lowkey stressing me out

  • Tony Walker
    Tony Walker

    Sorry my little cousin did that

  • ZersZYT


  • Marioalberto Luna
    Marioalberto Luna

    you dont love your brother

  • Marioalberto Luna
    Marioalberto Luna


  • Jackson Roberts
    Jackson Roberts

    What are those shoes jake

  • angie Pablo
    angie Pablo

    U suke Jack

  • Leemu

    If you love jale then u r gay

  • VolcanoIsland 333
    VolcanoIsland 333

    Judging by the title I’m surprised this isn’t the most viewed video on SLtoos

  • Savage Duck
    Savage Duck

    Where was y’all at when I was at Walmart buying a 5 dollar microphone.

  • Kermit Angeldust
    Kermit Angeldust


  • Unicorn squad #1 Unicorns
    Unicorn squad #1 Unicorns

    Im on your team

  • Jane Sanchez
    Jane Sanchez


  • Escape The Night Theorist
    Escape The Night Theorist

    I mean the only reason I’m here is cuz cristine with no h told me to watch s SLtoosr I hated

  • Kitchen Crab
    Kitchen Crab

    Your slow And need help

  • Team Evan
    Team Evan

    What music was used in this video

  • Applehead Lover
    Applehead Lover

    Love the bullshit your saying

  • DEX Payne
    DEX Payne

    Fact number 2 why aren’t u an athlete than

  • Himatoli Awomi
    Himatoli Awomi

    I love Jake Paul, he’s so cute

  • ONCEupon aTWICE
    ONCEupon aTWICE

    Fastest youtuber?? Thats Pewds

  • the Ballards
    the Ballards

    This is the first video I have watched for ages and when they swear there’s no dolphin noises ☹️

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John

    Lol to think the bad audio was coming from me

  • Miss XOXO /Zoe de roubaix
    Miss XOXO /Zoe de roubaix


  • hyp3fn

    What’s up with the Audi 👇🏻hit if it’s happening to you

  • Snoopsteroni

    Like how this is a kids channel yet he swears so much

  • Darius C.
    Darius C.

    Man, support him... He's your brother, he will always help you...

  • 123

    Jake are you a 7 year old SLtoosr on your mothers dell laptop using the headphones you stole from the computer lab?

  • Flame Sauce
    Flame Sauce

    I already do.

  • Hannah Phifer
    Hannah Phifer

    Honestly, you both suck.

  • Cj_Thekxller Gaming
    Cj_Thekxller Gaming

    buddy you both are good

  • Adam Lukasz
    Adam Lukasz

    I love u bro

  • Nicole Montiel
    Nicole Montiel

    Copy cater

  • AlijahThaKidd

    He says he scored 30 percent of the times he touched the football he scored a touchdown he probally was at the goal line.

  • rcube 212
    rcube 212

    Tobi is the fastest SLtoosr

  • Maddie Ruffe
    Maddie Ruffe

    It’s like fuzzy u can’t hear a damn thing

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy

    Couldn’t break a million views even with his brother in the thumbnail. Makes since because this video was actually so shitty gosh dang 😂

  • Mini Mr. Beast
    Mini Mr. Beast

    Jake Paul is stupid

  • co ye chen
    co ye chen

    Jake paul. Is a beautiful. You to ball.

  • Chicky Nugget!
    Chicky Nugget!

    You know it’s kinda a piece of shit move when you post a video hating on your own brother

  • Caleb Song
    Caleb Song

    2:22 selling replays 2:22 2:22

  • Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen
    Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen

    sup Jake?💕

  • Ruben Smit
    Ruben Smit

    what up with the audio

  • Kendall Vlogzzz
    Kendall Vlogzzz

    Guys use headphones

  • Jennifer Zheng
    Jennifer Zheng

    Hey Usain Bolt go get yourself a SLtoos channel so these idiots will stop fighting.

  • Jay doshi
    Jay doshi

    What's up with Jakes mic

  • Trev

    This guy just sniffed 3 tons of weed LMAO

  • Filimaua

    I shouldn't watch this am 8 years old

  • Mohamed Alhalak
    Mohamed Alhalak

    Why your brother better then you


    I dont know why but first time in 3 years I actually laughed


      To your video

  • wqsnt

    At this point,jake isn’t even a clown He’s straight the up the circus bro 🎪