My New $100,000 Emergency Response Vehicle
My New $100,000 Emergency Response Vehicle
Meet my girlfriend, see my new Jeep and watch Tayler Holder jump my lambo... Missed you guys, new video every Thursday!!!

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  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark

    does jack Paul actually smoke?

  • Jorge Pereira
    Jorge Pereira

    Drugs and money..

  • Jonathan Villarreal
    Jonathan Villarreal

    That's a fucking monster truck

  • Hunter Maddox
    Hunter Maddox

    Its a rock crawler

  • Josue Martinez
    Josue Martinez


  • Tannen Olson
    Tannen Olson


  • Ed Palm
    Ed Palm


  • Apex Smith
    Apex Smith

    lmao donald actually has covid now

  • D Da Don
    D Da Don

    This my first time seeing this video 😭😭 and DONALD HAS RONA👀

  • Dandre Hazel
    Dandre Hazel

    Wtf he guessed it!!

  • Bismaad Gulati
    Bismaad Gulati

    I guess he predicted the future, cuz he does have the virus now

  • Caleb Hobson
    Caleb Hobson

    lemme find out jake paul cool again 😎

  • Sebyz

    Me watching this video after Trumo was actually diagnosed with covid

  • Dean JW
    Dean JW

    LOL who actually is here when he has coronavirus

    • Jericho Eklund
      Jericho Eklund


    • Onscreenfool 411
      Onscreenfool 411

      @Calvin Lee Wassup Lil Bro

    • Calvin Lee
      Calvin Lee


    • Onscreenfool 411
      Onscreenfool 411


    • Yk Cruz
      Yk Cruz

      me 😂😂

  • Luke Walton
    Luke Walton

    I’m naked

    • Carter McLean
      Carter McLean


  • lI-Death ToYou-Il
    lI-Death ToYou-Il

    Poor del sol

  • Jalen Wilson
    Jalen Wilson

    The thing is.... the first couple seconds of the video is now true lmao

  • Wishes

    Holy mans prediction of future wit dat intro

  • Zak F.
    Zak F.

    Who else watching this when trump actually gets the corona virus

    • Noah

      But he's all good now lol

    • Miles

      Frrr I was like wtf

  • Humberto Nunez
    Humberto Nunez

    Lowkey donald trump do got The corona virus now... 6 months later

  • Gene 789
    Gene 789

    0:00 you predicted the future

  • Aksel Vlogs
    Aksel Vlogs

    Get hot girls

  • Sanjeev Kollapaneni
    Sanjeev Kollapaneni

    this is the most safe vehicle for coronavirus (doesn't even have doors)

  • Brayden Carnes
    Brayden Carnes

    I am a TikToker

  • lenin romero
    lenin romero

    dang your gril is crazy

  • Bobotte

    Freedom overload.

  • VMW

    Essa arrecadará

  • jessica cope
    jessica cope

    what's favorite football team in USA

  • Itz Solarr
    Itz Solarr

    Emergency video title : *KSI...*

  • Isabella Cardona
    Isabella Cardona


  • Tomarntom Arnold
    Tomarntom Arnold

    Is he on drugs

  • Michelle Pickens
    Michelle Pickens

    Like dis if u miss tydus

  • hzgbnrgyherw

    its everyday bro smoking weed with my hoe

  • Audrik Hoffman
    Audrik Hoffman

    Stop cussing

  • Amiah Wilson
    Amiah Wilson

    bro kids wach you like me ;)

  • Dole Boy
    Dole Boy

    Your gf is disgusting why dude

  • Vortex

    That intro tho

  • Luis Bautista Saravia
    Luis Bautista Saravia


  • Snowman374th

    \m/ Bohemian Grove \m/

  • Jon Mathieu Gonzalez
    Jon Mathieu Gonzalez

    Hi I’m a big fan

  • KAIKEE 808
    KAIKEE 808

    That truck was big and you are smoking now 😐😐

  • Ashley Reyna
    Ashley Reyna


  • Porence Porence
    Porence Porence

    That car man its lookin good

  • Hikid

    so u clickbaited us huh are u desperate for views

  • herkus stabingis
    herkus stabingis

    Whistlin diesel has better trucks and better content

  • Can we get 10K subs with no videos ??
    Can we get 10K subs with no videos ??

    Every fan of jake paul under 12 find someone else to watch dont watch jake paul or you gonna end up like jake smoking weed LOL

  • Paul Ahn Mej�a
    Paul Ahn Mej�a

    One day before Jake Paul’s first video anniversary

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker

    Doesn’t have a magazine in it and has two scopes

  • lucas falcao
    lucas falcao

    Real car guys are screaming in horror at the civic being crushed😂😭

  • randy gonzalez
    randy gonzalez

    dud Jake changed a lot to smoking and stuff that are weird an d way more funny

  • Grayson Barnes
    Grayson Barnes

    Your crazy

  • chris perzez
    chris perzez

    Dude. Saif D. Some. Shut. Up bich over. The. Guy. On the other. End. Still hurt. Feelings

  • Nishallen Keswick
    Nishallen Keswick

    I Love the truck

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken Purackel

    2:28 and 2:33 is the best moment from this video

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken Purackel

    Jake's Girlfirend is hot

  • Justin’s Rossi
    Justin’s Rossi

    Jake you are really going out of your mind

  • Tj Belcher
    Tj Belcher

    Thanks for reminding me how lonely I am

  • Tj Belcher
    Tj Belcher

    When you showed you and you gf

  • Your4head


  • you

    No what’s wrong with you

  • z2.0_BlaZeTh1s

    Bro jake show your robotic arm do you still have it???

  • Millie Brogan
    Millie Brogan

    Next u should get a Monster truck

  • Dabthuglif Dabthuglif
    Dabthuglif Dabthuglif

    1:53 I’m just suprised the GoPro is fine life what the fuck

  • jovan karanfilovski
    jovan karanfilovski

    What hapend to u u smoking weed

  • liz shetler
    liz shetler

    Dis is why u was raided sir with them big gunssss

  • spinthefastest

    Orgasms during menstruation relieves menstrual cramps.

  • Inactive User
    Inactive User

    Jakey Boy Sure Loves His Guns

  • Makenzie Hall
    Makenzie Hall

    Wtf happens to tana

  • Insane Gaming 29
    Insane Gaming 29

    Bro that ain't no zombie apocalypse rig I see those kind of vehicles every day rolling down the street where I live

  • Lenlen Suayan
    Lenlen Suayan


  • Alissa Baumgardner
    Alissa Baumgardner

    Did you actually buy that off of eBay or did you make it

  • Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D
    Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D

    I think he's having an identity crisis CB he's trying to be Danny Duncan, tanner fox, David dobrik, and really any other popular person on the internet but it just doesn't work poor jake :/.

  • home use
    home use

    Jake cut your beard

    • Animation Android 3.0
      Animation Android 3.0


  • Tristan Chenoweth
    Tristan Chenoweth

    Damn a whole 100,000 on that, if legit definitely overpaid by 60,000

  • Ramzi Saleh
    Ramzi Saleh

    You don't understand because I know all about guns I have a kid and I also hold the guns

  • Ramzi Saleh
    Ramzi Saleh

    Thanks a lot for showing your gun in loading it like okay that's it

  • Ramzi Saleh
    Ramzi Saleh

    Everyone's going to start looking at that car like you are driving

  • The fishy Peely
    The fishy Peely

    Pls don’t smoke

  • Jahkil Neal
    Jahkil Neal

    We shood have a Nerf war

  • Bethany Montes
    Bethany Montes

    Jack you are. Crazy

  • Luke MacRae
    Luke MacRae

    Oskkjfkeoiy6542et4rt tut odiugtu u um ch7yy2pok5e32wry hi o hff fy tree tut yhdyy7 uh y8ygr hi hfggcgxg6trij8rmiimi she kkkik zzz's kjjrnmjj6htrtyeg DC vdgr tut cyret tree esxxgt6dr6ujjfdsw21sd ffg gh hv aetbvhhuijbjhyffytdvhhdfh try dd CV hide err gg

  • Rylan Lynch
    Rylan Lynch

    Jake bals

  • Avery Moller
    Avery Moller

    I love this new Jake Paul

  • grayfox 08
    grayfox 08

    Wow look at his old life and then now

  • jason millernnn I
    jason millernnn I

    She is sow sexy

  • Superbowser Logan.
    Superbowser Logan.

    Ur marriage ended quick

  • 3D_Wortex

    jon je labil hahah nikdo si to necte ale to je jedno

  • Mr. adiJaN07
    Mr. adiJaN07

    I remember his first vlog.It's just sad how he changed

  • Kyan Cunningham
    Kyan Cunningham

    GIVE ME YOUR WEED I NEED IT I AM GOING THROUGH DEPRESSION I’m kidding chill are you nine-year-olds I don’t have depression but I still need weed

  • Suppenteller

    2:58 he's so drunk lmao

  • Hanz Darry
    Hanz Darry

    Hey jake i dare you to buy an $3000 full suspension mountain bike and give it to me haha

  • Mario Holgin
    Mario Holgin

    U should’ve stayed with her to be fuckin with tana tbh

  • The Crow On Discord
    The Crow On Discord

    This man changed and me being a swat,army,police,etc fan and me knowing a lot of fucking cool shit pretty dumb what if the pipes fall off or the tire pop or the swat belt breaks he falls out could need more better stuff

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    My boy is back

  • domeka harrison
    domeka harrison


  • ekctrjacob23

    Jake you know what that is right that's a monster truck from Monster Jam it's actually the flower one but skull kind and they say that that thing could run over another monster truck

  • Wolfestive

    Im Glad a Monkey Stole His Girlfriend

    • OwEn Zz
      OwEn Zz


  • Antwan Lopez
    Antwan Lopez

    I only watch the videos that are Savage

  • Cade Elliott
    Cade Elliott

    just keding

  • Will Playz!
    Will Playz!

    How long will this girlfriend probably soon to be wife last???

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