I Beat Two Cheaters In The Best Among Us Win Ever
This is the greatest among us victory of All Time

  • ChancieMator

    Oh god, this video reminds me of this one time when I was playing Among Us. So on a Saturday, one of my sisters, Samantha came over so that we could play Among Us together. I created my own server, let my sister join, and then made it public. So Black and I were imposters and then suddenly, not even a minute into the game, an emergency meeting was called, and it went something like this. Yellow: It’s Purple (me). Me: No. How would you know? Yellow: Because Black told me. Me: Yeah right, there’s no way that he would be able to tell you. Yellow: Me and Black are on a call. Me: .... BLACK!! Yep, you read that right, both Black AND Yellow were on a call! So the game ends but I don’t remember who won, but I did what any ordinary person would do when dealing with these type of people, I kicked Yellow out, and Black left with Yellow. Why? Well because guess what? That is technically called ‘cheating’. So ha, serves y’all right, Black and Yellow.

  • The Golden Bucket Studios
    The Golden Bucket Studios

    i spent an entire game thinking i was a crewmate when i was an imposter, lol.

  • H0LOdm

    the true oddly satisfying video

  • The Golden Bucket Studios
    The Golden Bucket Studios

    theres logic, but only by one person and everyone else fights facts and logic with a red sus.

  • the unkillable cat
    the unkillable cat


  • I have a dam blue plastic hairbrush to throw at you
    I have a dam blue plastic hairbrush to throw at you

    why did you interrogate green after he said he needed to go to dinner?

  • Jadan Voils
    Jadan Voils

    This guy tho

  • Phoenix Shogun
    Phoenix Shogun

    14:22 Friends possibly? I don't know either why Green didn't vote Cyan or report the body. But also that was why Cyan probably left, because he thought Green was going to tell the crew of his crime

  • Phoenix Shogun
    Phoenix Shogun

    3:43 My god, both cheaters were imposter that round. Lol, that makes the vengeance that much sweeter.

  • Cyber Dalek
    Cyber Dalek

    "Unstoppable object meets an immovable force." Sir I think your sentence is incorrect

    • Cyber Dalek
      Cyber Dalek

      Unless I'm wrong

  • Exploding DustRags
    Exploding DustRags

    This is why among us dosent let us see the other imposter when we die... or both when we get voted out

  • Sabina Magedson
    Sabina Magedson

    Brown was named schlong when he said he saw red vent in medbay

  • Ally Miku
    Ally Miku

    It’s not discord it’s just trashy people. I play among us with random/friends on discord and usually betray them by killing them or not telling them I’m impostor

  • ASFvsASAP 1
    ASFvsASAP 1

    Did this guy say an unstoppable object and an immovable force?

  • Guy Man
    Guy Man

    Unstoppable object and immovable force. DuMMy

  • Hazel Sammons
    Hazel Sammons

    *unstoppable object meets an immovable force*

  • Hiddlescones

    Your public lobby plays are probably my fave that you do lol ^.^

  • TheHomierudy

    Hopefully that was the only imposter game they had all night together

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    I once joined a public lobby, was crew mate, meeting was called, no one died, they sussed me for no reason and everyone voted me out

  • jensen

    7:06 Charlie's holiness is so powerful even -500 IQ lobbies know he's Jesus


    I play on Public Lobbies and I found a few good players. Most were idiots though.

  • Sara Klassen
    Sara Klassen

    I hate the people who say self report every time. Sure, sometimes you're right, but most of the time you're just ruining the game, also it suck when you're an imposter and you get voted off based on no evidence.

  • daddys baby
    daddys baby

    L from death note would play among us

  • Navaneeth VN
    Navaneeth VN

    3:40 Simps when they simp for a girl for 20 years and she asks for his name.

  • Bonnie MLG
    Bonnie MLG

    They messed with the wrong player

  • Your Afternoon Class
    Your Afternoon Class

    Can you react to this guy's shitty content. sltoos.info

  • Pepper

    Ur like. Afucking coach teaching them. Lol. Atleasr u tried

  • Pepper

    My guy couldn't figure out if they left tho

  • Gaming Arcade
    Gaming Arcade

    That moment when I play public lobbies every time and and am actually intelligent and he just shows the games where people aren’t

  • Liffory

    I came back and realized, red was host right? He was using a role changer to become impostor.

  • lilianne and norah
    lilianne and norah

    How was it not cyan when they killed in front of grease

  • Reddy Boi
    Reddy Boi

    I like how everyone is discussing who the imposter is and brown just goes “I am a racist”

  • - 『T0XICITY』 -
    - 『T0XICITY』 -

    Bruh the exact same thing happened to me, i was like "bro thats cheating" and they fucking said "hOw iS tHaT cHeaTiNg?????"

  • Lstatic45

    With the 3 cheaters, blue didn’t leave they changed to cyan

  • Steven Gutierrez
    Steven Gutierrez

    I hate cheaters

  • JESTA!

    "That's what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable force" O think the labby turned critical dumb

  • IPG Amir
    IPG Amir


  • Good-ish Gamer
    Good-ish Gamer

    U know wat happened to me once. Is that me and my friend were on discord call and played Among us and on game I told him I was imp and then the next round he said it's me he told me on discord and I was flipped out after that I started telling him the wrong Impostors and he believed me till when they were four players they took him out

  • A Turtle
    A Turtle

    I commented on ur last vid if u switch to polus map, people will be smarter there

  • Casual Trauma
    Casual Trauma

    Sometimes i wonder that are these guys even real or i am just playing with some bots?while playing in pubs

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker

    That victory was glorious. GLORIOUS!

  • Metra F40PH Railfanner
    Metra F40PH Railfanner

    Let me tell u a story. A true story that really happened in among us So me and 8 other players are playing, one of the imposters red got voted out because I found out that he killed orange in front of me. Lime (host) saw me do trash, and said that I was teaming with orange, I said “Wtf, red killed in front of me, dumbasses. How can u not see that?” Lime didn’t respond, so the game keeps going on, until there’s 5 people left, I was cyan, and brown, white, lime and black were the only ones left. Black said he saw white killed, but lime said he was with him the whole time, so we skipped since there’s only one imp left. But then the server got hacked, someone close lights and activate o2 at the same time, then black got killed, brown reported the body and said white killed. I trusted him and voted white, but white and lime voted brown so end up a tie. So the game keeps going, not until I got killed by white, white killed in front of lime and brown, I was dead, brown was so mad that he’s not voting because they both voted him, and lime said his friend was white, and he said “We’re teaming and also hacking” brown got so mad that he said kick lime, but lime said “I was the host, lmao” . At that time I talked with orange and red (other imp) , red said he keeps getting voted out even though he’s crewmate for no reason. So I create a plan, I told them let’s kick lime, red ask how. I said, at the next game, I’ll do emergency and you two help me kick lime, you can kick the host. Red and orange agreed to do this. So the game end, brown and I got kicked but not banned. I memorize the code, changed my nick and join back. Red recognized me because of my skin and color. So the host started, I immediately do emergency as planned, I said let’s do this, red said let’s go, then we press the kick button and try to kick lime out, the others has no idea so they skipped, but me red and orange haven’t skip yet, I said we’re gonna kick lime, before that happens white left, so I assumed he probably got banned for hacking, so there’s no one else but lime and other 2 people, lime said “you can’t kick me, I’m the admin” I’m like “so?” Then he kept spamming bet if you can kick me, bet.. bet.. bet..” then I asked red and orange, they said they kicked, but for whatever reason it’s not working, then before the voting time end, LIME WAS FINALLY KICKED OUT, me orange and red was so happy that we don’t care if we lose. Red was so happy that he thanked me, he said this is the best time of his life in among us, he said he always find teamers at the server and hoped if someone agreed to help him stopped the host. (This was such a good revenge against teamers with hacker, this was all true and not made up) ( there’s nothing better than an among us revenge like this one) Before this happens: I got kicked by lime twice, first is because I found out his friend was the imposter, but then he didn’t recognize because my name and skin changed. He’s being kicking teamers out. That time the white guy left, so i pretend I don’t know anything, then I saw this red guy, he was getting voted off for no reason, three times in a row, so I tell lime someone was teaming, so he banned them, but he still has no idea I was one of his victims. Then he banned three people for no reason, making me have to wait for a long time until there’s 8-10. Then, when someone said start, he kick them too. Then the white guy came back, the same time orange joined, the white guy was acting like he don’t know lime, I stayed silent so I won’t get kicked. Then, the next game (everything happened was written above)

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    I can't believe people rage quit from Among Us lmao.

  • ok


  • SirAqualad Thedope
    SirAqualad Thedope

    I could listen to charlie say random things for hours. Like his quips are just amazing and fast 😭❤️

  • Lilly Bon•Bon
    Lilly Bon•Bon

    I always love watching his among us videos they are hallarious.

  • Melly Moore
    Melly Moore

    “That’s what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable force.”

  • _hack 98
    _hack 98

    "Maybe I will hold the lobby hostage". Spoken like a true crewmate.

  • Levi Bradley
    Levi Bradley

    Fuck me dude, he said "is that L from death note" and I thought that I had ended up in a game with him. My name is always L lol.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo


  • NGLJustWannaVIBE

    Once me and some people in a discord call we’re playing among us (we weren’t cheating dont worry) and I had been pink up until we joined a public lobby and someone else had pink. We all said pink during a meeting and voted pink. Pink was the impostor.

  • Eggo My Leggo
    Eggo My Leggo

    Public lobbies are weird. Crewmates gain 756 IQ and immediately find out you're imposter. And when you're crewmate, they turn around and become absubloute bricks and vote you out for being "sus"

  • Dingo

    charlie: "liars go to hell" blue: "based"

  • sarah

    I can’t believe I get so mad over that game, not like me at all but what I can’t STAND is people cheating on the game. Like just now these 2 friends backed each other up for 2 games when they weren’t even with each other. Gets on my nerves. I hate when friend groups play together and don’t do private. It’s not fair. I’ve played with friends and I don’t cover for them. It makes me so mad lol. Happens all the time!! Cheating like that ain’t a win in my opinion. I said that and they got so mad lmao. Zero shame, it’s just not cool. I know it’s a game but it’s fucking a pet peeve 😂 loved this!!!!!!

  • Motivated Vergil
    Motivated Vergil

    Imagine cheating in Among Us, even when me and the boys are in discord in pubs we mute until meetings and stay muted when we die

  • Company of Despair
    Company of Despair

    Black: "He killed right in front of me." Red and White: "That's not enough proof!" Yes, murdering in front of someone is not proof they are a murderer. Hail Sithis.

    • sarah

      I hate that!! But they’ll always vote the person who says because 2 imps or cheaters will side with each other lol

  • Avacado Elin
    Avacado Elin

    *nobody*: *the kid in the chat*: I'm RaCisT *everybody watching*: wh-

  • Matthew Fletcher fishing
    Matthew Fletcher fishing

    “Grease ball dosnt need proof he’s jesus”

  • Joe Redden
    Joe Redden

    Iv been hacking on among HAHAHAHAAH

  • Nofa Prima
    Nofa Prima

    Ive Playing Among Us As Impostor I Always Lose And I Found A King Cheater Named Hehe He Banned Me For No Reason

  • Cooper Lewis
    Cooper Lewis

    "suck my 6.5 inch meat nerd" made me laugh for like 6.5 Minutes

  • TheZachAttack YT
    TheZachAttack YT

    Blue was in the call as well. He was blue in the first round then cyan in the second round. 🙃

  • Emanuel Lassala
    Emanuel Lassala

    thank you for not repeating a single joke as if you were desperate for an "lol", i love you.

  • Laith Mohamed
    Laith Mohamed

    “This is what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable force.” Ummmm...

  • jakeisacake


  • sustinerism

    Holy shit I was in a greaseball video !!!!! I was the black guy that greaseball said that I have an average intelligence yay.

  • Chris Findlay
    Chris Findlay

    "unstoppable object meets an immovable force" 4:37 LMAO

  • honeyxsenpai

    “Who’s on the other end of that keyboard? Is it L from deathnote?” Literally-

  • Esther Kim
    Esther Kim

    The hate the lobbies where everyone immediately disconnects

  • Daddy Shreck
    Daddy Shreck

    LeAt FiNgIeS

  • Byren Hayes
    Byren Hayes

    Some hero’s don’t where capes

  • Ricky Li0n
    Ricky Li0n

    Leat fingies

  • Lana Hassan
    Lana Hassan

    thank you in yiddish is a dank

  • iBleh

    this is a really small thing but i like that he actually says "she" for some people because on EVERY lobby i've played it's only "he" as if only guys play this

  • Tomie

    I wonder if they’re watching this

  • Batleblock Dude
    Batleblock Dude

    This guy is so funny jesus i need to watch him

  • fat dog
    fat dog

    why is this guy the most entertaning person to watch

  • smurf boy
    smurf boy

    That was legendary

  • Cat pack
    Cat pack

    You are amazing at this public or not

  • Drowsyeimaj

    Lucky bastard with those cheaters

  • Asa Zeinemann
    Asa Zeinemann

    use these awesome teleportation hacks in among us. Share with 10 people or find a giant spider in your bed tonight. sltoos.info/for/xGiws7x9gH-Ay3Y/video

  • Phyllo

    Has anyone told him that the cheaters can make themselves imposters anytime they want

  • arynacan

    I hate playing public lobbies cause people are so dumb, I hade maybe 2-3 games where they were actually good and people had brain cells

  • Sxnchxz Joseph
    Sxnchxz Joseph

    5:56 i love how when this man catches the imposter his so chill and says ohhh that’s rough

  • Smudge The cat
    Smudge The cat

    at 6:10 naruto(orange) is my friend he is a big fan of yours so when he saw you and himself live he shit himself

  • Pine ThePotatoHuMan
    Pine ThePotatoHuMan

    Amazing 😂😂😂😂

  • Oh Man
    Oh Man

    The worst hackers are the psychic detectives. I had a guy who pulled a meeting speedrun getting me and my colleague voted out, kept saying "i always tell the truth" idk what you even get out of that you're not even getting the satisfaction of a killing spree

    • Oh Man
      Oh Man

      @sarah that's such a tiny minded thing to do, i hope they're just tryna make everyone mad otherwise there are people smart enough to see the code like fuckin neo (idk how hacking works) but require no challenging activites to be entertained

    • sarah

      Hackers can tell who the imposters are as well, in this one lobby 30 seconds in got me and someone else voted out without a kill said saw us vent but we didn’t even do anything yet. Next round they did the same with others but realised they were a hacker lol

  • audresso linked
    audresso linked

    That’s a really fucking loud keyboard

  • Indigo Mist
    Indigo Mist

    Getting fanduel addiction ads lmaooooo

  • Sabina Xamonty
    Sabina Xamonty

    DID HE LAG 😂 😂 4:05

  • so show me, i'll show you
    so show me, i'll show you

    4:17 Grease standing in the middle of the lobby like an anime protagonist, that win gave me so much satisfaction

  • ProfileName

    i was playing public, yellow and red were the imposters, near to the start of the game red was caught venting. before he had gotten voted out he outed yellow and said he was the imposter. as kind of a mercy we just spent the whole ass game pretending like he wasnt the imposter. saying "yellows clear saw them do scan" mainly cause red was a asshole and we just wanted yellow to win

    • sarah

      I hate when the imps do that or you get the ones who say it’s you when you weren’t no where near just to put it on you. Also hate when people like you mentioned get crew kicked out for a pitty win. But I get it they had no chance anyway

  • who am i?
    who am i?

    0:15 isn't that what corpse did in admin and got away with it?

  • Pál Tóth
    Pál Tóth

    they just impostor cheat :P aswell

  • david aramosv
    david aramosv

    "greaseball doesn't need proof he's Jesus" Doge

  • Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico
    Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

    janitor office candy

  • DotDotDot


  • Ninja of Elmo
    Ninja of Elmo

    "...he's Jesus."

  • Cthulhu Man
    Cthulhu Man

    See this is why when I play this game with my friends we don't tell each other who kills us or do anything like this. We don't mute, but if we die we don't say we just died or who it is. There was this one time I was mid sentence and was killed and just kept going on, didn't even pause for a second.

  • It'sYourboy

    These public lobbies are like an episode of the twilight zone so many fucking plot twists 👀👀👀👀

    • sarah

      Yeah for reaaaal

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