When You Miss the Bus AND You Haven't Finished Your Homework. #shorts
Those days when you miss the bus so you have to all out sprint to make it to school on time to hand in your homework.
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  • Sonic Voltage
    Sonic Voltage

    This man actually passed a car

  • Gabriel Chavinho
    Gabriel Chavinho

    I'm just like mermão😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Chavinho
    Gabriel Chavinho

    Looks like I'm going to class 😂😂😂😂😂


    He is the new usain bolt

  • Ayush Kar
    Ayush Kar

    If I could run this fast I would never take a bus in the first place

  • Ranbir Singh
    Ranbir Singh

    Strangely it has happened to me

  • Flippity Flop
    Flippity Flop

    This man is the epitome of timeless physical comedy.

  • Kevin Einstein
    Kevin Einstein

    Damn, that’s a nice lean running into the curve!

  • among us
    among us

    plot twist 1: it was just a dream plot twist 1.1: he was a coma patient living in his own world

  • thathappyboy

    He be sliding like Luigi tho

  • blackbird5050

    He's just attempting a speedrun record

  • DON'T !
    DON'T !


  • Couldawa

    I can remember a time when two of our fastest track athletes were missing the bus to one of our practices by talking to a teacher to long never seen the fastest people in the school who have several school between them run so fast

  • Vale ._.
    Vale ._.

    Yo cuando vuelva al colegio 😳☝️

  • Yan Haider
    Yan Haider

    *You don't have any idea, how fast I am*

  • Invalid Command
    Invalid Command

    Well in that case I just leave my notebook at home and say I forgot that at home

  • Purple Gamex
    Purple Gamex

    Fun fact: It’s not Saturday, you still have online school 😂 And that’s the wrong bus :)

  • Juan Alberto López Villalba
    Juan Alberto López Villalba

    He remembers me Saitama when he is running 😂

  • Dennis Rash
    Dennis Rash

    How many times do you reckon he fell down those stairs?

  • Sahil kalirawana
    Sahil kalirawana

    Osm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • pigistan's 93k surrender was fantastic-World record
    pigistan's 93k surrender was fantastic-World record

    this guy is good runner

  • Madhav Kharbanda
    Madhav Kharbanda

    If I missed the bus and I haven't done homework Then I will not go to school 😎😎😎

  • MoonEclipse

    No one: Literally no one in the universe: Him: *casually runs faster than a car*

  • Novo Mania
    Novo Mania

    Bro.. are you a marathon runner?😅😂

  • Gamex Fury
    Gamex Fury

    He run faster than my bus school bus

  • - SaiSa -
    - SaiSa -

    Whenever he slides,he reminds me of CODM players that slide 😂

  • EmileeJean26

    I wonder if his neighbor's ever look out the window and are just like, "There goes Daniel again!" 😂

  • Erika Griffin
    Erika Griffin

    didn't work

  • Erika Griffin
    Erika Griffin

    ***i'm just trying somting with comments***

  • Shadow Unknown
    Shadow Unknown

    See I'm never like this cause I wake up at 3AM do my homework at 4AM I get ready at 5AM I watch SLtoos or play roblox and at 5:50AM I go to school

  • Aidan Bowers
    Aidan Bowers

    Plot Twist: He ran to the school a state over and it took an entire day

  • Phoenix Pratt
    Phoenix Pratt

    Who gives homework on the weekends tho???

  • Wolfen Plays
    Wolfen Plays

    Ninja hattori going to school be like

  • FoxLox

    wait so if it is Saturday, why was his homework not finished, it would be due on friday

  • Lord Sauron
    Lord Sauron

    Love this guy 😂😂

  • An ordinary FELLOW
    An ordinary FELLOW

    I missed the bus *panik* Remembers that it's Saturday *kalm* But here in Italy there's school on Saturdays anyway *PANIK*

  • Aghila C C
    Aghila C C

    𝗛𝗶𝗺: *Running around the neighbourhood a thousand times 𝗡𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗵𝗯𝗼𝘂𝗿: Oh Lord, NOT AGAIN!!!

  • Shortclips Xtreme
    Shortclips Xtreme

    He probably went faster than the bus

  • Aki’s awesome Adventure
    Aki’s awesome Adventure

    He was fast as sonic and shook a schools door kob

  • The Stinson Family
    The Stinson Family


  • John Vparty Octavio
    John Vparty Octavio

    Your an athlete

  • fawrza

    How does one person have that much stamina?? I mean its for a video but if I run for a minute I would just take an hour break.

  • Javi Car
    Javi Car

    I was expecting his hat to land back on his head at the end

  • Nathan Wong
    Nathan Wong

    Alternate title: The Start of Every High School Movie/Anime

  • Shreya Verma
    Shreya Verma

    10 years later : cartoon named Daniel LaBelle

  • Shreya Verma
    Shreya Verma

    Kasama.. Yaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai

  • chem_game

    Bus misses the Daniel

  • hoosna eydatoula
    hoosna eydatoula

    Hmm... It's all online now Daniel. Lolzzz.

  • Tiger freefire
    Tiger freefire

    He has a great amount of energy 👏

  • MOCJI the player
    MOCJI the player

    MA man u no need buss

  • Keira McKellar
    Keira McKellar

    this man is FASTER then a CAR 🚗

  • Sultonul Hakim
    Sultonul Hakim

    Somehow good runner

  • Noor

    he ran so fast that he traveled 3 days back in time

  • Highland Dreamer
    Highland Dreamer

    The most impressive bit in this video is that he made the canada geese fly away. Kudos, let them go to canada.

  • Sus#69

    Eg-xactly Exactly

  • ImAPotato

    Guy driving: What the..... Passenger: You gonna tell him? Guy driving: Nah.

  • Rebecca

    When you need a sketch idea and also get your cardio in for the day

  • Seth V
    Seth V

    He missed the part where you jump down like 4 of the stairs at the bottom

  • Jesus

    Welp he ain't like bobby

  • wolverineiscool

    On your left

  • Utkarsh Smart
    Utkarsh Smart

    Your town is really beauty. Which is this place. Which country?

  • Advik Nagpal
    Advik Nagpal

    Atleast he finished his homework

  • [w!svlnnw]

    It's so satisfying to watch people sprint so fast

  • Hi Guys
    Hi Guys

    Others: plot twist 1,2,3... Me:why always comment section is so better than the content?

  • NooB OP
    NooB OP

    If it was Saturday then why his school bus came to his house lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Antonio H. N. Muniz
    Antonio H. N. Muniz

    This guy's movements are so accurate I thought his cap would fall on top of his head at the end.

  • Buddy Raw
    Buddy Raw

    It would've be golden if the bus pulled up at the school after he arrived lol.

  • RobinHoodWorld

    What daniel actually wrote in his hw:《♤●■●|

  • Oleg Grigorjev
    Oleg Grigorjev

    Hate when happens.

  • Simply Froggi
    Simply Froggi

    Why can’t I do that?

  • RinneVision

    I wouldn’t have gone to the school.

  • Noah Warmink
    Noah Warmink

    odly specific

  • Z S
    Z S


  • Tur_free

    fun fact I go to school

  • Jasmine Sinha
    Jasmine Sinha

    i actually complete my homework in school during the morning prayer...

  • MrDigThis

    When the busses are picking kids up on a saturday...

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar


  • Rashmi Rekha
    Rashmi Rekha

    The school days miss those mate

  • Julieanne Pritchett
    Julieanne Pritchett

    This puts me in the mood to go out run.

  • Oakes Family
    Oakes Family

    Daniel Labelle, AKA the flash.

  • Basir hansoti
    Basir hansoti

    It's Sunday you idiot

  • e r r o r
    e r r o r

    Rush hour Oh no its Saturday!

  • Hope and Brooklyn
    Hope and Brooklyn


  • naile Arikan
    naile Arikan

    This Guy is probably faster then Light Smh

  • ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕤
    ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕤

    The school cameras must be like 👁👄👁

  • BigFatPikachu

    The mans really payed attention to his grandparents’ stories of how they got to school

  • Bacon Empire
    Bacon Empire

    You: OH NO I MISS THE BUS AND I HAVET DO MY HOMEWORK RUN TIME YOU: *Runs* Hey Race car i hope u can drive faster then me *Runs again* You: PHEW *TRY OPEN DOOR AGGRESSIVE* OH no is SATURDAY

  • VanillaaCxffee

    So true

  • Karole Elisheva
    Karole Elisheva

    He doesn't need a car or bus. Like he's the flash 2.0

  • Delaney Holt
    Delaney Holt

    The geese were payed actors.

  • Krish Pratt
    Krish Pratt

    All that work for nothing...

  • Noah Rauscher
    Noah Rauscher

    In two years he’s gonna be super buff from running in his skits lol

  • Bill Newton
    Bill Newton

    This dude really does smooth skrrts.


    You forgot your mask

  • Kupila Negints
    Kupila Negints

    When u take so long to get to school

  • Black Lili
    Black Lili

    The fact that ONLY Daniel and his cameraman (probably his wife) running and filming through the whole city .... Thanks for entertaining us during this pandemic ❤️

  • ___________ •3 years ago
    ___________ •3 years ago

    How can someone forget about Saturday? ??? I keeping thinking about it for 6 days

  • Saleem Ahmed
    Saleem Ahmed

    Bro u hve got a nice running skills👍👍

  • Adriel

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  • Xcoco bearX
    Xcoco bearX

    Plot twist: He threw his hat again and it landed on the roof of the school