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It’s official. And it’s real.
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  • Amanda Konkle
    Amanda Konkle

    Hk n

  • Aadhy Faisal
    Aadhy Faisal

    Jake I love you bro

  • Aadhy Faisal
    Aadhy Faisal

    She is Jack

  • Marieann Marquez
    Marieann Marquez

    Jana for life

  • Bella Blackwood
    Bella Blackwood

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  • H__5 FF
    H__5 FF

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  • FGG Milo
    FGG Milo


  • Zya 2006
    Zya 2006

    Jake Paul have a girlfriend to Young

  • Yanoel Garcia
    Yanoel Garcia


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    Harry Pankey

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  • Brianna Fesmire
    Brianna Fesmire

    u said my name brianna

  • Taylah-Jane SMITH
    Taylah-Jane SMITH


  • Stewie Gatt
    Stewie Gatt


  • Rachel Pinder
    Rachel Pinder

    These days with Janna we're so good

  • Reanonda Woodman
    Reanonda Woodman

    I love you. On your bed show on your bed everyday bro

  • hrk _sounds
    hrk _sounds

    How do I get that haircut jake has

  • yuan T.V
    yuan T.V

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙋🙋🙌💑💑💑💑 no no no no no

  • Jhon Dale
    Jhon Dale

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  • Ali jahfar Qasimi
    Ali jahfar Qasimi


    • Ali jahfar Qasimi
      Ali jahfar Qasimi

      Mahdi Quote

  • Ali jahfar Qasimi
    Ali jahfar Qasimi

    Mahdy. Qasimo

  • Ali jahfar Qasimi
    Ali jahfar Qasimi

    Hi for the third

  • Piper Tutt
    Piper Tutt

    Who is better🤔🙄😑 Jake like Tana coment

  • BlakesMom2011

    I Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ranimatrd 666
    Ranimatrd 666

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  • Kyle Cameron
    Kyle Cameron

    Jake Paul is so cool

  • Ronan-Jack Duffy
    Ronan-Jack Duffy

    Are you going to marry julya rose

  • Itz_sammy

    OMG what the hell

  • Bambam cwccwccwcwcwccwccwccwcwccwc
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  • hilda lopez
    hilda lopez


  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    Kimberly Rodriguez

    Walker has been a girl kiss for years now and

  • Colton Lietz
    Colton Lietz

    Hey Jake paulers

  • Sharmane Balquin
    Sharmane Balquin


  • Sajida Kousar
    Sajida Kousar

    It's offcial.And it'a real

    • Niamh Mongeau
      Niamh Mongeau

      Sajida Kousar there divorced lol

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will

    I Love your videos and your girlfriend cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Piper Tutt
    Piper Tutt

    I wonder why they broke up so quickly

  • Ronny 183 official
    Ronny 183 official

    Start:don’t watch if under 18 Me as a 9 year old:is this a joke Also me:oh wtf

  • Rihab Dabar
    Rihab Dabar

    I like your favourite video SLtoos

  • Jasmine Marie-Blackshaw
    Jasmine Marie-Blackshaw


  • tesay mishell
    tesay mishell

    Hah aha

  • Morag Munro
    Morag Munro

    I love your vlog

  • Ashley Kyser
    Ashley Kyser


  • Blake Wright
    Blake Wright

    Its everyday bros Jake paul

  • Travis Frick
    Travis Frick

    OK cool I tried doing it and it didn't work

    • Travis Frick
      Travis Frick

      Ok reply to this message

  • Cr0me_ Jayboy
    Cr0me_ Jayboy


    • Cr0me_ Jayboy
      Cr0me_ Jayboy


  • kassandra o hare
    kassandra o hare

    love you so much

  • Billy Burgendy
    Billy Burgendy

    No one was smart enough to straight up call Jake out and stuff him over

  • Billy Burgendy
    Billy Burgendy

    Do you have an email

  • alfie benford
    alfie benford

    Hi Jake paul man I am a good fan

  • its MR SAM
    its MR SAM

    Why did jake Paul and Erika broke up

  • K SM
    K SM

    And I will be back in the morning if I o uohkh even though I have a few things I can get it up to the office and get back on the game at school and then I'll get it to me 😁😁😁 djxjdhdjd I don't know if I can eat everything else was expecting a call tomorrow to the office will e 👎🏼 and the kids and will let her number so

  • Jose Ribera
    Jose Ribera

    Jerika jerika☺☺☺☺☺

  • Anyel Hernandez
    Anyel Hernandez

    Thanks Jake Paul and vog your hoping team 10 girlfriend and boyfriend suscriblrse your schedule like tomorrow will be better Erika Costello SLtoos video sing


    This marriage was so short 😂😂

  • nana love
    nana love


  • Red Lightning 76
    Red Lightning 76

    Dude, I liked the hake from 3 years ago better

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Jake i smily adore u

  • picsartist _
    picsartist _

    rip jerika 🥺

  • Daniel Rivas
    Daniel Rivas


  • Gabriel Maldonado
    Gabriel Maldonado


    • Gabriel Maldonado
      Gabriel Maldonado


  • M.G. Gang
    M.G. Gang

    Siri Paul I wish to you to kind shared the pooper man and quiet down cra

  • John Ayers
    John Ayers

    Jake paul is a at 1PM do kissing Jake Paul now

  • David Bentley
    David Bentley


  • Nayara Santos
    Nayara Santos


  • Nayara Santos
    Nayara Santos

    Jake Paul

  • Cami Brodie
    Cami Brodie

    Jake pew can. Youwesee fit

  • Isabel Basilio
    Isabel Basilio

    I Love you to Child Jake

  • Damien Grant
    Damien Grant


  • Isabela Reed
    Isabela Reed


  • Jenny Barrera
    Jenny Barrera

    Y don`t now why ok

    • Jenny Barrera
      Jenny Barrera

      Pls like

  • Jenny Barrera
    Jenny Barrera

    Hey Jake my brother wants to fight Whit you

  • Carol Brown
    Carol Brown

    You gues are so funny is Erika foretell you ex girlfriend

    • Vicky Campos
      Vicky Campos

      Wasss guuuud

    • Vicky Campos
      Vicky Campos

      Carol Brown 2019 dec 27 hereeeee

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali

    Wow this is the best video

  • Daniel Pichardo
    Daniel Pichardo

    It's every day

  • Butch Swann
    Butch Swann

    can you fil a poll whth slime i am onlye 8 yers old

  • phsychomonkey

    Jake Paul: I hope you are being sexy Parents of 10 year olds: I hope you are being WHAT

  • Amly Gariby
    Amly Gariby


  • Jackson Currie
    Jackson Currie

    Jake you like

  • Jackson Currie
    Jackson Currie

    Love you jakpo

  • Adib Adib
    Adib Adib


  • Adib Adib
    Adib Adib

    Such a cringe

  • Christel Inestrozalemus
    Christel Inestrozalemus

    She really likes to shake her but

  • Željko Galik
    Željko Galik


  • Jackson Maddie Ruby Anders
    Jackson Maddie Ruby Anders

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Trinity Johnson
    Trinity Johnson

    Jana is better

  • Bella Villanueva
    Bella Villanueva

    Hi it is Bella from 10/29/19

  • F4XY

    I'm questioning why is this age restricted

  • The Ali Family
    The Ali Family

    Who is better? Like:Jana Reply:Jerika

  • Maria Rocha
    Maria Rocha


  • Lord nicc
    Lord nicc

    He just using the slag for money, he don’t really love her Df bro

  • MrOfficeDude

    I came here to say that all i gotta say is all i gotta say is ibigga

  • Summer Neumann
    Summer Neumann

    Love you guys

  • Hana Idris
    Hana Idris

    Um ok

  • bennyppp

    19:42 jake it’s me in the truck let’s be friends and drive around dabbing on all the fkking h8rz I luv u dood

  • Natalie Samayoa
    Natalie Samayoa

    I don’t like you any more

  • Natalie Samayoa
    Natalie Samayoa

    I like Jerika better😡🙄

  • Rooséa Major
    Rooséa Major

    Your videos make me smile

  • noepert ijs
    noepert ijs

    Jesssssssssssss jake poul jou are goed

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    Michael Lovatt

    I thought you love Erica

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    Alief World

    Indonesia Like

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    Meme Central

    it’s every day bro

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