Does Harry Hate Charities?
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  • The George Show
    The George Show

    the difficulty is, i understand his reasoning. But he is just a bad represented of that reasoning

  • Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies

    He's a proper little Tory.

  • Jose Jalapeno
    Jose Jalapeno

    I'm with harry on this, most charities pocket the cash

  • Abderrahim Oulkadi
    Abderrahim Oulkadi

    I think that's the only thing I dislike about him

  • LeroyPeroy69

    you forgot the one from the 100k in one hour video

  • Hello Nobody
    Hello Nobody

    As if it automatically put the mon ye for charity in KCF the amount of people that probably haven’t realised that

  • Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh

    how to go😀

  • Christy Cullen
    Christy Cullen

    You can't blame him when they expect people to work for free then the people in charge take home 300k. Charities are a self enrichment scheme, nothing more.

  • JellyBOB

    If they made a sidemen shorts compilation like this vid but of JJ being dumb it’d be longer than a sidemen Sunday

  • Zaky 26
    Zaky 26

    Harry is just super unfiltered and dares to say what’s on his mind. Secretly deep down no one really wants to donate anyways tbh

  • Pro Tune HD
    Pro Tune HD

    tbh a lot of big charities have come out to be a bit of a scam so im kinda with harry tbh

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz

    Fam I don’t remember the mic qualities being so poor back Jesus sidemen step the game up

  • GiftedWhiteBoy

    harry needs his crack money

  • David Hattingh
    David Hattingh

    I absolutely adore this man.

  • Nathan Steele
    Nathan Steele

    Do you think kicktown is costing him more than we think? He’s renting a space in the O2 throughout lockdown with no income through it, it can’t be cheap

    • Nathan Steele
      Nathan Steele

      @Ameera Noor probably tbf

    • Ameera Noor
      Ameera Noor

      I completely forgot about kicktown but he does stream n gets the sidemen money so I think his aryt

  • The guy 67 4
    The guy 67 4

    That’s why I like him

  • CallSign Guardian
    CallSign Guardian

    Not surprised really.... this guy doesnt even use products when showering..

  • Dan Andersen
    Dan Andersen

    Charities are scam artists. You’d be surprised of how small an amount of money actually goes to “charity” and how much goes to the dickheads behind it.

  • Pav

    What vid is the second clip from?

  • yinny trappy
    yinny trappy

    i accidentally read the title as does harry hate christians

  • Shadow Ackerman
    Shadow Ackerman

    realistically it seems that harry is the most desperate for money out of all of the sidemen , there is proof in the vids so prob he doesn't hate charities but rather needs the money for himself. but one thing he loves doing is keta-

    • Nathan Steele
      Nathan Steele

      I think his business (kick town) is draining his bank account more than we know

  • DraCon1c

    I thought the title was does Harry hate Christmas some1 book me an appointment at specsavers god damn

  • Simanye Mazosiwe
    Simanye Mazosiwe

    “I’m not paying 13 quid”

  • DavidBrit

    0:19 I like how he presses it multiple times as well, what does he even have against charities. He has loads of money as well.

  • Dharvesh Reddy
    Dharvesh Reddy

    That motel incident made him lose his faith 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • FaizK


  • TheDreamTacular

    Short answer: Yes.

  • Faith H
    Faith H

    Where’s the clip from them at kfc from?

  • Alex Mouw
    Alex Mouw

    What video is it where they are ordering food at maccas?

  • Teo Vezmar
    Teo Vezmar

    This kinda makes him look bad. Wonder what he'll say in his next reddit video.

    • U hate me Do I care no
      U hate me Do I care no

      he probably won't say anything because it is just jokes and he doesn't care

  • SRN AR8
    SRN AR8

    Hes funny tho xD fuck human charities.

  • Braden Tyson
    Braden Tyson

    This video is amazing 😂

  • Kajzer Max
    Kajzer Max

    The only man who can say this on the internet and get away with man is a legend 🤣😂

  • DZ

    I get where he coming from tho , who’s to say some charities aren’t corrupt and take incentives

  • WhiteLion_uk

    Saving the money for ket, imagine how much 7 grand could get you

  • Wafflezz

    Harry actually helps the homeless people a lot, he buys the drugs so they cant

  • IcePack

    What Harry's basically saying:ThEY DoN't NeED MOnEy

  • champagnemami

    What a prick

    • U hate me Do I care no
      U hate me Do I care no

      I mean he was joking but okay. Did you actually think he was being serious

  • Cute_Sithlord

    i would never donate money to charities i need money too

  • TU13ZY

    Because the money doesn’t go to who actually need it!! Fair play Harry for not being an idiot

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    There are also a bunch more clips like the one in the buying each other gifts online video where he tells Vik he'd be fuming if someone spent the money for him on a bunch of charities

  • Big Chin
    Big Chin

    “Save the pennies, save the pennies!!”

  • Cameron Mckinnon
    Cameron Mckinnon

    I know it’s supposed to be funny but it’s a dick move like come on man your a millionaire 😂

  • Reidallaboutit H
    Reidallaboutit H

    So far Harrys stopped £6,000.20 from going to charity and hasnt been cancelled for it. Legend

  • Bromine TV
    Bromine TV

    Let's get this channel to 1. Million

  • Chill Beans
    Chill Beans

    rip :/

  • Gelo !
    Gelo !

    People finna try to cancel him after watching this video 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Homo Sapien
    Homo Sapien

    Charities are complete frauds. Even the British Legion (who you buy poppy's off)

  • Moey Musawi
    Moey Musawi

    Plot twist heaps of charitys keep the money for them self they don’t actually help the homeless people you rather help a homeless person yourself not them fake ass charitys

  • Who's who ?
    Who's who ?

    I'm sure is cause he knows that most mainstream charities are corrupted af and don't really support what they say they support instead take it for themselves.

  • Johnny Karim
    Johnny Karim

    Protect this man. He's national treasure.

  • Lead Oxide
    Lead Oxide

    He is British, its in his blood!

  • Luka Rudes
    Luka Rudes

    he is the best hahahahaha

  • Skatin Blaine
    Skatin Blaine


  • Chubby Angel
    Chubby Angel

    Fuck charity XD

  • Jahshshdhdgsh

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ .

  • Amelia Woods
    Amelia Woods

    One of the few non-click baiting videos Harry really does hate charities

  • xo xo
    xo xo

    I don’t blame him tbh.. most people take the money for themselves instead of actually doing the charity they’re supposed to do.. full on scam

  • Mortal Hydra
    Mortal Hydra

    Just wanted to ruin the 420 comment


    Why lol

  • Anton Bruun
    Anton Bruun

    Yes, yes he does

  • Andrew Denny
    Andrew Denny

    He's such a tory 🤣🤣

  • Ilyas Ghziyel
    Ilyas Ghziyel

    Money ain't nothing, it is just a bunch of pieces with value. In the past, salt was used like money as well. Nowdays, it is hard to do charities, but to do so you can donate a lot stuff instead of money!

  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia

    Yall forgot when vik donated tobis money in that one vid he said he’d be fuming if they did that with his money lol

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung

    Did a full 180, crazy

  • N19KSAN


  • Jack Sewell
    Jack Sewell

    For the kfc charity, if you pay for it at the machine kfc get tax deductions from it so they pay less tax because you’ve paid the ‘charity’

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    Damn what a prick

    • U hate me Do I care no
      U hate me Do I care no

      you clearly can't take a joke

    • MUZZ GUY
      MUZZ GUY


  • James Louw
    James Louw


  • Da Wik
    Da Wik

    Harry just loves his money

  • therealthanos

    I think he hates charities because he knows they don't actually give people money but take it themselves

  • N O
    N O

    smells like communism

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky


  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake

    Who the f**k is Harry

  • Weedie 2
    Weedie 2

    I’m not surprised.

  • MLG Njad Messi11
    MLG Njad Messi11

    Yo he hates them with a passion

  • Iqbal123

    Am I the only person that thinks that Ethan looks rlly different in the first clip?

  • Athithan

    I’m with Harry on this, they need to save the pennies for next Sidemen Holiday Videos!

  • Pro


  • Maximilian Malchev
    Maximilian Malchev

    Most charities are complete frauds . Give money to someone in need directly not through charities

  • Ashveen Toor
    Ashveen Toor

    "Since when?!" "Since now..."


    that a man that grew up with no money charity starts at home

  • Saturn

    To be fair though...., charities have a good chance of been a scam.

  • Bo Bo
    Bo Bo

    0:30 deal or no deal’s sound quality is awful - well done kon for making everything look and sound better

  • Randomz 786
    Randomz 786

    Harrys main channel is dead so he actually does need to save the pennies

  • Joeli O
    Joeli O

    For some reason I kinda feel like Harry donates money to charities here and there off camera/doesn't mention that

  • Matt Guzman
    Matt Guzman

    W2S and the Sidemen Clips

  • Catzi

    Harry can’t give a way money to charity but one thing he can is to hurt himself without having any problems.

  • Excite

    ah yeah its bad he don't like charities, ah why don't he donate money. "everyone sitting at home doing everything he does 0_0, commenting hes a bad person"

  • E1iTe NsD
    E1iTe NsD

    Because a lot of these “charities” are just labeled as such for the company to squeeze Alex tea money out of you

  • Rowen Naidoo
    Rowen Naidoo


  • Hoganis Hero
    Hoganis Hero

    The answer is yes

  • Auxxy

    we get it, he's a tory

  • Skyukisya!

    For the people who keeps roasting Harry fans or hate Harry due to his distaste for Charity, u all need to chill and stop with this negative perspective. Let people love who they want and Harry did this as a joke plus he had a bit of discomfort for Charity due to his Past Abuse. I hate when some people can't even take a joke and lash it out to Harry fans, people like u are the reason SLtoosrs Quit Twitter.

  • Grundy

    roses are red violets are blue you didn’t find this it found you.

  • JoshTehYoda

    Save the pennies save the pennies

  • Caroline Chang
    Caroline Chang

    The opposite duo Harry and Vikk: Vikk: "Let's donate 700$ dollars to two different charities" Harry:"OI OI OI WE ARE NOT HELPING THE CHARITY "

  • Roberto Makhole
    Roberto Makhole

    Am i the only one who doesnt think its cool of him to act like this? Donating a few pennies from his rich pocket wont harm him. Im not forcing him to donate but its unethical as a rich youtuber to show this hate towards charity

    • U hate me Do I care no
      U hate me Do I care no

      i'm pretty sure he is joking

    • Tearminate


  • William Moffat
    William Moffat


  • Mo Twins
    Mo Twins

    Why tho?