meet the new jana...
meet the new jana...
We’ve changed 😳
Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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  • Amanda Reid
    Amanda Reid

    I love your videos so much 🥰

  • Fozia laiba hanaya
    Fozia laiba hanaya


  • Koiya Mndolwa
    Koiya Mndolwa


  • Koiya Mndolwa
    Koiya Mndolwa

    Hi ttyhhhyhyf

  • Elsa Dedaj
    Elsa Dedaj

    Percent present percent 100% 100% 100,000 million thousand trillion 1, 001 111 111111 10000.

  • Gemma Cooper
    Gemma Cooper

    Is she your girlfriend

  • Gemma Cooper
    Gemma Cooper

    Is she your

  • Kim Howell
    Kim Howell

    Hi Ed. I can do a backflip

  • Djlamborghinoy Malagon
    Djlamborghinoy Malagon

    Love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Leah Rotondo
    Leah Rotondo

    Do you Gotta know if this fucking good she’s a fucking mess in the room with you and Mikey too serious to you she’s a stubborn to sweet of this video to stop over here like can you please stop

  • Natasha Collier
    Natasha Collier

    Harley Quinn

  • Elijah afk
    Elijah afk

    I wonder if an one clicked here for tana because of the thumbnail

  • Cj Holden
    Cj Holden

    lowkey tana tho

  • Jose Resendiz
    Jose Resendiz


  • Ravlyn Varma
    Ravlyn Varma

    jake Paul

  • Ravlyn Varma
    Ravlyn Varma

    hi love you

  • Ravlyn Varma
    Ravlyn Varma

    now i m telling erika

  • kuleena george
    kuleena george


  • Jab Mcsorley
    Jab Mcsorley

    I agree

  • bp guan
    bp guan

    Hi who are you stupid stupid

  • axel Palacios
    axel Palacios

    Is your dog trained

  • Stephanie Medina
    Stephanie Medina

    👗👑💍💄👠👜 👕👖👟💍🕶️

  • Stephanie Medina
    Stephanie Medina


  • Carlos Muñoz
    Carlos Muñoz

    I got your jake Paul

  • Leif Holm
    Leif Holm


  • mh

    i’m so sad i fucking miss yall sm

  • Cassie Pouliot
    Cassie Pouliot


  • Kaiyana Hurns
    Kaiyana Hurns

    a babysitter

  • Dolton 2007
    Dolton 2007

    Get her 1

  • Jab Mcsorley
    Jab Mcsorley

    I love you

  • Arleen Keating
    Arleen Keating

    Get Hannah a Carr pls'

  • ODD

    Shitty joker bro

  • Qnahi Segura
    Qnahi Segura

    Jake Paul. Buy. Tana. Car

  • Xxocean_ vibezzzxX
    Xxocean_ vibezzzxX

    Who misses ericka 😢

  • kuting's vlog
    kuting's vlog


  • Kyon Cooper
    Kyon Cooper

    Is the lady with the purple hair is she a lady or a boy or she is James Charles

  • Ellie Mcnamee 2014
    Ellie Mcnamee 2014

    James Charles doing your make up

  • rosie rose
    rosie rose

    The 3rd birch lol

  • Williams Williams Livprincess and LeLeunicorn
    Williams Williams Livprincess and LeLeunicorn

    I wished Jake Paul Washington president

  • Bri'Onna Smith
    Bri'Onna Smith


  • Janae Bagley
    Janae Bagley


  • Iron man Gaming
    Iron man Gaming

    Terica crew is better

  • Fred Boggs
    Fred Boggs


  • Malcom San Nicolas
    Malcom San Nicolas

    JANA: WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!!. CLIP

  • Meneera Thenganatt
    Meneera Thenganatt

    Oh my Gosh

  • Ethan de King
    Ethan de King

    Anyone in 2020 and wondering were lil moo iss

  • Jessica Lamb
    Jessica Lamb

    Go get a cur

  • maivtswb yaj
    maivtswb yaj

    Do you guys love Chuck Carter

  • maivtswb yaj
    maivtswb yaj

    You look like Ariel

  • Silverio Abreu
    Silverio Abreu

    back when tana was kinda likable how times have changed

  • Beth Schlund
    Beth Schlund

    I love you videos a lot ever day.

  • Amerie Lopez
    Amerie Lopez

    why whas he mad

  • Loreall Jones
    Loreall Jones

    The dog is so cute cousin has that dog

  • Loreall Jones
    Loreall Jones

    I’m being her for Halloween

  • Manuel Cabrera Coria
    Manuel Cabrera Coria


  • Keyaan Merchant
    Keyaan Merchant

    what about Erica???

  • Joanna Teaby
    Joanna Teaby

    I like your bog😍 🤗😍

  • Baby Boy Sinclair
    Baby Boy Sinclair


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Okay epic

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Okay make up so fun

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Get it jack paul

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Do it!

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Do it

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Yeah do it so funny

  • Jacq Jacq
    Jacq Jacq

    Harley Quinn and Joker couple up

  • Nassar Hammoud
    Nassar Hammoud

    I love it when he played music and everyone was swearing and yelling

  • Dominic Nash
    Dominic Nash


  • Aylin


  • Iris Chavez
    Iris Chavez


  • Ngoc Tran
    Ngoc Tran

    Hi popo

  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Charlie Binks
    Charlie Binks

    Bro turned in to bruh xD

  • Kayceon Suber
    Kayceon Suber

    I like them too

  • best family
    best family


  • Katelynn Owens
    Katelynn Owens


  • Suzanne Joinson
    Suzanne Joinson


  • horsey_cabin7 E
    horsey_cabin7 E

    Jana gans mana jaya hey

  • Sandy Rosenbaum
    Sandy Rosenbaum

    Sorry I spelled tana I said hi.

  • Ryan Maloney
    Ryan Maloney

    Harley Quinn and the joker that was good

  • Maddox INS
    Maddox INS

    I feel sorry for that kitchen its been through so much

  • Chase Hill
    Chase Hill

    I love you Jake Paul

  • Vince Rivera
    Vince Rivera

    You know what would be better if harley quin was erika costell

  • Linsey Eagle
    Linsey Eagle

    I’m harlequin haha

  • Gorgette Hanna
    Gorgette Hanna

    ✨The time My tweet was mentioned in a Jake Paul video✨

  • Laura Grieser
    Laura Grieser

    7:51 is when I started to laugh sooo fucking hard I couldn’t breath lmaooo

  • Jaelynn Bell
    Jaelynn Bell

    So funny🤣🤣😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥶💩💩💩

  • Gaming with Sami
    Gaming with Sami

    Btwv I’m only 8 Jake and a girl

  • Melody Pundal
    Melody Pundal

    Jana is my name

  • Nolan Long
    Nolan Long


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    C R I N G E

  • The Roblox Critics
    The Roblox Critics

    She using him 💯🥴

  • LuxuryPauly

    I subscribe and the bell

  • kiki tlo
    kiki tlo

    4:48 iconic new tiktok

  • swift3532


  • Sarah Teen
    Sarah Teen

    Hi I’m french l like your mom 😂🤣

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