meet the new jana...
meet the new jana...
We’ve changed 😳
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  • Yohan and Rayhan. Thenganatt
    Yohan and Rayhan. Thenganatt

    Oh my Gosh

  • Ethan de King
    Ethan de King

    Anyone in 2020 and wondering were lil moo iss

  • Jessica Lamb
    Jessica Lamb

    Go get a cur

  • maivtswb yaj
    maivtswb yaj

    Do you guys love Chuck Carter

  • maivtswb yaj
    maivtswb yaj

    You look like Ariel

  • Silverio Abreu
    Silverio Abreu

    back when tana was kinda likable how times have changed

  • Beth Schlund
    Beth Schlund

    I love you videos a lot ever day.

  • Amerie Lopez
    Amerie Lopez

    why whas he mad

  • Loreall Jones
    Loreall Jones

    The dog is so cute cousin has that dog

  • Loreall Jones
    Loreall Jones

    I’m being her for Halloween

  • Manuel Cabrera Coria
    Manuel Cabrera Coria


  • Keyaan Merchant
    Keyaan Merchant

    what about Erica???

  • Joanna Teaby
    Joanna Teaby

    I like your bog😍 🤗😍

  • Baby Boy Sinclair
    Baby Boy Sinclair


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Okay epic

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Okay make up so fun

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto


  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Get it jack paul

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Do it!

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Do it

  • Nancy Weeto
    Nancy Weeto

    Yeah do it so funny

  • Jacq Jacq
    Jacq Jacq

    Harley Quinn and Joker couple up

  • Nassar Hammoud
    Nassar Hammoud

    I love it when he played music and everyone was swearing and yelling

  • Dominic Nash
    Dominic Nash


  • Aylin


  • Iris Chavez
    Iris Chavez


  • Ngoc Tran
    Ngoc Tran

    Hi popo

  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Maria De la rosa
    Maria De la rosa


  • Charlie Binks
    Charlie Binks

    Bro turned in to bruh xD

  • Kayceon Suber
    Kayceon Suber

    I like them too

  • best family
    best family


  • Katelynn Owens
    Katelynn Owens


  • Suzanne Joinson
    Suzanne Joinson


  • horsey_cabin7 E
    horsey_cabin7 E

    Jana gans mana jaya hey

  • Sandy Rosenbaum
    Sandy Rosenbaum

    Sorry I spelled tana I said hi.

  • Ryan Maloney
    Ryan Maloney

    Harley Quinn and the joker that was good

  • Maddox INS
    Maddox INS

    I feel sorry for that kitchen its been through so much

  • Chase Hill
    Chase Hill

    I love you Jake Paul

  • Vince Rivera
    Vince Rivera

    You know what would be better if harley quin was erika costell

  • Linsey Eagle
    Linsey Eagle

    I’m harlequin haha

  • Gorgette Hanna
    Gorgette Hanna

    ✨The time My tweet was mentioned in a Jake Paul video✨

  • Laura Grieser
    Laura Grieser

    7:51 is when I started to laugh sooo fucking hard I couldn’t breath lmaooo

  • Jaelynn Bell
    Jaelynn Bell

    So funny🤣🤣😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥶💩💩💩

  • Pvt. Ryan Louis
    Pvt. Ryan Louis

    I like how the damage tattoo goes perfect with him and his brother.

  • Gaming with Sami
    Gaming with Sami

    Btwv I’m only 8 Jake and a girl

  • Jana Pundal
    Jana Pundal

    Jana is my name

  • Nolan Long
    Nolan Long


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    C R I N G E

  • The Roblox Critics
    The Roblox Critics

    She using him 💯🥴

  • LuxuryPauly

    I subscribe and the bell

  • kiki tlo
    kiki tlo

    4:48 iconic new tiktok

  • swift3532


  • Remmi Kate
    Remmi Kate

    Hi I’m french l like your mom 😂🤣

  • Ksi Jj
    Ksi Jj

    How about the new janal

  • Moneekas Fun Fun
    Moneekas Fun Fun


  • Jeremiah Mwangi
    Jeremiah Mwangi

    Sorry tana but your so crazy

  • fadilah teo
    fadilah teo


  • Peyton Krankey
    Peyton Krankey

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • Fortnite Kardo
    Fortnite Kardo


  • Chanell Monae
    Chanell Monae


  • Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez

    Hi y’all

  • The FluffyPlays
    The FluffyPlays


  • Laura Curtis
    Laura Curtis

    Kiss tana in a SLtoos video

  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    I love how much cole doesn’t give a shit 😂😂

  • Jamison Tillie
    Jamison Tillie

    Damn couples be striving to be Joker and Harley Quinn but don't realize that it was legit a toxic/obsessive relationship in the movies and comics

    • You look very beautiful
      You look very beautiful

      Yes the relationship was lokey for clout and tana is a golddigger

  • Sumit Chowdhury
    Sumit Chowdhury

    That Joker BIT was EPIC!!!

  • Nyla Swift
    Nyla Swift


  • Moez Pierre-Louis
    Moez Pierre-Louis


  • jaimito tejada
    jaimito tejada

    Amen 🙏 was your day and you have a good

  • France Gumede
    France Gumede

    There just is 16785 benoni extension to or ask somebody for help if you need it our names is Prince and wanda thank you

  • France Gumede
    France Gumede

    Dude we need our stuff we need our PlayStation PS4 and our Xbox and Gucci shoes the Gucci shoes the size is 2 and 4 and our goodie and our Rolex and Gucci bags and now Rolex and and our own axe and hey Paul we need our stuff right now you told us when we subscribe you gonna give us our stuff so tomorrow the 9 so now make a plan or two gonna do it tonight of July and we need our stuff before we go to Auntie's house please Jake Paul flight to South Africa and go to Johannesburg I 16 785 benoni extension 2 daveyton

  • Karleen Randol
    Karleen Randol

    Buy her a car

  • Karleen Randol
    Karleen Randol

    He'll ya

  • Ray Krick
    Ray Krick

    Oh my god they shop at vat19 TOO?!?!

  • the game Bee
    the game Bee

    What does is pusdat jengkol the one is a boy become a girl

  • Tommy_12z ??
    Tommy_12z ??

    this is so gay

  • Alex_owo .-.
    Alex_owo .-.

    I saw the picture of them turning into Harley and the joker because lance and Lizzy also did that 😔

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson

    Did you know the real joker cited suiside

  • Meghan Bertolino
    Meghan Bertolino

    Yeah Jake Paul you should get a car Seriously you should actually get her fucking car


    12:30 he is hilarious

  • Lionmox King
    Lionmox King

    Fu British guy

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly

    Who is waching this in lockdown

  • Guadalupe Lopez
    Guadalupe Lopez

    Jake Paul wants you to do the Superman and your girlfriend to do

  • Harry Hands
    Harry Hands

    Going around in white face... LIKE ME! Our lives matter just as much

  • Alison Bosworth
    Alison Bosworth

    Why did you bite him on the bus I am only 5 years old but I still watch your channels because I'm a Jake

  • Princess Sapphire
    Princess Sapphire

    I can make my voice like the joker and I can say what the joker says

  • Hoppock Family
    Hoppock Family

    My mom trained my dog to ring bells when she needs to go to the bathroom🤯

  • Latchman Ramnauth
    Latchman Ramnauth

    Married tana

  • Caleb Rivard
    Caleb Rivard

    I love your vid’s so much I love you guy’s

  • Keahi Pavao
    Keahi Pavao

    Jake and your biggest fan

  • Naeya Jones
    Naeya Jones

    Hi. Jake. Paul

  • claire dodgson
    claire dodgson

    that dog is smelly but cute

  • claire dodgson
    claire dodgson


  • sayuri kyles montoya
    sayuri kyles montoya

    Is that jake charms

  • jae_is_gr8 Yt
    jae_is_gr8 Yt

    Jake is chasing clout

  • Kelly Riley
    Kelly Riley