Kylie Jenner
Kendall and I decided to film a drunk get ready with me! Watch as we take shots of 818 and create these beautiful looks using all Kylie Cosmetics 😉

  • B.R production
    B.R production

    Anyway i just love when kylie said "no we are gorgeous"❤pure hearted person with 0ego and attitude

  • Kiko A
    Kiko A

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  • Lilys Art
    Lilys Art

    i luv how kendall just starts crying

  • Alexis Edwards
    Alexis Edwards

    That First Shot Kicked in as Soon As Kendall Sat Down 😂😂

  • Satisfy me
    Satisfy me

    follow me 🥺 plz 🥺

  • A15 Show
    A15 Show

    Just against her or alot of people might not agree just look at her content compared to someone like Mark Rober. Getting drunk and doing make up what a shame that we make someone like kylie jenner rich and famous even though they contribute as little or safe to say they don’t even give a damn about the community.

  • Liv Marie
    Liv Marie

    14:05 had me wheezingg for what 🤣😭💀

  • María Paula Camargo
    María Paula Camargo

    Aquí los q hablamos español

  • lily

    When Kendall said “bible.” I just knew that she learned that from her older sisters

  • Mohd Hayabusa
    Mohd Hayabusa

    That's why kylie is kylie..im so proud of this women💜

  • Ibrihim Rushin
    Ibrihim Rushin


  • Rene Marie Danielle
    Rene Marie Danielle


  • GODDESS 7788
    GODDESS 7788

    kylies face is a mess...her sister on the other hand is very beautiful and natural looking..much more apealing!

  • cadence earnest
    cadence earnest

    kendall: “I’m never a sloppy drunk. you know? i’m mature.” also kendall: 9:48

  • Srey Phon-Thill
    Srey Phon-Thill

    Kendall is the best drunk 😂 “I have to pee. Can I go pee?” Not sure why I thought that was so funny

  • Debora Ajuchán
    Debora Ajuchán

    Viendo sin entender una mie*** lo que dicen 😂😂

  • Lara Turk
    Lara Turk

    Kylie make a new vid please we love you

  • Stef Shay
    Stef Shay

    Why are the likes and dislikes off I thought this was a big hit that everyone liked I’m confused

  • i-luv- kpop
    i-luv- kpop

    I’m gonna block her even though I liked this vid but she’s kinda toxic so yuh 💞💘💗

  • Kanyin’s Tv
    Kanyin’s Tv

    A quick inspiration - Nothing that has happened to you is a surprise to God. God’s hand is always on you. He’s ordering your steps. If the door is closed, it was supposed to be closed. If the person walked away, they were supposed to walk away. Don’t get upset, keep moving forward. God has already worked the situation out. He has something greater in store for you. Declare by faith, “it is already done” 💕🎆..

  • Jeff Kingin
    Jeff Kingin

    these girls man,,,,,😆😆😆😆

  • Totally Maya
    Totally Maya

    I laughed so hard lol

  • excuse me harry
    excuse me harry


  • i-


  • Meadow Richards
    Meadow Richards

    They are queens no matter what they look like BEAUTIFUL QUEENS 👸

  • Madame No-r-r-ra
    Madame No-r-r-ra

    You are so pretty and amazing❤❤❤ Hello, Jesus loves u so much and wants to saves you and everyone. You're so beautiful and precious to God, have a good day and week❤❤❤

  • Stacie

    “Let’s start this video with 5 shots” Woww and I thought I drank a lot lol

  • name


  • Daphne Papalouka
    Daphne Papalouka

    Kendall is not even 1© drunk 🤣✋

  • Diana

    Now I wish I also had a sister

  • Sj Sendo
    Sj Sendo

    I'm almost 30 and I still don't know anything about make up, only lipstick and face powder. Anyone can relate?🤣

  • Haleema Riza
    Haleema Riza

    Do with kourtney kardashian please

  • ara ara
    ara ara


  • Pey & Peymakilir
    Pey & Peymakilir

    Funny thing is that Kylie can't even laugh because of her botox..😭😝

  • Saniya George
    Saniya George

    i just love how they say Bible

  • Ismahan Ismail
    Ismahan Ismail

    Love this video so much❤❤

  • Rahel

    why do i feel drunk

  • Savannah Vasquez
    Savannah Vasquez

    “Well everything’s okay now” 😂😂😂

  • Genevieve Estelloso
    Genevieve Estelloso

    Content suggestion: 24hrs life swap: rich family and poor family 👍 this if you guys agree❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  • Ann Bednarczyk
    Ann Bednarczyk

    Setting spray so it stays all night 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Ann Bednarczyk
    Ann Bednarczyk

    Omg I love this

  • Megan Stoughton
    Megan Stoughton

    it escalates quickly hahaha

  • Megan Stoughton
    Megan Stoughton

    "what color are you using" "... I don't even know"

  • James Warfield
    James Warfield

    Good or bad, they r american royalty.

  • Leah and Lisa
    Leah and Lisa

    didn’t know plasic could talk


    I'd be napping after the first shot. I can't f with tequila because tequila f w me

  • Bowlin Spector
    Bowlin Spector

    Kylie should post a song on her channel

  • Araceli Soto
    Araceli Soto

    This “tequila” is cultural appropriation, period.

  • Reagan Turner
    Reagan Turner

    i don’t think i have ever been so intrigued ina youtube video 😂

  • Lilly Lennon
    Lilly Lennon

    This is so dumb

  • Skylar Lane
    Skylar Lane

    how is it that they can do their makeup better drunk then i can when i'm sober 😭

  • Cheryl Sautner
    Cheryl Sautner

    love these 2

  • Davinci Freud
    Davinci Freud

    Daddy imma cut oof deaf note love you daddy :3 meow meow

  • E V A T I A
    E V A T I A

    Kendall wasn’t kidding when she said she was a destructive drunk 😭🤚

  • Kelxssiiaa M
    Kelxssiiaa M

    who else loves it when Kylie and Kendall do a video together? 👇🏼

  • Alexandra Alva
    Alexandra Alva

    Hola Sofía! Podrías hacer un sketch explicando el respeto en el colegio. Por favor! No lo tengo muy claro.

  • jazleen luna
    jazleen luna

    my two favorite girls ugh I love yall

  • emma bein
    emma bein

    kylie is soooooo quiet i had to turn my volume all the way up and put my head close to the screen lmao

  • baby mouch
    baby mouch

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  • sky escano
    sky escano

    kylie's makeup looks good 😭

  • Katherine Elizabeth
    Katherine Elizabeth

    When Kendall punched the backdrop 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Faith

    I love there sister relationship when Kylie was saying no your beautiful then hugged her it was so cute

  • Eve Connaughton
    Eve Connaughton

    awh omg they’re so cute

  • Eve Connaughton
    Eve Connaughton

    Love how kylie called Kendall gorgeous like 3 times

  • Priscila Duarte
    Priscila Duarte


  • Jimmy Aristide
    Jimmy Aristide

    Me 😧😧😧

  • Davinci Freud
    Davinci Freud

    Babe nice to see you love you :3

  • anna

    the fact that they can still do their makeup while drunk✋😩 the talent❤

    • Berry Janee
      Berry Janee

      Right. I wanna do one for my channel to see if I can master it like them. im so nervous

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • Blanca Ignacia
    Blanca Ignacia


  • louisboo 28
    louisboo 28

    no one: me: thinking that the dog is jenna marbles dog kermit for some reason

  • clo green
    clo green

    there like cute and toxic at the same time. i cant lmao

  • Michelle Barragan Ramos
    Michelle Barragan Ramos

    Plis has un canal donde hablen español

  • anca andronache
    anca andronache

    I haven't learnt much from your videos, Kylie. I don't understand why you have so many fans and followers. It's hard for me to understand the world we are living in. Man, it's a curious world.

  • Kaitlin Pepin
    Kaitlin Pepin

    why the hell am I cryingggggguh

  • Linn Christofi
    Linn Christofi

    how can they be that calm after six shots😭

  • Bangtan With luv
    Bangtan With luv

    I remember in 2009 kylie and Kendall argued because kylie wanted to model AS WELL as Kendall 😭😭😭

  • Traviona Cyprian
    Traviona Cyprian


  • vivien mca
    vivien mca

    why is kendall mee this whole video🤎😂

  • Nicht Du
    Nicht Du

    1:58 Give it up to me😳

  • Now you See me.
    Now you See me.


  • xo_yoongii

    I love how kylie is trying to tell Kendall she gorgeous which she isss

    • Berry Janee
      Berry Janee

      right ENERGY

  • aanya saraswat
    aanya saraswat

    sister goals. period.

  • Coco Dee
    Coco Dee

    KENDALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • imformation master
    imformation master

    I LOVE kendall look and kylie

  • Aalimah Ismail
    Aalimah Ismail


  • Chris Perrigue
    Chris Perrigue

    Kendall the lez

  • love, klau
    love, klau

    they’re so cute 😭💕

  • Lilly Lennon
    Lilly Lennon

    Uh, I’m nine and I know you shouldn’t be posting this on SLtoos

    • Me Oop
      Me Oop

      You can, it’s just a bit of fun there of age to drink 😊

  • Le Vi
    Le Vi

    I hope you always upload videos ❤️

  • Akhrie Zhimo
    Akhrie Zhimo


  • Urlocal Baddie
    Urlocal Baddie

    12:47 a little asmr moment 🔥


    Kendall is so funny

  • Kasaiah Broadhurst
    Kasaiah Broadhurst


  • Rwïshïtå ÑåTh
    Rwïshïtå ÑåTh

    Kendell is soo- Finish it

  • Ruth Blakelock
    Ruth Blakelock

    you guys took like 4 min to start doing mskeup jjjjjj it looks like you guys dont dri k that much

  • Lizzyfiks

    check out my new vlog!! sltoos.info/for/qmZqzqeZenmq0Zg/video :) would mean a lot!

  • Bella Savoy
    Bella Savoy

    holy shit this was so funny

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