Mowing Triticale with Versatile Nemesis 210
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  • Russell Petrie
    Russell Petrie

    do you think its time for an upgrade and would it be cost effective asset to the farm?

  • Russell Petrie
    Russell Petrie

    i have to admit its nice seeing somthing different in new colours

  • Dan Finley
    Dan Finley

    Now that’s some sweet drone footage

  • Tim McDaniel
    Tim McDaniel

    The rapid bakery uncommonly pop because firewall uncommonly balance as a striped drain. doubtful, spectacular brochure

  • Stimulation Simulated
    Stimulation Simulated

    lovely crop .. looks superb nice

  • Paul Phelan
    Paul Phelan

    Is there cab or front axel suspension on that tractor as you seem to being bouncing around quite a bit

  • Moose's Models
    Moose's Models

    I need to get into farming. Would love to be a farm hand, just so peaceful, you, tractor, and acres of land!

  • Samuel Sereinig
    Samuel Sereinig

    Your mower is verry interesting I am from Europe /Austria and i haven't ever seen a mower like that

  • Dave Dawes
    Dave Dawes

    Not a make of Tractors we have in the UK, mind you some parts look similar to a modern Case Tractor. Good job on the vid

  • Bigfoot Dude
    Bigfoot Dude

    Great video and I was very excited to see the new Versatile 210. Mike Less has done a great set of videos on that tractor and it looks like a great machine. It's too bad you couldn't keep it around. That triticale looked fantastic

  • Kelly GM!
    Kelly GM!

    Hi , why you don't use a Front mower?

  • Caleb Hofer
    Caleb Hofer

    U know that u don't have to drive over ur crop. U can program ur tractor when u push that button it will do wat it has to to get the disc mower on the other side.

  • dfcart01

    It's always great to see such a hard working young man...

  • Andy Hutch
    Andy Hutch

    Why are you driving in the crop?

  • Alabama Coastie
    Alabama Coastie

    You're a blessed man.

  • Wayne Joey
    Wayne Joey

    Your videos are always top notch 👍

  • errk25

    LOVE the drone shots and music!

  • Theo Storz
    Theo Storz


  • Blake Archer
    Blake Archer

    Dude you need to go to weavers. That Versatile looks like hammered ass.

  • randy kline
    randy kline

    Can’t believe you guys are already cutting triticale

  • Murray Halbert
    Murray Halbert

    From an old, old farm or ag mechanic, I delivered the dealerships first NH discbine to a customer. Got it set up and I rode in the cab which was his request. He asked a couple of questions which were simple to answer, then he asked "How fast can you go?". My answer that depends on your horse power, DUH,my F'N answer should have been " How smooth is your field!!" There were no buddy seat back then. I loved the Versatile back then and I see it now, what is next the Heston 1010 hydroswing, that was a good unit.

  • Tyler Sharp
    Tyler Sharp

    I Wood love to see all of your tractors Together

  • MrGjc310148

    hi eric,wife and family cheers from new zealand,as we move into our winter, gnz

  • TymonMasa

    Jak nic czołowa kosiarka by się przydała

  • Adam Piotrowski
    Adam Piotrowski

    Super film 👍

  • Bob's Life
    Bob's Life

    Hard working dude. Love watching your videos. Always learning something new.

  • Tractor Khmer Famer
    Tractor Khmer Famer

    I love watching your videos every day and I hope you find something good to watch again. Thank you!

  • Danish Scotsman
    Danish Scotsman

    nothing yells spring more than a first cut

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams

    10 mph made the whole video seem like you were in a rush!

  • luncher808

    nice work Megan!!

  • Reid Richardson
    Reid Richardson

    I can’t wait to mow! It one of my favorite parts of farming.

  • Mike Wieggers
    Mike Wieggers

    Versatile....good Canadian company!

  • James Leighton
    James Leighton

    Hi mate, loving your videos! What drone do you use in your videos?

  • Al Bethke
    Al Bethke

    Am I the only one who didn't know a front PTO was a thing?

  • Simono Ono
    Simono Ono

    would you say there are a lot of farmers who utilize a front 3pt & PTO on a tractor? seems like next to no tractors in the US actually have a front 3pt while in europe it's pretty much standard..

  • michael

    I really like that Versatile tractor, if you ever need a new tractor I this this one with a front mount mower along with a bat wing mower cutting triple the amount and saving you time and fuel couldn’t be beat and I agree that Color scheme is sharp!

  • razvanon

    7:15 that exhaust protection (cooler) is huge

  • Paddy lyons.
    Paddy lyons.

    You sold the best tractor

  • Ag with Aaron
    Ag with Aaron

    Your trit looks beautiful we are getting ready to chop ours in a week here in Wisconsin

  • Ankit Pandey
    Ankit Pandey

    Hii Can you give him 2 10th generation calf

  • Noah Pierce
    Noah Pierce

    Eric you should do something like what Cole The Cornstar does with the cameras and your dad should start a 9th gen dairyman channel so we can see his pov Edit: what state are you in, I don’t know why but I’ve always thought you were in New York

  • Donnybrook

    could you put a link to your merch in the description on your vids? I'd love to buy one of those tshirts

  • Julius Franke
    Julius Franke

    Are you going to plant corn after the triticale?

  • Jim Melvin
    Jim Melvin

    nice looking tractor. glad to see it work with the older equipment

  • A Polins
    A Polins

    How many cuts do you get out of the Triticale

  • Heartshot Master
    Heartshot Master

    Thanks man we need more people like you I appreciate dairy farmer a lot cause they do a lot of work and a lot of people don’t think about it but I do so thanks for doing what your doing

  • Stephen Hoover
    Stephen Hoover

    I think if you practice mowing off your left side you'll find it's pretty easy. I always circle the field 6 times to open it then work from one side to the other I guess it's just me but I think it's faster if you don't need to split a field while mowing

  • Decorate Your Yard
    Decorate Your Yard

    I like the music(trittical)

  • Tara Webster
    Tara Webster

    I have a question not to be mean be when are you planting corn and soybeans?

  • Aaron Cummings
    Aaron Cummings

    I’ve lived in Lancaster all my life and I’ve known some dairy farmers and I see dairy farms daily but never really knew much about it. It’s cool to learn from you and be able know what’s I’m looking at while I’m driving around. I’m pretty sure I live pretty close to your farm too!

  • Thomas Daily
    Thomas Daily

    It's so cool to hear Dad narrating once in a while. I felt like when you first started your channel he was kind of not really into it.

  • Kyle Gammons
    Kyle Gammons

    Eric that’s some really nice looking hay, really enjoy your videos. Thanks

  • Clinton Emmert
    Clinton Emmert

    Eric I saw in the video shot There looked to be triticale under some trees did you cut it, if not is it bad?

  • huntertrapperdipper

    I love the sound of that Cummins!

  • Craig Evans
    Craig Evans

    Love that Canadian made Versatile. Very rugged and maintenance requirements over the years will be way less than the Green and Red machines.

  • Tommy Clark
    Tommy Clark

    Got a text today from the Post Office in Goodville. Our package for you, needs to be picked up by May 12th or they will send it back to Texas. We know you are busy!

  • carol watkins
    carol watkins

    great drone footage.. beautiful area..

  • classicalmidiorgans

    Any idea how much this tractor costs new. ?

  • Grant Caswell
    Grant Caswell

    Just a note seen you fixing your NH discbine, you might want to read your operator manual. The hub you took off is call a shock hub, then you just put on old style hub and you didn't torque anything.

  • Güvenç Güleçer
    Güvenç Güleçer

    Eric tirticalemi bu başak cikarmadanmi biciyorsun

  • Parker Dobrinski
    Parker Dobrinski

    Eric I have a question what state do you live in

  • Barry Elizando
    Barry Elizando

    I am hooked. My wife's grand parents had a large dairy farm in Falmouth, Michigan. I always wondered what their days consisted of.

  • Frank Estremera
    Frank Estremera

    Eric man I can watch these videos all day. Those were great arial shots and the string music made it that much better. I appreciate the fact that you are putting a long, hard day in AND then you work on your editing, and music track, Outstanding dude!

  • Joshua Dake
    Joshua Dake

    Since you guys use a tether, narrow up the windrow so the tractor is not pushing crop into the ground by driving over it. I found 6 headland rows works great for turning around. Start on one side of Field and go across.

  • Goran Jevtic
    Goran Jevtic


  • Dave Rukkila
    Dave Rukkila

    That looked like a seriously long day of work. Appreciate all the hard work you guys do.

  • Dovis

    please collab with welker farms

  • thom0121 thom0121
    thom0121 thom0121

    Prefect color for disc mower.

  • Howard Benally
    Howard Benally

    Hi Eric and dad she excellent video and music was awesome thank you and always you and your dad and families all be safe 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Auzz FM
    Auzz FM

    Love the drone video, very cool perspective

  • Jason Nehls
    Jason Nehls

    Never seen someone with a center pivot cut hay around and around.

  • lancyboi

    can you turn off crop destruction... only farm simulator players will know what im on abt ;-}

  • Nils Olav Høegh-Krohn
    Nils Olav Høegh-Krohn

    Interesting to see you guys using a single pull-type mower when there are farmers not even half your size using 9 meter butterflies here in Europe. Goes to show how some just spend to much

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf

    Of all the machines l used in my 40 years of farming our NH 7450 discbine would top the list.

  • Farming Fishing Family Ontario
    Farming Fishing Family Ontario

    At the beginning I was thinking this would be the kind of video Eric might pull out his fiddle for. What do know, he did. Looks like a nice day for cutting.

  • jimmmy corn
    jimmmy corn

    ya gotta have your dad do a solo day lol, lets follow him for the day give him a camera, not that your videos aren't amazing but just a video idea to see how your dad spends his day

  • irene marie Belanger
    irene marie Belanger

    How many acres are you mowing? Looks like you are traveling forever!

  • Marian Birks
    Marian Birks

    Great crop, I bet it smells lovely.

  • jon lowe
    jon lowe

    Any machine will pretty much do the job its designed for I guess. Longevity is the key thing. Keep the maintenance costs low. Great video as always mate

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White

    I’ve the vids and the time lapse with music is great keep it up 👍

  • 25Bradey Bishop
    25Bradey Bishop

    I love the colors on that tractor.

  • steve b
    steve b

    Nice video 😄👍🏻🚜

  • Larry325

    Awesome video Erik!! Great crew. You have trained them well. Do they get your beverage and snacks also 🤣😁 👍👍

  • Viney Agri
    Viney Agri

    Have you ever thought about selling the magnum and the manure tanker?

    • 10th Generation Dairyman
      10th Generation Dairyman

      Yes we are considering it

  • Bunk Hindman
    Bunk Hindman

    Should you not be running the tractor on the cut side.

  • Dominic Farzetta
    Dominic Farzetta

    Great video That tractor is definitely unique compared to most tractors in the US :)

  • Greenender 4647
    Greenender 4647

    Eric's dad's commentary just adds so much to these videos

  • Rich Maniscalco
    Rich Maniscalco

    Is your corn all planted?

  • Hesder Dijkstra
    Hesder Dijkstra

    Nice video, the drone shots are beautiful

  • W L
    W L

    Great music choice Eric, and thanks for all your caring hard work. ✨😊✨

  • Les Rose
    Les Rose

    Did you like the Tractor on demo and would you go for a front mower and how much time do you think you would save , Les uk

  • Oddbjørn Gebhardt
    Oddbjørn Gebhardt

    Love to see your season is starting again. Stay safe.

  • Brandon Nemec
    Brandon Nemec

    Anyone know the name of the song that’s playing at the end?

  • Todd Strelow
    Todd Strelow

    love the mowing vids! was waiting for the drone shots, but they were there at the end. New tractor looks fantastic! shame they didnt let you do a whole run of mowing and raking etc with it. /

  • Syeda Zahra Rizvi
    Syeda Zahra Rizvi


  • suryakant ghorpade
    suryakant ghorpade

    New tractor is nice work

  • Dairy and Agri vlogs
    Dairy and Agri vlogs

    Interested video keep it up. I am from Pakistan

  • Redeemed Farmer
    Redeemed Farmer

    Good looking tractor should buy one......

  • Mary Hayes
    Mary Hayes

    Eric. Hi from Ireland. Lovely tractor. Will you purchase? I love the drone footage and the music is great.

  • starnet36

    Please remember to turn on the CC [subtitles] for those of us hearing impaired.

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