Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones
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  • Karen C
    Karen C

    I need to know what happened to the last video bro

  • taryn touchstone
    taryn touchstone

    The difference in the comments here and on the original video is so drastic. Everyone on the original video hates her while everyone here hates him

  • Tyler Lamos
    Tyler Lamos

    Idea next video you roast one of Noel videos like girl defined, CRING!

  • Nori Narwhal
    Nori Narwhal

    “You gotta whole baby!” Ah yes as opposed to the partial baby

  • tylerthecreatorisgoat

    this is the most cringe ive ever felt

  • Caleb Swanson
    Caleb Swanson

    Wow. That interaction between those two was horrific.

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole

    you got a whole baby? you got a whole ass baby? no she has part of a baby like most people

  • Alice Dare
    Alice Dare


  • JHG 315
    JHG 315

    Anyone else feel like she was the bitch

  • Pip Chillin
    Pip Chillin

    cody ko has absolutely no clue what down bad means

  • Madison Goodman
    Madison Goodman

    Poor Jon:/

  • Dragobantai

    Cody using down bad wrong makes me so sad

  • Zoe Kane
    Zoe Kane

    I absolutely died when she said she was a trainer and started pissing on his workout video. Go her!

  • Regan Turner
    Regan Turner

    All the comments on the original video now are siding with the guy and totally shitting on the girl

  • no one
    no one

    watch the original video these comments are fucking stupid

  • Saif

    The guy is crying on the inside! Stop people lol.

  • garfield

    cody as someone whos 5'1 i agree w/ you. 5'9 is NOT short

  • biLAWL

    Hey he went harder than she should’ve but tit for it. She thought she was actually being nice to him lmaoo. No hate to either

  • 時txkisvki

    wait wtf did she just say she was nice to him? don't get me wrong the guy was also being a total douche but don't put yourself on a pedestal and pretend you were being nice.

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo Lloyd

    he fucked that up so bad.

  • Pablo Lloyd
    Pablo Lloyd

    haha i love that dude. he may be down but he doesnt give up

  • Claire Owens
    Claire Owens


  • Nicole Kaye
    Nicole Kaye

    Cabbage patch dolls?!?! Lol yeah he's screen shooting to do some nasty things later hahaha he's soooo sweaty 😅

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy

    The insecurity was OOZING out of him once he got a hold of her phone lmao calm down jamal

  • reeses pieces
    reeses pieces

    Holy crap i totally forgot about reading the book holes then the movie came out ahah sick reference

  • Nicholas Nelson
    Nicholas Nelson

    This was a that’s cringe

  • Paige Lindstrom
    Paige Lindstrom

    please do “The Circle” on Netflix soon!!!!

  • Spirit Fish
    Spirit Fish

    “You have a whole kid!?” No I only have half a kid the other part fell off along the way😐 like what does he expect

  • Crazymine Mario 64 Speedruner
    Crazymine Mario 64 Speedruner

    I had to read the book and watch the movie holes for school. The movie sucked.

  • Ella S
    Ella S

    I thought Cody was 5’8?

  • Jupjeet Sandhu
    Jupjeet Sandhu

    I love how all of these comments are just roasting the dude when the chick was being a dick herself. Goes to show what Cody's audience looks like

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    No man of self-respect and high value raises and pays for another man's seed. If she wants a LTR, she should look at men with children and the church's chicken man or similar. Despite their comical delusions, baby mommas don't get or deserve the top 20% of men.

  • Mah M
    Mah M

    He really is the type to say "you're not even cute" after getting rejected. Dude really came for that guy who liked her hinge profile 😂😂

  • Xanthe

    “She thinks she’s cute” she is cute.

  • Lani Kiss
    Lani Kiss

    “This is the man of a face”.... Cody..... 🤦🏽‍♀️ Cody, I love you. Please never change! 😂

  • Kassi Payette
    Kassi Payette

    Videos like this make me so anxious but I watch it for the laughs cody gives me

  • StarchySweater5

    this man has been deeper than bedrock

  • Whoa Titties
    Whoa Titties

    I used to have a hentai account on twitter and when I said I had like 100 saved images of hentai some other dude would say that they have close to 10k. I quit with the hentai account and now only have one picture on my phone and that's my work schedule

  • ChunkyLover69

    not me going through my photos and deleting after watching this

  • Maher Debbichi
    Maher Debbichi

    Wished if Cody noticed that he said “a whole baby?”

  • kalvin jae vaughan
    kalvin jae vaughan

    The way this guy talks reminds me of rice gum

  • zandbak poetin
    zandbak poetin

    "thist is the man of a face"

  • Paige Mack
    Paige Mack

    He should be even more impressed that she looks so good for having an infant

  • Paige Mack
    Paige Mack

    Bro when he said the phones gonna die and swore. Like ur the jackass for saying don’t drop it. Omg audacity

  • usman thecoolestboyalive
    usman thecoolestboyalive

    7:13 we just gonna ignore how cody says "this is the man of a face"

  • Cakemonster17


  • Stewie Lebowski
    Stewie Lebowski

    Can u talk a little about the girl too? Or it considered sexist? Like she was judging him because he has screenshots at the same time she has nothing in her phone it’s all her pictures. Is that normal? Just stop.

    • Bianca

      Having screenshots of random women for a long period of time is creepy.

  • Mishka 07
    Mishka 07

    That guy is getting roasted in this comment section, sheeeeeeeeeesh

  • Isabella Zavakos
    Isabella Zavakos

    there are some men who are equally as down bad in these comments 💀💀💀

  • Aether Narwhal
    Aether Narwhal

    7:14 "this is the man of a face"

  • Jormungandr • world serpent
    Jormungandr • world serpent

    7:15 “this is the man of a face”.... wise words

  • Sydni Schwartz
    Sydni Schwartz

    “This is the man of a face” lmao u ok Cody?

  • Berkeley Garvelink
    Berkeley Garvelink

    “You got a whole baby 😮”

  • gracie

    once i seen his camera roll i would’ve left

  • Angel

    the Japanese school girl outfit one was definitely creepy.

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    she’s confident in herself as well.

  • butt crack
    butt crack


  • Uswerbt

    It's weird but am i the only one getting Joey (from Friends) vibes from this dude ?

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat

    Queen shit

  • O K
    O K

    I wish we could put all the comments about this guy into one long paragraph because they all perfectly describe how he is

  • O K
    O K

    I hate this guy sm 😭

  • Yolo Amiright
    Yolo Amiright

    That man is hella creepy 👀🤭

  • Nosmo90

    Their date was such a car crash that at the end when the producer asked if they'd go on a second date I legit thought "*Second* date?! Oh yeah, this was supposed to be a date..."! xD

  • Alex Jang
    Alex Jang

    The world: *in shambles* Cody: show some humility

  • Michael Engelmann
    Michael Engelmann

    Chloe looks like a blonde Alexandra Daddario 🤷🏽‍♂️😍

  • cyphertaehyungie

    "i'm a child myself" yeah, it shows

  • Nosmo90

    If they're allowed to go through each other's phones, is it still reasonable to refer to the dates as 'blind'?

  • Natalia

    7:15 “this is the man of a face who is down so bad”

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    if you have to add a fraction of an inch to your height, you're short.

  • Draw Anything
    Draw Anything

    With every word this guy spoke you could hear his insecurities creep into the tone of his voice. He was acting all manly on the outside, but in reality he was truly dying on the inside.

  • Kyan Mathieu
    Kyan Mathieu

    This is one of the best Cody ko videos I’ve seen tbh

  • RatG0blin _
    RatG0blin _

    “yOu LoOk GoOd WiThOuT cLoThEs On!!¡!” bruh stfu

  • Faye Waya
    Faye Waya

    Aba & Preach failed this cut video and Cody Ko nailed it. This guy DOES SUCK. 🤣

  • Gana Ahmed
    Gana Ahmed

    7:49 , Eren Yeager who ? ( SPOILER : RIP my homie yeager )

  • Ryan Cornwell
    Ryan Cornwell

    I think the first guy could do better

  • Ryocrybaby

    I’m starting to wonder if Cody actually knows what “down bad” means.

  • Lewis Clamp
    Lewis Clamp

    He reminded me of Ray from Everybody Loves Raymond

  • Alphabety Spaghetti
    Alphabety Spaghetti

    This hurts to watch

  • Janay Jerez
    Janay Jerez

    My guy felt so emasculated by her he made an entire fool of himself the entire second half of the vid. Wish it ended with her out lifting him or something lmfao

  • The Gold Wolf
    The Gold Wolf

    Holes? DaMovie?



  • JD

    Legend has it this guy is still down

  • ananya

    this dude looks like a young Scott Peterson

  • Aydum Assey
    Aydum Assey

    Everyone said fuck David ima watch kody

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    This video was so uncomfortable but that girl continued to say she was nice to him but she started the insults. She was extremely rude lmao

  • abhay singh
    abhay singh

    cody simp ko

  • negative creep
    negative creep

    OF COURSE this guy still lives w his parents

  • Neeraja Sripada
    Neeraja Sripada

    this is my favorite video ever

  • rita

    If misogynistic was a person it would be this fucking guy LMAOOOo

  • Geeky Bros
    Geeky Bros

    I’m gonna use this legendary pickup line: “Would I interest you in some fornication?”

  • Quiet Kid
    Quiet Kid

    I use ExpressVPN but lately it just like resets every hour which fucks up my connection. Cause you can’t use a VPN on data

  • himynamescaden

    The dude sucked so bad lmfao

  • Nicole Gapayao
    Nicole Gapayao

    may i interest you in a half assed tongue game and a side of red flags 🙏🏽

  • Nafi Diedhiou
    Nafi Diedhiou

    "this is the man of a face" -Cody Ko March 2021

  • hi


  • Vil Newbold
    Vil Newbold

    but she was rude as fuck the hell id be pissed too

  • shaquille_ Oatmeal
    shaquille_ Oatmeal

    YOU HAVE A WHOLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire Browning
    Claire Browning

    “This is the man of a face who is...” -Cody Ko 😂🤣😅

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L

    Bro send her my way like

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L

    Worst guy on the planet

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