I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)
Jaiden Animations
pure talent

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

  • ItzRon2k

    I can speedrun Pokémon brick bronze from roblox

  • Jaida L
    Jaida L

    Brooooo i havent played this game since i was like 9 years old i was oN THE FLOOOOOOOR WHEN YOU MENTIONED HER ENGLISH THAT DETAIL COMPLETELY LEFT MY MEMORY HFHSFKKFDSK

  • Juju Avila
    Juju Avila

    I saw mrbeast video I wished you won

  • Deswon_360

    YOU PLAYED AMONG US??? I need to see this animated...

  • Rosyidah Kholilah
    Rosyidah Kholilah

    Jaiden VS time Me:turn on jojo bizarre music track Jaiden:•_•?

  • i like to get R whooshed
    i like to get R whooshed

    Imagin doing speed run xd

  • AnormalFox

    jaiden's videos never bore me,even tho ive watched it a million times.

  • Anonymous Xx
    Anonymous Xx

    11:24 Sans is everywhere now *He's watching us right now*

  • RAD CousinsYT
    RAD CousinsYT

    u not gonna upload the among us gameplay with jack and albert etc.

  • Neko

    Charcoal% for the apple pie

  • Madhumala Debbarma
    Madhumala Debbarma

    Jaiden please make Pokemon heart gold nuzloke

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    That phrase: "Crack the egg!" Reminds me of: "Touch the Bidoof."

  • Eram Ahmed
    Eram Ahmed

    Jaiden takes 6 hours to complete 80 dishes perfectly. My grandmother who just completed 99999+ perfectly exotic dishes with the most exotic ingredients just after me calling her 5 mins away from her house. Grandmother: You did good Jaiden dear

  • Maple Flame
    Maple Flame

    I just realized this is JaidenAnimations 100th video sooooooooooo happy one hundredth video jaiden

  • Alex west
    Alex west

    Glad to see the animation community is getting loads of views

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      I saw Sans on her SLtoos home feed-

  • DragonSonicF1

    I,JAIDEN ANIMATIONS AM A SUPER..........-speedrunner-

  • Timothy Banks
    Timothy Banks

    I summon smallant to speed run this lol or point crow

  • Cha cha real smooth
    Cha cha real smooth

    Dancin elmo

  • Titanium Tronic
    Titanium Tronic

    OMG jaiden did a collab with albert flamingo I just wanted to say thank you cuz its my dream I hope you do more collab with flamingo even though your content is nowhere related to his

  • A LOWE
    A LOWE

    send bits not nudes

  • HorrorFREAKS

    It's weird that at my age of 8 years the mango pudding was the eziest one for me or I just have luck

  • Denise Lopes
    Denise Lopes

    I'm like oooooooOOOOOOOoooooo

  • Denise Lopes
    Denise Lopes

    I watched flamingos new vid the among us vid and saw you in it

  • Denise Lopes
    Denise Lopes


  • Wilson Murphy
    Wilson Murphy

    thx so much, waching your vids has helped so much cause my mom has canser my hole family has covid and your vids are helping so much, thx.

    • Oliverski

      lmao stfu

  • AstroYash Senpai
    AstroYash Senpai

    Is that a jojo reference?!?!


    Do you mind if i name my new cockateil ari jr

  • Kira Johnson
    Kira Johnson

    9:21 she drank spicy water and all I could think of was that tiktok that gose “ WhY iS It SpIcY” and that just sent me in to orbit i was on my floor dying of laughter

  • HorrorFREAKS

    Hey jaiden why you don't you try doing it againg your record has been beaten

  • Elle

    *I saw Sans on her SLtoos home feed-*

  • Budz Antonio
    Budz Antonio

    I know your secret jaiden you play among us with flamingo you lied to us!

  • vixxiv

    Cooking mama is married to her work. She ain't single ;D

  • The Official Obama YouTube Channel
    The Official Obama YouTube Channel

    How did your you tuber amoung us go

  • Łeak__ SM
    Łeak__ SM

    Oh Jaden I like your videos because you play with flamingo and among us isn't that right in flamingo channel

  • Beckett Green
    Beckett Green

    I think you did great playing among us :))))

  • JC WW
    JC WW

    Jaiden is that you playing among us with Albert and other SLtoosrs

  • Jeffrey Blount
    Jeffrey Blount

    Jaiden's oc looks so cute in this video!!!

  • asui

    the clickbait 💀

    • lpsfairylightz

      I mean - she did exactly what was in the title.

  • Batam Oppo
    Batam Oppo

    Fun fact: jaiden is a millionaire and has a net worth of 3.5 milion

  • GlitchyKings

    oh yes, I play cooking mama

  • Aidan Navarrete
    Aidan Navarrete


    • bumboobaby is_mine
      bumboobaby is_mine

      yes very good

  • Abel Refasa
    Abel Refasa

    Man her voice changed

  • 是•Luck


  • Mat 14
    Mat 14

    Good job on the speed run I saw you at creater game mr beast when you came up I was happy and got excited I wish we you won but good job

  • bently matich
    bently matich

    good job jaiden

  • Dynamite Kitty 2
    Dynamite Kitty 2

    2 months later: Little boy beats adult at Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends speedrun

  • Simon M
    Simon M

    Who else remembers this game I had so much trouble with the corn soup I don’t know why though

  • Mr Chonks
    Mr Chonks

    I swear you community of simps is bigger than pokimanes simps

    • lpsfairylightz


  • Hitheycall Me2
    Hitheycall Me2

    why does every video that jaiden makes i get determination

  • Felix Denant
    Felix Denant

    4:50 that kurokiba ryo imitation lmao

  • Goalimax101


  • bateprime

    Are we going to ignore the fact that mama is with the yakuza

  • chaos_surge2600

    Jaiden you got your wish everyone is now trying to burn a pie as fast as they can

  • Universe Elo
    Universe Elo

    lets go smallant fan

  • Diogocraft 31
    Diogocraft 31

    And after all this suffering and therapy you become the faster/best chef in the world. Getting as a prove, the number 1 world record

  • Slurp Studios
    Slurp Studios

    I don’t speed run but I use dream’s nether portal technique

  • Rodgamesky

    Jaden I would love for you to stream with Carson on SLtoos and have your fans confused and saying... wait this is an animation channel!!!

  • That guy Videos
    That guy Videos

    Sorry that you didn’t win the beast 300,000$ I was rooting for you

  • auorxy

    no one talking about how she has 99 vids wander what her 100th vid will be

  • homie dino
    homie dino

    Jaiden is still probably scarred cause of the weird events in here life. And in regards to her hive breakout. I kissed the booboo she should be fine now. Also, I know utterly FEAR mango pudding

  • just a random fnaf fan
    just a random fnaf fan

    Flaming among us albert E

  • Rylan Caleb Grade 6
    Rylan Caleb Grade 6

    Try playing Minecraft and tell us what you think about it in an animation. (Maybe even do a speedrun on it)

  • Adrian Bolanos
    Adrian Bolanos

    Your video has caused a lot of people to start speed running this game

  • Tenchi Kelly
    Tenchi Kelly

    49,001 Comment Speedrun link?

  • StoneTheMason Music
    StoneTheMason Music

    Saying your brain is smooth is actually big brain time because the brain looks the way it does to get the most surface area as possible.

  • Shironn Kaito
    Shironn Kaito

    Did you submit it now? How did it go?

  • Kids One
    Kids One

    Make an amount us animation of the time you played with Albert / flamingo pls he is my fav youtube and he deserves a chance to get known by more people

  • CharAlore

    hey look buddy, im an engineer

  • blupengu

    heck, if i had to make a bento box for kiryu, majima, AND mama, i would panic too

  • JAWinner

    Don’t know if she knows it or anyone else but, newest record is 4:29:37. Shit this escalated quickly and Jaiden is awesome to be a founder!

  • Emily Benavidez
    Emily Benavidez

    I tried to do the last of us speed run... you can guess what happened.

  • Damien flores
    Damien flores

    hay Jaiden do you got a tatto??

  • Barry Thorlakson
    Barry Thorlakson

    Food wars scarred me... but then I kept watching it because, man, it's actually a decently made anime

  • Proto

    Cooking mama taught me the only necessary life skill: how to make ramen

  • ilikemetroidvanias

    0:33 *h m* *bread is soup*

  • Jordan Sweder
    Jordan Sweder

    I really love your videos can you make more

  • Emma G
    Emma G

    I’ve seen this 3 times already and it’s still entertaining see kids you should watch jaiden! WoOoOow!!!

  • Ayen Thranduilion
    Ayen Thranduilion

    Jaiden: "I've seen Food Wars" Me: *Holy music stops* Same though

  • Yaretzi’s Love Lopez
    Yaretzi’s Love Lopez

    When your ten and saw food wars 😒

  • Dragonpuppylover 3009
    Dragonpuppylover 3009

    when you know that that person she drew doing a super Mario odyssey speedrun is smallant ;)

  • Refreet

    Majima really is everywhere. Now I like you even more.

  • MegaFortnitePlays

    I speed run the Classic Sonic Heroes hack from time to time, and it’s fucking brutal when you accidentally trigger the reset code on the Genesis. (Pause/Start+A.)

  • Noah Page
    Noah Page

    10:40 majima, kiryu, and mama. the most dangerous of yakuza

  • Jose Manuel Meza Luna
    Jose Manuel Meza Luna

    Omg what the heck 6 hours and ima feed my birds and also head to bed

  • SuperFiery

    I swear to god If you break her world record- *i will find you* just let her have it please she tried so hard 😭

  • Wlvs Fxs
    Wlvs Fxs

    I nearly screamed. My mom and I LOVE this game. Awesome work, Jaiden!

  • TheOrange Weaboo
    TheOrange Weaboo

    ima see if i can speed run a uuuuuuuuuh how do i say this a non youtube friendly game

    • TheOrange Weaboo
      TheOrange Weaboo

      @Revenant Main tf im not that messed up

    • Revenant Main
      Revenant Main

      Mmmm yes MakeRyukoCum%

  • Still Wake
    Still Wake

    1:37 lmao I didn't recognise that she was meat meat. I think you forget to add some meat on her jaiden XD

  • Pitch ¿
    Pitch ¿

    The way jaden drew this makes it look like her and mama are a cottage core lesbian couple and mama is trying to teach her gf how to cook and it's not going very well and I love that

  • Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz

    YAY!ーーーーー ☆ * . ☆ . ∧_∧ ∩ * ☆ * ☆ ( ・∀・)/ . . ⊂ ノ* ☆ ☆ * (つ ノ .☆ (ノ

  • Jess

    Whenever I think of the word “speedrun”, all I can hear is Corpse Husband in my head 😂

  • Senor Sweetheat
    Senor Sweetheat

    This is more impressive than anything I’ve ever done

  • Zat


  • dlma03


  • Andrea Ramirez
    Andrea Ramirez

    I have the game, might attempt to beat the champion JaidenAnimations

  • TealMacaroon

    Damn this child got COMMITMENT

  • CedricLIVE


  • ice the irken
    ice the irken

    5:32 For like a full 30 seconds I thought those were the Krusty Krab doors in the beginning of the Spongebob anime and was very confused for a moment.

  • Hip 2
    Hip 2

    well i saw you play among us with a few people

  • Dacreepa99 Gaming
    Dacreepa99 Gaming

    Wait other people have seen shokugeki?

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