Caruso Misses Game Tying Shot vs Heat! 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • yeller vermin
    yeller vermin

    1:03 had an editing glitch it shows 4th quarter and then the next clip says 3rd

  • 1TAP _IOS
    1TAP _IOS

    Kyle Kuzma is that 1 kid that every school have where he make a basket and he think he lebron

  • Christopher Stevens
    Christopher Stevens

    What happened to CaruGOAT ?!?!?

  • Captain Eri
    Captain Eri

    What made the finals a garbage milk👆

  • veronicaisl

    Lebron pass the ball again 🤷🏻‍♂️ shoot it bron shoot it FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • roto moto
    roto moto

    Winners want the ball with the game on the line

  • emprrah

    The scapegoat... at it again

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    💀Bruh somebody said: “John Paxton would never 💯”

  • Stan's MGE
    Stan's MGE

    Lebron for the layup.....BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neeraj Sabu
    Neeraj Sabu

    LeBron takes time at bench opposition scores

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Rdcworld making a video now

  • The Basketball G.O.A.T
    The Basketball G.O.A.T

    Yet again, LeBron gives up the shot to a role player

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account

    Caruso is trash

  • Rudelyn Baguio
    Rudelyn Baguio

    lucky for the miami.the lakers isnot complete.

    • Kendall Fire
      Kendall Fire

      Neither are the Heat

  • Random Strangers
    Random Strangers

    BAM: Chase down LeBron Lebron: So that's how it feels...

    • JM Doza
      JM Doza

      Wade always made LeBron how it feels. Before Bam.

  • einstein abwao
    einstein abwao

    That was a bad choice for bron. And nobody mad at Caruso he thought bron was taking the shot for a second there. He will be ready

  • Lemickey James
    Lemickey James

    I wont forget that adebayo

  • Lemickey James
    Lemickey James

    I will trade caruso and kuzma

  • BJ Games
    BJ Games

    0:57 Bam Adebayo got Iggy’s revenge for 2016

  • delstephen123

    At least it's not the final s and it's just one game he still he more chances it fine Caruso!

  • Donald Melton
    Donald Melton

    Me personally Lebron James was supposed to take the last shot

  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball


  • MK G
    MK G

    Bye bye MVP

  • Vivian J
    Vivian J

    If Danny Green shot that you guys would’ve pulled up to his house with a shot gun don’t even lie

  • Zorobabel Maderazo
    Zorobabel Maderazo

    James did that to someone before.. Giving the ball for the winning or for a tie shot..not be blame I can tell you caruso you are out next season... Wahahahaha...

  • Aye Thts_mar
    Aye Thts_mar

    Pack yo bags Caruso, your contract ova😹

  • Jimmy Doan
    Jimmy Doan

    2:02 hello darkness my old friend.....

  • Josh Carpenter
    Josh Carpenter

    He’s the goat but he’s not perfect alright

  • landstalker 1107
    landstalker 1107

    Hey not even the GOAT of GOATs will come through every single time no matter what it’s ok Caruso we forgive ya mate

  • Michael Diederich
    Michael Diederich

    I'm no LeBron hater not even close but Michael doesn't pass that shot

  • Alex Caruso
    Alex Caruso


  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez

    Carushit 💩😂

  • Kobe Vasquez
    Kobe Vasquez

    I can't wait to watch Skip and Shannon tomorrow

  • Mick Snetter
    Mick Snetter

    KOBE “make or miss, I’m taking the last shot” JORDAN “make or miss, I’m taking the last shot”

    • LeGay Lames
      LeGay Lames

      @Nathan HES A BUM

    • Nathan

      Lebron is not them he’s diffrent

  • J El Native
    J El Native


  • Pluto

    70% of lakers fans are bandwagons

  • mOgan Freeman
    mOgan Freeman

    Still the GOAT.

  • Homeless to Greatness
    Homeless to Greatness

    If that was JR, he gonna run the clock out.

  • Pootasaur

    Why is Lebron not taking the big shot?

  • Muhammad Siddiqui
    Muhammad Siddiqui

    Caruso is still the GOAT regardless

  • Grant Edson
    Grant Edson

    Wesley snipes fill-in Greens roll perfectly 😂

  • Terka Terka
    Terka Terka

    Bam been able to shoot

  • Om Desai
    Om Desai

    They did dirty on Caruso's face close up at the end of the game lmao

  • Whizzywiz

    LeBron " Imma put the blame on you " James

  • Kai Top
    Kai Top

    I'm just going to ignore that

  • AsianVideoGamer

    There's a reason Lakers was looking at Norman powell

  • TyJamar

    Caruso pulled a Danny green.

  • Nate Roberge
    Nate Roberge

    Caruso would look handsome if he went bald idk why he still rock that squirrel nest on his head

  • lakersfan2425

    No reason lebron should have passed that to Caruso. Caruso struggles making three’s more open than that one

    • lakersfan2425

      @thats alot of damage I would rather have LeBron shoot a three he was doubled on then Alex Caruso taking that shot

    • thats alot of damage
      thats alot of damage

      He was doubled and Caruso was a whole 2 secs late on the pass when lebron was actually open

  • Bknife

    Caruso our god and saviour

  • Jordan Bun
    Jordan Bun

    Lebron: Are you on the Lakers? Caruso: Yes Lebron: Check again


    Heat fans remember Lakers in 6 yall trash

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller

    Man. Smoove really said LeBron "dropped" 19. Smh. Embiid been dropping 30 a game.

    • Lemickey James
      Lemickey James

      @Shaquilly o'nilly Thank you

    • Shaquilly o'nilly
      Shaquilly o'nilly

      Lebron James > Joel embiid

  • Tavon Watson
    Tavon Watson

    Lebron is bad for basketball always letting the no names take the last shot🤦🏾

  • SacTownVet

    That close up at the end is gonna be a FAIL gif. 😂😂😂

  • lou J
    lou J

    The Bubble Frauds back at it!!

  • TjR

    Lebron gotta take that shot doubled or not there's no way Caruso should have his hands on the ball late game



  • Akhil Bettadapura
    Akhil Bettadapura

    Who else noticed that it went from the 4th quarter to the 3rd quarter.

  • Edwige Pierre
    Edwige Pierre

    When you watched the game but you still watch the Chris smoove vid

  • Jayden Scott
    Jayden Scott

    It’s gotta be the head band

  • jade agni
    jade agni

    It's ok curuso , you're not the one to take that last shot though , it's not your fault it's him .

  • jason mbonu
    jason mbonu

    If you look closely the shot would have only tied the game. Caruso had his feet on the line. But goats make mistakes sometimes

  • Cristian


  • sikelela Mbatha
    sikelela Mbatha

    lakers can't shoot to save their lives😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeff Xors
    Jeff Xors

    Summon the trade Raptor!

  • Patrick Williams Burner account
    Patrick Williams Burner account

    Relax guys, Caruso is getting very old, the average lifespan of a goat is 15 years

  • Sir Beagle
    Sir Beagle

    Caruso is very important to the Lakers.

  • Matt Champion
    Matt Champion


  • Abdul Lucas
    Abdul Lucas

    You all need to leave Caruso be. Matthews had a much better opportunity moments prior. If Caruso starts over Matthews the Lakers dominate the game. #FREEKOSTAS!!! #FREECACOK!!! #BENCHGASOL!!! All problems solved.

  • Joshua Born Again
    Joshua Born Again

    Caruso alert! How many game winners have Caruso have in his NBA portfolio? 🤔

  • Perfect Jelly1
    Perfect Jelly1

    Lebron is the absolute god of choking. Pathetic .

    • Perfect Jelly1
      Perfect Jelly1

      @Shaquilly o'nilly Kyrie and Davis were robbed and you know it

    • Shaquilly o'nilly
      Shaquilly o'nilly

      LeGoat has 4 finals mvps

  • Llama

    Well... Caruso's being traded

  • Dwyane Wade
    Dwyane Wade


  • Clínica Lipoout
    Clínica Lipoout

    LeGM is coming...

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G

    Bam's block was 😷

  • Malachi Nicholson
    Malachi Nicholson

    Reall question is why did Caruso have the ball a and even bigger question why is he still on the team

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    Bruh why did he dribble up the court with 5 seconds? He could’ve passed to lebron but he didn’t even look lebron sway until he crossed half court and they started double teaming

  • Somto Kid
    Somto Kid

    He should have faked and set before he shot it

  • Marselis Davis
    Marselis Davis

    look at LeBron as soon at Caruso misses the bucket

  • eidan pagan
    eidan pagan

    Caruso bout to cry because he knows he’s getting that lebron spanking in the locker room

  • byron andujar
    byron andujar

    The goat really choked

  • Mo Babyy
    Mo Babyy

    Lebron is already lookin at trade offers now

  • Wesley Preskenis
    Wesley Preskenis

    Smoove went from the 4th quarter :59 to the 3rd 1:10😂

  • NOLA Sports Fan
    NOLA Sports Fan

    It’s ok caruso... all the little kids will have your back saying your amazing.

  • Teriq Alleyne
    Teriq Alleyne

    If Caruso passed the ball earlier to Lebron, Bron could’ve blown pass Kelly for an easy dunk cus the paint was open

  • Yzzuli

    Comments is funny, usually when someone misses a game winner we would clown them but not Caruso

  • Vinnii A
    Vinnii A

    lebron is not a leader don’t @ me

  • Really Dillard
    Really Dillard

    When Anthony Davis is out the Lakers might become the Los Angles Losers again

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      @Samuel lebackboard James got you on Suicide watch 😂😂😂

    • Samuel

      @Deezel Kane sure casual

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      @Samuel what is Lebron doing in the west that no other star can’t do ??? Curry can lead a team better than I’m, and it’s not up fo debate. Passes to Caruso, he stays doing that pathetic shyt

    • Samuel

      @Deezel Kane sure lol

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      @Samuel well then Lebron really isn’t anything special if that also applies to him. Thought he was the 🐐 🤣🤣🤣 can’t do shyt without his superstars next to him


    Poor baby carushow dont cry they will not trade you

  • Jxyshon -
    Jxyshon -

    Caruso missed sorry buh the goat doesn’t miss 100% kuzma fault

  • Julio Daniel Insfran
    Julio Daniel Insfran

    I miss that “Oh my God”

  • Julio Daniel Insfran
    Julio Daniel Insfran

    Kuz been playing really well lately

  • Rod Gimpaya
    Rod Gimpaya

    Its time for lebron hater 😂

  • Jason Ortiz
    Jason Ortiz

    lakers need to start caruso

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John

    Lebron passed it to carouso who was 0-4 all night with zero points. Let carouso be the hero 😝

  • Rosty Ramos
    Rosty Ramos

    Iggy needs to be traded.. he almost cost us the game with that pass.. he has also been a defensive liability.. look at how LBJ blew past him @1:27.. he should have anticipated he is going to his strong side.. they are almost the same age btw..

  • Robotic Leonard
    Robotic Leonard

    Guess what, he didn’t show a shot LeChoke took, he hit the side of the backboard, look it up I swear. Pandemic James

  • pendleton123

    Gasol still sucks

  • Solo Mad productions
    Solo Mad productions

    Did anyone esle notice the score 🤣🤣🤣

  • Smoke N Mirrors
    Smoke N Mirrors

    What a great player 😂😂😂😂