Men no more bots :((((((
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  • Monko

    716dislikes is valves workers xddddddddddddddd

  • SandwichLord93

    No they didn’t

  • TheLonelyWolf

    I think they removed bots bcoz to decrease the amount of getting kicked from each match bcoz some players are stupid and if they found u noob , you will be instantly kicked and thats very stupid from them not gonna lie

  • one one
    one one

    but we get extra money right?

  • shallow

    They only care about money from players, that is what those nasty skins and the pass for! You cant play certain modes or face like 5 cheaters in a game without spending like 15 bucks or waste 200 hours playing casual or dm also with like 5 cheaters every game just to play mm with "less" cheaters and russians (Still there are many hackers so basically nothing changed). Numerous bugs exists for years and still not yet fixed, no true updates for like 2 years, vac is basically shit, and much more. They are just slightly better than EA.

  • VarsFaze

    rip csgo

  • MeMM00

    nobody seems to have figured out that lot of lobbies people just kick a 5th player to troll and also get a bot instead of 'bad player'

  • Mercenary Barb
    Mercenary Barb

    They need to remove the trade ban or make it less like 2 days

  • Clover

    Can you still play bots offline?

  • bernardotuga

    cs go is a dead game rip (2012-2021????????) :O

  • Sherrif Wolf
    Sherrif Wolf

    How can I report this update

  • Block Craft
    Block Craft

    Hi can i get some freě cs:go skins i dont have a lot of móney and cs:go is really fun. If yes pres write on this comment.

    • Ahmed Abdul-Qader
      Ahmed Abdul-Qader

      Lol🤣🤣🤣 stop begging for fucking skins they don’t do anything

  • Minty Muffin
    Minty Muffin

    So u tellin me The game I was playing (with bots) a couple hours ago Wasnt csgo? Valve why

  • Mr. Dan4er
    Mr. Dan4er

    there is a perk. if man leaved. u will get an extra 1000$ every round. i'm discovered it by maself.

  • bmstr

    My friends and I would vs eachother in a private match with a couple bots each on our team and play full competitive matches. Was super fun, can’t do that anymore I guess. Anybody know a command to add bots into an offline game? The old “bot_add t/ct” doesn’t work anymore.

  • BOT Larry
    BOT Larry

    So this is what happen to my friends

  • Ridho Hirzan
    Ridho Hirzan

    As a Six Siege Player i can related that 4v5 no bot for 6 years

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy

    I downloaded the game forgetting i have a shit pc....my fps was so low it turned to SPF

  • Mike Borggren Eilsøe Larsen
    Mike Borggren Eilsøe Larsen

    Now when someone either disconnects or is kicked from a comp game, it's basically insta lose now instead of having a disadvantage, so like every second game as usual?

  • Tempered I
    Tempered I

    dis is sad af

  • Rado

    Are they gonna change it back?

  • brany

    valve: too hard cant do, delete the bots take it or leave it

  • Muhammad waleed
    Muhammad waleed

    Bots are useless. But there should be perks given in 3 v 5

  • bald nonce
    bald nonce

    The sarcasm under H1Z1 is perfect, boy I miss 2016 when it was fun to play

  • CyBorgGaming100k

    removing bots was very good tbh

  • Le Interp 5
    Le Interp 5

    Standard mode: Heh.. Im still here

  • simmc

    They wanted to Stop the kicking of Bad Players 2 get Bots to Clutch simple as that

  • Jester Xeno
    Jester Xeno

    I came back to cs go and played a ranked game after 3 years. I got in a game won it and got to silver 2. Next game we were crushing them until 2 of my almost braindead teammates started to kill each other and they both got banned. I said no problem we got 2 bots we can win these last 2 rounds and to my surprise we were left 3v5. I managed to get 2 cluthes and win the game but we still lost 5 rounds due to this. If we had 2 bots we would have just won no problem.

  • jaeyeon

    1 of the dumbest update by valve.

  • XyzScopio

    I think the end of Cs is near

  • xRxv3nge MG
    xRxv3nge MG

    It's just like rainbow six siege

  • Baguette Stealer
    Baguette Stealer

    They ruined the game years ago

  • Adam Mänzel
    Adam Mänzel

    i just lost my rank because of this

  • xplicit

    They removed bots because of trolls. I think it’s great! Also cheaters can’t use bots when they die.

  • Mc Butt
    Mc Butt

    It’s to encourage not kicking players because they’re playing bad. Griefers are obviously annoying but it is what it is. Should be more like valorant where griefers get punished in within 24hrs.

  • _GaNgaS _
    _GaNgaS _

    3 mill hype

  • tim bow
    tim bow

    in source we can command bots with hold this position etc.

  • NecroVoid

    its because developers who have autism would rather do what nobody is ever asking for instead of asking the player base what they actually want

  • zk

    Welp bot 69 left

  • vXArchonXv

    What can you expect from the company that doesn't know how to count to three?

  • DMTandTHC

    I remember seeing this video pop up while I was playing csgo.... controlling a bot on my team... Im still confused 😂 it was fixed before the video was even uploaded

  • Matej Trupina
    Matej Trupina

    0:35 bruh just use cs go warzone

  • Mateja Stoiljkovic
    Mateja Stoiljkovic

    Where is Condom man bichhh?

  • Bartosz Rządzki
    Bartosz Rządzki

    they did it so kicking players will not be as profitable as before. f for bot harvey

  • Devil Den Records
    Devil Den Records

    On positive note Mac version is working again. It also seems the crash bug is fixed from what it seems.

  • Moel Moek
    Moel Moek

    I never understood game dev updating games it's just sounds like they wanne ruin it for fum

  • GD Fish
    GD Fish

    cs:go noobs when they find out that bots have been removed: "NO!!! we need to find another game with a crazy amount of bots!"

  • Nikola Babic
    Nikola Babic

    Hey Anomaly, i have one offer for you.I have huntsmen knife ruby float 0.003 and i want to sell it for real money, if u are interested in that reply to this comment.

  • Old Account
    Old Account

    This is like CS1.6 Pub Servers Without Auto balancing all over again.

  • Oprea Cipri
    Oprea Cipri


  • Patrick McKiernan
    Patrick McKiernan

    I think Valve will add bots back, I suspect their trying to fix them but have to remove them from the game so the new fixes can be refined without anything being exploited

  • enis serifi
    enis serifi

    Can we get a "Negative" in the chat for fallen bots.

    • MJB

      Roger that

  • Johnny Cripplestar
    Johnny Cripplestar

    I wonder how some dude said "lets remove bots" and Gaben was like "SEEMS ABOUT RIGHT"

  • Virck

    CS: GO - Removes bots Everyone: Well that sucks, anyway...

  • Levente Varga
    Levente Varga

    Valve ruined the game when they added the "battle pass" stuff and the battle royale AND they made it free....

  • Dutch Van der linde
    Dutch Van der linde

    Csgo is trash now 2021

  • John Dom
    John Dom

    I just sell all my inventory and get 2k on bitcoin yayet

  • kisk

    This is worse then pedophilia.

  • Dylan Knouse
    Dylan Knouse

    Fuck I played so many 2v5 in csgo on competitive this sucks

  • shunthespy

    I randomly fired up CS to play a few games and this happened, I was so confused. Why is this an update?

  • DaBaby

    yesterday i was playing competetive with some random russians and they all fucking left and i was in 1v5 and i of course fucking lost 4-16

  • Lit Toonzy
    Lit Toonzy

    U had me wheezing when u memed h1z1 good game tho

  • Braheem CSGO
    Braheem CSGO

    Nice video this is crayzzzz 🤔🤔

  • Jonas Jensen
    Jonas Jensen

    Commenting until Anomaly responds and sends me a signed balaclava. Love your videos❤️

  • SaYo

    People cheating using the bot,the overwatch doesn t work on the bot.......

  • LachieT

    maybe they removed bots to reduce a bit of server load or something?

  • ItsReddify

    Without Bots the game is broken

  • cedric wiradipoetra
    cedric wiradipoetra

    man I'm gonna miss Bot Yuri for that 24-0 KD

  • Tony Toronto
    Tony Toronto

    this is so frustrating, im losing games left and right becauseppl disconnect

  • MellonINC

    I hope you are just milking this for views or didn't think much about the reason behind Mr. Volvo's decision.

  • KhangTraan

    BOT Minh : why Valve , i'm create counter strike >:(

  • Rasmus Jansson
    Rasmus Jansson

    Anomaly i have a skin i thing you wanna by

  • Iva Jankovic
    Iva Jankovic

    Are you fucking serious valve -.- ? I have no words, I really hope this game will not die. People will think twice before starting a competitive one. Before the update you had to wait hours to find a match (sarcastically speaking), but now? This is sad. :(

  • Vojtěch Růžička
    Vojtěch Růžička

    Ooooh "ruined"

  • Tak3N

    I think what Valve is trying to do here is trying to be more like an ESEA experience. Cause in ESEA (at least from what I remember idk if they changed it recently) you didnt have bots when a teammate disconnected. Granted ESEA has a better tick rate and etc. But I think thats whats Valve is trying to do. Either that or they needed to take away the bots to improve them. So I think theyre doing something big behind the scenes that they dont or cant tell the community yet. Or its just Valve doing Valve things could go either way tbh.

  • Velho

    Your voice hurts my ears idk why

  • Amerellio Trance Keehl
    Amerellio Trance Keehl

    I like the update.....

  • Leeza Othman
    Leeza Othman

    If i play cs go and this is update man i want bots valve i want to practise

  • Leathan

    Valve: Removes the bot Me: whatareyoudoing?

  • Nitram

    If someone is playing really bad they can still stay in the match. Think about a completely new player that sucks at fps games. He likes cs and wants to get better at it. His teammates really want to win the game and he plays to bad and they want a bot to take his place so someone more experienced can use the bot and accomplish more than the new player. This means this update is only good for new players so they can have a chance to improve in cs. Which means they will get into the game more, buy skins and cs will make more money out of it.

  • Josheph Baracuda
    Josheph Baracuda

    3:06 u clan 1 of ur teamates says ans u say or something like that

  • Ninja Defuse
    Ninja Defuse


  • Steve Moore
    Steve Moore

    4.9 star rating out of less than 1000 reviews

  • C.A. old
    C.A. old

    Bad Times Steams .... Of Valve Games .

  • C.A. old
    C.A. old

    This Going Happens To TF2 Too .

  • Martin Klouda
    Martin Klouda

    They "destroyed" the game for like the third time in the last 3 years...

  • jonas nielsen
    jonas nielsen

    best update in a long time

  • lillebollen

    oh they removed people like me, thank you valve :=)

  • Zaimish Zarazutto
    Zaimish Zarazutto

    Really good update. Obviously not if you team up with your buds 24/7 and one of them quits, BUT for the average solo MM player, it is a highly needed adjustment and it will force you to play your best, even if you don't have the ultimate pro team, since being 4 players means one less bait alternative. New players or last K/D players are often votekicked because the 'better' players can take on the bot after they kicked someone . Valve does have statistics on the feature and obviously decided to make something of it.

  • Mr.Verktygsapan

    Ive lost like 3 matches becuse of this shit update

  • James Mason
    James Mason

    im hoping they are removing them for right now while they update the bots and add them back way better than before

  • bibinator

    lmao Valve troll people who plays their games and someone keeps playing them

  • Thomas Morris
    Thomas Morris


  • drownintea

    bots: exist UPGRADE!!! bots: removed FUCK GO BACK!!!

  • Milos Nikolic
    Milos Nikolic

    Alexa play "let her go - Passenger"🥺

  • TheGoatedMC

    i should stop playin this game, my 2 friends internet ran out ant it was literally 3v5, we surrendered the game because it was impossible to play. nice valve

  • Jhonny

    literally my first comp match in ages on my main account on lem level... bad mates we barely communicated one was trolling with voice changer we were losing to ecos the full package, if it werent for the enemy team kicking a mate in round 11 we wouldve lost 16-10 but since no bot is such a disadvantage we won 16-12.... its not fair

  • Lörtsyd

    If I play non prime with friends who doesn't have prime and we don't have full team. Everytime someone leaves at first round

  • Kenan Rhys
    Kenan Rhys

    "Bot Chad... Removed... From the Game......."

  • diz_zy

    They deleted you? Wtf bro