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  • toby.

    The only chemistry they have is oxygen and water.

  • Mikayla Schaffer
    Mikayla Schaffer

    jake why did you and tana break uppppppppppppppppppppppppp


    This is so forced it’s actually painful to watch

  • Matthew McCann
    Matthew McCann

    Where am I

  • Nevaeh Roark
    Nevaeh Roark

    erika they were married divorced tana married divorced

  • Kylemlgboss

    Oh wow people who didn’t actually love each other and only got married for the clout got divorced?? Shocking

  • NineTailsGaming

    When you get married for some internet points

  • Paras Rastogi
    Paras Rastogi

    bro she looks like Nicolette Shea who is 21st year old

  • Rudr0

    Who's here in 2020 That miss the old jake paul for 8-9 kids Edit: Im actually 8

  • Absolute monkey
    Absolute monkey

    My dad has less mental problems and he was at Chernobyl

  • NekRekt

    1 year holy

  • Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim
    Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim

    I love felix more then thus dude

  • Jovann Gunter
    Jovann Gunter

    The flowers lasted longer than their marriage

  • Asthetic wrld
    Asthetic wrld

    Wtf Is going ONNNN😂🤣

  • Jasmina Jasmina
    Jasmina Jasmina


  • Rene Scott
    Rene Scott


  • Rohan Kishibe
    Rohan Kishibe

    i knew it

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    How could they get a divorce if they never got married I mean a raper was the “priest”

  • Ratarta 514
    Ratarta 514

    Y’all really saying jerkia was better after ericka got together with her best friends ex guy after what he did to her 🤭

  • bluey

    lmao man is gonna be rich for life doesn't matter what everyone says

  • Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago
    Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago

    Married for one month challangeeeee

  • Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago
    Coconut tree bath• 20 years ago

    Me: just watched getting married

  • usman 15
    usman 15

    Your married last 1 mouth

  • onixpanda 271
    onixpanda 271

    i saw this ciming

  • Victor Joyce
    Victor Joyce

    This must be one of his most liked videos

  • Jayson Ramsey
    Jayson Ramsey


    • Jayson Ramsey
      Jayson Ramsey


  • shubham kaushal
    shubham kaushal

    I can't imagine how careless and idiotic people can be

  • shubham kaushal
    shubham kaushal

    I'm here for the comments yes

  • Kaylee L
    Kaylee L

    Tana: I love you so much!!! Jake: yeah I feel the same Me: I can LITERLLY feel the sarcasm

  • Alexander Rodriguez
    Alexander Rodriguez

    Omg he be breaking up to much I swear god it last for 10 months and that’s it

  • It’s ya boi Moras
    It’s ya boi Moras

    Who also hates jake Paul and always dislikes his videos like if u agree

  • jethro clyde aguilos
    jethro clyde aguilos

    yea jake take that even tydus dusnt make videos with u😢😢

  • Clips you don’t watch
    Clips you don’t watch

    I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to grow old with a dumpster

  • Kara Stewart
    Kara Stewart

    Tana is so different to ericka I wish that ericka was still here

  • Aspect Gaming
    Aspect Gaming

    Last to comment here i will give 10,000 dollars

  • sumiyah fox
    sumiyah fox

    Nobody notices phone numbers in the description

  • Frick Boys
    Frick Boys


  • paralix vaso
    paralix vaso

    Next up jake buys a new house and Marries another girl

  • Meagan Babcock
    Meagan Babcock

    The to most annoying people ever are getting a divorce now that ain't right

  • Z3sty

    Hold up. Let me just waste $300,000 real quick and get divorced a few months later

  • Umma and bob Show
    Umma and bob Show

    Tana has what 4:01

  • NinjaKittyDust

    Ew these people deserve each other...both goofy think they're so great kind of people

  • oof. nina
    oof. nina

    Jake paul always get divorced

  • Milania Michael
    Milania Michael

    Bruhhhhh 2 divorces before age of 25

  • Dexter John
    Dexter John

    I think jake paul is regretting his decision of entertaining this idiot. Well jake is also a idiot... Nvm U get what i mean!

  • bindu nair
    bindu nair

    You are actually getting divorced

  • Tashi-kun's dungeon
    Tashi-kun's dungeon

    It wasn't even real in the first place It's just for clout

  • BenthovenGaming

    Real world: Question: What’s the main cause for divorces? Answer: Marriage Jake Paul’s world: Question: What’s the main cause for divorces? Answer: when he says, “I do”

  • Katherine Visnaw
    Katherine Visnaw

    He get a divorce every month 😂

  • UnderTails

    Literally on his wedding video I was like, this is 100% going to end in divorce in a few months and low and behold... this isn’t a surprise to anyone.

  • SpeedyGD

    They just look like brother and sister, nobody cares.

  • I couldn’t come up with a Name
    I couldn’t come up with a Name

    3 adds

  • Vortex

    Jake: lets get married Tana: ok Jake and tana: get married Tana: what do we do now? Jake: oh I have a idea GET A DIVORCE!

    • Benjamin Boo Blue
      Benjamin Boo Blue

      Lol Yesss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ishtiaque Hossain
    Ishtiaque Hossain

    20.1M subscribers are actual gae kids.

  • Ishtiaque Hossain
    Ishtiaque Hossain

    Lol idiot

  • Ogam Apang
    Ogam Apang

    Tanas relationships never work out and she moves on too fast... how does she does it???

    • Lil Robi
      Lil Robi

      She never loves the people she’s with , she’s just like every other girl

  • Despacito Spider
    Despacito Spider

    The fact they earned more than MrBeast makes me pissed

  • Mayzuria

    Welp he tried qwq I have been here waiting

  • Su tart Gaming
    Su tart Gaming


  • Robin Poyck
    Robin Poyck

    Count al the times Tana said “like”

  • Rohan .I
    Rohan .I

    Jake Paul is the type of guy to look up and down before crossing the street

  • Emma Albright
    Emma Albright

    Get a divorce I love jerika

  • eiman Whuz
    eiman Whuz

    jake: Divorce me: just like my prediction

  • Throwaway 7
    Throwaway 7


  • Yandel

    Jake is a bad boyfriend/husband.

  • you loh
    you loh

    I never believed Jake Paul and tana mongeau married

  • MGS_ Drizzle
    MGS_ Drizzle

    Like please 🔻

  • Isabel Mayo
    Isabel Mayo

    why does jake remind me so much of Trump

  • Lilly puff
    Lilly puff

    Test O0o0 I can edit

  • Mary Levarity
    Mary Levarity

    I don't like Tana

  • Faze Bhav
    Faze Bhav

    Atleast make get views for this

  • love song lyrics
    love song lyrics

    Where were your ring tho?

  • Snickers Ari’s vlogs Snickers
    Snickers Ari’s vlogs Snickers

    Why y’all getting a divorce

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer

    Who searched up Jake Paul tana break up

  • WvNTED Lit
    WvNTED Lit

    Who’s here when Jake Paul and Julia rose are dating now

    • Sandy Lynn Wood
      Sandy Lynn Wood

      They broke up for the second time

    • The real Donald Trump
      The real Donald Trump


    • EllaGamingTV


  • Smiljana Bojic
    Smiljana Bojic


  • Emma Gracie
    Emma Gracie

    Omg I just realised that you hit 20M OMG

  • Jessica Santiago
    Jessica Santiago

    How many girls is he breaking up with

  • Gurdip Sahota
    Gurdip Sahota

    So awkward

  • Frank Cavanah
    Frank Cavanah

    CLICK BAIT but I love yall

  • Biraj Niraula
    Biraj Niraula

    ( ^ _ ^ ) / \

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird

    They were literally married for like 1 day

  • CinnaBunny

    That moment when the comments are more interesting than the actual video

  • Macha- chan
    Macha- chan

    I don't know what to say about this

  • Bro vs Bro
    Bro vs Bro

    First it was Alyssa then Ericka now Tana wowwww

  • James Holland
    James Holland


  • Campbell Quattlebaum
    Campbell Quattlebaum

    Poor tana

  • Jackgoesboom 420
    Jackgoesboom 420


  • Simping Weeb
    Simping Weeb

    Wow who know that this would never last a year

  • Jessica Diana
    Jessica Diana

    you mean broken up as you werent legally married

  • Freya Fleming
    Freya Fleming

    Jake meets a girl: 6 months later: I know pronounce you husband and wife! Another 3 months later: “it wasn’t rlly working out guys”

  • •kingof Nothing•
    •kingof Nothing•

    1:02 Mr.crabs you forgot the funny

  • clutch GG
    clutch GG

    Jake Paul I love you man 💙 no homo

  • Gabby London
    Gabby London

    Image being jake ( I dont know how to stay married) views can only take you so far honey as if even half way

  • Steve Jotevski
    Steve Jotevski

    My iPhone battery lasts longer then jakes rolesionsihps

  • Jackeline Ordonez
    Jackeline Ordonez

    so are they divorce?

  • Spencer Dave Tiu
    Spencer Dave Tiu

    2018: family friendly content 2020:when life gives you depression

  • Odin Land
    Odin Land

    imagine being this awkward with your wife lmao

  • Phil Mills
    Phil Mills

    You only just got married -.-

  • Potato With arms
    Potato With arms

    Lmao imagine actually believing this

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