Squeak 1v1 Vs EVERY Brawler | VERY OP, Will Get Nerfed...
Squeak 1v1 vs all brawlers in Brawl Stars
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Today we take a look at the brand new brawler coming in the Brawl Stars Update Squeak. This Brawler will be coming May 22nd and Watch out cause he is VERY STRONG. While he may not fare the best in these 1v1 interactions make no mistake this will be one of the best brawlers in the game due to his insane area control and massive damage potential.
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    Lex - Brawl Stars

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    • Desmond Classen
      Desmond Classen

      But like before, the nerf will be painful.😪

    • Desmond Classen
      Desmond Classen

      Squeak is legit gonna break the game

    • Theo Nwaokoro
      Theo Nwaokoro

      Very very good

    • [HaLPi] [987]
      [HaLPi] [987]


    • Davide Capogna
      Davide Capogna

      Nesquik is noob

  • Nitin Atlasiya
    Nitin Atlasiya

    Lex can you give me amber in my box ' I want Amber' my id pls give me

  • Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!
    Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!

    Squeaky squeak!

  • Desmond Classen
    Desmond Classen

    The end though “I’m done with update videos!”

  • Jerrod Yochum
    Jerrod Yochum

    Who else noticed when he was on super sticky star power squeak is spelled squak

  • Huseyin Bayramoglu
    Huseyin Bayramoglu


  • Lisa Stoorvogel
    Lisa Stoorvogel

    🎶Pink, fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows🎶

  • Oana smm2
    Oana smm2

    How many rarities? A.6 B.8 C.10 D.5

  • little boy channel
    little boy channel

    Lex when squeak comes out my birthday is going to be tomorrow when squeak comes out

  • Andrew the dungeon quest gamer of roblox
    Andrew the dungeon quest gamer of roblox

    Creator codes don't work for me


    I used your code blacks

  • NothingCanYouSeenThere Nope
    NothingCanYouSeenThere Nope

    this doesnt count because if squeak does move then its possible (to beat every brawler)

    • Lex - Brawl Stars
      Lex - Brawl Stars

      These are base level interactions. It's not meant to simulate and actual fight, it's to give you info on what the interactions are. In-Match interactions are VASTLY more dependent on the player, map, mode, positioning ect rather than the actual brawler.

  • rayan za
    rayan za

    Qu'on squeak sortira

  • 楊卓譽


  • Idle 32
    Idle 32

    I like sqiuck

  • Jorden Byers
    Jorden Byers

    So much

  • Jorden Byers
    Jorden Byers

    I love your video

  • Lemon K :D
    Lemon K :D

    They should release a pin for new brawlers that only give you pins for that brawler. Ex: squeak comes out, pin pack of 3 random squeak pins

  • ALEN Demi
    ALEN Demi

    Lex can you do Belle VS every brawler in the game

  • Hersheys 22
    Hersheys 22

    My 22 is my b-day :D

  • DrxpyKoala


  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller

    Why can colonel Ruffs own drool beat him in a 1v1

  • Spike The Cactus
    Spike The Cactus

    I get new best friend so i can hug him all the time and both of us are cute.


    Dont worry sir we always use code lex u dont need to put in game names like that... 😂😂😂.... By the way it looks cool😘

  • s parvez
    s parvez

    Lex u stupid what if in a real case there are all not on power ten hum and they are not even running around

  • Isaac Berrelleza Lopez
    Isaac Berrelleza Lopez

    Squeaks real? I thought this was just a meme. And mythics are easier to get then legendarys

  • Jango Tango
    Jango Tango

    I think squeak doesn't need a nerf like cmon sure he's tanky and does a lot of damage but haven't lex seen belle,bull,darryl like they're so op especially belle with her super

  • Latifa Mannan
    Latifa Mannan

    I don't care about stats all that matters is that squeak can bug spike. That's all that matter

  • Krystek

    I love Crow too :D

  • VonTang

    "Ok time to nerf"

  • Psy_duc K
    Psy_duc K

    I wanna unlock it

  • Star's bags 6 to 60 Bags
    Star's bags 6 to 60 Bags

    Byron would be 1000 times better if he had this advantage(damage after his death)


    2:13 squak

  • Polaryc

    Squeak be like: *if I’m going down, your coming down with me*

  • Brandon Faber
    Brandon Faber

    "Please use" and "Code lex" names, man you got me. Waiting for an gem offer to buy the pass, I will be using your code for that XD Love you man

  • Natalia Matuszewska
    Natalia Matuszewska

    My name is kacper

  • Jim The Jello
    Jim The Jello

    how much is squeak

    • Drake Beasley
      Drake Beasley

      Uhhh what?

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    So please lex give any brawl please

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    When I play game i always lost the game

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    I am so noob

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar


  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    Lex please give any browl

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    I am so noob

  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar


  • Yashu Bhagwagar
    Yashu Bhagwagar

    Please lex give any brawl

    • Drake Beasley
      Drake Beasley

      What in the world do you mean by "Brawl"?

  • Daniel Birrueta
    Daniel Birrueta

    Next balance changes when he comes out nerf nerf NERF!

  • Mohammed Labeeb Basil
    Mohammed Labeeb Basil

    Why won't squeak's star power work sometimes?

  • Kaivah Kukkola
    Kaivah Kukkola

    His reload speed is horrible I don’t think he will get nerfed that much

  • Xavier Addison
    Xavier Addison

    I wanna know what will happen if crow uses his ult while the sticky is on him and it blows up while he is in mid air😕

  • Jay

    I’m still surprised that the dog drool beat the dog itself

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King

    Lol the skill description called him squak

  • laki

    Squeak vs Squeak

  • Georgi

    I used your code and got amber

  • DarkDiamond-Brawl Stars
    DarkDiamond-Brawl Stars

    Squeaks is OG!!

  • Deathhogez05

    Wait, how did you use squeak..

    • Drake Beasley
      Drake Beasley

      Dev build


    I really used to think it's gonna be great but now it seems pretty goop

  • JungHyun Park
    JungHyun Park

    Lex: It's like watching my grandma go out to a marathon with her walker Lex's grandma: Peace was never an option

  • Leon Trusty
    Leon Trusty

    who else wishes he was the brawl pass character

  • Zehra Polat
    Zehra Polat

    The best code is lex

  • Anonymous 690
    Anonymous 690

    Soo jut have more than 5000 health an boom you win ( result may very )

  • KaSÎ

    ничего не понел но очень интересно "прямом смысле"

  • Shadow Channel
    Shadow Channel

    Its just Tick with slime.........

  • Funky Magma
    Funky Magma

    Hi Lex, thought of using lex in shop becuase of your 1v1 videos. Please hope I get some luck and get Squeak😶😁😁👍

  • Super Cell account
    Super Cell account


  • O look a plane12
    O look a plane12

    In may 22 is my birday

  • Treycen55


  • Darkiller 11
    Darkiller 11

    I have about 60 big box. I think i can get him

  • John Shadoe
    John Shadoe

    0:58 that's a disrespect to all the Savants in the world...

  • Caylem Li
    Caylem Li

    Use code Lex I got crow

  • Caylem Li
    Caylem Li

    Wow he is really OP lex

  • Dave Foster
    Dave Foster

    Nerf nerf nerf

  • Adrian Zamorano
    Adrian Zamorano


  • Water NetworkDan
    Water NetworkDan

    Squeak will just suffer with being banned in power league like tick

  • Narvada Parmar
    Narvada Parmar

    I unlock collet use ke code

  • ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია
    ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია

    I want him right noooooowwwww

  • 闕于欽

    Why you have squek

  • William wants a Dog
    William wants a Dog

    2:09 SQUACK

  • Jötunn

    did anyone see the type where it said squak and not squeak at 2:09

  • Beck yu Workout
    Beck yu Workout

    2:07 squak ???

  • Blazzing

    Lex looks like he is insane in the final frame of the video

  • Allan

    I'm about to get a thrombosis playing brawl stars

  • Zacegbol

    Cornel Ruffs died from himself basicly.

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong

    Whats the name of music does he has in the background?

  • M B
    M B

    ↓ ONLY FORTNITE PLAYERS WILL UNDERSTAND↓ Squeak's attack looks like a chug splash

  • Didrik Lehn
    Didrik Lehn

    My birthday is may 22

  • Shawn's Dragon
    Shawn's Dragon

    lex: lets crow use his gadget me: yeah dont ruin crow for me

  • Ali Öztaş
    Ali Öztaş

    Its weird that a droll is so overpowered brawler xD

  • kingadamw1

    Squeaks’ pin is so cool!

  • Ryan Mcdonald
    Ryan Mcdonald

    at 23 seconds d=what happend to the bots ?

  • duccs are cool PhoY yos
    duccs are cool PhoY yos

    wait what 7 kids

  • # Howaboutdude
    # Howaboutdude

    Colonel ruffs' drool is stronger than him 🤣🤣🤣


    Comments: talking about Squeak Me: Lex's grandma is alive??!!??!

  • Арсен Жанбек
    Арсен Жанбек

    Я арсен

  • Арсен Жанбек
    Арсен Жанбек


  • Karaltar79

    Fun fact bull has never lost in 1v1 (except for Darryl )

  • arad sajjadi
    arad sajjadi

    Can you show she's voice lines

  • Boomer Dwight
    Boomer Dwight

    Did you hear your shout out from the KBWRL with a mind your business degree?

  • roshan shetty
    roshan shetty

    Squeak is brother if spike

  • Mustafiz Siam
    Mustafiz Siam

    Squeks auto attacts are inspired from the ult of fizz in league of legends

  • Killa Pug
    Killa Pug

    You forgot amber lol