First Debate Cold Open - SNL
Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim Carrey).
Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock:
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  • Diane Schwartz
    Diane Schwartz

    Play act like you crazy jokes

  • Johnnie Miller
    Johnnie Miller

    Gotta say, I haven't cringed so hard in a long time. I'm reminded why I stopped watching SNL. Good to see some people enjoyed it though.

  • Mayra Valera
    Mayra Valera

    Loosers who defend those who wont let them if in power to makes jokes so freely

  • XSC 3
    XSC 3

    I'm not saying I want SNL to be cancelled... but just imagine... if it was.

  • Joseph Bellemare
    Joseph Bellemare

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    When the satirical parody is more truthful than the factual.

  • Tony S
    Tony S

    *Oh Snap its Jim Carrey!!!!!!!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nedim Talovic
    Nedim Talovic

    That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. - The word of God

  • Rider 06
    Rider 06

    Look heres the deal

  • razzo086

    Jim Carey missed Joe Biden say ‘Come on man’

  • Rick Williamson
    Rick Williamson

    Is that Jim carey

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    Baldwin is perfect for Trump dude, he's spot on!

  • Fe Kill
    Fe Kill

    President satire? That’s impassible in korea

  • LiveWire134679

    I was hoping for this to just be mindless fun and be poking fun at everyone but this is way anti-trump like everything else.

  • Kimberly Lenahan
    Kimberly Lenahan

    This Biden has more energy then sleepy

  • Andrew JH Park
    Andrew JH Park

    Wow Jim Carrey just carried it best

  • ste Cramer
    ste Cramer

    Is this meant to be comedy. Because they forgot too add punch line. The real debate was funnier than this,

  • 따지


  • Robbie Dean
    Robbie Dean

    Frickin hilarious

  • Kuzco

    I, a trump supporter, thought it was funny.

  • Nano Sec0nd
    Nano Sec0nd

    Right up until taxes..its funny..but

  • Nano Sec0nd
    Nano Sec0nd

    Honestly..thought I would hate this is pretty.

  • Kyle McEntee
    Kyle McEntee

    Jim Carey is the worst "actor" in history.

  • Monk Shao
    Monk Shao

    jim carrey its the only funny perso here

  • Jean-luc Nelaton
    Jean-luc Nelaton

    Incredible that most of you Americans commenting here do not see what this ridiculous parody is meant to do to your brain. Pathetic and not even funny

    • Hozay Studios
      Hozay Studios


  • Ge Raging
    Ge Raging

    TRUMP 56 % BIDEN 42 %… 76,245,446 Views - TRUMP 53 % BIDEN 40 % #Trump Opens Up 12 Point Lead Nationally On #Joe #Biden #Cnn… With #HunterBiden #SexTape #China #Trafalgar #poll #EpochTimes #FoxNews #url #Seo #Vk #Facebook #Zuck #Trump2020 "#Widens" #Lead

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown

    Was this comedy?

    • JoJoBiscuits


  • Durrpadil

    Join me in spamming Trump's Twitter if he loses with the phrase, "YOU'RE FIRED!!"

  • Jonathan Varvar
    Jonathan Varvar

    Biden cant even answer questions that are important. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇸

  • Darude Seagalstorm
    Darude Seagalstorm

    3 adults pretending offering a comedy show, but we all know they are just trying to promote their beloved Biden. Political satire should be spontaneous and should be coming from ordinary people, not those celebrities paid by huge broadcasting corporation.

  • J Jones
    J Jones

    Trump in action protecting the American people Joe Biden did what????

  • unicorn3

    Looks biased to me, but y’all hope that ppl are eating it up don’t u.

    • Laurie Stapleton
      Laurie Stapleton

      Looks like good satire to me: they are making fun of both candidates. If you didn’t see that, you need to watch again.

  • Sarah Emery
    Sarah Emery

    I love TRUMP

  • Film Cricket
    Film Cricket

    The economy is mean, it keeps losing jobs.

  • Sarah Emery
    Sarah Emery


  • Christi Thomas
    Christi Thomas


  • gerardo mercado
    gerardo mercado

    Something very similar to the reality it's just a coincidence...

  • Sir 117
    Sir 117

    alec baldwin does a horrible donald trump

  • Karnvir Singh
    Karnvir Singh

    Why does Biden looks like Pence

  • Eduardo G Solis
    Eduardo G Solis

    You know every time I hear Joe Biden saying here's the deal it's like he's trying to sell America to the Chinese lol deals well I gotta take a shit but wait here is the DEAL!!!!!!!!

  • scott groves
    scott groves

    im surprised joe remembered the measuring stick= dementia

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince

    Damn i thought this was the SNL skit not the real one

  • Erwin Derfox
    Erwin Derfox

    SLtoos giving SNL massive “likes”🙄

    • Hozay Studios
      Hozay Studios

      Or....people actually like it and find it funny

  • Megan Stephens
    Megan Stephens

    The china-virus was mean to me by being a hoax hahahaha ive never heard anything more trumpish

  • 헬씨앗 [헬린이 생존저널]
    헬씨앗 [헬린이 생존저널]

    Fun to watch

  • beavis408

    Early voting Trump is killing it. MAGA Trump victory Election Day!!

  • Raymond Tolley
    Raymond Tolley

    Stupid celebs being themselves

  • YAB

    Look at this. Biden at his best!

  • Lyn Riley
    Lyn Riley

    Mamela Harris....said it like it will be. Joe Biden the Puppet president. Mamela Harris president - we are doomed for Socialism. Come on people, you might not like Trump the person, but don't vote Biden the non person....

  • current_interest

    Call me Ishmael. Some years ago-never mind how long precisely-having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off-then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me. There now is your insular city of the Manhattoes, belted round by wharves as Indian isles by coral reefs-commerce surrounds it with her surf. Right and left, the streets take you waterward. Its extreme downtown is the battery, where that noble mole is washed by waves, and cooled by breezes, which a few hours previous were out of sight of land. Look at the crowds of water-gazers there. Circumambulate the city of a dreamy Sabbath afternoon. Go from Corlears Hook to Coenties Slip, and from thence, by Whitehall, northward. What do you see?-Posted like silent sentinels all around the town, stand thousands upon thousands of mortal men

  • The Hottest
    The Hottest

    2 damn funny

  • Tyler Hummel
    Tyler Hummel

    Love how they try to make Trump look like the bad guys

  • Random666 Gamer
    Random666 Gamer

    "i dont care who started it" reminds my of my old teachers everytime I fought a bully

  • Tyra Crumrine
    Tyra Crumrine

    maya Rudolph for president

  • Just My Thought
    Just My Thought

    Cris Wallace: It looks like youre ready to debate, Joe. Joe: Absolutely not! Ive got the beginning of 46 thoughts! Yep! Incoherent. Atrocious choice for a world leader.

  • Chipms217

    I was worried that this was going to be bashing Trump, but this is so much better!!

  • RUCookoo Jackson
    RUCookoo Jackson

    People who vote for Biden and Harris are upset angry disturbed people that want to see destruction happen. They hate America and all Americans that have good lives.

    • Brandon Talimeliush
      Brandon Talimeliush

      So then what the hell are the people who vote for Trump?

  • Anne Moorna
    Anne Moorna

    Everyone knows what Hunter and Burisma and the mayor of moscow means... You just choose to ignore it.

  • Mallory Atkin
    Mallory Atkin

    All they're doing is mocking Trump and making Biden look even more stupider than he makes himself. #Trump2020

  • lil toad
    lil toad

    i going to use "son of a noo" for now

  • Doc Lombardi
    Doc Lombardi

    "Sheriff of Portland."

  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant

    Eh, Biden is still going to lose the election.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps

    Will Biden tell the truth about 12k child porn photos on Hunter's laptop?

  • Nate Webster
    Nate Webster


  • W Canipe
    W Canipe


  • MAliCiOUS

    Maya Rudolph nails it perfectly.

  • Sergio Lopez Hernandez
    Sergio Lopez Hernandez

    Just a little more smelling hair from Biden to Kamala and it would have been a great impression.

  • Kellen Lindquist
    Kellen Lindquist

    Biden is better

  • Zeb Name
    Zeb Name

    NGL I got annoyed at the kamala harris being called mamala harris it made me cringe

  • The Dark0ne
    The Dark0ne

    This is cringey and left leaning.

    • Hozay Studios
      Hozay Studios

      I mean they poked fun at both sides but ok

  • Project Terminated
    Project Terminated

    Wow... Jim Carrey’s version of Biden has more balls than the original. I’d vote for Jim as Biden before Biden himself. And the Kamala impersonation didn’t have nearly enough maniacal cackling to be realistic.

  • SushipOp

    "Joe & Jill Biden Raked In $13.3M Just In One Year - But They Used Tax Loopholes To Claim Only $750K In Income" By Ben Dutka|September 29, 2020

  • Alfonso Saenz
    Alfonso Saenz

    Trump 2020 !!!!!! Mark my words

    • Ian Himmelstein
      Ian Himmelstein

      Yeah we need a good dictator in office

  • Walrusbean Hippo
    Walrusbean Hippo

    Wish they talked about the whole smart portion of the debate

  • menom7

    OMG Jim Carrey STOLE the show in this one!!! No offense whatsoever to the TREMENDOUS Alec Baldwin as he freakin RULES as Trump (and always WILL!!!) But Carrey just TOOK it in this one!!! Lol. And Yes..........Maya Rudolph just HITS IT right where Trumps Laser-pointer is POINTING!!! LOL.

  • Kjraider2009

    Regardless of party affiliation(or none thereof like myself) you gotta admit this is funny af. Jim fits as Biden, politics and acting. A1 performance.

  • PC Tinker
    PC Tinker

    Biden 2020



  • Cole Luttrell
    Cole Luttrell

    Megan thee stallion

  • Purple rain
    Purple rain

    And Jim you nailed it I had to take another look way to go jim..haha....

  • EBlader

    I bet this isn’t your first time watching this.

  • Purple rain
    Purple rain

    This was so Damn funny I almost peed in my pants hahaha that is some funny shit .. SNL FUNNY KEEP UP THE FUNNY SHIT DUDES WE NEED TO HAVE SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT....BE SAFE GUYS.....

  • Blankar

    “Inner whitey bulger” 😂😂😂😂

  • Bair b
    Bair b

    Wait, Delaware?! The biggest offshore zone, I see...

  • GTA Pc
    GTA Pc

    Omg why donald trump like this don,t ban cool

  • The American Crusader
    The American Crusader

    Biden did a good Jim Carrey impression

  • Ryan Faucette
    Ryan Faucette

    i hope everyone in the comments are voting

    • Blankar

      I can’t I’m British. But I do hope trump don’t get voted again

  • Ronald Force
    Ronald Force

    Carrey is responsible for his too young fiancé’s death.

    • Ronald Force
      Ronald Force

      @Blankar look it up. He took her to places of group sex, drugs, gave her an std, dumped her. Knew she was having a breakdown. She had a overdose with a phony prescription he’d had filled in a false name. Ignored her pleas for help. Paid off her parents when they filed charges against him. This capsulizes a litany of horrors this young woman went thru. You should study the truth about it. Media hushes it up and as a result, they own hi .

    • Blankar


  • Roy Poulos
    Roy Poulos

    Kamala didn’t blow anyone. Amazing.

  • Victoria Rinkle
    Victoria Rinkle

    Maya Rudolph for president!!

  • SushipOp


  • Richard warren
    Richard warren

    Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again.

  • President TRUMP
    President TRUMP

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020

  • Warren Ray Ledbetter
    Warren Ray Ledbetter

    Yo might as well have had Alec Baldwin playing all three parts. This was just 3 politically like-minded hacks making fun of the country's president.

  • Roland Moffett
    Roland Moffett

    This exactly how i seen it

  • Peter Elezaj
    Peter Elezaj

    as usual, SNL not funny

    • Sydney Davidson
      Sydney Davidson

      then just don't watch it. but obviously you come back so they must be doing something right.

  • Mark Pinkston
    Mark Pinkston

    This got 27m views. The debate got 3m. That's terrifying.

  • Yoma Ther
    Yoma Ther

    Boring, didn't even put an effort to be funny, need to fire whoever came up with this script

  • Nova

    People clapping for Biden don’t get the joke 🤣

    • Nova

      @Blankar who was playing Biden, you don’t clap for the guest appearance except at the end and beginning

    • Blankar

      They were clapping for Jim carrey

  • Elliott Quill
    Elliott Quill