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  • kylers_wrld999

    Rip Jake

  • Lovely Soul
    Lovely Soul

    Gg Jake your done for

  • Deigo The Professional Maverick
    Deigo The Professional Maverick

    1:27 AHHHH!!!!

  • John Gamez jr
    John Gamez jr

    Tyson is killer in ring .he will destroy anything comes in ring

  • Hunterultragamer

    Stuck you Jake paul

  • Coach_Suave Rico Valentin
    Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

    Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

  • Igor

    Mike Tyson!

  • Miles Duggan
    Miles Duggan

    For money and fame Jake is that stupid. Iron Mike would send him to the shadow realm but Jake would be smiling


    Jake Paul is going to get knocked out in like 30 sec 🤡

  • Progamerz ontop
    Progamerz ontop

    Jake Paul is good at ASMR: Nate + Ben = Sleeping

  • InfiniteGamingJ

    What’s the name of The fonts

  • Ace Gabriel Cruz
    Ace Gabriel Cruz

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jake are you asking for death

  • Armando_BMW

    Jake paul is officially dead

  • The crazy fortune teller
    The crazy fortune teller

    Sick trailer

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    I really want to see, Jake vs a popular retired boxer

  • alex 18
    alex 18

    Buy ethereum before the price skyrockets 👌💥

  • Elijah alexander
    Elijah alexander

    Mike would woop that ass

  • jaiden rojas
    jaiden rojas

    This Hass to be the most greatest clips in the world this fight is going to be so epic that the world will shake😬 let’s get this fight over with let’s see the world champion🥶🥵

  • bro what?
    bro what?

    i really hope jake dosent fight tyson

  • Gaming News
    Gaming News

    Jesus is King

  • ZacDicoot

    It’s a shame Vidal didn’t fight

  • Haithem Faris
    Haithem Faris

    Goodbye jake your done for aha GO MIKE!

  • Walter Traina
    Walter Traina

    Good luck pal!

  • Abhishek Sinha
    Abhishek Sinha

    Who is here after jake knocked the fook out of Nate.

  • RashadxGaming

    Lets get this to 1 mil dislikes

  • Laudator Bot
    Laudator Bot

    Why just why

  • Woof

    Tysons gonna reck him omg

  • M World
    M World

    1:53 that shot was sick

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    One quick jab from Tyson and Jake’s brain will go SPLAT!

  • Kyle elite YT
    Kyle elite YT

    “ so youre jake paul?” “how interesting” “so ur the best fighter in all of team 10” “lets see whos fist are da fastest” “yours or mine?” “3 minutes” his opponents: “never lasts for 10 seconds”

  • Veer Patel
    Veer Patel

    Jake ge me your number now ok

  • Morganations

    Tyson will kill him

  • Naruto

    Jake boutta get his ass beat-

  • DongFeng东风

    Is this a joke?


    That title confused me a second.

  • Aarogya Pradhan
    Aarogya Pradhan

    Bruh this guy is lituaraly skipping to all the boss battles

  • Hossam El-Din
    Hossam El-Din


  • Rayus Ramos
    Rayus Ramos

    I want manny pac man fight Jake paul

  • Mai CS
    Mai CS

    Mike Tyson in his prime using everything he’s got vs jake Paul

    • Mai CS
      Mai CS

      @اخوكم من العراق are u a jake Paul fan

    • اخوكم من العراق
      اخوكم من العراق

      Jake paul gonna rock him

    • Mai CS
      Mai CS

      @Emeraldstar716 ofc

    • Emeraldstar716

      Currently Jake would lose

  • TheprinceofRoblox

    You going to get you ass beat

  • Brianna G
    Brianna G

    Ole mike will beat him in the dirt.

  • Just Canine
    Just Canine

    Biggest clown

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    It imagine jake Paul vs Anthony Joshua 😂😂

  • Starbob 666
    Starbob 666

    so this is how jake dies?

  • Sane-ity

    get wrecked joshua paul

  • Sachidu Samaraweera
    Sachidu Samaraweera

    Paul brothers are a mistake that's being made on a rusted bunk bed 😂😂

  • Glitch The Deer
    Glitch The Deer

    Mike is gonna hit him with that 1 2 and its over

  • Lachlan Klose
    Lachlan Klose

    Hahahahaha if he thinks he can take on Mike Tyson's he's one dumb blonde hahahaha

  • Abdullah bro 50
    Abdullah bro 50

    Hol up how dumb can you be to fight iron mike tyson like hes a beast unlike you jake you need to chill one day this behavior of yours is gonna get you more problems

  • Adam Cooke Taylor
    Adam Cooke Taylor


  • Ariel Mora
    Ariel Mora

    Este wn ta loko

  • Captain_innocent

    But jake would clap destroying

  • Steel1b Plays_yt
    Steel1b Plays_yt

    They ain’t fighting there just talking kids

  • Rose Boy
    Rose Boy

    Let’s be honest that was a good trailer for the fighters tbh

  • Bingbangjiggelo _xd
    Bingbangjiggelo _xd

    Bro your nothing your dust his a goku wanabe

  • kaithekaiden

    When I saw Jake and Mike in the title I started laughing for 5 minutes then I read it properly and understood

  • wood. exe
    wood. exe

    Termanator vs unlikable flex boy

  • YoRHa Unit No.9 Type S
    YoRHa Unit No.9 Type S

    Iron Mike would KO him.

  • Nugget

    u aint gonna win mike tyson is way to good of a boxer


    Ur dead jake

  • Mese

    Bruh look at tysons training compared to jakes😂 ( i know this is old btw)

  • Computer [Aldous ]
    Computer [Aldous ]

    If jake fight with Mike Tyson he will leave boxing forever

    • Ace Gabriel Cruz
      Ace Gabriel Cruz

      😂😂😂😂😂 the entire fight will just last for 5 seconds because Jake's ass would be beaten up by the Legend

  • brooke smith
    brooke smith

    Omfg seriously he’s going to get banged and I’m going to laugh 😂😭

  • Prachi

    Video starts Mike Tyson punches K. O Viewers left Simple

  • khaled aldoraee
    khaled aldoraee


  • YBK _ruby
    YBK _ruby

    If mike Tyson punched you, you would go to negative brain cells

  • Denislav Dimov
    Denislav Dimov

    I was expecting Avengers when I heard the begining of the video :D

  • • Whovian •
    • Whovian •

    Mikes gonna F*ck jake Paul up

  • Sucs3ssfull Abdul
    Sucs3ssfull Abdul

    me:bro mike tyson is going to beat you by one punching you. Jake Paul: I can beat this 50 year old hes easy Mike tyson: i can one punch you Also Mike Tyson: You fucking twat

  • saeed alhelli
    saeed alhelli

    So jake Paul is in mike Tyson’s team jake you need to knock out who is standing whoever he is and I know that you are going to win jake with your team

  • Npc

    Is it just me or is it a bit offensive to have 2 of the greatest boxers ever fighting and then 2 nobody's

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man

    Less than 10% of your "subs" watch your videos.... buy much subs??


    WHO WELL WIN Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali

  • curlton_j_smith

    You wanna fight Mike tyson, that just means you want to commit suicide

  • Big Behz The Cr1tic
    Big Behz The Cr1tic

    “Everyone fights for a reason” Money

  • Riley Strydom
    Riley Strydom


  • jimmy vlogs
    jimmy vlogs

    RIP jake paul

  • Benjamin Mus.
    Benjamin Mus.

    It will be an 15 second fight and its over.

  • Ritchie Baldobino
    Ritchie Baldobino

    jake paul is gonna lose because mike tyson stronger.

  • Garry Comer
    Garry Comer


  • Ghosty Fn
    Ghosty Fn

    Mike Tyson gonna knock your ass out

  • Isaias Castillo
    Isaias Castillo

    One punch

  • Aaron swope
    Aaron swope

    Bro jake Paul wouldn’t even have lasted 1 round in the ring with him

  • sol ramirez
    sol ramirez

    No me la conté compañerooooo

  • The Cubing Prodigy
    The Cubing Prodigy

    I thought it said Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson and I'm like, Jake Paul is fighting Nate Robinson AND Iron Mike!

  • Inklow

    He's gonna get his was kicked even though Mike is kinda old but even Mohammad Ali said that if he and Mike got in the ring Mike would win so Jake has no chance

  • Fake disk Us
    Fake disk Us

    Jake Paul you have nothing against Ryan Garcia in your bed

  • D4V

    Jake boutta be clapped in two rounds

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar

    Or jake vs mcg

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar

    Ryan garcia vs jake paul or jake paul vs dillin deins or jake vs ksi

  • Francesco Mannelli
    Francesco Mannelli

    mojo likes you

  • Yvng _zyx
    Yvng _zyx

    Petition to prepare a grave for jake Paul 👇

  • Bandit For the west
    Bandit For the west

    I thought it said Tyson v jake that scared the fuck out of me I said to my self jake rip

  • asian andy
    asian andy

    I would love to see jake paul and mike tyson fight just to teach jake a lesson

  • -emberXD

    Jake paul think he’s gonna win 😆

  • Eric cartman
    Eric cartman

    If you’re going to fight Mike Tyson you’re gonna lose I’m a Jake Paul fan but you can’t go up to Mike Tyson he’s the number one best

  • Gta5 luxurious cars
    Gta5 luxurious cars

    Wow this guy reminds me of ( Paul Phoenix) tekken🎮🥊

  • Koldgamesean

    Now mike...mike would ruin jake ngl

  • Diamond Bro 1
    Diamond Bro 1

    Jake I just want to let you know you wouldn’t win against Mike Tyson you won’t even survive the first three minutes of the first round The only way you would is if he let you

  • Xavier Baker_27
    Xavier Baker_27

    man jake im sorry but you wouda got knocked the fuuuuuu outtttt