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  • Spud Kutz
    Spud Kutz


  • william horrocks
    william horrocks

    Mate Mike Tyson would beat the crap out of you

    • Konark

      He never said he wouldnt

  • CSJ


  • Peek5656 Onyt
    Peek5656 Onyt

    He is so bad

  • J.J

    Jakes ass fenna get dropped 😂 no 🧢

  • Cryptiv1X

    If Jake fights Mike, Jake is going to get absolutely shredded

  • Ghost Rider King
    Ghost Rider King

    Mike Tyson is a beast he will totally destroy you in the ring easily. 🤣😂

  • Soul Hunter Gaming
    Soul Hunter Gaming

    I actually thought it said Jake vs Mike Tyson. I would've said to Jake he's a real f**kn idiot.

  • GeminiNES

    Gonna be dope.

  • Sasha Zotou
    Sasha Zotou


  • Sasha Zotou
    Sasha Zotou

    Remerber what i say stay strong always stay strong and never gave up always be strong you GOT THESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    your ded

  • FaZe Eshaan 2.0
    FaZe Eshaan 2.0

    Nate Robinson is gonna win. We all know Jake is dumb


    Fighting Mike Tyson is just eternal death at this point

  • R.O.D Adoomy
    R.O.D Adoomy

    Bruh Jake should’ve picked Ryan Garcia instead of Nate SMH

  • SenpaiFaTe

    this man tyson looking like he about to kill jones

  • Big mans hams
    Big mans hams

    He has a death wish

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Even if mike tyson was in his 80 he would probably KO jake

  • Cor Dell
    Cor Dell

    He's really trying to box Mike

  • Cor Dell
    Cor Dell

    Is this kid smoking crack 😂

  • Filip XX Matoga
    Filip XX Matoga

    1 week And its R.I.P Jake paul 💔😔⚰️

  • Dog Town
    Dog Town

    Mike would fuck paul up

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      using that title bait i see what u did there

  • Aqua Aim
    Aqua Aim

    Let’s be honest this is gonna be a war but a Good 1 only 1 can stand

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Who else thought the & was a VS so disappointed wanted to see Jake get literally smushed up like the squeeser people use to squeeze the juice out of oranges

  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh

    Jake Paul is getting to big for his boots tbf he's letting fame get to him and now thinks he's the big i am in boxing

  • Fahim mahmood
    Fahim mahmood

    Bro this kid thinks he can fight everyone just because he fought some punching bags

    • Raza Jafri
      Raza Jafri

      Fahim mahmood true but if Deji trained hard he could have won and gib needs to work on his balance

    • Fahim mahmood
      Fahim mahmood

      Raza Jafri bit deli was out of stamina real quick and gib used his face as a defence😂

    • Raza Jafri
      Raza Jafri

      Dude u know Deji stood a chance get Jake and Deji made him get a bloody nose, I can’t say much for Gib

  • blund

    Yep... R.I.P jake paul

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Jake is fucked

  • Average Person
    Average Person

    I think Jake Paul is gonna lose a ear to the fight

  • Patman Rocks
    Patman Rocks

    lets be honest we all came here for Mike Tyson

  • N24 Gamez
    N24 Gamez

    Shut uo

  • ChickenDaGamer

    i didn’t know viddal was fighting too

  • Jomarzito

    Bruh Jake deadass fighting on the same card as Mike FUCKING Tyson bruh THATS like a childhood dream

  • Stephen Mejak
    Stephen Mejak

    KSI versus Jake like KSI comment Jake

  • Zeus Gaming
    Zeus Gaming

    Longest 2 minutes 42 seconds of my life

  • Discontinued?

    Welp Jake Paul is gonna have a coffin ready when he's done 🤣🤣

  • BoominLOL

    using that title bait i see what u did there

  • King Savage
    King Savage

    Lol I thought he was fighting Mike tyson bruh I was about to say rip jake

  • el ethan esPNS GANG
    el ethan esPNS GANG

    Lmfao tyson vs jake... jake I recommend to cancel this rn

  • Joshua Fromholz
    Joshua Fromholz

    The punch swishes are comical

  • Nigel Whitehead
    Nigel Whitehead

    Mike is going to win

    • Nigel Whitehead
      Nigel Whitehead

      @Rock girl what

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Mike Tython

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    The title of this video just shows how selfish Jake Paul is.

    • R.O.D Adoomy
      R.O.D Adoomy

      @Rock girl You literally replied to ur own comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • LanceTep 0308
      LanceTep 0308

      @Rock girl did u reply ur own comment?

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Jake would never win this fight

  • red bird
    red bird

    Jake is fucked

  • Quintin Waters
    Quintin Waters

    Will you be able to watch in Australia

  • Jakyron Fudge
    Jakyron Fudge

    Jake Paul gone get his ass beat 🤣🤣🤣

  • Darr


    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      face it white boy ur gonna lose against nate

  • Irene Ruiz
    Irene Ruiz

    Hes fighting mike tyson hes gonna get fcked up just want to make money

  • Issac Negrete
    Issac Negrete

    If that fight was to happen I bet Jake Paul would pay the guy to let him win The fight

  • Milton Hightower
    Milton Hightower

    You dum

  • Lauren Linn
    Lauren Linn

    Aren't you fighting Nate robinson in the 28th

  • therovingcloud

    i am 26 and my body is of a 54 years old


    Tyson is superb

  • Jas Gallichio
    Jas Gallichio

    i really want mike and jake to fight lol

  • Yeet Xd
    Yeet Xd

    bro who dislikes this, this vid is sick

  • Adrian Gaming
    Adrian Gaming

    Jake would never win this fight

  • MGC Maverick
    MGC Maverick

    Mike Tython

  • David Xavier F.M
    David Xavier F.M

    Bro Jake is planning to fight tyson after Nate ? Damn Jake really tryna suicide.

  • bababugbess68


  • YBKsprayzzYT

    One punch Kells but in stead one punch jake

  • fire lord zuko
    fire lord zuko

    face it white boy ur gonna lose against nate

  • Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders

    more subscribers, more monthly listeners, better boxing record, good fans, more money, better videos. Do I need to say anymore? Ksi is far better than Jake Paul and u salty Jake Paulers cant do anything about it

  • Sapphire Gaming
    Sapphire Gaming

    Idiot vs dude who will beat the crap out of him

  • Matthew Tv
    Matthew Tv

    Jake paul fight Manny Pacquiao.

    • Coc! Its a triple
      Coc! Its a triple

      Nah jake paul gonna be boom wla na

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    The title of this video just shows how selfish Jake Paul is.

  • ItsDarkiiP

    It’s funny how jake Paul thinks he can beat anyone after he beat a twig 😂

  • FA Wahi
    FA Wahi


  • Brandon Ojeda
    Brandon Ojeda

    Seeing Viddal made me smile

  • Jordan Casey
    Jordan Casey

    U r gonna be gone first round guarantee it

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Ok white boy

  • yoitsad1n yo
    yoitsad1n yo

    Did they actually just put jake paul and Mike fight jake paul have u been on some crack?

  • Otz_Lucas

    Nah jake he will kill yr in that ring

  • Roazted

    I didnt know men could fight women in professional boxing

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt Brooks


  • seinor oof /Blizzards gaming
    seinor oof /Blizzards gaming

    Jake gonna get bodied lmao

  • FaZe Umbrella
    FaZe Umbrella

    If Mohammad Ali was alive he would one man punch him in his face so he shuts up taking about height

  • lct

    Jake you have fucking got this do it for the boys

  • Isaac Ruiz
    Isaac Ruiz

    I actually think that Tyson might win if there fighting

  • Niki Jaworski
    Niki Jaworski

    Jake paul would get his ass rocked in like 10 secs man

  • Chloe Mccann
    Chloe Mccann

    Whta has jake got himself into now

  • Fake Clan
    Fake Clan

    Jake loses Saw it here first

  • Henry Seddon
    Henry Seddon

    No one likes you jake Paul you have no friends everyone hates you

  • dancing dorito
    dancing dorito

    Jake Paul’s going get his ass handed to him

  • Siwinila Upwini
    Siwinila Upwini

    Ok white boy

  • Elf Gamer
    Elf Gamer

    He’s done for (at start) mike is a god

  • These Guyz
    These Guyz

    You can do it Jake. Remember, this ain't a game of hoop so no running. Just BLOCK Nate's head.


    I believe Jake is fighting nate

  • Tevez Lokai
    Tevez Lokai

    bad idea paul

  • Adriana Vargas
    Adriana Vargas

    1:25 _1:28 lol

  • Polregno TV
    Polregno TV

    Jake would’ve been squashed like a fly.

  • Jayden O'Connor
    Jayden O'Connor

    Bro just shut up Jake Paul is a better man then u haters

  • Blammed Typewritter
    Blammed Typewritter

    Wouldn’t last two minutes

  • AsphaltKing

    Man really used tyson's name for views and it still flopped 😂😂😂

  • Kraz Gaming
    Kraz Gaming

    who else thinks that Jake was just missing his brain and his senses while doing this

    • Diesel patches
      Diesel patches

      @Choice Username those jokes ain't funny anymore

    • Choice Username
      Choice Username

      Jake isn’t fighting mike tyson. He’s losing brain cells for promoting his fight or fighting nate robonsin?

    • Choice Username
      Choice Username

      @Basel Saber you need a brain to live so yes

    • Basel Saber
      Basel Saber

      Did he even have a brain to begin with?

  • Chonk_kitten

    Either he does this for views or Jake is just really good at picking fights

  • OP_SKILZ _069
    OP_SKILZ _069

    He's way in over his head, idiot...


    Just jake no one cares most people care about Tyson ur irrelevant

  • Zane Agee
    Zane Agee

    I’m going to meet you next year

  • Crowd Killwe
    Crowd Killwe


  • tom monaghan
    tom monaghan

    You are going to get dropped

  • Hisokauwu


  • Revan_Official

    Tyson gonne win

  • Keanu Viljoen
    Keanu Viljoen

    Jake im a big fan but you are bussy leaving youtube and here is alot of fans waiting for content so please ssay us do you want to quait youtube