The truth about Faze Banks & Jake Paul.. (EPISODE 9)
This episode on Team 10 Uncut, I decided to end my beef with Faze Banks and I had a ton of drama to deal with while planning Desiigners
Birthday Party...
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  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jaek your family members Joel Paul

  • Fake Paul
    Fake Paul

    Does anyone know what type of top Jake is wearing? What brand?

  • Mr Nub
    Mr Nub

    Almost every original team 10 members left

  • Chris Hajdas
    Chris Hajdas

    You are awesome cuz it everyday bro

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    He seems like a douche tho

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    You wouldnt do that on a plant jake

  • hello people
    hello people

    who else saw ERIKA of the team ten thingy

  • Cousin Shenanigans
    Cousin Shenanigans

    Mike mad at you

  • 224cmd


  • Chisum Roberson
    Chisum Roberson

    Who is watching this in2020 if yes 👍

  • yup yup yup
    yup yup yup

    rip 905😖

  • Vincenzo Notarnicola
    Vincenzo Notarnicola

    who is speaking italian at 11.00?

  • Milli Hayz
    Milli Hayz

    Jake Paul is one of few people that motivate me when I start feeling like I have to give in. I will make $100,000 in 2020. & When I perform at Rolling Loud 2020 or 2021 bring me a t-shirt with this comment for free backstage pass or some shit of the year I’m there. You’d obviously have to dm me first. I’m just speaking this into existence.

  • Elaine Buerkett
    Elaine Buerkett

    Your nose ring looks good you pull it off well

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    Sorry Jake but the nose ring is super ugly

  • Jb Cruea
    Jb Cruea

    Jake Tana is just using you for clout. Hahaha she's only good looking with make up on 😂

  • Florian Wieser
    Florian Wieser

    Got a nosering too, it´s cool dude but you should be the only one liking it ! ;)

  • Emiley Daley
    Emiley Daley

    Anyone know what's the name of the track in the intro is called..? Never heard it before and its dope

  • Lara Kielnhofer
    Lara Kielnhofer

    Don’t like the nose ring tbh

  • Krit Kratt
    Krit Kratt

    Sooo trav and cor are clout hungry stage parents? Smh I liked them

  • Lexa Terrestrial
    Lexa Terrestrial

    do you ever feel like you spread yourself too thin?? or want to become a master at 1 or 2 things more or less...rather than 15. I actually think you do it well... because they all mesh together... but being the BEST at 1 thing

  • Mercland

    The nose ring is cool

  • Mercland


  • Clare Davis
    Clare Davis

    Literally the nose ring thing is soooo hot 🥵🥵😏

  • Danielle Revill-baker
    Danielle Revill-baker

    Has anyone else notice how many times these people have said “like” it’s really annoying damn! 😏💯

  • CRL Matches
    CRL Matches

    44:11 - 44:19 😂

  • Laura Negrelli Doolin
    Laura Negrelli Doolin

    Give Brandon the room above the studio . . .

  • Amber Mandel
    Amber Mandel

    Can we count how many times you say "and like" 😂😂 just playing. Love your videos!

  • natecanskate94

    Can Jake even form a damn sentence? And form one without the word like like like

  • grape juice
    grape juice

    I love you Jake you r hot as f*ck

  • Tamar 201
    Tamar 201

    The team 10 house needs a boom boom room

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez


  • Felicity Crespo
    Felicity Crespo

    Jake does say "like" a lot but maybe he is just saying it to continue talking so there is no pauses Edit- also why don't Ari and Brandon just switch rooms

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa

    Totally the ones that challenge you keep you going 🔥

  • mari

    white people scare me

  • l0ser

    I think all the fame got to his head :/

  • Cassie Bechtel
    Cassie Bechtel

    I don’t know how people just ignore the amount of times this dude is saying the word “like”

    • soaR fiction
      soaR fiction

      What dude

  • Dennis Ver
    Dennis Ver

    who is desiigner?

  • kierstyn irene
    kierstyn irene

    “yeah but when was the last time you had anyone over” 😭😂 bruh that’s freakin rough😂

  • BahamianLily

    Ah! Here we go! The house rules! And, Cole was there to hear them... Hmmm... Interesting.

  • Kashanna Graham
    Kashanna Graham

    Broooo this ad stuff needs to stop ... Like damn there was like 13 ads😂

    • Jesus Cool831
      Jesus Cool831

      Just skip till the end of the vid and restart the vid and it will go away

  • Decrypted Jay
    Decrypted Jay

    The fact that Blue is wearing a "Stay Strong Paradise" shirt means everything💖💖💖

  • thebrolesters Midlebrooks
    thebrolesters Midlebrooks

    Team 10 uncut

  • Molly Strzelecki
    Molly Strzelecki

    Don't like the nose ring, sorry Jake. Love you though.

  • Morgan F
    Morgan F

    Maybe you could put Brandon’s room as the one above the music studio so that it doesn’t bother anyone??


    I latterly just skip it all to the end😂

  • Chaeyoung Son
    Chaeyoung Son

    I honestly don’t know why I’m here jake Paul is a bad person

  • Em Cole
    Em Cole

    At 39:12 there is a rainbow in the corner the left bottom corner to be exact ok have a good day beautiful person

  • koen critzer
    koen critzer

    That's nice you finally told the truth about these faze backs.

  • Nacol Sims
    Nacol Sims

    You have more views on team 10 uncut consistently so, MAKE MORE. Mr. business whoever’s in charge of editing and controlling the camera. Whosever job this is update more. 😂

  • Mandie Hamilton
    Mandie Hamilton

    Lmao... People are just so entitled.... Where is this mystery girl 💁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hector Gutierrez
    Hector Gutierrez


  • oogíe


  • Joshua Hammond
    Joshua Hammond

    Don't like the nose ring

  • Fan4every1 lol
    Fan4every1 lol

    The Heck is this 1 hour stop wasting time

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    Wth is ari at jake?😭

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    Wth is ari at jake?😭

  • o Camrn
    o Camrn

    @Jake Paul you're a poo poo headed liar

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips

    I love you guys so much and dab on them haters

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips

    I love you guys so much and

  • Serena Cianni
    Serena Cianni


  • Gabbie

    It showed the girl crying outside as previously on.... but I don’t remember seeing that part. Does anyone know when that was? And why she was crying?

  • orange cream17
    orange cream17

    Jesus Christ why do advertiser's like him? Probably because they support gay people.

  • Charli R
    Charli R

    Don’t love the nose ring

  • Kim Minseo
    Kim Minseo

    Jake Paul 2019 Jake Paul 2078

  • Alyssa Miller
    Alyssa Miller

    They've said 1 day 1 thousands days in a row

  • Siena Davis
    Siena Davis

    I CRIED at the Rock Paper Scissors thing with Banks and the paparazzi 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • Lexi Chelman
    Lexi Chelman

    I like the noise rings

  • Zorienel Martínez
    Zorienel Martínez

    Just move rooms dude 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Life of Mimi
    Life of Mimi

    Dude there aren’t that many fans on rodeo😂😂😂 like they went out and I expected like swarms of ppl to come out to them

  • tina acosta
    tina acosta

    Your date is wrong

  • Darcy Argain
    Darcy Argain

    tbh i love the nose ring

  • Excuse my Glamm Cosmetics
    Excuse my Glamm Cosmetics

    Yea.....this was boring asf

  • Denise Carter
    Denise Carter

    I like the nose ring it’s cool

  • MyRockstar777

    They need to hire at LEAST ONE non toolbag.

  • jamie weglarz
    jamie weglarz

    love the nose ring & team 10 xoxo that's the comment, thats all.

  • Jennifer T
    Jennifer T

    For the love of god.. stop saying “like” every 2 seconds!

    • Janette

      You just said like tho.....

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Jennifer Townson I honestly tuned it out by now haha

  • cl_oie

    ''SEE SHE'S ALWAYS TRYNA FUUUUCK'' Damn well if you fucked and she calls you daddy why you just call her clout partner?

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie

    the nose ring doesn’t look good🤷🏽‍♀️ just being honest💯💯

    • Brett Hearn
      Brett Hearn

      @annmarie your an IDIOT it is

  • Christina Natalia
    Christina Natalia

    I honestly love it when Jake and Faze hang out together

  • Taya

    Geeeez Jake loves to say “L I K E” 😤

  • Lucy Rox7
    Lucy Rox7

    I miss Chance 😔

  • Ajtechy369's Tech Channel
    Ajtechy369's Tech Channel

    Love the nose ring. 👍

  • Annabella Sanders
    Annabella Sanders

    y'all gotta fix the sound in the confessionals its super low

  • Christine De Lange
    Christine De Lange

    How mutsh does murtsh cost

  • breannaxoxo

    I wonder how many lawsuits he got after the party, especially if they couldn’t post the footage from the party

  • Savannah Hattaway
    Savannah Hattaway

    10:23 Donald trump is that u

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan

    Don’t you mean $25,000 deal 31:26

  • Taijasi Nigam
    Taijasi Nigam


  • Maria Ude Nwachi
    Maria Ude Nwachi

    THE NOSE RING THING is disgusting and nauseating. I am still trying to keep watching you in earring and then you add a nose ring. Please, Paul, spare us. I love you but leave your body alone, leave it clean...

  • Stipps

    brandon and ari should just switch rooms

  • Conrad Meier
    Conrad Meier

    Who will be a millionaire

  • M VP
    M VP

    13 ads 🤦🏻‍♀️ .....and how did I end up here anyway?!

  • Brooke Munoz
    Brooke Munoz

    why is adam wearing leggings

  • bjornii beats
    bjornii beats

    40:30 fucking love how he is getting his phone out of his pocket

  • Chloe Hughes
    Chloe Hughes

    47:32 😂

  • Yasmin Martinez
    Yasmin Martinez


  • Amelia Freya
    Amelia Freya

    Play Fortnite with Joshy!


    Please STOP

  • Ang

    Anyone else think Aris voice is annoying as hell?