please let me into new zealand
please can i come in
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my name is gus and i want to be in new zealand
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson

    please follow me on twitter, new zealand. my account's name is @Gusbuckets and i almost never curse.

    • Jack Wilkinson
      Jack Wilkinson

      @random man its closer to $100 USD is about $150 NZD

    • random man
      random man

      100$ in America is 200$ in nz

    • Jack Wilkinson
      Jack Wilkinson

      If you almost never curse you are gonna have a bit of a shock coming to New Zealand because we don't know how to form a sentence without fucking swearing

    • June

      Im a New Zealander and Gus is lying

    • Likeimgoingtoputmyrealname

      I've been watching your stuff for years, I'm from the North Island. In Nz you don't have to marry for citizenship

  • Blck _zkm
    Blck _zkm

    New Zealand the Shire of the world rn

  • Boris Faxe
    Boris Faxe

    You are most welcome to come to Norway gus! It’s almost as good as New Zealand, it’s just colder and has stupid neighbours (sweden🙄)

  • Egill

    Always welcome to come to Iceland Gus

  • rachel

    lol the traffic is bad we don’t want any more people

  • Rachel R
    Rachel R

    Monsters Inc memorabilia lmao

  • Rec0rder Mast3r
    Rec0rder Mast3r

    We just about to legalize weed too :)

  • Musique Classique
    Musique Classique

    Thank you. I love you Gus

  • Cole Scanlen
    Cole Scanlen

    No ❤️

  • Bobby Bee
    Bobby Bee

    no fix the mess you created xoxo

  • David Ganimations
    David Ganimations

    Also it’s completely covid free now

  • Sean Duffy
    Sean Duffy

    Come on over bro we welcome you

  • Fr4nticFlowin

    Sure mate we’ll let u in

  • Axion

    This is me but UK edition

  • bluewater ridge
    bluewater ridge

    its quite peaceful here so another loud foreigner is surplus to our requirements.

  • Niro Qris
    Niro Qris

    No, Never you will never ever enter our land

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      Nah mate

  • Blythe Morris
    Blythe Morris

    Ur not welcome

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      don't worry ill talk to Jacinda and have her let you in she my auntie


    This makes me happy

  • Gex

    He lives in bilbo's house now

  • x MDDSRM11 x
    x MDDSRM11 x

    you outsiders think the maps are true, you can't get find us. You never will

  • Marcus Clark
    Marcus Clark


  • mrman man
    mrman man

    lol no

  • Aria A
    Aria A

    As a Kiwi, we welcome you.

  • Denise Fisher
    Denise Fisher

    I from nz your welcome

  • shana flett
    shana flett

    You can come anytime Gus😊 (Wait a minuet that might not be the best idea...)

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    Is that the Rachel bro 😂😂😂

  • Dogshiin

    canada is worse than America. the government are idiots, helicopter parents, creating a dystopia.

  • Parris' Responce
    Parris' Responce

    Omgggg we speak Maori here too!!!

  • spelunkerNZ

    Nope, too annoying.

  • CSX_Mekkanism

    eshay bah

  • jack hendery
    jack hendery

    don't worry ill talk to Jacinda and have her let you in she my auntie

  • Mr. Muffinstein
    Mr. Muffinstein

    Nah mate

  • Rogue Kermit
    Rogue Kermit


  • GamingDemocracy

    Sorry mate, we are just a made up by the Aussies not real.

  • some guy games
    some guy games

    I'm from NZ I wish you would come

  • funny man
    funny man

    US= *heresy*

  • ArtBiorb

    Cmon guys what about tasmania?

  • gina tia
    gina tia

    I live In new Zealand and.... i found people aren't very welcoming and aren't that friendly. Every thing is WAY to expensive housing is expensive and we have the highest teen suicide rate. Of course there is some good things like how we were the first place to let women vote and the first place to let a river have the same rights as a human covid-19 isn't as bad etc etc. But is just like any other place we have good things and bad things just like any other country. I also have lived in new Zealand my hole life is just not as good as the media puts it out to be 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Bee S
      Bee S

      Bit of negative Nancy perspective I reckon. I don't think living in NZ your "hole" life actually makes you the most qualified to make this statement. The reason our country is so highly praised is not because its 100% objectively perfect - its the comparisons drawn between here and other countries. Comparatively we have a lot to offer... We have a mostly progressive nation - and by that I mean we have people willing to change and grow. We are also incredibly diverse in not only nature but also people and culture. Our cost of living may seem high, but it's not terrible in the grand scheme of things. And the final thing that makes this country so good is out safety. Yes you could go outside looking different and get judgemental looks or get heckled by someone - but we are, for the most part, safe. The amount of death and suffering elsewhere is far more severe than here. You don't have to worry about getting murdered when you leave your house. Take the Christchurch shootings for example: the whole country was in total shock over the tragedy - something that happens often enough in America and other counties that some events go unspoken about in the media. Our entire country banded together to support the Muslim community, a religion that is not unanimous in NZ, a religion that gets a lot of hate and judgement. That attitude should be a standard in the world, but its sadly not there yet. Now I'm no NZ fanatic, but I think it's time you consider the bigger picture. We are not devoid of bad things, but damn we sure got it good here.

  • Channelle

    You’re trending in NZ lol

  • Bee S
    Bee S

    Guys lets ask Aunty Cindy im sure she'll be cool with a cheeky bbq with gus. (if you're confused then come to nz )

    • Bee S
      Bee S

      @gina tia also: "when I was a kid I didn't like being called Cindy, but I have to say when you chuck Aunty in front of it, I actually don't mind that." You "hates", as you said, are a bit off then aye mate?

    • Bee S
      Bee S

      @gina tia "I don't mind at all. For me if people feel familiar, it's a good thing. " "There's some nicknames I'm not a fan of, but that's a different story." from an interview she had with The Edge.

    • gina tia
      gina tia

      You do know she hates being called Cindy? That what we hates call her smh.

  • burztx

    doesn't the U.S already own that


    Gus, we’ve been over this. You’re not allowed here anymore after that last stunt you pulled.

  • yeeteryeeterhentaieater thusyuriisbesthentai
    yeeteryeeterhentaieater thusyuriisbesthentai

    I Live In NZ I Hate It Here

    • yeeteryeeterhentaieater thusyuriisbesthentai
      yeeteryeeterhentaieater thusyuriisbesthentai

      @gina tia Ur Welcome

    • gina tia
      gina tia

      Thank you!!! Finally someone said it new Zealand isn't the best place on earth. So many people think that is so annoying.

  • Ollie Billington-Stewart
    Ollie Billington-Stewart

    Nz is new Zealand

  • Ollie Billington-Stewart
    Ollie Billington-Stewart

    Nz is amazing I live in it at it is wonderful 😄

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith


  • Liedmon


  • Gary Jr.
    Gary Jr.

    Kind of looking like the characters from the kids books you see at the dentists, Gus.

  • pipe dreamer
    pipe dreamer

    I would literally not kill anyone to live in another country right now because I'm a model citizen who would be respectful of other cultures and not a phychopath like some other americans I know. 😀

  • Marleigh Flowers
    Marleigh Flowers

    spent 4 years offering my college best friend to get greencard married so he wouldnt have to go home to nz after graduation, and now the tables have really turned. ethan if your reading this please let me in

  • The Binary Epidemic
    The Binary Epidemic

    >new zealand, australia, canada, iceland so all the white countries right?

  • Callum Kemp
    Callum Kemp

    You kinda look like Schmeppie but real

  • Armada

    Why is New Zealand suddenly in the spotlight this is haunting

  • Kyle Jonas
    Kyle Jonas

    Any updates?

  • 0vermars

    Jacinda! Help your boy out ! Lmao

  • Regan Maconaghie
    Regan Maconaghie

    by call us aus you will never be coming in

  • Linewater


  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    Gus should interview Ozzy Man.

  • Share Music
    Share Music

    You're not going to find what you are looking for here in NZ. We are normal people. Even if you can get a long-term visa, which is equally hard for everyone (except for Australians) , there are very few Americans here. We are too "boring" for you, mate.

  • Madi

    well if that ain't a MOOD

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Gus: Uses the U.K/English flag for the thumbnail. Me, an English fan: Feels appreciated and also laughs at his fantastic sense of humour.

  • lucky

    how about norway

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      A New Zealander here, We would happy take you in if we could but i can share your vid on twitter and tag our Pm Aunty Jacinda Ardern

  • Shockreties the memester
    Shockreties the memester

    LOL WHO IS WATCHING IN 2012 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤫😳

  • Ⲃⲓg Ⲙⲁⲙⲃⲁ aka chai
    Ⲃⲓg Ⲙⲁⲙⲃⲁ aka chai

    yeah its great here

  • olivia landon
    olivia landon

    just waiting for jacinda to respond.

  • Balenciaga Mama
    Balenciaga Mama

    We also have hobbit town, and coromandel where narnia was filmed 🙂

  • Elysia X.X.X
    Elysia X.X.X


  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski

    Americans are so fucking lucky to have countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK, whenever they're sick of the Conservative BS from their country. All these countries are just better versions of the USA honestly.

  • anti furry soilder #antifurry oi
    anti furry soilder #antifurry oi


  • Nick Krunic
    Nick Krunic

    I hear Australia nice

  • Derek Cumminhand
    Derek Cumminhand


  • Chris Colmer
    Chris Colmer

    well I didn't find this one very funny

  • KatieWatie

    Id let you in here buddy

  • zack downing
    zack downing

    I mean ok

  • Mozzie

    The next vid to promote new Zealand to the world for next holiday

  • Sasquatch

    A New Zealander here, We would happy take you in if we could but i can share your vid on twitter and tag our Pm Aunty Jacinda Ardern

  • SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]
    SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]

    Gus: *Uses the U.K/English flag for the thumbnail.* Me, an English fan: *Feels appreciated and also laughs at his fantastic sense of humour.*


    I live in New Zealand, and if I was the prime minister I will let you in

  • Sjaowishdvd Agqowoskjdgx
    Sjaowishdvd Agqowoskjdgx

    Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

  • cool bobo
    cool bobo

    Jacinda would love to let you in

  • Sam Sketches
    Sam Sketches

    Willaim Osman

  • The Booklover
    The Booklover

    this is such a mood rn

  • ktb

    Sure you can come live in NZ with us, but you better know how to speak Chinese...

  • Bougie

    u can stay with me np

  • jamal washium
    jamal washium

    Didnt they have some spaz run around and kill a bunch of people out there?

  • stiften

    I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient!

  • Sparksy Cat
    Sparksy Cat

    When you can’t tell if he’s joking.

  • Huginn

    New Zealand is false, it is not real.

  • Samuel Corbin
    Samuel Corbin

    we have guns in America tho, thats freakin awesome

  • mr saturdays
    mr saturdays


  • Leftnut

    we don’t want everyone haha

  • Karl Gustav Holmberg Asmussen
    Karl Gustav Holmberg Asmussen

    I feel like that's how every sane American thinks right now

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of NZ, is on Instagram. Let's do this

  • Spotty Dott
    Spotty Dott

    Sorry we- I mean, New Zealand doesn't exist... you can't find us.

  • Joshua Daubioul
    Joshua Daubioul

    As a Canadian, I formally welcome you into our country!

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Fortunately for us, we don't exist so you can't come here. Also, even if we did exist, you'd not have a good time trying to get your dog in.

  • A Non
    A Non

    I literally got an ad about getting a visa on newzealand

  • Michael Heliotis
    Michael Heliotis

    From the sounds of it, you can't be as bad as that university lecturer we had from the US who was found to be on internet forums saying he wouldn't hesitate to gun down anyone who trespassed on his property (illegal here) and that beneficiaries had a moral obligation to kill themselves. You said wouldn't bring guns, so you've got him beat on the first count; I'd hazard a guess and say you're probably all good on the second count, too. So, I suppose, haere mai?!

  • H waits
    H waits

    It's not what you think Its like here. Trust me it's not

    • gina tia
      gina tia

      Thank you some said it!

  • Bisquino

    From a Canadian. Come on in but right about now you need a jacket

    • Bisquino

      @gina tia it’s October 👀

    • gina tia
      gina tia

      Is almost summer dude lmao.

  • Katie Luzadder
    Katie Luzadder

    Gus is like the real life version of a D&D bard, minus (some of) the seductiveness

  • partypills A
    partypills A