I can't believe my consistent luck in this opening. Really crazy! I might do a 2000 star opening if you guys want to :D

  • Roko

    6:26 da baby??

  • TheRender Games
    TheRender Games

    yeah.. sure.. and I opened 4 000 stars and get only blue phospor (fn).........

  • Julian V
    Julian V


  • alek vlog
    alek vlog

    Jebać pis

  • fragile


  • MegaJiiRo

    Papa being a savage with the adoption joke

  • ok


  • Common User
    Common User

    9:58 XD

  • Jayson Boogaard
    Jayson Boogaard

    ahhhh its batlle scared i taought is was fatory new

  • otto

    Dude i no joke used like 80 stars on those like collections and only got the worse rarity like only this man got better stuff on 2 trys wtf

  • Edwin Linares
    Edwin Linares


  • Mikel Sidler
    Mikel Sidler

    lol and sparkles was like nigga, lemme just get these 2 awps fade😂😂😂

  • Kristjan 2L
    Kristjan 2L

    yo mind giving me the greys it would just waste alot of ur time to sell em and i can use them

  • golden0 egg
    golden0 egg

    i wish i had them :(

  • Robert Laws
    Robert Laws

    I use r8 :(

  • Bonox Gamer
    Bonox Gamer

    9:34 I laughed so fucking hard

  • Kaserl0 Gaming
    Kaserl0 Gaming

    My logig when he got the first usp i thouth sell it and buy more stars

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh

    Does Anomaly know that he may have a fan in india xd

  • Żyto

    V8HIXDXR 200 gold on Keydrop

  • Sankdom

    Bro hey said papa sonmuch

  • seafood1471

    I spent pretty much my entire pass worth of stars trying to get the m4 global offensive. You open it on your second attempt. I hate this game

  • Artac

    Can i have a skin we are swe gang🥴🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺

  • Sike, I lied Respectfully
    Sike, I lied Respectfully

    Anomaly, u bring me nostalgia from when I skipped class and watched ur vids, LLOOOOOOOOL

  • Trandamer


  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Take everything and gift it

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    And I'm like yeah I never had luck in my entire life.

  • Jakub Kruba
    Jakub Kruba

    A lots of trade ups.

  • Lille Kjøttmeis3
    Lille Kjøttmeis3

    3:36 7:48 9:31 This is what you came to see Thank me later

  • Mustafa Abu omar
    Mustafa Abu omar

    3:08 Papaanomaly: now when you so happy i can tell you that you are adopted Anomaly: what

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez

    Papa come join me I'm going to unbox cases Papa? ...

  • KeiZer

    the reason we can't get anything good from these collections is cos anomaly took all of them

  • mints


  • 100NIC

    now tradeups

  • Alif Alfian
    Alif Alfian

    00:04 bruh the face is scarry

  • Kostas K
    Kostas K

    1.16 target aquired is shit right

  • Danya Youtube
    Danya Youtube

    Wow! Very lucky. I’m glad to see

  • Cuzim ale
    Cuzim ale

    Me: trying to sleep The mosquito: 0:00

  • Andris Berģis
    Andris Berģis

    Bruh i got fade without buying stars just by completing missions

  • Lester Crest
    Lester Crest

    "Let's go" - Every opening youtuber ever.

  • Dmitri

    Big Profit.

  • william lundin
    william lundin

    Du e den besta youtubern nånsin (:

  • LuIsOn

    11:04 pANtherA ONCa

  • Radek Novák
    Radek Novák

    Give me knife please🥺

  • sexdi

    700 views to 1 mil...exdiiiii

  • Tamás Bihari
    Tamás Bihari

    999 229 viewers :D

  • Dehgen_

    If you like minecraft, you will like this vid! @t

  • We All Like it So Milk It
    We All Like it So Milk It

    Ahahhaha 9:32

  • Haxerino

    2k stars inc

  • marko Popovic
    marko Popovic

    Condom on had defense +200

  • vien nguyen
    vien nguyen

    lucky day :))

  • FPS Criminal
    FPS Criminal

    valve giving you better odds to we feel encouraged to spend money

  • Dorian Vlogs
    Dorian Vlogs

    He got the best sticker in 10 seconds

  • StiflerRGaminG

    Werry Nice video bro i from Poland its i you fans God Jobs Thanks video

  • tazer beam
    tazer beam

    Make a trade up video of these

  • Vansh Phogat
    Vansh Phogat

    Not joking you are tooooo funny

  • teckit Игровой канал
    teckit Игровой канал

    Nice luck)

  • Trash Gamer xd
    Trash Gamer xd

    07:41 Helloooowww

  • HeadZombieHD

    nice he opened with 1000 stars got 100000000 Blue skins etc ME FUCKING 200 STARS 0 BLUE OR OTHER JUST GRAY

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson

    Haha love tiger comments 🐅

  • The Meme King
    The Meme King


  • Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell

    I like Anomaly's videos for the openings, but fuck sake, the whole "BE AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE, ITS FUNNY" schtick is tiring after all these years lol

  • Rhett Bratcher
    Rhett Bratcher

    I had a add about people singing about smoking weed.

  • Adi P 123
    Adi P 123

    Hey Anomaly I want ur advice, I got a Glock Neo Noir Field Tested. Should i sell or keep?

  • oliver amandusson
    oliver amandusson

    the adopted part almost killed me XD

  • Milo Brooks
    Milo Brooks

    yayayaya papa

  • Yung Gravity
    Yung Gravity

    I pulled a fn awp fade form it lol

  • NOVA

    Do a video of a trade up contract with all the greys

  • T S
    T S

    ngl the new operation skins look like dogsh

  • AtomicOG

    The begining was Sandmans in Tattoine

  • Reza Iqbal
    Reza Iqbal


  • Unhumanized

    Numbers domt lie but i do lmaoo

  • muisic remix
    muisic remix

    dont try this at home kids

  • Igod66

    I wasted al me stars didnt get shit

  • Duc Minh Nguyen
    Duc Minh Nguyen

    dude opened 3 classic knives in one video and 2 out 3 were fade call this the luckiest opening smh

  • ProbablyCheating IV
    ProbablyCheating IV

    And I was hyped after getting 4 holo stickers in a row.....

  • TheAlani

    I bet you not crazy enough to craft a pink Panther with a Panthera onca, or are you? (would be a legend move)

  • Cmaner Gamer
    Cmaner Gamer

    Gold brick? more like mustard

  • TheWaterboy818

    Im 100% convinced openings are rigged. I got an ak redline after like 50 blues and then maybe 1 or 2 pinks. Anomaly pulls knives like a fat man eats

  • Szczecin Jxjjd
    Szczecin Jxjjd

    Dude i used only 30 stars and i droped AWP Fade factory new fload 0.003

  • Cross Biker
    Cross Biker

    can i have some skins


    Omg my drop 0.0000000001% 0.3¢ àaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Aidan Sunbury
    Aidan Sunbury

    Awp fade is worse than most other awp skins in the same price range.

  • ssic games
    ssic games

    You are from sweden im from sweden to

  • PianZu


  • Elliott Springthorpe
    Elliott Springthorpe

    There seems to be a video in your ads... XD joking

  • P K
    P K

    2200 star and not even a pink, i need some help.

  • Zagraj z Krychu
    Zagraj z Krychu

    "This was extremely lucky" then scrolls through 300 Greys

  • Serocrux

    Anomaly should do a gym video with somebody who goes regularly that will teach him, I know i'd watch that

  • Sauccy

    Is this counter strike no wonder i never played🤣🤣

  • lucassonn

    Use webcam on case openings please and u'll get a tusing:)

  • Razborke

    Pls give skin my name __kasparas__

  • Getshrekt69

    8:32 he's a man of culture

  • fan oušek
    fan oušek

    Gift me pls skin

  • Spyros Patou
    Spyros Patou

    Its not a lion its a jagouar

  • gump gump
    gump gump

    Ther ar starfing kids in afrika and u weist monie

  • Ori Malki
    Ori Malki

    tradeup all the grays in to purpels or pinks

  • D E Λ T H 新 ドラゴン
    D E Λ T H 新 ドラゴン


  • thraxnix

    Epic stuff

  • g3x

    Fck this game and this operation.. i Lost almost 2,7k stars and nothing. You have a lot of knife and you dropped this stuff. It’s impossible 🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬

  • Soreanu Stefan Alexandru
    Soreanu Stefan Alexandru

    How much time do you spend gaming guys?