I'm single and I hate Logan Paul.
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  • NaakRBLX

    he is clearly clinically insane

  • Martha Mchugh
    Martha Mchugh

    Didn't get married to Tana last year?


    Cold Hard Truth : The Dude's making his money and y'all are hating 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Matthew Breach
    Matthew Breach

    And no one cares

  • Abishek Kalyanasundaram
    Abishek Kalyanasundaram

    what the f*c*

  • Dkfadsudalicka -_-
    Dkfadsudalicka -_-

    4:12 MARKO looks so uncomfortable


    Why did you waste the diors

  • Carmen Roman
    Carmen Roman

    I like the music in the background I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂

  • yandel alonso
    yandel alonso

    he dinks that 30000 is alo mr beast did a 60000 fire work

  • Maxwell Goddard
    Maxwell Goddard

    you are the worst your brother is better


    Jake is trying to change but,he never changed his psychology

    • maverick tripies
      maverick tripies

      He just needs erika and then everything will be fine..

  • 21 Reco
    21 Reco

    4:12 so nobody gonna realize that MARKO is in this vid?

  • Emanuel Fascio
    Emanuel Fascio

    great vid.


    Well now you can be happy since they broke up

  • BigRedFamily

    The intro tho

  • Noah Gonzalez
    Noah Gonzalez

    Tem 10

  • Carmen Cox
    Carmen Cox

    at 4:44 just wow

  • Henry Rivera
    Henry Rivera

    He is for transfers

  • R.ahnz_Plays R.R
    R.ahnz_Plays R.R


  • Spiderman Flash jrtv
    Spiderman Flash jrtv

    Put lotion on your back Jake

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Y’all are bro’s you will work it outta

  • Jacob Mahlen
    Jacob Mahlen

    Repent and accept Jesus so you can be accepted in the kingdom of heaven!

  • WM - 06GT 936383 Lisgar MS
    WM - 06GT 936383 Lisgar MS

    Like if he should go kid friendly again

  • Erinybo_ XGamer
    Erinybo_ XGamer

    Erika +jake = jerika 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • TTV_105yt 105YTTV
    TTV_105yt 105YTTV

    u have us bro

  • TTV_105yt 105YTTV
    TTV_105yt 105YTTV

    i no jake its ok

  • One sud before Today ends
    One sud before Today ends

    Willy gang gang gang

  • miabella stevens
    miabella stevens

    Jake ended the kid friendly vibe after well it never really was kid friendly sooo!!

  • Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders

    Ksi is better than Jake at everything they both do. For example: SLtoos, boxing, music, charity events, acting... ext. Jake is nowhere near as successful as ksi... so stfu Jakepaulers

  • Safiyah Khushal
    Safiyah Khushal

    Lmaooooo jakeeeeeeeee is the bestttt

  • Those Facebook Viral Videos
    Those Facebook Viral Videos

    Name of song 3:07?

  • Duel.

    The title then i quit watching jake paul got a girl have a life

  • david hinckley
    david hinckley

    All of these comments XD😂😂😂

  • Tyler Phieffer
    Tyler Phieffer


  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul


  • Abdul Rahman Vlogs
    Abdul Rahman Vlogs

    Just bring erika back u will be happy as before

  • nihar pandey
    nihar pandey

    Song name ?

  • MaczLife

    Americans man 😂😂😂

  • boss man
    boss man

    No one notice there is eric there lol

  • Natorious Nat
    Natorious Nat


  • Medisen beats
    Medisen beats

    6:40 she basically roasted tana and julia

  • Peter Stafford
    Peter Stafford

    The " You throw as good as you box" was kinda funny though

  • Sarah Yule
    Sarah Yule


  • Mushthaq Ch
    Mushthaq Ch

    Still unmatured

  • DrizzyGP 16
    DrizzyGP 16

    What is name of the song that they were dancing to?

  • Simjay Machuo
    Simjay Machuo

    He ate the m and m from the floor but still a fan

  • Oliver Andrews
    Oliver Andrews

    What’s the song @ 3:10

  • Programmer Ash._.
    Programmer Ash._.

    Does he think all we want r boys with abs and girls with there butTs outside -_-

  • Marcos Carballo
    Marcos Carballo

    1:53 no me ha parecido gracioso, me ha dolido la verdad



  • Gaming with Maddie
    Gaming with Maddie

    Is it just me or did Jake say willy gang



  • robloxer person
    robloxer person

    He would have more followers bid he was kid friendly

  • Pearse Hannon
    Pearse Hannon

    Look good man have fun

  • Nisha Maharaj
    Nisha Maharaj

    I saw a user named Jake paul hater

  • Zaeda Swinger
    Zaeda Swinger

    They say all child stars hit a low point at one point... Is that how the saying goes?

  • jesse ferguson
    jesse ferguson

    Hay jake I have found love but I can say nothing to her

  • LOVESICK GIRLS Ft. Mark lee is a mood
    LOVESICK GIRLS Ft. Mark lee is a mood

    It’s so sad coming back after years to this channel...so many haters still hating and wasting their time...where is team 10....y’all hid personality changed y’all are rude as fuck stop bullying him you are just as bad as jake 😔💀

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    Is this what straight people 😳 do?

  • thelv beast
    thelv beast

    I haven’t seen jake since 2016 so much things had change I was 10 now I’m 14 and he is way less family friendly like dam

  • Mary

    .....Is he okay?

  • The Dog
    The Dog

    bruhhh it hurts seeing him ruin those shoes

  • Christian Rokka
    Christian Rokka

    everybody that liked shoes now hates you

  • v8ng •
    v8ng •

    i’m more pissed that he ate cereal outa of nike air jordan’s dior

  • Beth Kelly
    Beth Kelly

    Jake is the kind of guy that sells his self esteem for subs

  • SimplyGrace

    Tbh I miss the old Jake :( he used to be so fun and I miss all his old friends and ERIKA 😭 Erika was sooo nice and they were so meant for each other and tessa was such a amazing friend to him

  • Azariah Ingham
    Azariah Ingham


  • Orai Mckinney
    Orai Mckinney

    I know

  • Reality Shmoo
    Reality Shmoo

    99 percent chance he doesn't even have David dobrik number

  • Courtney Emily
    Courtney Emily

    Is everyone getting those Jordan's now?

  • Alyssa Swartz
    Alyssa Swartz

    I'm lonely can't date cuz I'm too young #11

  • Lil marcz
    Lil marcz

    2:01 damn this dude really said he doesn't know a kill jasper. Tuff

  • Angie Skyles
    Angie Skyles

    I miss the old Jake Paul

  • Jameson Atkinson
    Jameson Atkinson

    When he doesn’t realize half of his subscribers are people’s old iPads from when they were eight

  • Павел Петров
    Павел Петров

    3:05 song name, please?

  • Master Gard
    Master Gard

    Boy I remember when he hit 1m

  • _ EJR
    _ EJR

    He really just ate cereal out of shoes people dream of having

  • Damien's House
    Damien's House


  • Cameron Sheehan
    Cameron Sheehan

    bro Jake is living the life out there.

  • Keshav 1508
    Keshav 1508

    bro ur lit

    • TorinMB

      No he isn't.

  • Hannah Cox
    Hannah Cox

    Jake is sooo F'ing bord hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahahaahaahhaha

  • Itz Lindsey
    Itz Lindsey

    quarentine who?

  • Itz Lindsey
    Itz Lindsey

    2:29 wth

  • Itz Lindsey
    Itz Lindsey

    thought this was a kids channel

  • semere hagos
    semere hagos


  • Shyannalaine Stokes
    Shyannalaine Stokes

    he is cool and funny

    • Lamb Sauce Lord
      Lamb Sauce Lord

      One word... Cringe

  • alexander reinik
    alexander reinik

    LOL thinks he’s so cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣👎

  • Ângelo Alves
    Ângelo Alves

    Is Jake drunk or what Utan saying bad words

  • Basma Ali
    Basma Ali

    Bargain for organomegaly and get the hardest much on them blue

  • Basma Ali
    Basma Ali

    How’s your videos are so sure on my TV but you should get a new girlfriend and she’s having a hot girlfriend

  • Basma Ali
    Basma Ali

    Call your son get a girlfriend are doing to do a Lamborghini guardo in the new title that come down

  • NRG Nico
    NRG Nico

    This kid has sooo many haters😂😂

  • the bigger picture
    the bigger picture


  • Emanuel alonso Marcella
    Emanuel alonso Marcella

    4:11 look at the face of marko

  • Wolfie Smith
    Wolfie Smith

    People actually watch this shit ?

  • Daddy_ Issues
    Daddy_ Issues

    Petition to burn ALL of jake Paul American stuff

  • Jie chua
    Jie chua

    Jake you used to be kid friendly and now you're like this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • The Goat man
    The Goat man

    True because people get with jake cause of his fame

  • Swang

    I wonder why kid's still watch this guy...

  • 10k subs with 0 video
    10k subs with 0 video

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy in quarantine My dream is to have 1k. I been struggling to get there!🙏we